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  1. Wife and I both use it...... each car and she streams it on her desktop at work
  2. What changed me from closing one eye to both eyes open, was taking some tactical pistol classes..... Didnt even realize it, but when I was put under stress during the courses..... i completely forgot to close that one eye..... without thought.... I was shooting with both eyes open, which is exactly what would happen in a real life defense situation....
  3. Yeah.... I ordered 2 sets and the 10% coupon code also works on it today!! I got 2 sets shipped with tax for $83
  4. Sig Sauer X-Ray3 #8 Front #8 Rear Pistol Sight Sets - Botach
  5. I agree with above...... get the .22 next. Hone your skills with what you have. Then going to your future CCW firearm will be a smoother transition
  6. Bump Also willing to Trade for a Wilson Module for a P365 with Manual Safety
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