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  1. This match is also for beginners and there are many there. Give it a try as it is a good way to get into friendly competition.
  2. I had found this article a while ago. Based on it I now use the Smith Optics Aegis Arc for the range (and while outside, driving, etc.) and the Smith Optics Aegis Outside the Wire for show work in my basement. They came with interchangeable clear and smoked lenses and optionally a yellow lens for use on cloudy days.
  3. Fathers day weekend June 16-17 in Jackson NJ.
  4. Lots of first timers there. The RO's are very easy to work with. Tell them it is your first match and they will help (as will others). Everyone is pretty friendly. btw it is worth mentioning that you don't handle your firearm except at a safe table (at no ammo on the safe table) or when it is your turn to shoot and the RO will give you directions to tell you when to load/touch your firearm. Also make sure you understand and follow basic firearm safety rules and you will be fine. No one cares if you miss.
  5. A Glock Armorer is there and you can have him/her check out your firearm and make any needed repairs. All free!
  6. Lots of fun and no pressure. Get there early as the lines for the stages can get long. Take your time when shooting. Misses cost time so try not to miss. Do the plate rack last. it goes quickly and there is less wait. You can find info about the stages here: http://gssfonline.com/courses.cfm The Glock Report comes out twice a year and the second volume contains details about the matches. The latest one I could find on their website is from 2016: http://www.gssfonline.com/glockrpt/2016_The_Glock_Report_VOLII.pdf
  7. You don't want to get hit in the chest by either one! Forget about the movies where one shot stops someone and they fall down. It doesn't necessarily work that way (at least not with a pistol). Beyond hitting his spinal cord you want to put as many shots as quickly as possible in center mass until the threat stops. Sometimes he may run away after getting hit once, but if he is on drugs there is no telling the reaction. That is what makes the proposed 10 round magazine ban so insane. Also hitting a static target on the range is not the same as hitting a moving target that is also shooting back at you. Getting some training will help. All other things being equal (which they are not) a bigger bullet (like a .45) will do more damage than a smaller bullet. That is why you want to use hollow point bullets that expand and can do more damage. But it takes awhile before someone bleeds out from a gunshot wound. There are stories of people driving away after being shot only to collapse miles later. At all costs you want to avoid being in a gun fight (obviously but worth saying). An alarm system and a dog can also be useful!
  8. I shoot both and enjoy both. Revolvers can have malfunctions and when they do they can be catastrophic. If the cylinder wont rotate the firearm can be useless. Most malfunctions with a semi-automatic pistol can be more easily cleared (like a failure to eject the brass). Getting a revolver that can use moon clips (clips that contain a full load of cartridges for the firearm) makes reloading much easier and faster but still not as easy or as fast as a semi-automatic (don't tell Jerry Micalek that). As you said a semi-automatic magazine can hold more cartridges than a revolver which can be a big advantage. 9 mm is the least expensive centerfire cartridge. The difference in power is probably the least important. Getting your shots on target in a stressful situation is far more important. So if you shoot a less powerful caliber more accurately that would be better than a more powerful caliber that you often miss with. Everyone is different with this so renting and trying the guns you are interested can help you make a decision. fyi: I like Glocks. They are very reliable and easy to maintain. My bedside firearm is a Glock 21 (.45 ACP). For carry a Glock 19 is perfect or a Glock 43 for a smaller lighter firearm. If I could have only one it would be a Glock 19. Everyone is going to have their favorites though.
  9. Adam just sent out an email postponing the match until November 3 and 4.
  10. Given the weather forecast this event might be postponed. Adam will decide by 5 pm today Thursday.
  11. There is a solution for this: How To Stop "The Media" From Inspiring Killers
  12. It looks like the free insurance is no longer available. I wonder if they are going to grandfather existing members. https://mynrainsurance.com/insurance-products "We regret that we are no longer able to offer no-cost ArmsCare coverage."
  13. He is a terrific instructor. I got all of my certifications from him.
  14. Welcome! Any chance you got your instructor certification with Jimmy at GFH?
  15. A lease can ban lots of things but I don't think you can ban protected classes of people which would include religious groups. The Fair Housing Act: (42 U.S. Code 3601-3619, 3631 bans religious discrimination.