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  1. OK.... New date..... RTSP made a small error..... October 14th is the night of their last GLOCK match..... NEW DATE OCTOBER 21ST
  2. Been this way for years now....
  3. Not directed at you..... childish post was hidden....
  4. I wont rule it out.....
  5. Sorry inevitable.....
  6. 1st Annual NJGF Shoot @ RTSP Date: October 21st Location: RTSP( Randolph Location) 961 Route 10 East, Randolph NJ 07869 973-434-7600 $20/person Pre-Reg - $25.00/person Walk-In EventBrite Link : TO BE ADDED SOON Event will start at 5pm for Sign In / Walk-in Reg Shoot is 6-8pm Members Pricing for nearly everything including Firearms Food to be provided by: To Be Determined I will update and add info into this post as I get it..... I wanted to get the date out ASAP so people can start making plans.... Any questions, please post, if I do not have an answer.... I will get it. Do not Call RTSP at this point since most of the staff will not have information at this point...... I will add the EventBrite link as soon as the Event Coordinator from forwards it to me, so you can pay for your Pre-Reg. Thank you for your patience, this will be the first time I will be trying to pull something like this off..... Troy
  7. Rent...... DONT buy.....lol
  8. Will have more info....... VERY SOON
  9. Pretty sure he was just meaning...... He wont be in area by then......
  10. I pruned back to a year..... I like to leave old posts, in case a member wants to reference an old ad....
  11. If this turns into politics..... I will just lock it
  12. Yes..... Randolph
  13. Yes..... The member price ammo is just a convenience in case you need it....
  14. Ok, Guys/Gals. These are some trying times for the 2A community. So, we're exploring some new NJGF events to build community, enjoy some shooting, and stand strong together! This is a preliminary thread…if there is enough interest, I will pursue it further. I am thinking probably September or October - a Private Meetup "after hours" at RTSP on a Sunday night from 6pm to 8pm. Pricing would be roughly $20/person (though possibly a bit more if we decide to do food also). Ammo, Accessories, Firearms would all be at RTSP Member Pricing (a generous offer from the RTSP management team)! VIP Lounge would be open for us to hang out in. Before moving forward, I would first like to see who would be likely to attend and then we'll hammer out details: date, food or no food, payment details, etc. If there's enough interest, a date will be selected and formal announcement made. So, assuming you're available on the selected date... are you interested?