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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smith_%26_Wesson_Model_19 Looks like 1988
  2. It is a personal decision.... But I see no scenario where I can be arrested for having the magazines in my house. They would need a warrant to search, and for what reason would they get such warrant? And as far as a HD scenario..... I would have NO issue facing the charges for the 15rd mags if it meant saving my and/or my wife's life.... I seriously doubt the prosecutor would follow through on the charges on a clean HD shoot....
  3. Keep them at home..... and buy a few 10 rounders for the range.... done
  4. OP has contacted me on the side............... seems legit. Turn down the tin foil hats for now.... lol
  5. If you are interested...... I am an Instructor at RTSP in Randolph..... They have a 2 hour Intro class that might fit your needs to see if you want to go further in the hobby.... PM me directly if you want to set it up through me, or I can give you the info to contact the Training Dept at RTSP. Let me know Welcome to the forum.
  6. Women's section is unneeded ,,,,
  7. https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/forum/196-clothing-huntingoutdoortacticaledc/
  8. Based on that ....... I should say FU
  9. What does this mean?
  10. 100% ...... I tell everyone that is looking at a car..... no matter what, be prepared to walk.....
  11. Because once you switch into a lease discussion..... the price you negotiated actually never appears on a lease contract. So in essence, for the weak negotiators will end up have the lease based on a higher price if they are not versed in capitalized costs and money factors that contracts are based on.... For the strong negotiators..... should not be a problem. But do not fool yourself, when you think you got one over on the Finance Manager and/or Sales Manager, more then likely, they are the one in actual control of the deal. We are not the idiots you think we are..... And for those that do not know my background.... 30+ years in the auto industry, including at a point in my career being the #2 GMAC Finance Manager in the Tri-State region( #1 was my co-worker).
  12. LOL.... Yeah to the average consumer, you would think so.... But it is not how it works......