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    I quit

    Got $500 for any AR based gun you got.....
  2. The other stuff in your post makes sense, was just looking for info and thoughts, thnx. Maybe should a just bought an AK...
  3. So, no one has the answer. I understand how many parts needed, and a mag change wont acheive that. My real question is, is it stil considered an SKS if i attain 922r? Much like any number of AR variants are sold and COLT AR-15 is on the ban list. Even thou it is pretty much the same gun, in name it is not.... So i guess the real question i need answered is this.... "If i attain 922r with my SKS, is is still an SKS or a rifle of custom manufacture, and if it is, at that point can it have a detachable magazine?" As for Tapco, i know many people on SurvivorsForum that swear by them for the SKS and poop on them for their AK's. Everyone has hit or miss products, but when you have pretty much a whole forum praising them, i gotta say that is the way to go for SKS.
  4. So i a was looking to get a Tapco 15rnd magazie for my SKS. Went into a store and was told this was ilegal because the SKS is on the Assault weapons ban list in NJ with the detachable magazine. Now i wondered about 922r, because if your gun qualifies, it is then considered a custom manufacter, correct? Then technically it isnt an SKS?? Just airing this out, and looking for comment? I could be totally off-base, but shop i went to seemed arrogant, and im right, your wrong, end of discussion(which may be the case, but not great for bringing in customers, especially since i dont only own an SKS). Any info or other ideas?? Had the whole build planned in my head, now on hold because of this.....
  5. The sad thing is, it ends when they finally get enough people to just say "F" it, and leave. Then they will have their state full of leaches and politicians. Man i am starting to loose faith in this state and looking for an out, i do have family in Texas.... HHhhhmmmm
  6. So i go to Rush's site, and like most others, i can never find out from the site if they are Democrat or Republican?? Do they do this on purpose? I searched and found he is a Democrat, but you would think they would advertise this right on their own web page..... Sorry for the rant....
  7. What is LVSC? Also anyone ever shoot Layton? Or Black River?
  8. I vaguely remember over the summer, police being accused of selling confiscated guns illegally. Not sure if I am correct, but if you have info shoot me a link please. Just a topic of conversation as some departments from what I have read were actually think about legally doing this... Thnx
  9. DEP is bad, how anyone could believe this country, or any industrialized country can be brought back to pre-Columbis emission levels with todays tech have issues. Wantant disregard for the destruction of our planet, can not be tolerated either. Guess one day we can find a happy medium, but a medium nun the less. Not a lopsided all or nothing as the DEP sees it...
  10. I love how the cost of manufacturing always involves the "UNIONS" remark. Maybe it is the willingness of foreign countries, and their citizenry to live in poverty that is the problem. If you notice, none of them can purchase the products they make in their own country. Maybe if we stop supporting countries that willfully support the abuse and impoverishment of its citizenry, we could be a level global economy, instead of what we have now..
  11. Pretty sure i stumbled over it today, but there were no tresspassing signs, anyone still know if this place is open???
  12. Pretty sure i stumbled over it today, but there were no tresspassing signs, anyone still know if this place is open???
  13. Im going to see if i can find this place this week. Have a vague idea, wish me luck. If i find it i may make a trip up there this weekend.....
  14. Did this ever go anywhere???? Was looking for this place, but just cant seem to locate....
  15. Ever come north of Amboy Bridges? Very interested, but commute is a little much....
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