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  1. Get a room.....
  2. Yep..... just got done with $300 upgrade to Patron
  3. So yeah..... when I was searching for my GTO..... I wanted either White or Silver with a Black Vinyl roof..... and I was happy with the look..... But..... a few years before I painted the car, I went to the Atlantic City Car Auction and walked past a 67 GTO in the Convention Center that was a beautiful light blue and a painted white roof..... I had never actually seen a Two-Tone GTO, and upon further investigation found that you could order the cars like that, and the factory two-tone cars left the vinyl roof trim and just used paint instead of vinyl on the roof.... It really was a neat look.... And I vowed to try the look on my car whenever I had the car painted. It was an easy decision because I would be retaining the trim, and if I hated the look, all I had to do was scuff the roof and lay down the new vinyl roof.... When I made the decision to do it..... I got a TON of flak from everyone that I was crazy..... that it would not look right.... but I stuck to my guns.. Well, when it came out of the paint booth with the roof painted.... I was sold 100% that it would be staying that way. Once the car was completely painted, everyone actually apologized and said it was an awesome look. To this day..... I really think it's what sets my car apart from other cars as shows and cruise nights....
  4. So as you can see by the pics, I had uncovered some issues that were covered by trim. Once removed and blasted, the ugly came out. Areas of rot - Bottom of both front fenders behind front wheels, Bottom of 1/4's behind rear wheels, Panel behind the rear window, and finally the rear sail panels on each side of the rear window. All common areas of trouble for this type of body style. Good thing is, all areas the aftermarket has addressed with prefabbed patch panels....... Except for the Sail Panels. But one thing my body guy did was not use the whole patch panel, he cut down each panel to just use what was needed. The panel behind the rear window we did use the whole replacement panel, it was needed. To address the sail panels he had to do old school, he fabricated his own metal panels and welded them in, he did a wonderful job. Once the metal work was done, the car was then sealed with Primer and made ready for paint....
  5. This section is for serious conversations on the election....
  6. RIP bought my 1st gun from them....
  7. LOL.... out of town.... will get to more this week
  8. Just please do not post a Sale price here..... This is not the Classified.
  9. yeah..... not cool....
  10. Shhhhhhhh........ It's like the Beetlejuice thing...... say his name 3 times and he will appear.....
  11. It will be Murphy Vs. Kim ...... and she will get her ass handed to her.... too much Christie stink on her....
  12. The mafia pulls over people with light and sirens?
  13. +1 Tony is my guy.....
  14. As you can see in the photos, we uncovered some horrible rot, but I was in good hands..... as you will see....