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  1. It doesn't mean what a literate logical person would think it means. As already stated, "justifiable need" is better defined as "have political connections". It truly is as simple as that. NJ wants you to be a victim. They need people to rely on them, government. Anything to the contrary is either made illegal, or met with hostility. So things like defending yourself? That is right out. Call a cop. If the criminal trying to kill you fails they will respond in time to finish the job.
  2. Those responsible for denying this woman her right to self defense should be tossed in a dark hole until expiration, literally speaking.
  3. Thank you! I'm glad somebody understands. I mean, you are of course safe inside your own home/apartment or whatever, because it's your home. And outside you are safe, because that is where the police are to protect you. But these common areas, no police, no safety of your own home, equals war-zone. I don't know if you spend much time in DE, but like 90% of all crime takes place in common spaces. Death traps. You add more guns to the mix, it gives Syria a run for their money.
  4. Who sounds like the loon now? All he said was that it happens, and he doesn't know why, but it is weird. No claims of anything like what you are saying. And he is right. I did it too my text too. It is weird. I don't know why it happened. This is both true, provable, and no conspiracy. In fact, the only 'conspiracy' I see is you claiming that it is one. Ironic?
  5. I just tested it. Obama was indeed deleted. Well it turn out that it's true, so.........
  6. That's a good point. I guess it really isn't odd at all, more stupid than anything. Also, yes, if people really did interfere and prevent people from entering, that is certainly a big issue. I'm not sure I believe those claims however...
  7. You didn't find it odd people were petitioning the white house for use of the PA National Guard instead of the Governor of Pennsylvania? Maybe I'm just weird then. I found that odd.
  8. I'm just going to post this quote from the article here.............. See anything strange?
  9. Guy tries to upgrade and maintain property. Town tells him no unless he pays them for permits. Guy has no money for all these permits, is unable to maintain property. Town tells guy he has to keep the property maintained or they will take his property. Guy is forced to spend money fighting town just to keep property, goes broke. Town takes guys property. Guy goes to town to kill those who took his property. Had those who worked for the town had any human decency, instead of stringing this guy out for every nickel and dime he had, could have just gave him the permits required to maintain his property and this all would have been avoided. The guy has a place to live. The town doesn't have to deal with him. Everybody goes on their merry way. Greed. Greed and power. Doing the right thing has no part in things these days it would appear.
  10. True, and he did. Doesn't mean things don't have consequences. You know that. Many jobs, especially one where you are in the public eye, the employer has the ability to reprimand people for conduct done outside of work. This is reality. Agreement is not conditional. For the record, I'm not supporting action against him. I'm not supporting him calling people cock sucking libtards. I'm stating the reality of things. To represent a reprimand as unreasonable itself is unreasonable. The 1st Amendment states 'Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech'. It doesn't say that you have the freedom to not be fired from your job.
  11. Nobody even suggested that it made it a full metal jacket. What are you talking about?
  12. I agree. It would be unreasonable if that is all he said. But I'm guessing if he is fired it would be for the calling certain politicians and other people libtards, cocksuckers and telling them to go eph themselves...part of his videos. There aren't too many jobs where you can tell someone they are a cocksucking libtard and expect them not to fire you...
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