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  1. Now is NOT the time to get into Diesels ..... They need to work out the DEF / Emissions systems, right now it is a band aid fix and they have many issues. I am currently employed at Penske, and trust me, they are a long way off from figuring out this DEF issue and trying to keep these trucks on the road without clogged catalyst and DPF filters.... To give you my comparison..... Todays diesel emissions are equal to the debacle we had in the mid 80's with gas engine cars..... total nightmare...
  2. If you have no use for a 3/4 ton..... then dont get it.... Buy a nice 1/2 ton.... enjoy better ride and fuel mileage. With that being said..... I currently drive an F-150 but I am equally a GM fan..... Dodge.... no....
  3. Well..... he wont be posting anymore here without a mod approving his post....
  4. Very odd 1st post.....
  5. I am Admin.... I can sign in as any member.... i don’t even think that section is password protected....
  6. I have no issues when I sign in as you accessing that section..... Not sure if this is a forum issue, or something on your end.... sort of weird
  7. Thanks!!!!
  8. Well..... I am quite excited. I guy emailed me last year that he was writing a book about muscle cars and was interested in photos of my GTO. So I emailed him quite a few photos, and then pretty much forgot about it, thinking it was either a joke, or I didnt make the cut. He emailed me tonight, and said my car made the book. So I ran out to Barnes and Noble and bought it..... I am pretty stoked... https://www.amazon.com/Detroit-Muscle-Factory-Lightweights-Purpose-Built/dp/161325301X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1510885602&sr=8-1&keywords=detroit+muscle
  9. Moved this... Not really a gun law discussion..... Idiot was breaking the law..... period....
  10. All of those choices are good.... On a Camry, I would go with either the Turanza or the Premier A/S - either will be a nice quiet secure ride.....
  11. Already being discussed.... Please feel free to search around and get to know us before making your 1st post such as this.... Intro section is a great place to start..... get to know us, and we can get to know you.... Welcome to the forum
  12. Flex............... is awesome.... and Sgt. Leverett is the human lie detector
  13. FYI Election is over. I will lock this section at end of month. All further political discussion should be posted in 1A area All topics specific to Gun Laws should be posted in appropriate area. Thank you Troy
  14. I refuse to have the Sky IS Falling attitude...... A lot of those bills will never see the light of day.... 2 things will come down.... 10rd magazines and some severe restriction or even elimination of AR platform
  15. Wow... RIP..... sorry to hear.... It took awhile, but we finally came to a mutual understanding on his posting here, and all our PM's were always cordial .....