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  1. @Ray Ray here is some 308 love.. Im with ya buddy. @Zeke 308 hitting steel out to 1500+ 6.5 may be ballistically superior but old faithful gets the job done.....with a 20" barrel no less
  2. just buy both and call it a day @Zeke
  3. @Zeke listen to Ray Ray on this one. 308 is a great place to start. I would get a 700 in 22-24" barrel. Like the others said you have many more options as far as stocks, chassis, ammo etc.
  4. Demo Ranch is a great channel... I am also wondering if this thing can be legal in NJ.... @Zeke you know i want this and you will shoot it...hell all of you can shoot it if i can get my hands on one.
  5. here is the scene...freeze at 3:03...good eye @High Exposure
  6. its up...thats what the front sight looks like on a SCAR...its just blending in with the cars windshield
  7. rear sight down but more importantly there is no magazine..lol and yes the movie is out on HBO or SHO i think
  8. My pinky dangles off even full some full size grips...Massive hands. Non issue for me. My daily carry at home and work is a 43 because i shoot it well and is very comfortable on the body.
  9. Have you removed the adjustment lever.. The pin might be under there somewhere
  10. Post some pics of it from different sides. Maybe we can see something your missing.
  11. If there is no other pin it might be epoxied on the buffer tube.
  12. actually i just read the description for the module. It claims to automatically over ride the start stop once installed. I guess no need to manually shut off the 1st time you install like my Jeep.
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