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  1. As a PA resident, if NJ has to go "shall issue", I'm assuming they will change to "resident only" and drop the Non-resident" clause they have now?
  2. Qualification for CCW---one shot with snub nose 38 to hit target at 250 yards...GO!
  3. I was not sure where to post this but my daughter now lives in NYC and I wanted to defend myself when I go up there. So my question is, are tasers and stun guns legal to carry in NJ and NY? There is the occasion that we would go into NJ for dinner or whatever. I am NOT a NJ/NY resident if that makes any difference as well. BTW, I did look at the laws online and they were typically vague at best....
  4. So you prepared and bought firearms and magazines to stave off tyranny only to comply with tyrannical forces when tyranny infringes on your actual right? Why even buy guns and accessories in the first place if you're simply going to destroy the very items that help defend against over reach... I just don't get it. Maybe it's just me..
  5. I don't know about that... Several people where I work know about this and they don't even own guns. I'm sure on the grand scale many do not know or even care but I am glad to see no one turned in any magazines. Even if only 10% are aware that's 100,000 gun owners in defiance. Good job guys and we stand with you!!!
  6. Amazing how the law of the land, ruled that it applies to the states is still being bypassed with illegal and Unconstitutional laws.... All in the name of safety. It's a win/win for progressives, they can slowly disarm you or entice you to revolt. Is there a 3rd option? There's many but how to implement them is another story.
  7. So you bought your guns legally to defend against tyranny, only to get rid of them when the government becomes tyrannical?
  8. Don't call the hotel please, go online and check their website. If you ask them of course they'll say no then management will be nudged into making "no gun" policies. This 8s the kind of stuff that pushes the anti gun policies... Especially when people were contacting the PA ag and asking if the NH nonresident permit is good in pa. You're shooting yourself in the foot by doing so...
  9. This pretty much gets to the point. Pointing fingers at PA and its "stupid citizens" instead of trying to change their state so I don't have to unarm every single time I go there to work. Please do something because your bs policies are going to spread into our state and eventually through the country. If people see you standing in great numbers you all could deflect the wave for the rest of us... You're on the front lines and you can let it deteriorate or you can strengthen it. If you stand I promise we will stand with you...
  10. Oh good God, these articles are such such Bs. How are they getting illegal guns in Mexico? Heck, all of South America? PA has the same handgun laws as NJ, you can not do a FTF transfer without a background check, it's also a federal felony to transfer a pistol across state lines without an FFL. So there's already laws in place. The most damming evidence is the illegal cycle of guns is 11 years from purchase date... Meaning, there's an 11 year cycle before they show up on the black market so they're not buying guns then running them to NJ. These guns are illegal and come from all locations... Stolen from police, stolen from homes, etc. All guns that make their rounds illegally are illegal and we have numerous laws against this... Just another way to blame honest gun owners and you guys are believing this bs.
  11. This is what gets me---all these groups spew the same BS of "common sense registrations...common sense background checks....common sense ID cards..." then they go into a state that has all these thing plus numerous additional crazy laws and it's STILL not enough. Go figure....something tells me they're full of BS and once again a sober reminder to NEVER, EVER give up and inch to these people.
  12. You bring up a good point that has me thinking..... Progressives ALWAYS state if we only had "background checks, registration and common sense laws" they'd be satisfied.....well, here's proof, that , once again, they're full of it and they'll never be satisfied until they disarm us. They know darn well in NJ to simply buy a gun you are checked and checked again, fingerprinted, pay fees, jump through hoops, log ammo, meet with the sheriff, handguns registered, AR's banned,break hippa laws to check your mental stability, visit or call references, etc, etc....But this isn't enough? These are all the common sense laws and beyond yet they continue to spew their venom against gun owners saying it's still not enough, It's obvious what their intentions are and we can not give ONE inch to these treasonous demands. Matter of fact, we need to roll back all of these unreasonable and unconstitutional laws. Progressives take away one freedom at a time until you have nothing and this is exactly what they're doing....it basically is illegal to own a gun in NJ unless you follow a very strict, thin slice of exemptions that declare you "legal". Put your foot down, enough is enough!
  13. Exactly... Natural rights are ALL protected from government over reach no matter what. Somehow, we lost the message on this subject or we simply were complacent. However, it's time to take back the message and let people know the right to self defense should not be limited or dictated by government. That's what happened in the USSR, Germany and Mao's China. Make it about the women, saving children and the right to protect one another from evil. A right is a right and none of the Bill of rights can be trampled and dictated by government
  14. I hope you can get out of there...my dad has been begging to leave since I did but my mom will never leave. I believe she secretly is afraid to pump her own gas... Do you work too far East? You can almost anywhere in NJ from various part of PA in less than an hour.
  15. However, I'll put up with his "miserable" attitude if he votes pro gun and pro-freedom candidates... Never mind...stay in Jersey (JK)
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