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  1. Morris County - Yes - restricted by HG
  2. Still looking at Florida..... but other options are St. Thomas, maybe DE depending on where wife's brother retires..... Wife wants to be near beach.... so thinking somewhere in Sarasota/Tampa area...... stay within 10 miles of beach.... far enough inland where Real Estate is not over-priced, but short drive to water. Still have about 8 years to figure it out.....
  3. The benefit that most of us see when getting multiple Non Resident CCW's is to have a back-up in case a state changes its reciprocity laws and you dont realize it...... Meaning..... you have FL and Utah..... and you are visiting family in NC ....... and you get stopped for some reason..... LEO asks for your CCW and you hand him your FL CCW and he says...... We do not honor that since 2 weeks ago...... you can then show him your Utah CCW that is still honored...... basically getting you out of a possible jam..... If you are confident on investigating the laws before you travel..... and feel all you need is the one CCW, then go for it.... But like I said..... a lot of us get at least a 2nd one for back up I have FL, Utah, and NH
  4. Yep, Woke me up at 5:15pm - Morris County There was another smaller one about 45 minutes after that
  5. Update: Picked up the permit. For those of us in Morris County The Hon. Thomas Critchley attaches a Court Order that must be carried along with the Permit that list the firearm(s) you qualified with. Disappointing..... but hopefully once the system gets tired of this redundant part of the process and removes the Judge from having to sign off..... stuff like this will disappear
  6. Hell has frozen over...... and I just saw a pig fly..... I got the call..... I pick up my permit tomorrow Submitted end of June Morris County Rockaway Twp. Qualification done at RTSP in Randolph Never did I think this could be a possibility......
  7. I think the end of June..... so about 6 weeks ago.... and I dont know when it exactly got sent to the County
  8. Overthinking it..... Most states have restriction on certain distances from schools and government property .....
  9. My 3 references received their letters from Rockaway Twp. All responded and sent back.....
  10. It's easy..... Get to counter.... " I need to declare a firearm" You fill out a tag...... place inside of luggage on top of case..... Locked case - NON TSA lock at Newark.,.... they then get a TSA agent to escort you and your luggage to X-Ray machine. They X-Ray to verify unloaded - you wait there in case they need you to open case..... Then depending on airline..... they either take luggage right there..... or walk you back to airline counter and they will take luggage there.... On way back..... everything is the same expect the walk of shame to get luggage x-rayed...... most airports dont bother
  11. I have 2 of these Fas1 Quick Access Safes that I do not need anymore. They work perfect and are probably the most secure quick access safes on the market FAS1 Handgun Safe (w/Standard Holster) (fas1safe.com) See link for any detail that I miss They use a Knox style lock that can be programmed to 1000's of combination and require no batteries Large enough for one full side pistol Lid springs up and presents firearm to you Each safe comes with a standard interior holster..... I also have 1 extra holster that handles a firearm with a rail light They Retail for $349 I will sell them for $250 each or $400 for both Located in Morris County NJ Please either post " I will take one" or " I will take both" Contact me with any questions Thank you Troy
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