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  1. Please read classified rules and add needed verbiage to ad Thank you
  2. Anderson Lower PSA LPK PSA Buffer/Spring Hogue Grip Magpul MOE Fixed Stock(Gray) ALG ACT Trigger Maybe used for about 200rds $300.00 Located in Morris County FFL of your choice within reasonable distance - All Fees covered by buyer First I'll Take It - gets it - follow with PM
  3. 1 Case of Federal 5.56 500rds - SOLD $450 100 rds of Wolf Brass .223 - SOLD $85 120rds Freedom Munitions REMAN .308 - SOLD $100 2 Bricks of 500rds - Blazer .22lr $150/ea Brick Located in Morris County Need Matching FID and DL Post i"ll Take It with what you want and follow with PM
  4. Seems to be his MO ..... Keep all communication onsite ..... so PM's can be screenshot if necessary.....
  5. Warning..... Be civil in here..... NO PERSONAL ATTACKS
  6. CED 7000 Shot Timer For Sale - $90.00 Used only a handful of times.... Has Blue Poly cover on it I have the original box.... but I don't see any instruction manual, not sure if I misplaced it or its an online thing Located in Morris County Local Pick-up OK - Shipping on your dime.... Should fit into small Priority box I think.... $6.00? these days? First " I'll take it" gets it..... follow up with PM Paypal preferred
  7. Yeah check insurance first..... that could be the deal breaker..... but after that.... it comes down to individual maturity..... As most of us gear heads..... I drove fast since I got my license..... got my first “fast” car at 20.... Only you can be the judge if he can handle it....
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