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  1. In theory one still needs a state permit to carry within 1000 feet of a school to be legal under the GFSZA and yes I know very few people care about this as it is not enforced.
  2. https://law.justia.com/codes/new-jersey/2016/title-2c/section-2c-18-3/ 2016 New Jersey Revised Statutes Section 2C:18-3 - Unlicensed Entry Of Structures; Defiant Trespasser; Peering Into Dwelling Places; Defenses. 2C:18-3. a. Unlicensed entry of structures. A person commits an offense if, knowing that he is not licensed or privileged to do so, he enters or surreptitiously remains in any research facility, structure, or separately secured or occupied portion thereof, or in or upon utility company property, or in the sterile area or operational area of an airport. An offense under this subsection is a crime of the fourth degree if it is committed in a school or on school property. The offense is a crime of the fourth degree if it is committed in a dwelling. .... ..... b.Defiant trespasser. A person commits a petty disorderly persons offense if, knowing that he is not licensed or privileged to do so, he enters or remains in any place as to which notice against trespass is given by: (1)Actual communication to the actor; or (2)Posting in a manner prescribed by law or reasonably likely to come to the attention of intruders; or
  3. Don't the feds have to enforce federal laws not the states. The INS can go into any state and detain and deport any undocumented/illegal people. The states can help if they chose but they are not violating any laws by not. Didn't AZ get slapped down a few years by trying to enforce the immigration laws and were told by the feds to stop (I know I am probably missing some details on this).
  4. Isn't ignoring a posted sign at the entrance to a property considered defiant trespass?
  5. From the photo it looks like KeyMod.
  6. I wonder if he would be OK with NJ or any other state violating the rest of the bill of rights because it was the will of the people. That is why we have a constitution. Feh.
  7. I am guessing the people in free America aren't as concerned as we are.
  8. I used to watch Yeager and then grew tired of him and unsubscribed. On the other hand in the last few days I have seen a couple of video's supporting him and saying in person he is real nice guy (funny he sounds like a rougher Trump). Take a look at SkinnyMedic's and Sootch00's video;s about him. Sootch00 SkinnyMedic
  9. So the only chance we have is for more pro 2A Senators to be elected. Franken's resignation might put them in play in a 2018 special election to fill out the remaining 4 years of his term. The coming election can be good as I think I read that there are something like 10 D senators in states that were carried by Trump (I am not 100% sure about which states, etc). So a pickup of 8 senators would create a filibuster proof majority and truly allow this to pass. So I will be optimistic about this. Unfortunately we have to deal with our next governor in the here and now which is not going to be pretty. I used to laugh at it but hope and change is becoming my mantra (lol)
  10. This is how a state supreme court should act. The Deleware Supreme Court goes further than Heller in striking down state agencies that effectively eliminated the right to carry arms in state parks. The Deleware constitution includes the right to keep and bear arms for defense of self, home, family, and state. Unfortunately New Jersey does not. The opinion is an interesting read. https://courts.delaware.gov/Opinions/Download.aspx?id=266310 "This appeal concerns guns and, as such, has attracted numerous amici curiae raising politically fraught questions concerning gun rights.1 However, at its core, this case raises straightforward questions of Delaware constitutional and administrative law. We are asked whether unelected officials from the State’s parks and forest departments, whose power is expressly limited, can ban (except for a narrow exception for hunting) the possession of guns in state parks and forests in contravention of Delawareans’ rights under the State’s constitution. Clearly they cannot. They lack such authority because they may not pass unconstitutional laws, and the regulations completely eviscerate a core right to keep and bear arms for defense of self and family outside the home -- a right this Court has already recognized. As such, the regulations are unconstitutional on their face. Thus, we REVERSE for these reasons and those that follow."
  11. I think it is still in the Judiciary committee. I don't think this will be brought to the floor anytime soon. They would need a bunch of D's and might even lose some R's. I doubt this till ever get to the President.
  12. I am often too pessimistic (particularly from living in NJ) but realistically I say zero UNLESS as I think Zeke suggested that McConnell goes nuclear but I doubt he will do it on this type of legislation.
  13. Thanks for the response. After doing some more research I am now seeing where I was wrong (seems to happen every day). This is a 2A case which was declared by Heller/McDonald to be an individual right and because of the 14th amendment Congress has the right to pass any laws to effectively enforce this against any state infringements. I supported it because I wanted it but now I see it would be perfectly OK from a constitutional perspective (which is what bothered me if it wasn't). Thanks again.