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  1. Oh.... true.... too bad Zeke was not there....
  2. Next Shotgun shoot............ bring em..... I foresee the 1st YouTube video being done....
  3. Lifetime subscription right here!!! where is the donation link?
  4. Guys.... take it to pm don ruin this thread for everyone else..
  5. I think the problem is some people can’t get over the fact other people have different opinions.... its ok to say.... I don’t agree with your thinking..... and just move on... grow up people....
  6. Was really trying to not move this..... But we are only a few dumb posts away.... Can we somehow act like adults.... and NOT attack each other....
  7. Shirt Manufacturer Gildan
  8. Just a quick bump on this thread.... Thanks to all with the quick payments....
  9. Main reason I did it..... for the social aspect.... Gonna try and do something in the spring....
  10. Good Afternoon Everyone.... 1st set of Invoices were just sent out. If you think you should have received one and did NOT ..... PM me ASAP to see what I screwed up....lol
  11. They can..... and will.... No need for another section
  12. How to order: You will PM me directly with : Full Name Your Paypal address to send Invoice Your contact email if it differs from the PayPal address Your Shipping address ONLY if you intend to have these shipped Your order for shirts – Size(s) and Quantity
  13. Yes..... adding the extra layer on a colored shirt was about $10 more..... not in the cards on this run.... I am not ruling it out for a future run....