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  1. Florida accepts NRA basic pistol. If US Supreme Court rules that right is as per 2nd amendment intended like Heller decision I don't see how NJ would legally going beyond that. It is why Murphy is trying to influence decision with his speech. I thought this was "above his pay grade" anyway!
  2. I practiced at NYC's Lenox Hill and Mt. Sinai... both are great. Did a GI training at Temple and their care was amazing. The Cardiac care at Temple is just as good if not better.
  3. Much appreciated. Not sure it is worth all the hassles and risk of having firearm stolen from car when visiting in the hospital. Wish we had better hospitals in NJ.
  4. Taking my ill wife to temple in Philly for a 1-2 day cardiac procedure. I have fla ccw permit and she does too. Given all the car jackings would you bring a handgun?
  5. Thank you for the info on DuckDuckGo censorship. I wasn't aware. I will check out Brave.
  6. Duckduckgo is the best !!! Keeps you more secure and doesn't make US Oligarchs richer. I once had some info posted just saying I joined a pro 2A club. Didn't want it public. Webmaster at the pro2A club could not get it off Google. I tried all of Google's rules and my efforts failed too. All Google products have a political agenda and they don't line up with your rights.
  7. Potassium iodide (KI) only prevents thyroid cancer, the most curable tumor. It's available OTC. It frequently causes allergic reactions. I am a pharmacist with advanced training, and practiced for many years, mostly as a cancer researcher. I volunteer as a first responder with my County Medical Reserve Corps and have taken FEMA trainings on nuclear events. New Jersey (and FEMA) are as well-prepared as possible, have stockpiled KI which would available. If you want to have it in advance, I would not use powder or crystals since doses are low and hard to measure. For a lot more information see https://www.fda.gov/drugs/bioterrorism-and-drug-preparedness/radiation-emergencies
  8. Hate to admit it but 35 cents.
  9. Movers do a pretty comprehensive check for prohibited items prior to moving your stuff. I have moved a lot and this is the same regardless of what company used. They found all the flammables and I wouldn't trust them with ANY firearms.
  10. If that sighting wasn't him. He had a several day lead. Bahamas and other islands are not that far away by boat.
  11. PS Just got my renewal in the mail back today 8/1. Just waiting for my wife's which was mailed one week later.
  12. Your experience was better than mine. My wife and and went together to the Palm Beach Office. Her prints were messed up by a woman who didn't seem to enjoy her job. The machine didn't indicate her prints were not good. Mine were OK. She had to get our local NJ Sheriff's office to do a card after the rejection. It was a PITA. Florida accepted the NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course.
  13. I double-checked with my local (Somerset County) Sheriff's office who is now doing fingerprint cards again for Florida CCW. Mine was a renewal but I doubt it made a difference. They needed proof of county residence (NJ FID card was fine) and picture ID (NJ Drivers License). Also bring a mask. They did mine this week and my wife is scheduled for next week. So, check with your county Sheriff. Remember the old James Garner movie Support your local Sheriff Great bunch of folks!!!
  14. Pistol caliber is a great idea. Just one question I thought SCFGPA closed one tube down due to COVID ??? Either way you still have to deal with the archery folks.  


    1. Krdshrk


      The range is back open at full capacity now

    2. Zelig


      Thanks for letting me know. I was hospitalized for a pulmonary embolism provoked by the second dose of Moderna vaccine and haven't been to SCFGPA lately. Also thanks for the pistol caliber suggestion.

      All My Best!

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