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  1. This is the one thing I don't understand.
  2. Part of the left playbook is to get a nationalized police force, all run from DC. That's why he's anticop....they can fuck up a state, and say they need Federal help.
  3. Everything regarding guns, generates total hysterics by the haters. It blows my mind, the wordage they use.
  4. Was only there once. Had a great time. But made the mistake of bringing an 1887 and using ultra low light shells loaded down to like 950fps, too slow for the clays.
  5. four new ranges in North Jersey. Only 10 years ago, we only had the Bullet Hole.
  6. Ah, the 14th is the Wild Bunch match. 1911s, 1897s or Model 12s, and lever gunz.
  7. Man! I wish I knew about this earlier.......this'll teach me to snooze on this website.
  8. Actually, 4th Sunday of each month. I wish there was a club around that did a Saturday shoot.
  9. JT Custom Guns posted this linkage in another thread; http://amgoa.org/gun-law-texts/get_bill.php?state=NJ&file_name=/2018/S2402-Introduced-2018-04-05.html And it's pretty much virtue signaling. Remember when a few states passed what the Left said was anti LGBT laws, regarding bathrooms mostly likely? Indiana was one of those states, and the outcry and boycott was successful in that Indiana, and other states, had to rescind those laws. So that being said, Whineburg is hoping to basically do the same thing here. Latest from NJ.com http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/04/a_new_nj_gun_bill_that_goes_after_the_nra.html "Fighting the NRA on the basis logic and rational thinking has not worked," Weinberg, D-Bergen, said. "So I think the thing that might work is fighting them with their pocketbook." ......'eye roll'......
  10. don't worry, once it becomes clear where most of the gun crime comes from, and which groups are involved, it will come to and end, because it will be lopsided against a certain community. Maryland did something like this years ago, until it became clear 95% of the crime was committed by a certain community.
  11. I have concur on the Left successfully smeared the NRA, I noticed the Left trying to do this during the Bush years, but they finally became successful during the Obama years. And it isn't gonna change. Let's face it, the Left hates the NRA. Very little because of guns, but because basically, it's the last big organization that heavily leans Right, that can get out the vote, on occasion with Republican voters.
  12. I realized this back in '13 when shit hit the fan post Sandy Hook, and hardly anybody cared. Spoke to so many fellow gun owners, and nobody gave two fucks.
  13. While this is true, nonetheless, thousands of people rallied around NJ. I seriously doubt the 13k people in Morristown were paid.
  14. Anti Gunners quickly organized state wide protests within weeks of Parkland across NJ.