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  1. Thanks Nikos, just grabbed some! No why will Cabela's send me ammo but not Primers? Makes no sense!
  2. Totally safe, I don't see you having any issues with the legality of those guns. Even if the magazine became an issue Im sure the gun would still be legal just maybe not the magazine
  3. Yea If Glock got on that list things sure would be different! Good to see a large manufacturer like Olympic on there though!
  4. Heard about the forum from a buddy of mine at Atlantic County Pistol Range, He said there was a great deal of knowledge passed around on this forum about New Jersey specific topics. I looked over the site and joined about 5 minutes later. I haven't posted much yet but I would like to in the future. Im a bit computer illiterate so i'm still figuring out how to navigate the forum. I was prompted to join the site when I saw so many local firearm dealers were affiliated with the site. I saw that as a good way to speak with different shops in NJ about finding a certain rifle for me that i'm unable to locate.
  5. Ty, Your 15/30 Pmags are great!, assembled really well (no epoxy all over the base plate). I love mine!! Is there any chance of you making some 15 round GI mags? If not can you send rebuild kits to NJ so I can assemble my own?
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