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  1. I've been there a few times since the re-re-opening and haven't seen many shooters. Although talking to the few I have seen said it's catch as catch can during the week. Weekends are of course a whole nother thing. My suggestion is go early during the week. HTHs
  2. I have a permit.... I can't find a gun I want so it's a mute point. If I order it, it might not be here till the permit expires. Would be nice if we could pay it forward.
  3. Aren't they taking reservations at RTSP? I made one for yesterday at TTC. Only had to wait for the guy in the port I was to use to get cleaned up. I'm not sure but I think they were only taking half hour increments. The RO gave us a 5 minute warning which they never did before. But they never had to wipe down every port after use before either. Anyway, I was able to make another reservation for next week so it should be about the same wait. Walk ins might have a crazy wait time since there are only 6 ports open.
  4. How did we get lumped in with "entertainment"?
  5. New Jersey arcades, bowling alleys, museums, aquariums and other some other recreational activities can reopen to the public starting next week as the state continues to add permitted activities ahead of the July 4th weekend, Gov. Phil Murphy announced Wednesday. The entertainment options, which include shooting ranges and batting cages, can reopen Thursday, July 2 at 25% capacity, the same day amusement and water parks, along with Jersey Shore boardwalk rides may reopen.
  6. I just feel using a P2P for a .22 plinker is a waste. Use it on something useful. Like a Beretta or Sig.
  7. Simple answer is get the 19 and a .22 conversion kit. 2 guns. 1 permit. Kinda.
  8. I'd like to know who is on his Ouija board? Don't think I've ever heard him say who his experts are. Do they know anything about an indoor shooting range? What safe guards are in place? Air filtration? I believe he's stated multiple times how he's against guns. Is this shut down his idea due to his distaste for the Constitution that he swore to uphold? He should be made to answer questions in open court.
  9. I feel all the small business owners missed the boat. After the first month and seeing only the big box stores being aloud to open, they should have sued together then to open. Proper safety precautions in place. I don't think (and hope ) they won't make the same mistake the next time. And you know there will be a next time. Might be a much harder sell for who ever is in charge then.
  10. Actually it was an "is this legal" non question. A friend of mine sent me the link and asked me. I had no idea so I posted it. Being NJ I thought it might be a no since everything is here. I agree, it's not something I would rely on.
  11. One Peter Built should do it...
  12. Doesn't answer my not asked question... This is New Jersey. So I default to NO 1st
  13. Ya think??? https://byrna.com/
  14. Amazon https://smile.amazon.com/Comical-Shirt-Nobody-Needs-Little/dp/B01A97743E/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=AR15+tee+shirt&qid=1592230450&sr=8-5
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