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  1. I feel like an unfolded lawn chair. With the different ways I am standing and holding. I am tried a few private lessons but I feel they just rushed me for a money grab. I am just looking for someone to say hey try this or that.
  2. The link in the email expired and my dumb ass didn’t print it out in time
  3. I get that about helping me online. I was just looking for some help with a range or person that can help me out in person
  4. I am right handed. And I am shooting low and left .
  5. I have been shooting for about 3 years off and on sorry I do not
  6. Need a little input or maybe pointing in the right direction. I tried shooting the carry class at my range. And was unable to pass the class. I am having issues shooting past 20 yards keeping enough rounds on target. I am shooting with a red dot. But not sure if I have too much finger in the trigger or anticipating recoil. I am from south Jersey anyone have someone that’s a good trainer?
  7. Sorry, maybe I was not clear I already have the gun in my possession. I am trying to download the paperwork that shows I own the weapon but it’s past 90 days is there anyway I can do that?
  8. So I purchased a hand gun back in Oct. I didn’t realize I only had 90 days to retrieve. A copy of my permit info online. Is there anyway I can get that past the 90 days? Is the purchase and register form. Any help would be greatful.
  9. Looking to buy ruger gp100. Will have a permit available the end of October. Let me know if you have anything for sale.
  10. Looking to buy 9mm ammo for target practice. Me and my son are shooting a few times a month so looking for some in bulk.
  11. I have 140 rounds of 30-06 and 140 round of .308 sorry for the generic photos. It’s 140 of Springfield 140 grain and American eagle 150 grain . Looking to get $250 for it all don’t really want to split it up.first till take it’s yours
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