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  1. Peel, is your pistol semi-automatic or bolt action? (I would assume semi). The reason I ask is because semi's almost always need HV ammo, or they won't cycle properly and will not lock back after the last round is fired. Just something to think about.
  2. Lots of us competitive shooters use them. They are excellent and competitively priced. I've been using them for years!. Now it's time for you to buy a case of each . [emoji4] I've found that you can get your goal velocity with less powder, so you'll also save money on that.
  3. Actually I disagree. This is the PERFECT time to pass National Reciprocity! We have just seen that the FBI, Police, etc. cannot protect us! Why aren’t they seizing the moment??? As far as anything “else” passing, we really don’t want anything other to pass, do we? Unless they are giving something, I say no taking.
  4. I've been using "Cheers" as a signature in my emails for over 10 years. No I'm not British. I just like the sound of it. Born and raised in the U.S.
  5. Like others have said, if you are buying decent AR style parts you are usually good to go. I purchased a guage to check my AR's and they were all within spec and didn't have to do anything.
  6. Argh, looks like Moore lost. Not cool. This is certainly not going to help us.
  7. Let's hope! And if they do, this *should* trash the magazine limits issue too. If someone comes into NJ with a 23 round mag for their CCW, that should be Legal. Thus, we should also be able to use "standard" capacity mags in NJ.
  8. Peel, that is correct. If you, a NJ resident, have a CCW in "any" state, you could use it in NJ if Hudson's bill gets thru without alteration. As mentioned before, the House will probably be pretty easy to get this thru, the Senate is a whole other matter. We'd have to hope that either a couple Dem's get onboard, or the can get 52 votes and use the "nuclear" option.
  9. Here is a link to the NRA-ILA for just that purpose. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20171127/concealed-carry-reciprocity-is-on-the-move-your-lawmakers-need-to-hear-from-you-now Click on the "Write Your Federal Lawmakers" in the article.
  10. Was watching the broadcast from the committee, and they "Ayes" had it. I don't really know if this meeting was just to "finalize" it or "move" it. If anyone else knows, please chime in, but sounded promising. P.S. Saw Roubian sitting in the (empty) public section.
  11. Looks like this one is to be forwarded to the the full house (if I understood this correctly)!
  12. I was looking into an issue with a trackpad today, and when I went to a website, I learned about this bill. I think that there are probably a lot of people here who repair their own things and this sounds like a really good bill. I would encourage people to think about signing it. The only downside that I think that this bill could cause, would be for a manufacture to not sell there product in NJ. Here are the relevant links. NJ Bill A4934 Link to contact your reps. Support Right to Repair in New Jersey Right to Repair legislation would make repair fair again in New Jersey. As consumers, we have the right to the following from the companies that we support: Information: The documentation, software, and legal ability we need to repair our own products and equipment — or choose someone we trust to do it for us. Parts: Access to affordable service parts. Tools: Access to any speciality tools required to complete a repair, including diagnostic tools. Write a letter to your representative in New Jersey's State Legislature now and tell them you support the Fair Repair Act, A4934. Tell them why repair is important to you.
  13. This is way cool... For those of you who aren't familiar with the Prince Rupert's drop, this weird, scientific enigma is a glass object that's created by dripping molten glass into very cold water. http://www.sciencealert.com/watch-what-happens-when-a-bullet-hits-an-unbreakable-prince-rupert-s-drop
  14. PETA is a bunch of scumbags. They would be very happy about this law as they think no one should own a pet.