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  1. I'd think it was enough. But it would be whether the prosecutor does.
  2. Who left the back door open again?
  3. Good first choice! Now get yourself a https://cmmg.com/22lr-ar-conversion-kit-echo-10rd-blk and you can shoot it more often.
  4. I can understand not wanting to build an upper, as that build does require some specialized tools. The lower is so simple and is where quality parts are needed and where you should have spare parts for. Do your home work. It's more fun then.
  5. Yeah...Let us know how that works out for ya...lol I said the same thing only I knew I didn't want a ready made tinker toy. Did my research and started buying good parts. You Tube is a great site for how to build one. If you have any mechanical ability they are pretty simple. Only a few special tools. You will take pride in the fact that you built it yourself and know how every part in it works. BTW I now have 3 different calibers in the AR platform. Two or 3 in side charge. I only wanted one... Its a problem I know. But not as bad as some guys I think. Although I am fighting off the urge to build another one to give to my wife. She doesn't know she wants one...
  6. Congrats to anyone lucky enuff to get out of this state. But Florida is way off my radar. I just got back from a 3000 mi. motorcycle trip down south. Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia were targeted. So much more to offer then Florida. Unless you need the ocean. I don't. I need seasons, trees, mountains and curvie roads. Florida is just a boring state. I have a buddy who moved to Florida. He gets up early on Sunday to ride around the local malls parking lot on his Harley. Says its all he's got...
  7. Show of hands...Who's turning in their ar platform long gun if indeed it is declared unlawful to own. I didn't think so... And you know of course that it will mean ANY semi-auto long gun will be included at some point. Including .22s and soon shotguns. Give 'em an inch....
  8. If you start from north of Rt 202/287, take Rt 78 to 81 to 77. Much nicer ride. A bit tuff to get to 81 south of there. I see you're in Union so it's easy to get to 78. I avoid 95 at all costs. The traffic between Baltimore and DC can stop for hours. The time difference is negligible unless your going to the coast. Then you have to factor in an hour or two. But still a nicer ride. Do 81 once and you'll never to 95 again. Do a direction search on Bing or Google and its easy yo see the difference. Enjoy your new found freedom!
  9. No. But I'm not sure I want Ciattarelli either. But he's paid his dues to the GOP and is their golden child. We wont have a choice in this election. Again. Whats the definition of insanity again?
  10. Just make sure you run it long enough to get good and hot to boil out any moisture that will accumulate in the crankcase.
  11. My bride just got her FID. Took almost exactly 4 weeks. And thats was with her forgetting to make the finger print appointment. Made the appointment and less then a week later had her permit. If my town can do it, the ones that don't are dragging their feet.
  12. Aren't you supposed to have your FID card with you if you're transporting a hand gun? What kinda shit show will this start if you're stopped on the way to the range and you tell the LEO, "Oh it's on line". My wife just got her FID and I tried to shrink it down a bit so she could put it in her wallet. Better have good eyesight to read it. Not everyone has a smartphone to put it on.
  13. With everyone I talked to saying what a bad job Murphy has done with not just the virus but in general. He's still getting positive approval ratings. Just how can any R expect to win when all the polls will say is how well Murphy did running the state. We couldn't even get a good showing to impeach him. Say what you will but the D machine is well oiled here.
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