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  1. We may say we are too old, but we keep coming out so we aren't really. Haven't seen a Hollywood in a while, more than a couple 'trust me, you don't want me too...".
  2. Vinnie, I will add pending when I post the final scores and submit to USPSA. Jim
  3. There are still open slots for out May 22nd USPSA Match. GO to www.SteelScoring.com to register. We also have a few slots still open for our May 289th 3GUn
  4. May 2016, Old Bridge will have two matches. On May 22nd we will have our regular USPSA 7 stage match. Register on SteelScoring.com. Members of OB registration opens May 8th. Non-member registration opens on May 13th. On May 29th we will run a three-gun match. Register on SteelScoring.com. Members of OB registration is open now. Non-member registration opens on May 6.
  5. Registration for our April USPSA match is open on www.steelscoring.com. 7 stages, 160 rounds more or less, always bring 250 We have all divisions shooting including PCC iron and optic! See you on the range
  6. Depending upon where you live you could go to Old Bridge on the 4th Friday night. We run a USPSA Intro and safety check. You do need to register in advance and space is limited. You'll get the basics on the rules, equipment and safety.
  7. March 27th, Easter Sunday USPSA 7 Stages. Register at SteelScoring.com. Registered members of OBRPC have a week to register before the mach opens to the general public. Open registration starts Sunday Morning one week before Match Day, Set-up starts at 0700. Looking forward to seeing you all on the range!
  8. We do not have machines in place at the club, what we do have is a large field with three shooting cages and you can either mount your own machine on a stantion or wheel your electric out to where ever and have at it. We don't have a 'Trap House' or 'skeet towers' but the regular matches are along the lines of a 5-stand match and as said, you can set up as you like in off hours. Even on the fullest Sunday, you can probably set up Shotgun after 1pm,opening time at a lot of ranges, and shoot until closing. I am currently serving as Vice-President and have been Co-Chair of the USPSA match for about 15 years, You'll be hard pressed to find a better group than you will find at OBRPC.
  9. February 28th at OB we are having a 2-Gun Match. Registration is open on SteelScoring,com. There are still open slots.
  10. Guys, not fer nutin' but how about starting a thread on 3-gun shotguns and keeping this thread for the Easton F&G 3-gun Match? There are some important things, like Time? Match Fee? Number of stages? Advance registration, etc. Just sayin
  11. Don't be angry, weather is one thing we cannot control. Had the weather hit us two days later, we would have had a match last week, two or three days earlier and we'd have a match this week. Planning a match in January or February is always an iffy thing. we lost both months last year.
  12. Well its obvious that we didn't have a match today. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for the 2-gun match next week. Hopefully we'll have enough melt to get the range open so we can hold a match! Watch the websites and as a last resort check the phone Sunday morning.
  13. Welcome to 2016! This month OBCATS has two matches planned for you at Old Bridge. On January 24th we are planning a USPSA Match. On January 31st we will be running a 2-Gun match. This match will be Rifle/Carbine and Pistol. You will need a Sling. Minimum 5 stages. Registration is on SteelScoring.com
  14. Shooters. Come out and Support Steve and Harry. They stepped up to keep a match happening at CJ.
  15. OK,I shoot, I wear glasses. When I started I had a single prescription and all was good in the world. THEN... I got my first pair of progressives. It was a pain. Could not get my head in the right position for USPSA style shooting. Fast forward, got a person that knew what to do. We used a set of handheld lenses to until the front sight was in focus. We did this for both eyes. I do not subscribe to the different focus distances. Shooting action you find yourself on quite a number of occasions shooting weak side, weak side eye. Now, that said, my eyes are not so bad as many peoples. I can see targets at distance with my shooting glasses, not well enough to shoot iron sight rifle, but I don't stumble over my feet either. You can accomplish the fitting in multiple ways. I have carried a slide and used it, however I now do it by just holding a pencil out as if it were my pistol and focusing on the point. We do this for both eyes. I then verify this at my optometrist by using a set of trial lenses. Now, if your vision is really bad, this may not work for you, you may need the unbalanced lenses. Also for Open, this does not work as the 'dot' is focused at infinity and you get a starburst with the short focus lenses. For Open you'll need a pair of glasses focused for distance and a pair of readers for loading mags or writing scores. Shooting a scoped rifle is not an issue, merely adjust the diopter ring to focus the reticle
  16. After many years Vlad is entering into semi retirement. Steve and Harry are taking over. They really deserve our support. Having been a match director for many years, I can tell you it is an easy job, IF you have support and a HELL on earth if you don't have support. What is support you may ask. Support comes in a couple ways. At the most basic it is showing up on time, not bitching and saying thank you. BUT for a match to survive this is not enough. A Match Director needs people to design stages and to build them, he needs people that will step up and RO and a,so manage their squads, He needs people to stay after the match and ger it put away. When this ceases to occur the MD burns out and the match goes away. When we lose a match, we generally lose the venue and it is very difficult to resurect a match that has fied out completely. So step up to the plate fellow shooters and lend a hand. Design a stage, Build a stage, RO your squad, stay after and help put it away. DO this and we'll have matches for as long as we want. Stop and the matches go away. We lost Southern Chester, we lost USANA, we lost Topton, We have not truly replaced them even with the return of Onteleaune. See you all on Sunday.
  17. Registration is open. Go to SteelScoring.com to sign up. We have started to run two new divisions, Pistol Caliber Carbine Optids and Irons.
  18. Nov 7 OBRAMS Rimfire Action Nov 14 Knock-Down Nov 15 Real Deal Steel Registration link on SteelScoring.com Nov 22 USPSA with Pistol Caliber Carbine added. Registration link on OBCATS.com Nov 29 Action Shotgun Registration link on OBCATS.com
  19. Need to ask JIm Heitz. So far as I know there should be.
  20. Heads up! Registration is OPEN for the October USPSA match at Old Bridge. We've added Pistol Caliber Carbines to the mix this month, but this is NOT a 3 Gun Match, it is a regular USPSA Match with an added feature. Registration is at Steelscoring.com
  21. I was only thinking Action Shooting, but Steel is also a big thing so don't forget in addition to the matches listed above the 2nd Saturday is Knock Down Steel!
  22. Looking ahead at Old Bridge October 25th is our regular USPSA Match, but with a twist. If you want to, you will be able to shoot the match with a Pistol Caliber Carbine. Two additional divisions have been added, PCC Iron and PCC Optic. November 22nd USPSA November 29th Action Shotgun As always we are looking for Stage Designers and Builders. Registration for our maches is on SteelScoring.com
  23. Sig, my comments were aimed in general, not specifically at you or anyone else. Just for the record, anyone that ever designed a stage at one point designed their first stage and I can assure you everyone felt they were too inexperanced to do so. SOme of us really were, but we learned. If you aor anyone else designs a stage the only things we will do to it are make sure it is asfe and witin the rules. We may offer a liitle advice to make it work better if you build in movers. Home time with the kids is the number one priority, you'll be surprised how fast it will pass.
  24. Volunteering takes many shapes. Design a stage, Show up early to help build a stage, Lick up the timer. You don't have to run the match, just help out a little. If everyone that shoots drew one stage a year we could never hope to shoot them all! 30 additionaminutes at the range in the morning on match day can get the match started earlier and therefore finished earlier.
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