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  1. Brakes in general are louder...others might have been shooting with flash hiders which are sometimes quieter. What type of brake do you have on your gun?
  2. I saw the mock pistol today. The SBF should be sweet.. Glad we could help if your referring to HE or myself.. lol
  3. 11.5 wont make the measurement even if its a true 11.5. It will come up short. Now that we have to measure from the end of the buffer tube MM had to add an extra 1/4 inch to the barrels. unless your using an A5 system then your GTG. Its really ridiculous...i guess you wont be able to conceal this weapon now with that extra 1/4 inch
  4. They are for the 11.5 I was at the shop when they put mine together. I don't recall if Joe said the longer barrels are also BA.
  5. This is all true. I do know the MM uses a Ballistic Advantage barrel. Never heard of them but after some searching they seem to be a fairly legit barrel maker with great reviews and they guarantee sub MOA with match ammo. Not sure what that’s worth lol. From my range trip it’s had no problems hitting on a 4”& 8” plates at 50 & 100 yards. Did not try to group any shots as I was just shooting steel with some buddies. If I can get out to the range this weekend I will post some results.
  6. Not sure if legally it would work out. Wouldn't a complete lower be transferred in its intended configuration? Say it has a pistol brace.. Would it be transferred as a pistol making it a no go for the "other Firearm" category? Most of the listing i see on GB are listing them as Pistol or Rifle lowers.
  7. This is exactly why most of my guns are complete builds from factory and the reason I bought the MODMAT SBF. Great group of guys that put out a solid product. I’m sure the same goes for LWRC, Troy & DS. Would be cool if @Modern Materiel can get @Maksim a demo SBF so we see him squatting with one of those bad boys!
  8. i think your both right but its nice to know you have a BCM available now if you want to build your own SBF.. Not cheap though...i put something together in a shopping cart and once you get done with the upper, bolt, charging handle and some sights you're looking north of 1k just for the upper.
  9. I did get an email today that BCM has come out with a whole line of 11.5 inch completed uppers. Maybe they see a market for those who want to put together their own lowers, slap on a complete upper and add a vertical fore grip??
  10. I also have the button but it resets every start up. It will not stay in the off position without the module. 2018 grand Cherokee over land
  11. I wonder why @Modern Materiel pinned mine then? Maybe they can shed some light on it???
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