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  1. took me about 3 months to get permits from Bridgewater during this pandemic. I applied in February and they were ready for pickup in May
  2. Definitely have to agree. The K22 is one of my favorites.
  3. My kids are in Bridgewater also...i have not heard anything yet. I know Warren and Longhill are closed until April 13th
  4. 100% legal as long as you post a sign somewhere stating what your doing. Its a new idea credit card processors came up with to make an 1.5-2% on their fees. Normally a business would pay on the average 2.5 - 3% of the sale. They created this program now so the business pays $0 and passes the cost onto the customer at a %4 rate. How do i know? they call me every week trying to get me to switch all my delis over to it. Morally i do not think its right to do that. If my product cost more and i cant absorb the prices i will raise prices accordingly.
  5. $15 hr. Min wage.....The customer pays for it. But honestly $11.50 is pretty normal these days for lunch pretty much anywhere you go. Oh and watch when using credit cards now...a lot of delis, bagel shops and retailers are making you pay a credit card transaction fee. Basically they are stating their posted prices reflect a "Cash discount" if you use a credit card it will add 4% convenience fee.
  6. Glock 43 is the slender of the Glock line. Glock 19 is you best all around in my opinion as far as size and round capacity. Ive heard the New Sig 320x compact is very nice as well.
  7. I like it! Great build.
  8. Brakes in general are louder...others might have been shooting with flash hiders which are sometimes quieter. What type of brake do you have on your gun?
  9. I saw the mock pistol today. The SBF should be sweet.. Glad we could help if your referring to HE or myself.. lol
  10. 11.5 wont make the measurement even if its a true 11.5. It will come up short. Now that we have to measure from the end of the buffer tube MM had to add an extra 1/4 inch to the barrels. unless your using an A5 system then your GTG. Its really ridiculous...i guess you wont be able to conceal this weapon now with that extra 1/4 inch
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