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  1. Welcome! I’m a member of SCFGPA also. And to tell the truth I don't think it would be a good match for a new shooter. No RO to ask question of or to keep an eye on you if you have an issue with your firearm. Try TTC in Flemington or RTSP in Randolf for awhile. Their RO are tops and more then willing to help. BTW. Have you taken a firearms safety class yet? Don't wait till you have a firearm to look into taking a class.
  2. Got my 20th last Friday. I had to modify my racoon trap to get it to trip. They'd go in and never set it off.
  3. Yup. Don't think you can get them anymore. Last I looked anyway.
  4. How about a Battlestar Galactica rifle?
  5. Like these? Bit too pricey for me. I went HID when I did my 2010 1500 back in the day. Huge upgrade from halogens https://www.theretrofitsource.com/morimoto-xb-led-dodge-ram-1500-2019?quantity=1
  6. Welcome! Look into taking a safety class now. There's been a lot of interest lately and you may fine a long wait. TTC in Flemington is closest and does offer classes.
  7. Just released the 12th back to the wild.
  8. No down side to LP/NG imo. First time I didn't have to go outside in the pouring rain to add gas to the gen. was all worth it to me. LP of course is a bit different but the tank swap is pretty quick compared to opening up the generators tank and trying to add gas in the dead of night. Note here...Top off your tank before the sun goes down. Even if it means getting soaked. Most people (at least us) did turn off the gen before we went to bed. You can top it off in the morning. Also don't ever let it run out of fuel. The power surges will reek havoc on both your genset and everything it's trying to keep running. Speaking of rain...I bought one of these to keep mine relatively dry in the rain. Pretty nice cover if you don't have someplace to put your genset while it's raining. If anyone decides to get one hit me up for some assembly tips. https://smile.amazon.com/IGAN-Generator-All-Weather-3500w-12000w-generators/dp/B0817GWV8C/ref=sr_1_5?crid=1OQCXMT3ZVMDJ&dchild=1&keywords=generator+cover&qid=1601236357&sprefix=generator%2Caps%2C158&sr=8-5
  9. The Alaskan Highway. Yeah it has some pretty bad areas. In some sections you have to wait for a guide truck to take you threw it. Sometime more then 20 miles of zig zagging around pot hole big enough to loose a small car in. If I look hard I'm sure I can find some muck from that road somewhere on my bike. Just look at my windshield. The Ride On wont harm the rim and isn't like Slime which can attack aluminum. You also don't need to balance your tires with weights anymore.
  10. I have two suggestion, coming from someone who's ridden their Harley from here to Alaska, Key West, and Nova Scotia. Get Ride On. https://www.ride-on.com/ Do your own research. But the stuff works on punchers, nails etc. That said I had a rim leak. This wont work on that. But I found FOBO. https://my-fobo.com/product-family/FOBO_Bike_2 I have these paired with my phone, Samsung Gear S3 smart watch, Garmin Zumo. I can now tell if my tires are low by simply walking up to my garage. No need to take my side bag off to check tire pressure. I'm getting too old for that. I've double checked the pressure reading with multiple gauges and it's within a Lb. or two of the FOBO reading. I highly recommend these for any long distance rider.
  11. We had a red tail hawk that used to hang around. He did get a few. But I have a video of a squirrel harassing him. He doesn't come around much anymore.
  12. I declared war on the ones around my house. I got exactly 4 tomatoes this year! Trapped 10 in 12 days. Took them all to a park. Told them the next time they might not be so lucky cause I know this guy from Texas...
  13. You should test it before you need it. You have to tweak it a bit to get it to start and run at the proper RPM.
  14. I saw that they put the regulator on the tank. If you're only going to use a small lp tank thats not a bad way to do it. Keeps the generator more compact. But if you want to use NG the regulator needs to be on the generator.
  15. With the snorkel it only moves the carb filter out about 3/16". The regular kit has a spacer about an inch thick so some gensets need to have the frame modified to fit the filter housing. Both seem to work the same but the snorkel is more user friendly.
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