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  1. I stand corrected and appreciate having to read the document which should have been done beforehand. The Press initially incorrectly reported it this way. It is great that she left it open that way. The Injunction was informative and not hard to read after all...
  2. Judge Bumb's Landmark NJ decision is a breath of fresh air. My issue still remains. Judge was OK with the training requirements but there was a lack of knowledge on disparity of training in the state which is being exploited by some. You can obtain a training certificate for the court if you meet the standard for retired LEOs. This maybe reasonable and is the same that Florida used until recently. However most FFL Ranges see this as an economic windfall and are gouging in the name of "gun safety". They require many hours of training. Others but very few just use the standard for a retired LEO, hit the paper a reasonable amount of times from a single standing position and lighting. See bolded text below: No holster needed COST=$150 – Shoot from the ready position – 50 rounds per firearm – FBI Q target – 24 rounds at 7 yards – 14 rounds at 10 yards – 6 rounds at 15 yards – 6 rounds at 25 yards For a total of 50 rounds. Must hit at least 40 rounds out of 50 (80%) At the other end of the spectrum we have extensive training. On the surface you will need four 3 hour classes at $99 per class, that's only $396 BUT WITH MANY PREREQUISITES like college. Advanced Training which is three 3 hour classes at $99 again or another $297. You are NOT done plus two more prerequisites, one for Holster Draw and one for Intermediate Training each 3 two hour classes each at $99. So another $198 plus $198= 396. The total is around $1,100 dollars PLUS 3 hour test=$1,200 GRAND TOTAL We have many states that are Constitutional Carry which is the true spirit of the 2A. Also if we want to keep felons from having firearms the problem remains our system does little to prevent it.
  3. We started looking at Florida in 2014. Prices were great but you had to count your fingers with whoever you did business with. Offer #1 was to an intracoastal property in Boca, overpriced but gorgeous. Seller wouldn't budge and in the end he was a slimy jeweler in trouble with Fed Govt for buying stolen goods. Offer #2 was perfectly priced in Del Ray but we had a builder who said he would cut his real estate commission when he sells it and pass on savings to us if he does renovations. He botched offer and people didn't think we could have enough to close and walked. Last offer #3 was a great intracoastal canal property in Del Ray. There was a contract on it but seller wouldn't close and had lis pendens cloud on it. Our new realtor said it was OK to make an offer but it was BS. The guy had put the property in his wife's name and was in trouble for collecting money as a for profit charity to help kids with AIDS in Africa. Our offer was to put pressure on the people with contract who win lawsuit and get property. To top this all off, our son who lived in Pompano Beach and reason for moving down to FL then dies of an accidental fentanyl OD. It is horrible all the way around. I wish Biden would hire DHS not IRS agents! Now we are looking in New Hope area where prices are dropping but crazy (our daughter and granddaughter live in Somerville). Hope we can get to PA soon. Florida is great, just watch out who you do business with. Do searches on the seller and significant offer. Caveat emptor (buyer beware)
  4. I just received an email inviting me to submit my comments as testimony to Governor Murphy's newly formed Wealth Disparity Task Force (see below). Other than teaching as a Adjunct Professor at Rutgers (unpaid) for over 30 years and writing letters NRA and NJ2AS asked for, I have no idea how my name was selected. Was anyone else on the Forum selected too??? (Register) Economy à Tuesday, August 16, 2022, 6-7:30pm EST (Register) Criminal Justice à Thursday, August 18, 2022, 6-7:30pm EST (Register) Education à Tuesday, August 23, 2022, 6-7:30pm EST (Register) Health à Tuesday, August 30, 2022, 6-7:30pm EST (Register) Housing à Wednesday, September 7, 2022, 6-7:30pm EST Latest Updates: Please visit the Wealth Disparity Task Force website or email [email protected] with any questions. Feel free to share this information
  5. Why does a civilian need to meet the same requirements as a LEO? Florida for example accepts NRA Basic pistol and many other less costly, simpler ways. https://www.fdacs.gov/Consumer-Resources/Concealed-Weapon-License/Applying-for-a-Concealed-Weapon-License/Acceptable-Firearms-Training-Documentat Our 2A rights were denied us many years but we may be willing to accept requirements exceeding most states. The NJ standard assumed to show the applicant is "thoroughly familiar with the use and safe handling of the handgun" by completion of a firearms training course substantially equivalent to the firearms training approved by the Police Training Commission as described by N.J.S.A. 2C:39-6. Why do we need to meet this standard when most of the USA does not? If we accept it now (and the new requirements for references), we will be forced to give up our constitutional rights that were won after a long fight. Once we give them back we will not get them again. Let us err on the side of reason now that the US Supreme Court is behind us.
  6. Florida accepts NRA basic pistol. If US Supreme Court rules that right is as per 2nd amendment intended like Heller decision I don't see how NJ would legally going beyond that. It is why Murphy is trying to influence decision with his speech. I thought this was "above his pay grade" anyway!
  7. I practiced at NYC's Lenox Hill and Mt. Sinai... both are great. Did a GI training at Temple and their care was amazing. The Cardiac care at Temple is just as good if not better.
  8. Much appreciated. Not sure it is worth all the hassles and risk of having firearm stolen from car when visiting in the hospital. Wish we had better hospitals in NJ.
  9. Taking my ill wife to temple in Philly for a 1-2 day cardiac procedure. I have fla ccw permit and she does too. Given all the car jackings would you bring a handgun?
  10. Thank you for the info on DuckDuckGo censorship. I wasn't aware. I will check out Brave.
  11. Duckduckgo is the best !!! Keeps you more secure and doesn't make US Oligarchs richer. I once had some info posted just saying I joined a pro 2A club. Didn't want it public. Webmaster at the pro2A club could not get it off Google. I tried all of Google's rules and my efforts failed too. All Google products have a political agenda and they don't line up with your rights.
  12. Potassium iodide (KI) only prevents thyroid cancer, the most curable tumor. It's available OTC. It frequently causes allergic reactions. I am a pharmacist with advanced training, and practiced for many years, mostly as a cancer researcher. I volunteer as a first responder with my County Medical Reserve Corps and have taken FEMA trainings on nuclear events. New Jersey (and FEMA) are as well-prepared as possible, have stockpiled KI which would available. If you want to have it in advance, I would not use powder or crystals since doses are low and hard to measure. For a lot more information see https://www.fda.gov/drugs/bioterrorism-and-drug-preparedness/radiation-emergencies
  13. Hate to admit it but 35 cents.
  14. Movers do a pretty comprehensive check for prohibited items prior to moving your stuff. I have moved a lot and this is the same regardless of what company used. They found all the flammables and I wouldn't trust them with ANY firearms.
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