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  1. I'll be pissed if i can't play with my SCAR anymore. Moving is not an option for me. Lets hope for the best.
  2. Yes that is on the form but I am self employed. My claim is legitimate. I used to write in my company info and they always sent a notice to my office. I would have to fill it out and return a questionnaire about myself lol. Last year I decided to give the “self employed” a shot. The result was no more letters at the job.
  3. Bridgewater always contacts your job, Unless your self employed
  4. Gotta work ladies and gents! Catering business make weekends tough to get away. If I can il show up for a few clays. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. NJ 12 - Cory Booker making his "i want to be president" pitch... Someone cut his mic off..
  6. +1000 Mrs. Peel!
  7. Anyone want to collect some Murphy campaign signs for the upcoming shotgun shoot
  8. I hope your right!
  9. Murphy was penciled in way before we all started voting for Kim. Its over folks.
  10. Thats a great question. It only benefits those below the poverty line. For example my family of 4 with a income of over 90k or more a year we do not qualify for a subsidy. The federal government (dems) seem to think that 90k a year before taxes is ton a money to raise a family in this severely over priced, over taxed state. which means i must pay a highly inflated price to cover those who can't afford healthcare and basically get it for free or near free with huge subsidies. Ive got to give up nearly a quarter of my salary for healthcare? Ive been to the doctors 3 times in the past 20 years. I think they owe me a credit...lol
  11. My increase for the family is roughly $400 a month. I don't see any new firearm purchases in the future
  12. Very true...its been out of hand. Now its really really out of hand. LOL
  13. Healthcare going up BIG TIME for NJ! Got the notification letter today that my plan will be increased 40% for next year. Now my healthcare will cost me more than my mortgage payment. This is getting out of hand.
  14. Im going to buy an X next week. Il sell you mine when i get the new one if you can wait. PM me if your interested.
  15. Tier One Defense in Mountain side. 10 min from Watchung. They are best. Mike has done a lot of work for me. I am sure other members on this forum will tell you the same. tieronedefense.com Mike (908) 403-1757