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  1. Movers do a pretty comprehensive check for prohibited items prior to moving your stuff. I have moved a lot and this is the same regardless of what company used. They found all the flammables and I wouldn't trust them with ANY firearms.
  2. If that sighting wasn't him. He had a several day lead. Bahamas and other islands are not that far away by boat.
  3. PS Just got my renewal in the mail back today 8/1. Just waiting for my wife's which was mailed one week later.
  4. Your experience was better than mine. My wife and and went together to the Palm Beach Office. Her prints were messed up by a woman who didn't seem to enjoy her job. The machine didn't indicate her prints were not good. Mine were OK. She had to get our local NJ Sheriff's office to do a card after the rejection. It was a PITA. Florida accepted the NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course.
  5. I double-checked with my local (Somerset County) Sheriff's office who is now doing fingerprint cards again for Florida CCW. Mine was a renewal but I doubt it made a difference. They needed proof of county residence (NJ FID card was fine) and picture ID (NJ Drivers License). Also bring a mask. They did mine this week and my wife is scheduled for next week. So, check with your county Sheriff. Remember the old James Garner movie Support your local Sheriff Great bunch of folks!!!
  6. Pistol caliber is a great idea. Just one question I thought SCFGPA closed one tube down due to COVID ??? Either way you still have to deal with the archery folks.  


    1. Krdshrk


      The range is back open at full capacity now

    2. Zelig


      Thanks for letting me know. I was hospitalized for a pulmonary embolism provoked by the second dose of Moderna vaccine and haven't been to SCFGPA lately. Also thanks for the pistol caliber suggestion.

      All My Best!

  7. I wasn't planning on selling it but now see how dumb it is to keep it NIB and buy another. Thanks for your feedback. My local range is SCFGPA and they have only one port for rifles. You need to declare a ceasefire for the archery folks and make sure racoons are not living around the target. Rifles except 22s are a royal PITA to shoot. So I took the easy way out. I only dry fired the Bushy. I will go to TTC to shoot my Bushmaster which FYI only cost around 700 bucks back then. I have heard Bushmasters are hit and miss but thought maybe buy a better one before the Gun "Safety" mob keeps moving ahead. I know it is not a done deal but Biden, bucky and Ms. Bonny Watson Coleman are moving forward as fast as possible before the next election. Totally agree that common sense would be to use the Bushmaster before buying a second AR. Again thanks for all your thoughtful replies!!!
  8. I bought my Bushmaster XM15-E2s NJ compliant model before Obama was reelected. It is still NIB and my SHTF insurance policy. My wife and I are looking to get out of PRNJ as soon as possible. My question is given all the new talk under Biden about new Gun Control with modern sporting rifles like ARs, should I buy another AR-15 now or wait until we get to a state where we can buy a rifle with better features like adjustable stocks??? Obviously, I can wait since my Bushmaster is still unfired. I just don't want to miss the boat. Also do other forum members have more than one AR-15???
  9. Yesterday, I received a text message out of the blue from someone asking me to sign a Ballot Petition to get Phil Murphy re-elected. Never was aware that an incumbent needed to do this. Please recall that dumb comment Murphy made to Fox news over his handling of the COVID-19 Epidemic. He said the Bill of Rights was above his pay grade during the interview, in reference to keeping liquor stores open but closing firearm stores and places of worship. I responded to the guy, "Has Murphy learned yet that the Bill of Rights is not above his pay grade???" Also to take me off their list. The guy replied immediately he'll do that he do it right away.
  10. I called my local NJSP barracks in Somerville. Although the Officer was very nice, he couldn't help because of COVID. He said he heard on 101.5 this am that in the Summer it may change. My permit expires in June and you get 6 more months if you pay a late fee. My only option is Gun for Hire at this point which is an hour away.
  11. Thank you. I will try the NJSP and report back.
  12. Thank you. I just tried my Somerset County BCI and who helped in the past but can't now due to Covid. The reason was it is not possible to clean the ink rollers properly.
  13. Due to Wuhan Virus, I am having trouble having fingerprint cards done by a LEO as required for Florida CCW renewal. The nearest place I found is an hour North at Gun for Hire in Woodpark NJ. Anyone know a place closer to Princeton or Somerville, NJ where a LEO can take paper prints?
  14. Many Jews did fight back but couldn't get enough firearms. The most famous case was the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Jewish resistance held off the Nazis for 6 weeks even though they were outgunned by Tanks. These lessons learned are fundamental to why the 2nd amendment is so important.
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