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  1. Looks like Tractor Supply sells Carry-On brand trailer..... great trailer, not cheap, long term usage. I put thousands of miles on mine trailering motorcycles back and forth to NC..... Might be overkill for your usage.... Look at the Harbor Freight trailers.... much cheaper and will stand up to good local mileage...
  2. Yeah..... totally not true
  3. Oh FFS ...... don't even go there.....
  4. Short answer..... No Reality ...... who the heck would know....
  5. Yeah.... he didnt want to waste anything.... when he picked up his spilled shake off the ground and started drinking it, I was ... wtf
  6. https://www.freedommunitions.com/firearms/lowers/ar15-stripped-lower-receiver-gen-2-anodized-blk.html $49.95
  7. Yes.... just noticed car is under warranty..... Find another dealer or speak to Service Manager. It has a bad coil..... covered.
  8. I watch it all the time.... I like the host..... adds a little humor. Note to self..... NEVER travel to Richland Co. S.C.
  9. Ignition coil - these days..... 1 per spark plug, mounted right over each spark plug.
  10. Rare to have Fuel Injector issues these days......and for it to only 1 cylinder. Msifire's are usually coils going bad. If light comes back on swap coil around with another...... when it misfires again, I am betting it will move to where you moved the #3 coil.... If it does..... replace that coil.
  11. http://www.tactical-life.com/news/sig-sauer-p320-dallas-pd/#sig-p320-2 No issues with P320
  12. Figure I would do a current entry.... I have been dealing with a No Start, No Crank Issue at times with the car. Seems to happen after longer drives, obviously with everything getting heat soaked under hood.... I would go to leave a Cruise Night and I would get NOTHING...... when it happened last year 2-3 times, there was not even a click from the starter. I already had a Powermaster Mini Starter, but I bit the bullet and bought a new one, and sent the old one back to Powermaster to have it rebuilt. Fast forward to this year...... thinking I had the problem solved. I went to a cruise night in Flemington 2 weeks ago.... 90+ min drive. Got there, started to rain..... went to leave after about an hour and No Start, No Crank....... crap. After a few minutes like always, it cranked fine and I headed home. Pulled into the garage, turned it off and tried to restart..... Click...... crap. Frustrated, I headed into the house and would deal with it in the morning. Well, as usual, it started fine in the morning, but I check battery voltage.... 13.2v sitting, and only dropped to 10.5v while cranking, not bad for a 15+-year-old Optima Battery. So I felt battery was not the issue. I highly doubt the new starter was an issue. It was time to look in other directions..... wiring and grounds... Well, I removed the positive cable that runs from Battery to Starter..... this was a nice fancy Steel Braided 4ga battery cable. Well, it looked like hell now, with plenty of green corrosion coming through the steel braiding, plus I found upon searching..... 4ga wire might be good for today cars, but will not carry enough amps for older muscle cars with larger engines. So instead of trying to find larger gauge battery cables the correct length..... Time to learn another skill. So I went ahead and made up my own battery cable. and then made up an additional ground cable. The new cable is very high grade and is 2ga. Just got done installing it...... Now, lets hope for the best....
  13. OK..... and we wonder why I hate politics on this forum..... Here is the deal..... Discuss the topic.... STOP attacking each other..... FINAL WARNING!!!! This is not the 1A Lounge..... If it continues.... people will be getting vacations from the forum....
  14. Will post some more stuff in time..... get into some of the aftermarket mods on the car....
  15. Well..... Time to wrap up the paint job portion.... Car was done.... in about 90 days, start to finish, quite an accomplishment for something that was supposed to be a "side job" .... Thanks for everyone who took the time to read through this..... any questions, please ask away....