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  1. More like voter manipulation
  2. some guys would look at that as a plus.
  3. Sounds like a keeper ya got there.
  4. Most that flee don't give a crap about 2A. Follow the money.
  5. The day before they leave for good
  6. Nothing wrong with tossing them in the lake...Unless it could be considered littering or polluting somehow. A safe deposit box could be considered that you still have control of them. I wouldn't suggest doing that.
  7. After Menendez was re-elected I lost all hope on the voters of NJ. Its too far gone to ever get turned around. How anyone could vote for him I have no clue. And they voted biggly for him! Just shows the mind set in this state.
  8. $1.25 a month per mag is just nuts unless you're leaving the state fairly soon. I'm sending mine to my sister in Fla. If I couldn't do that I'd take a hammer to them and throw them in the lake down the street or send them to murphy and let him do something with them. (with no return address)
  9. I'm very concerned on the slide the whole country is taking. I look at the vote count and they are all way too close for comfort. Look at Fla for instance. Way too close for a "free" state.
  10. Good to know since I just ordered 3000 of them. lol
  11. You find it to preform any different then the mini mag? Looks a little slower.
  12. CCI .22 Long Rifle Ammo | 40 Gr Copper Plated RN | 300 Rounds | PSA
  13. And the rider...Don't forget the rider.
  14. An easy answer to anything firearm related in the Peoples Republic...If it fun, you can't have it.