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  1. Coupon code is LOWERS15 http://midwestpx.com/ar15-lower/receivers.html
  2. The repeatability surprised me in the gap between systems. I knew MLOK was better in that regard but I didn't know it was quite that much better.
  3. 1/8" thick leather would make me awfully nervous especially if you throw in the very real possibility of a scuffle where new and unconventional angles of pressure can be introduced. The leather backer of my MTAC was 1/4" thick and still failed after a couple years of use. I currently carry a full size M&P with X300U AIWB in a VG2 every day. The midwest is no stranger to high temperatures and humidity (July is basically a daily race to triple digits between the two) so my guns get sweat and grime on them yet not a hint of corrosion. The M&P specifically has been in this role for just under two years now. The VG2 does fail to protect the front sight though and that's a legitimate concern. I do check mine pretty regularly however if it was off, I'd probably notice since in the nicer months (like now), it gets shot every day on my lunch break. I've been a formal student for over 5 years. Class makeups are generally 1/2-2/3 armed citizens and the remainder being active MIL or LE however all share that mindset of wanting to learn to fight with a gun. Even when we break for meals, I've noticed students universally putting guns in kydex IWB holsters (with the exception of sworn LE who open carry but again, in kydex). Maybe some are using leather holsters and I just haven't observed them because it isn't something I've really been on the look out for or asked about regularly but that's what I can recollect. You keep citing that you've been carrying a gun for over 40 years. Just because you've been doing it a certain way without issue doesn't mean it's THE way. Especially when you consider that gear and tactics are fluid and ever-changing and evolving. People used to think small-of-back carry was a good idea too but we know now that it's not a very good option.
  4. I'm personally familiar with it as well though I caught it before it resulted in an AD and immediately retired the holster in the circular filing cabinet.
  5. If you think a kydex holster has to push the gun away from you, I highly recommend you take a look at some of the more modern offerings like the RCS VG2/VG3 or Eidolon. Kydex being relatively inflexible results in less material being used so the holster is thinner than a leather one. Additionally, Kydex doesn't deform the way leather can and does. Mitigating and preventing any intrusion into the trigger guard when carrying a gun is a positive. Kydex's popularity isn't because it's cheap. A good Kydex holster will cost a fair bit though not quite as much as leather. If leather was the clearly better option, we'd see more of it in professional use but I literally cannot tell you the last time I saw a serious shooter wearing a leather holster in class.
  6. I was just talking to him yesterday about some other gun stuff and forgot to ask. I'm still undecided as my daughter's birthday is the 15th but due to schedules, we may not be able to celebrate on the 15th and may have to delay which is more/less what happened to me last year.
  7. This was the most sophisticated phishing scheme I've ever seen. I nearly fell for it because I received it about 10 minutes after it was in the wild from a dealer who I had just recently purchased a suppressor from but I thought it was a little odd so I contacted him through other means and asked if he meant to send that to me. He explained what happened then I started seeing posts from Ars, Gizmodo, Wired, etc. about it.
  8. My FB feed today was tons of reposts/reshares from a year ago. Right in the feels.
  9. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/05/john-boch/springfield-armory-rock-river-arms-made-campaign-contributions-to-anti-gun-rights-politicians/ The plot thickens.
  10. I have one on a 6.5C gas gun. I believe I paid around $1200 for it new. At that pricepoint, I think it's a steal. The only things it's missing are zero stop and a cat tail, IMO. The glass quality is good but not great. Next to a Kahles or S&B, you see the difference immediately. But it's good enough for me to engage 0.8MOA targets at 1,450 yards. The reticle is busier than I'd like but it's somewhat useful. "At least it isn't a Horus," was what one of my shooting partners said.
  11. Didn't Ruger do the same back in the 90s? I'm sure those of us who are more informed will take this into account when making purchasing decisions however the average gun owner walking into a gun store probably won't know or care.
  12. Rebarreled one of my 16" .223 guns in 20" .224 Predator. It's a 6.5 Grendel necked down to .224. It uses a Grendel bolt and mags but you can load the 75gr ELD-M to mag length which is something you couldn't do with the AMAX in an AR15. That same bullet comes out of this barrel at over 3K fps and shoots like a laser. Out to 400, it's about one mil of drop. It also has basically zero recoil. Now my problem is to find the right medium power variable optic for it.
  13. Lately I've been doing the opposite and divesting myself of personally owned Glocks. I'm down to five (17, 19, 20, 21, 26). At my peak, I had 3x G19, 2x G17, G20, G21, G26, G29. Once I started focusing more on shooting rather than collecting, I looked at them as guns that weren't being shot and I could sell to fund other gun stuff which is exactly what I did.
  14. I ripped every set of Big Dots I had off my guns after my first class with Vickers. They make hitting reasonably-sized targets beyond 15 yards monumentally difficult. I've been pushing myself to 6-8" targets at 25 yards in preparation for CHE with Yeti this summer and there is no way I could do it with Big Dots considering the difficulty with the Trijicon HDs.
  15. HST for the consistency in expansion and weight retention. Test after test shows Federal got it right with the HST line.