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  1. Remember..words matter! Glad you don't take it that way..I guess. And Pervert? I've been called worse at times. She didn't mind.
  2. Better be careful what you ask for there sunshine...
  3. All I can ask. I'll wait here.
  4. That's because you didn't try to take mine.
  5. Whats the chance of that ever happening again???
  6. Point well taken! But I don't think we have a single Prius in the whole neighborhood.
  7. Ever hear a 12ga. ? You might not. They say you don't hear the shot that gets you. Counting on sneaking into your neighbors backyard to steal their BBQ tank isn't what I'd call a good plan. Not at my house for sure. Anyway...Lets all hope that we never have to worry much about that SHTF situation anytime soon. or ever.
  8. I'm sorry...I tend to think long term SHTF type scenarios. Like 3 day snow storms where you can't get out to get fuel. Or a 100 year rain event. Of course that will never happen so there's that. A 100 lb. tank really doesn't take up much more space then a 20 lb BBQ tank. If I didn't have NG I'd have at least one. I still keep 10 gals of gas around that I swap out every season. Just in case nothing happens. But everyone needs to do what they feel comfortable with. I know I wouldn't be comfortable finding someone trying to "harvesting" one of my BBQ tanks. They might not be either. Just sayin'
  9. I agree 100%. We talked about this awhile back in another post. Do a search. That 5% loss is power @ the engine not wattage. A generator puts out full power @1600 rpms. It doesn't care what the fuel is to do that. You might not see that 5% loss unless you've topped out your genset. Too big is better then not big enough. BTW.. Tractor Supply sells 100lb tanks. 20lbers are for BBQs. And there's a guy on Craigs list that will convert you genset to LP or NG if you're not so inclined.
  10. Funny...I was just talking about this with my buddy lastnite. Same reason I give them nothing. I do however give to the LDF.
  11. SmittyMHS

    How much cash

    Because it's from Harbor Freight. They've come a long way in resent years.
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