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  1. Pretty good price. Better if you're a member https://www.targetsportsusa.com/cci-mini-mag-22-long-rifle-ammo-40-grain-copper-plated-round-nose-3050cc-p-110580.aspx?keyword=3050cc&mc_cid=4eeab5575c&mc_eid=8518da8306
  2. SmittyMHS


    I meant who would think " lets wind some wire around this and attach this n that will cause that and we can listen to music in this fox hole" The human mind truly is amazing.
  3. SmittyMHS


    I discovered to Jean Shepard on my crystal radio (yes really) in the '50s on WOR. He was only on after midnite and I blame him for making me a night owl to this day. (and for falling asleep in class more then once) Loved his stories.
  4. Chicken or the egg on LBI. Hands down the best. Breaded or naked. Bland or so hot your eyes will water just from the steam. It's a BYOB shop unfortunately. Set up like a diner. We make the pilgrimage there at least once a year. But you're close. You wont be disappointed.
  5. I'm surprised anyone here wears Levi. Very anti 2nd amendment company. Anyway I wear Diamond Gusset jeans. Very well made and in the USA! If you ride motorcycles they're really a must have. They even offer a reinforced motorcycle jean. Very heavy material.
  6. Like every other "feel good law" I say. Follow the money. Who makes money over this new law? And which law maker benefits from it?
  7. Remember..words matter! Glad you don't take it that way..I guess. And Pervert? I've been called worse at times. She didn't mind.
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