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  1. I just hope we don't get egg on our face, and have two so-called 'conservatives' join the 'liberals' and we lose this case.
  2. Get yourself TOR Browser. Firearms websites are blocked at work, but not if I use TOR. https://www.torproject.org/download/
  3. A5455 is dead on arrival. While it will pass, and get signed. Nothing will happen cause the Superintendent isn't a software programmer. The superintendent would be required to develop a program for retail dealers to electronically report this information.
  4. You have to realize that gun control is what you do instead of something. When politicians are polling poorly, or getting hammered on whatever in the news, that's when they go for gun control. Nobody is too happy with Murphy, so that's why he goes gun control. Positive press.
  5. Well, hater's believe that if gun culture is taxed and fee'd into oblivion, less people while buy, then gunshops will close. Gun ranges will close. Manufacturers will go out of business. Thus no more guns for gun violence.
  6. Bruh, the 30 day issuing rule was struck down like 20 years ago by a court ruling, and it has been 'whenever' it gets done since then. Wish this 30 nonsense would just stop already..............
  7. I thought handling rentals had to be directly overseen by staff here in NJ?
  8. Only Life members and above can vote, which is why you got xfer'd to sales. This is a good question
  9. So deep in that closet, they're too afraid to come out and start a chapter of Pink Pistols, or even The Liberal Gun Club here in NJ.............
  10. Or, they are like a few lefty gun owners that I know. They support gun control. They own guns that they are actively pushing to be outlawed.
  11. I have always asked this. Where is the activism from our gun owning compadres on the Left side of the aisle in NJ?
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