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  1. In Kentucky or West Virginia maybe. Ever watch Homestead Rescue?
  2. Not that old a thread so I'll drop this question here. If you have your CCP and go to the range with other pistols, all bets are off if you want to stop on the way home aren't they? Everything I see about locking up your CC gun says "the gun" not guns. So you still have to abide by the same BS as far as deviation from a direct route. Right? I mean this is New Jersey. They wouldn't let us get away with that.
  3. How do they get out of following this??
  4. I just got this letter from a buddy of mine going threw all the BS just to submit the request for PTC. Thought it might help anyone else who's trying to make their way through it also. Some names and been blanked to protect the innocents. lol As I go thru the carry permit process I have heard many process stories. No one is a liar but since the carry permit process began it seems that its not only subject to change but subject to change daily. So I have gotten frustrated from a different story from each person. But at this point I think I finally have the real facts and will act on them and now know who knew what they were talking about and who didn't: The journey started at ***, where I got the info on paper showing the new approved ranges to shoot at for the test. That is accurate, however *** is still using the old qualification standards set up by Murphy to make it more difficult to pass and get a permit. ( of course each class needed to pass costs $) Then I called ******** Guild and now know the guy I talked to first was the one who knew what he was talking about. He told me that all the tactical stuff has been dropped, that I can use any gun and shoot at my own pace and that the gun carried doesnt have to be the one used for the test. THAT IS CORRECT. Then I read the info on their web site which outlined the test requirements and the requirements for the hand gun used which said only semi auto or double action revolver. I called again to verify since the first guy said you could use any gun you want including single action. The second guy said no single action and said there would tactical stuff in the test. THAT IS FALSE This is why I was so nervous when I went to ******** Guild for the course and test, I didn't know what to expect so I brought both guns. So now the course and test is over and I know the truth about it and actually enjoyed taking the course and test. Next phase the paperwork process: I downloaded the form from the link provided by ******* Guild and thought that I had to get finger printed, my signature had to be notarized, provide a picture and turn in a form with 4 references and get finger printed. At the class someone showed me the online form he is using and I found it on line. So the application process can be done online, downloading the picture, the gun info. ect with NO NEED FOR A NOTARY and THIS IS CORRECT. Yesterday I spoke with someone who has a carry permit and got it a while back, so things have changed since he got his the hard way. He told me that I need to get finger printed and get some kind if reference number so that my finger prints can be identified as mine when its sent to ******** police dept. He also said that they were not very cooperative during his application process, not calling him back and also not telling him that they were unable to contact one of his references. Not only that but he left messages and finally had to go down there himself to find the officer who would not call him back. SO today I called the same detective in charge of this at ******* Police dept. and had to leave a message, from my above conversation I was not expecting a call back. I was surprised when he called me back within an hour and was very courteous and helpful. My main question was " since I already have a FID card do I need to get finger printed again and he said NO. He also asked me to fill out a form on the State police web site that lists the guns I intend to carry. ( by the way the online application for asks the same question so I dont know why he wants it again except maybe he want to verify the actual documents) He also asked me to provide a copy of my passport or birth certificate and to drop that stuff off for him once I have submitted my online application. Also since I am employed he asked for proof of employment or a phone number of a supervisor or HR he can call to confirm employment. I told him its ******* and they probably wont answer the phone as usual. But I do have some paperwork when I was hired so I will give him that along with the phone number for HR. So now I know the real story for today anyway and here it is in case you decide to get permit: 1-Go to ******** Guild and take the two hour course and get the paperwork from the instructor saying you took it and passed. ( that gets uploaded on the application form) 2-Go to Staples or other for a passport picture ( uploaded on the application form) 3-Go online and fill out the online form and upload the documents it asks for. 4-You may want to contact your local police dept where the document will go and ask if they want any other info dropped off after you submit the form. If not they will may call you to ask for other info. 5-Submit the form. ( I haven't submitted it yet but plan to shortly) So for now the process seems to be smooth and getting better. If I get the permit I plan to call a Nappen lawyer to get some questions answered. So thats it, its been long road to find the up to date facts and I can see who knew what they were taking about and who did not. By the Nappen seminar I took before the test was accurate info about the process and carry rules. So its not over yet but things seem to be coming together.
  5. Pretty good price. Better if you're a member https://www.targetsportsusa.com/cci-mini-mag-22-long-rifle-ammo-40-grain-copper-plated-round-nose-3050cc-p-110580.aspx?keyword=3050cc&mc_cid=4eeab5575c&mc_eid=8518da8306
  6. SmittyMHS


    I meant who would think " lets wind some wire around this and attach this n that will cause that and we can listen to music in this fox hole" The human mind truly is amazing.
  7. SmittyMHS


    I discovered to Jean Shepard on my crystal radio (yes really) in the '50s on WOR. He was only on after midnite and I blame him for making me a night owl to this day. (and for falling asleep in class more then once) Loved his stories.
  8. Chicken or the egg on LBI. Hands down the best. Breaded or naked. Bland or so hot your eyes will water just from the steam. It's a BYOB shop unfortunately. Set up like a diner. We make the pilgrimage there at least once a year. But you're close. You wont be disappointed.
  9. I'm surprised anyone here wears Levi. Very anti 2nd amendment company. Anyway I wear Diamond Gusset jeans. Very well made and in the USA! If you ride motorcycles they're really a must have. They even offer a reinforced motorcycle jean. Very heavy material.
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