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  1. The upper I got from Midway. I think Stoner is their shop brand. The brake is a Yankee Machine Phantom Slant Muzzle Brake. Only because I have a slant style hand guard and liked the look. You can get a bird cage NJ compliant and be just as happy.
  2. I have 2 side chargers and love them both. One is a Stoner the other a Crosshill Technologies Ambidextrous Side-Charge. I tried the left side charge for awhile but found it easier to adjust to the right side like most semi's on the market. And bolt guns for that matter. The only down side some might say is the handle MAY come loose and you need an allen wrench to tighten it or to remover the bolt for cleaning. I put a bit of lock tite on mine and never had a problem. I believe the Stoner upper is good upper. Got mine on sale for under $200 and mated it to a Bear Creek barrel. You'll like it. You don't need a dust cover or forward assist. And don't let anyone tell you different.
  3. She's setting up a run for congress. Or Menendez will retire and Murphy will slide her right in.
  4. This storm was real quirky. I'm down by the river in Bridgewater and we got maybe 4-6 inches. I expected to loose power but never did. Lots of branches down all over.
  5. I didn't want to get graphic... Short story. My whole life growing up my dad had a skull of a jap on his dresser. He said it was the only jap he knew he killed. Had the flag of the rising sun painted on his forehead with the words "saved face, but lost head" Dad called him "Charley Boo" I had a strange childhood to say the least.
  6. My dad was a Marine stationed in the Pacific during WW2. Once a year or so he would take his M1 out (which he got way before it was cool to have one and always called it the finest weapon ever built.) under the guise of cleaning it. He never fired it as far as I know. I think he just liked to fondle it. lol He didn't use anything other then 3 in one oil. This was back in the 50's-60's before all the designer lubricants came along. Said during the war they would use anything including Vaseline and used jeep oil. Seemed to work for them. I think we all tend to over think this lube thing.
  7. Think about this..."What would Hillary have done?" Then be thankful. It could be worse.
  8. But on point...
  9. Or future felons at the stroke of a pen.
  10. Chicom- Bored today Capt? That was a year and a half ago bud.
  11. I'm 3 minutes away and thought about trying to join. Heard the 100yd rifle range is a pipe you shoot threw underground. No thank you. I'd rather shoot at TTC then threw a pipe. My hearing is bad enough. lol Oh and welcome!
  12. troglodyte- Had to look that one up. I've only been in Dicks 3 times. Once for a set of waders cause who has them anymore? The other 2 times was to waste time. So not hard for me to boycott them.
  13. Wait till the hunters find out rifled slugs can penetrate body armor. Thus banned. Maybe it will help get their attention.
  14. If the cops come to your house with a search warrant you have bigger things to worry about then illegal mags. Don't ask don't tell...INCLUDING here.