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  1. I had a UPS driver who didn't ring the doorbell for a prepaid pickup. I called customer service who said it would cost me another fee to pick up the item. I asked for a supervisor and was told they don't do that. Then I asked for the reps name and she hung up on me. Worst service I ever had at any company. My wife was laughing while listening in cause it was like a sitcom episode.
  2. Try Lou's on Mainstreet in Raritan. Great prices, knowledgeable service and will order what you want. For semiautos, I have 4 Sigs but later realized that other than their P226, P229 and P220 preferred HK. I love my P226 and P229. HK's are built for military duty and come with LIFETIME warranties. I own a P2000SK and USP 45 Compact. They are great firearms. A new model the P30SK sells for about @600K is a great subcompact. HK upgraded the USP to the HK series but some prefer the USP model just like some like the P2000sk. Sigs are all metal but Heckler Koch are composite firearms. HK invented the composite gun not Glock. Wheel guns are cool too and some have 8 round capacity like SW 627. They don't jam and are reliable if you treat them well. Good luck, enjoy and be safe!!!
  3. My ear protection headset was ruined by leaky batteries so I needed to order a new set. All my usual sources charge around 49 bucks plus shipping but I found this company called Acker Firearms https://ackerfirearm.com who charged 20% less and no shipping. I should have looked over their website more carefully. The customer service number was 900 area code and didn't have enough digits listed. They charged my credit card immediately but a week later no goods!?! I called the US non-toll free number and the woman who answered was apologetic. She said someone had hijacked her business phone number and was scamming folks like me. Others had to contest the charges with their credit card company. I called the credit card co. and they had already stopped the charge. Evidently these guys were known to them. Just want to warn you all.
  4. Lucky Gunner has some sweet sale prices on Speer Gold Dots. Also on Federal HST ammo.
  5. PS The video was at Kmart but he mentions Walmart sales in the movie too.
  6. This must have been brewing since 2002 when Walmart was singled out in the film Bowling for Columbine years ago for selling the ammo used during the horrible event in Colorado. Mike Meyers went to there corporate HQ with kids in wheelchairs who had bullets in their wounds that could not be removed. https://www.google.com/search?q=bowling+for+columbine+walmart+scene&oq=bowling+for+columbine+wal&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0l3.18408j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 I won't ever shop at Walmart (or Dicks) this was just Grandstanding at its worst...
  7. I went to Di Fara in High School. The Man is a genius.
  8. In New Jersey, Joe's in Belle Mead. Three cousins own it and they are from Naples where Pizza was invented. Great pies, Brooklyn is their best!
  9. Sal & Carmine's Pizza Pizza Upper Westside Manhattan, Broadway https://www.salandcarminepizza.com/
  10. I just left global pharmaceuticals R&D. We frequently needed to update forms for Federal and International regulatory reasons. FYI, turnaround time was about 5 business days. For NJ it take no longer than 2-3 days in my opinion. This assumes NJ really wants to get them quickly
  11. I switched to 10 round magazines for my SigP226. I agree about buying the Mecgars. I bought two: one was OEM Sig and the other a Mecgar. The Sig gives me problems. It is hard as heck to load into the pistol. It requires a excessive amount of force. The Mecgar however goes in like a charm. I suggest buying the Mecgar not for price but because they function better.
  12. I failed multiple times with cold turkey. After a trip to the Emergency Room with a bad asthma attack, I used patches and gum. At that time patches were on prescription so you had to see a physician who tapered you off them. I also chewed on Stimudent toothpicks. The first week was hell but succeeded (1992). I was a 2 pack a day Malboro red smoker for 25 years before that. If you can do it, it will be the best decision you will ever make!!! Also, every failed quit attempt puts you closer to succeeding. The experts will tell you this. Just don't give up whether it's Chantix, cold turkey, patches or whatever...keep on trying and will succeed.
  13. SW 627 357 magnum. Holds 8 rounds and comes in two barrel lengths. Also pro or performance center. My two cents.
  14. Very sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family. Hope it gets easier as time goes by.
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