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  1. No problem if you want to carry here. You'll just have to have insurance not only on your hand gun, but on every gun you own. $500,000 a weapon sounds about right. $1,000,000 if you carry. You can have all the guns you can afford. Kinda like justice huh...
  2. For those that have been on the fence because the price was too high, here's your chance to give in to temptation. I have a left side charge on my 300 blk out and love it! https://www.deltateamtactical.com/LAR-Grizzly-Ops-65-Left-Charging-Right-Discharge-Upper-Complete-Assembly-WMD-Nickel-Boron-Bolt-Carrier-Perfect-For-Right-Handed-Shooters_p_6393.html?mc_cid=03881a3237&mc_eid=7ef46f5f39 https://www.bearcreekarsenal.com/upper-receivers/bca-side-charging-receiver-bcg-combo Price is right on both these uppers. If you'er using a scope this is a must have.
  3. Wait till you do that with the Hemi!
  4. The gen 4 RAM is light years ahead of your '02. The way it rides and handles makes you feel like your not in a truck. I have a '10 and the only thing I didn't like was the old halogen headlights. I swapped in HIDs and now its perfect. Go take one for a test ride.
  5. Good for you! Wish I could say the same...
  6. So when ya moving outta state? No M1 carbines in this state!
  7. Hope they catch up by tomorrow...
  8. When we couldn't get .22s very easy I bought a brick of C1s from Freedom munitions. What a waste. FTF rate was like 10% in every box of 50. I never knew if it was gonna go bang or not.
  9. That's disappointing. I've shot thousands of rounds threw my DPMS AR22 and had fewer then half a dozen FTF, maybe even less. It's always been my go to round. Guess I'll have to see for myself.
  10. Just got conformation it shipped today (Sunday?) I already have the BX trigger. bolt release, Nikon Prostaff 3-9 x40 scope, Leupold rings, Picattiny rail, on order. Hope it all comes this week so I can shoot this thing soon. I think I've read that the CCI Mini mags aren't a good match for the 10-22. Anyone find that true? i
  11. Everyplace I looked were over $260 or so for the base carbine. At $200 and free shipping I thinks its a pretty good deal. Plus my dealer only charges $20 for the transfer since I'm a member. Now I have to start looking at goodies for it.
  12. This is a win-win for the NRA. They can say " see! We are for common sense gun safety." Shuts the dems right down.
  13. Is the bump stock really any different then a silencer? Its not a fire arm and the ATF really shouldn't have a say in its use. You can't even have parts that could be used to make one. So soon rubber bands will be made illegal since they could be used to make a semi into autofire. Personally if they did make the bump stock illegal and it helped shut the dems up it wouldn't bother me too much. I know...I know..Give 'em an inch, but at least they couldn't say nothing was done.
  14. I looked at the takedown. IMO useless unless you live someplace else that you could actually use it in the field.. Plus I don't intend to hike much at my age so whats the point.
  15. I agree with whats been said. Although I can't see him restricting any gun rights I do see the bump stock as going away. I was surprised it was allowed in the 1st place.