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  1. If me and 18 steel can work out logistics we will take them. If not I will let you know
  2. I have a 1,000 rounds of Tulammo I am looking to get $250.00. I am near the Deptford mall. They are 20 round boxes. First person to post I'll take it gets it
  3. I will take it. I am in Bellmawr let me know what works best for pickup
  4. Looking for a 12g over under. Have cash or another firearm or ammo to trade. Let me know what you might have
  5. I have a question can you JB weld the threaded barrel to make it an AK jersey legal? If not what's the best way to handle it to make it legal . Thanks
  6. I have a full size 1911 Kimber is there a way to mount a flashlight to it since there is no rail?
  7. Not to high jack your thread but is it hard to become a range safety officer?
  8. 5-0 scanner app pretty good for the I-pad
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