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  1. Something I've been wondering...Does any LEA condone using WML? And why not? Asking for a friend.
  2. 12 ga. New or used...I know it's a long shot...in no hurry. I'll wait here...
  3. Anyone that needs it...Federal seems to have shot shells available. I just ordered 6 boxes of their Shorty shotshells....at least it went through...We'll see. https://www.federalpremium.com/shotshell/federal-target/shorty-shotshell/11-SH129+4B.html
  4. It's called cowboy sex. Or so the joke goes. You ask "you know how cowboys have sex?" You cleaned it up real nice though...lol
  5. Back in the day I remember FM had some QC issues. I've shot many of their 9 & 223 without an issue. Both new and reload rounds. I've had 2 squibs with Federal. I stopped buying FM for the same reason 45Doll did. Just sayin...
  6. I carried an old Coleman Pro-Lock for more the 20 years everyday. That, a small adjustable wrench, a flashlight and a Fluke meter while doing my rounds on the roof AC units and I fixed many small problems before they became big problems. The thing I loved about the Coleman was the cartridge was removable so if I needed to hold a nut while using the screwdriver I could. Most other "multi tools" you can only use one of the tools at a time. The idea was you could custom build your MT with different cartridges to fit your needs. Never really caught on but you can still find then on ebay. I still strap mine on when taking the bike out just incase.
  7. I think most shops charge around $30-50. Do it and feel better about it. Or pin it yourself if you're handy with a drill. It doesn't need to be welded.
  8. Unless you have electric heat, electric range/oven or a huge AC unit, a 12Kw genset is more then enough for most any house. Think about how many TVs, 'puters, lights, refrigerators/freezers need to by running to add up to 50 amps. Do an inventory of what you really need to run during a power outage.
  9. Generac seem to be the go to stand by genset. At least they're the only ones I see along side most homes. I would do a google and You Tube search.
  10. Installed properly a compensator can be removed without ruining the barrel.
  11. Burt Reynolds died in 2018. Maybe Joe should look out. I would eat anything around his VP without a taste tester...
  12. Looks like it's in his living room!
  13. Welcome! I’m a member of SCFGPA also. And to tell the truth I don't think it would be a good match for a new shooter. No RO to ask question of or to keep an eye on you if you have an issue with your firearm. Try TTC in Flemington or RTSP in Randolf for awhile. Their RO are tops and more then willing to help. BTW. Have you taken a firearms safety class yet? Don't wait till you have a firearm to look into taking a class.
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