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  1. Working in a chemical plant for 30+ years I've replaced more gate valves then most. From 1/2" to valves that need a crane to lift into place. Almost all on a horizontal run with the stem up. Crap gets trapped in the seat over time and when you try to close it the crap keeps it from closing tight. People then over tighten it and on smaller valves that can damage the seat so it'll never seal again or worse yet, jam it closed. I've seen the stem ripped right out of the gate. Install with the stem at a 90~ or down and it'll last near forever. Around the house I would only use a ball valve as a shut off.
  2. His response? "My bad, I was doing what I thought was best for the people" and that will be that. Until there's some kind of price to be paid for breaking the law of the land, this crap will continue. I blame the SC for not taking up almost anything to do with the 2nd amendment.
  3. I never would have voted for this bill. And when the msm came I would have held up a blackboard with all the crap the dems wanted that had nothing to do with the bill listed and how much it was gonna cost. I'm think that at some point before the election Trump will do just that. Throw it in the public's face. Let them see how much the dems care about the general public in this time of crises. They have no shame. My stepson's on unemployment now and is praying that he qualifies for the increase. He really doesn't need a reason to stop looking for a job. This bill as written looks like does.
  4. My bad...somehow I thought it was.
  5. Doesn't cause haloing around the dot?
  6. What flavor? Spearmint? Wild cherry? Askin for a friend.
  7. The one that started this thread.
  8. If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand....LOL... I personally have 2 Berettas. Only one is a handgun. So its not like I'm a big fanboy. But I can understand collecting Berettas a lot easier then glocks. and it's Mr. Smith thank you very much...lol
  9. We all know why they would want another Beretta.
  10. Thanks bud! My step son needs a job so bad I can taste it!
  11. Buy the same type of pistol again. Problem solved. Ask how many guys have multiple glocks ( I don't know why either)
  12. The building is probably one of the oldest diners in the state. I was going there in the 60s and it was old then. But really, it's part of the charm.
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