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  1. I thought handling rentals had to be directly overseen by staff here in NJ?
  2. Only Life members and above can vote, which is why you got xfer'd to sales. This is a good question
  3. So deep in that closet, they're too afraid to come out and start a chapter of Pink Pistols, or even The Liberal Gun Club here in NJ.............
  4. Or, they are like a few lefty gun owners that I know. They support gun control. They own guns that they are actively pushing to be outlawed.
  5. I have always asked this. Where is the activism from our gun owning compadres on the Left side of the aisle in NJ?
  6. Steel cases sparks more? Never heard of that? What does that mean exactly? Good Lord....it's almost 11p, and now I have a hankerin' to cook up a pound of bacon, and gobble it up!
  7. 1892 Model? I had one, piece of crap. Bought it from Steve's Gunz, he said he got it running, but it needed special 'ammo'....... BUT....other people I know who have them love 'em, and they run great. I got the lemon. People also seem to like the spring kits for them, helps smooth out the cycling. And you get a good strong lockup of the bolt so you can feed it 357 loads....I don't know if the Winchester 66/73 linkage design can hold up to a steady diet of 357.......
  8. There is no sleeping giant in NJ. If the mad anti gun bum rush in Trenton back in '13 didn't wake up NJ gun owners back then, nothing will.
  9. Any place in North Jersey that sells shotshells by the case, and not gouging by selling that case per 'box'? Looking for Fiocchi low brass target 12 guage.
  10. The 'third party', as I was explained, is the State Police. Years ago, it was explained on these forums that FFLs call NJSP, who run the background check in NJ, then they contact NICS, and then get back to the FFL. Not sure if it's still this way. In America, the FFL contacts NICS directly.
  11. This is the one thing I don't understand.
  12. Part of the left playbook is to get a nationalized police force, all run from DC. That's why he's anticop....they can fuck up a state, and say they need Federal help.
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