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  1. Don't think getting either on wood or plastic would be a good idea.
  2. KISS...and use what ever lub makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Under normal conditions I don't believe there is any oil or grease that will harm your weapon.
  3. I got a key fob from Amazon and spent an hour trying 3 different ways to program it myself. N/G I then found these guys. I bought one fob from them and had them try to program the one I got from Amazon. Turns out that one did take the program so now I have an extra.
  4. Chip keys and fobs are two different things.
  5. Don't know about Hondas but the fobs from ebay I found are hit or miss. These guys did my Ram fob for me.
  6. Agreed.. Might last on a air soft or a BB gun. Switch stared to act up on my AR in short order.
  7. I bought a similar RDS years ago just to see if I would like a real one. Don't think I paid $40 at that time. Look familiar? https://smile.amazon.com/Ohuhu-Green-Reflex-Sight-Reticles/dp/B00YRIHYIW/ref=sr_1_12?crid=3VXMOHU9FXENA&keywords=red+dot+sight&qid=1562856871&s=gateway&sprefix=red+dot+%2Caps%2C183&sr=8-12
  8. Look at Winchester. They have just about anything you can dream up. Not like some that look like a double wide trailer. http://www.westchestermodular.com/gallery_of_homes.htm
  9. I'd have to go with something different. That Jeep is way cool. But you need something with a roof. In Fla. its either too sunny or raining.
  10. Then there's your answer. You want to be doing that when your 70 or 80? Just a thought...some of these communities don't allow you do any work like that unless its in your closed garage. Quick funny story. My buddy was in Fla looking for a retirement community on his Goldwing. Saw a new village selling pre built sites and stopped at their trailer. He liked what he saw and signed up for one. They stepped outside and the agent saw his bike parked. Said they don't allow motorcycles on site. Ended that deal fast. Another friend who already lived in one of those community's tried to bring his brand new Grady White home to do some small work on couldn't get past the gate. Can't park them in the village. Just be aware.
  11. Find out what shop service their carts. Just look in the parking lot for what model breaks/needs service the most.
  12. This might help you out...
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