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  1. People are robbed in/around new brunswick all the time. Rutgers would most likely not allow us to carry even if NJ had similar laws to PA. I swear, sometimes the most educated people are some of the dumbest.
  2. Hell I wasn't worried. We had 5 feet of water around the house. Finally got that moat I wanted...
  3. This kinda stuff gives legal gun owners a bad name. I can't honestly say whether or not the guy was fleeing from him, but I'm guessing they are going to have a tough time with the self defense argument on this one.
  4. Volts x amps = watts and there is no way around that. 1hp = 746 watts, but it is definitely not a good practice to guesstimate wattage based on the hp rating stamped on a motor. Also, keep in mind, that when an electric motor starts, it peaks and draws quite a bit more than its running load.
  5. 3 cases of bud light. But seriously, The real problem is going to be flooding.
  6. The article has been edited, so maybe it is different from what you originally read. It doesn't seem to mention guns anywhere, what were you referring too?
  7. Im at Rutgers/New Brunswick. I'll meet you there anytime. And no, I don't have a "strong" opinion as to this, I clearly stated my opinion has been shifting in recent days. Also, if anybody is interested, the "official" report came out yesterday. http://grassley.senate.gov/judiciary/upload/ATF-07-26-11-Report-on-Impact-on-Mexico-2.pdf
  8. While I appreciate your enthusiasm in your reply, the search terms "Fast" and "Furious" return a handful of threads, most of which contain little intelligent discussion, but plenty of complaints or comments that, while pretty funny, don't really provide any insight. My question was posed in such a way so that it would stimulate some interesting discussion. Of the ~6 or so threads that came up, none of them were specifically relevant to my question, and so I asked it. Im not sure if your reading comprehension is sub-par, or you just like to beat up on people who mainly come on here to read posts, but it wouldn't kill you to be civil.
  9. Hey guys, I want to preface this by saying I don't want this to turn into your views on our current administration. This isn't meant to be political, so lets try and keep it away from politics. We all have our opinions of this administration, right wrong or indifferent. My question is with this scandal involving operation Fast and Furious. I'm sure most of you guys are aware of what has gone on, but for those who are not, here is a little bit of background. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Fast_and_Furious . How do you guys feel this will impact the gun owners of America? I have two schools of thought on this, the first of which, is that this will have a negative impact, and this will be held against us and support the anti gun movement as so many gun related stories are. However in recent days, my opinion has been shifting. This story has been getting a lot of attention from the media, and for once, they are highlighting the fact that these guns were purchased illegally. What really helps our cause, however, is that they are emphasizing the fact that these gun sellers did back ground checks are would not have sold these guns, if not for the ATF forcing them to do otherwise. I think the American people are being shown that these gun shops DO in fact do their jobs and work to enforce gun laws, and that the problem doesn't lay with the gun shops, but rather with a handful of government officials responsible for initiating this. So what are views? What do you think this will do for us? It seems like republicans are *TYPICALLY* pro gun, and democrats are *TYPICALLY* anti-gun, and it seems encouraging that we have people from both sides actually doing their jobs and conducting a seemingly intelligent and in depth investigation into this, which will hopefully promote common sense legislation from these people. Jim
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