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  1. @Modern Materiel i am curious about this too Joe.... (Its Anthony Chris sold my SBF!! lol)
  2. I think the MM version are shipping out with A2 Flash hiders. I was talking to someone over at MM on instagram a few days ago and i think only the initial batch is shipping with the MM Brake.
  3. @Modern Materiel What modifications are allowed... can i swap out muzzle brake for a Sure Fire and attach a Warden blast diffuser?? i believe it still over 26"
  4. Lets say they reverse it..how do you think they will handle people who already own them? will i be able to keep it?
  5. Pizza Wagon in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.... Hands down best regular & Sicilian i have ever had. Gotta stop every time i visit the old neighborhood.
  6. Love Chimney Rock..The pizza is good for a tavern/bar pie. Lombardis in Martinsville make a killer wood oven pie
  7. Sal is a great guy...I haven't been in a few years. I supply them with sausage and other provisions.
  8. seems like these are coming to a NJ dealer near you...https://www.dark-storm.com/dsi/ds-15/ds-15-typhoon-rifles/dark-storm-ds-15-non-nfa-firearm-typhoon-5.56-black/
  9. @Zeke Here comes the backup.. Going over the recipe I've gotta say its almost exactly like we make them for our catered BBQ packages. Only difference is we slow cook in our commercial convection ovens.. THEY ARE AWESOME! These look really good....I am hungry now
  10. It is in amazing shape. I consulted with @Pizza Bob prior to buying it and he gave the ok to purchase.
  11. Searched for a while and came across this beauty at a really nice price. Thanks to Bob @ Cheyenne Firearms in Manville for handling another transfer. This 4 screw K22 dates back to early 1957 seller was the son of the original owner.
  12. Yes the above is true. My HVAC guy told me the same. The new installs will all have the ECM fan motors. Not sure if that’s good or bad lol
  13. The furnace is gas which will also be replaced. Where would I look for the rebates?
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