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  1. Huh? No. I hope to ascertain whether an AR-pattern firearm with with a sub 16" barrel and forearm brace is actually legal in NJ (provided it has an OAL of >26") due to the wording of the current statute which specifically restricts pistols.
  2. I'm wondering if a "firearm" would be exempt from all the requirements set forth in the statute which specifically pertain to "semi-automatic pistols." I pulled this from the web. It is equipped with a Tailhook forearm brace. According to the ATF definition, this is a "firearm" and not a "pistol" - therefore, would it be legal in NJ? (Ignore the LAW folder for the purposes of this discussion).
  3. Sorry to raise this from the dead. But what if it has an OAL of greater than 26" (say with an 11.5" barrel and full length buffer tube) v- so it's not actually a "pistol" but instead it's a "firearm" as per ATF classification. What happens then?
  4. Damn thing sold out before I could get to a computer. I emailed him to inquire about wait lists, but he says he never keeps a wait list because drops are so rare.
  5. I sent in a rebate request over 3 months ago but still nothing. It wasn't a huge amount of money ($3/box rebate for 6 boxes = $18 total) but I am obviously annoyed at the situation. I've also moved since then, so getting the check to my new address adds yet another layer of complexity.
  6. The Scorpion carbine has a whole bunch of things required for compliance work: The stock folds AND extends (would need to be pinned twice in 2 different locations) and the compensator or barrel shroud (whichever version you purchase) would need to be pinned as well.
  7. Wish they had their SLS holsters available for the SP-01. Gotta go with BladeTech, but don't think it's quite as nice a product.
  8. Kel Tec made many more full size (G17) grips than the compact (G19) size. It was easier to find a full size grip Sub2k and then just cut it down by 1/2" to fit the G19 mags.
  9. I live in CO these days and carry a CZ P-01 (virtually identical in size and weight to the G19) and I carry IWB daily in a Stealthgear P-01. Most comfortable holster I've ever owned, and I've had several of all different sizes. I also have a G19 and carried it in an Old Faithful hybrid holster (leather backing + kydex shell) and then a Milt Sparks, and almost exclusively carry the P-01 because of the Stealthgear holster that I've got. And yes, a good belt is important. Doesn't need to be a dedicated gun belt though. I have two dedicated belts, but also I've had surprisingly good luck with the Patagonia Tech Web belt. It's burly 1.5" with a very solid cast aluminum buckle and only $29. http://www.patagonia.com/product/tech-web-belt/59193.html?dwvar_59193_color=BLK&cgid=mens-hats-accessories-belts#start=1
  10. Anyone get video footage of them saying that transporting loaded mags is OK? I transported my mags loaded to/from the range despite the ambiguity (before I left NJ) but I certainly would have loved to have video footage on my phone I could show to a cop if it ever came to it.
  11. Didn't declare anything, no note, had no problems. Bag wasn't even opened and further inspected by TSA.
  12. I'm flying into EWR tonight and would like to bring a pistol slide with me (checked baggage, of course). The slide is field stripped, i.e. no barrel or guide rod. I'm pretty sure I'm completely in the clear as it is not considered a "firearm" federally, or by NJ, but just want to make sure before I get jammed up. I have no other guns/gun parts with me. Any words of wisdom?
  13. Was searching around for upcoming hunting season and found these: http://www.sierratradingpost.com/vortex-optics-diamondback-binoculars-10x28~p~121vx/?filterString=s~binoculars%2F&colorFamily=02 There are only a couple left, act quick.
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