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  1. Saw a bit of Fox this morning Trump has announced plans to support raising the legal age to own a firearm. My guess is shot guns and rim fire would stay as is. Center fire rifles will probably be 21 to purchase. give an inch they will take a mile. Bumps stocks and now this. Lets see if NRA gets behind this one.
  2. would this translate as certified training requirement? seems like trickery. Gives them a reason to deny you for not providing it if you follow the instruction on the actual application.
  3. is there a training requirement? I don't see that anywhere on the application. pleas post a link of what i should be reading if you have one. TIA
  4. And @Zeke knows his shit! Surefire brake is the way to go. I have a Battle Comp on one of my rifles which also works great.
  5. it can be removed if done properly. Ive had pinned muzzle brakes removed and replaced
  6. This i going to screw a lot of people. Me included. Most of my builds are 14.5
  7. Whatever makes you comfortable. I personally want my weapon ready to go if someone breaks in my house. As far as legality your good to go. loaded or unloaded no lock or safes needed. Just be safe.
  8. Slick like others have said don't over think it. No minors in the house makes your options much easier. Like you in the beginning i was worried about leaving a loaded gun around the house. I had new born child and a 3 year old. Here is the problem with guns...1 becomes 2 then 2 becomes 10 and before you know it your drawing up plans to build a gun room in the basement of your home. Im currently in the process lol. start with a quick access pistol safe to keep by your bed side. Check amazon they have plenty available
  9. https://www.smammo.com Heres a link to the sellers website. States that they are shut down indefinitely.
  10. Mine is an Ethos Semi Auto 12g...I REEEEALLLLY like the 828U. You wanna buy mine so i can feel better about buying an 828?? Come on @Zeke open the wallet!!!!
  11. @Zeke There she is buddy
  12. Benelli.... Mrs. Zeke will own one soon. I will make sure she is first in line to shoot mine
  13. Thats a sweet setup on the spotting scope. Where did you get that phone mount?
  14. I think its good to go. I pinned one of my stocks by drilling right through the friction lock (by accident) and out the other side. Made it very easy to make adjustments. Using a punch i would drive the pin through, make my adjustment and put the pin back in. I had it inspected by a state trooper and he said it was fine. Maybe i got lucky
  15. sounds terrible Theron. Hope you doing ok