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  1. Sorry for your loss...49 way too young.
  2. I was up that way today...i would have taken the 308. are you heading toward central jersey at all?
  3. Looking to purchase 500-1000 rounds of 45 ACP i am located in central NJ. will pick up if not to far out of my way Cash or Venmo payment PM me with what you have Thank you
  4. great questions, I'm also interested in starting to load 9, 45, 308 & 45-70, any info would be a great help. Never done it before, what would be a good way to start, what components would i need to do it?
  5. RTSP Have a few in stock as of today. Both locations
  6. i also have the 686-3. its a great shooter. enjoy them
  7. I'm right handed left eye dominant... Hand guns are no problem shooting either with non dominant eye open or shut. Long guns is a different story. I learned fairly quickly that if i wanted to shoot rifles and shot gun well i needed to do it left handed. I can dust clays with the best of them so id say if you practice eventually you get the hang of it.
  8. Bridgewater is roughly 3 months to get permits. Pre Covid it was around 4 weeks.
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