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  1. I opted for Kohler's new aluminum enclosure, as it makes it much easier for maintenance (oil changes, etc) with a removable panel. I think it was about $200 more than the ABS version. It allows you to do 18 inches if it is parallel to the house and 30 inches if the exhaust faces away. I always opt to face it away from the house to keep it as quiet as possible inside the house.
  2. I have a Kohler standby on my current house and my old house (I installed both of them myself). I did lots of research after Sandy (2012) and although Kohler is a bit more expensive, it is much better than the Generac's. Kohler is US made (motor, parts, board, etc -- buy American!). The Generac sources parts by the lowest bidder (probably mostly Chinese). So if it ever breaks, you may have a hard time finding the correct parts for it. The one I put on my new house, this year, I got from Nationwide Generators in IL. They do not charge state t.a.x, so saved a bunch of $$$ there. The one at the old house is still going strong after 8 years! The only thing I've had to replace in the old one was the starter battery (as lead acid batteries only last about 5 or so years).
  3. Any word on Tapatalk? Haven't been on this site since it stopped working. Been frequenting Enos instead, but missing out on local news.
  4. Hey Ant, try contacting Apple. I know for at least for the App Store they will remove bogus reviews. I'm sure they'd do this for podcasts too. Worth a try.
  5. Thunderturds is one ammo I won't ever buy again. After about 60 to 80 rounds thru my Buckmark pistol, it leads up the barrel like crazy. When I start missing a 6" plate at 10 yards, at a steel match, I know something is seriously wrong. Run a cleaning rod thru it and a lead cylinder pops out. This happen multiple times in this gun. Amazingly the cheap Remmington Golden Bullets don't do this and run ok thru it. It's the only ammo I've had trouble with.
  6. I built one using PSA upper and lower and love it. I did install a JP roller trigger, as I really like them. Was a year ago when they still had the LRBO lower with Glock mags. Was just under$650 for the upper and lower. Added an LPK, JP roller trigger, Gessile charging handle, standard Magpul stock and recoil spring, Holodsun RDS and brake. Total cost $1053.00. Tons of fun. Best part is that I could drop the powder charge by 0.5 gn and still easily make minor PF. [emoji4]
  7. That is completely wrong. You will have to get "digital fingerprints" from Morphotrak and if I remember correctly it was $50 about five years ago when I did it. The background check is around $20 and each permit to purchase a handgun is $2. I think someone was going after towns that were pulling that crap (think it was NJ2AS, however they have burnt bridges with all the other 2A groups). Might be good to let them know.
  8. You should have a FID of you plan on transporting your guns out of the house. It will cover you having long guns in your vehicle no matter where you go. If you don't, make sure you are going from or to a range with no deviations (as I understand it, and yes NJ laws are extremely vague on purpose).
  9. File a claim with the Tpk Authority and give them a copy of the repair bill.
  10. Perhaps a FFL CAN pick them up on the premise that they will pin them to 10 rounds. Hoping that the injunction will happen early September, according to the last message from ANJRPC. If so you can probably get them at that point (unless they supposedly disposed of them -- read, kept them for themselves).
  11. Actually Fred2 is correct in that that is the reason why we use Nitrogen in tires for racing. There is no moisture in the pure Nitrogen, unlike regularly “air” (approx 1%). If you really want to do it right, you need to fill and purge a few times. Don’t forget our Atmosphere is 78% Nitrogen. I have found that when Road Racing, the tires inflate about 2lbs less when using Nitrogen vs. Air. So they go up 6 - 8lbs instead of 8 - 10lbs, when the temps go from say 80 degrees to around 200 degrees (or more). That does make a big difference.
  12. I've been using TR for over 25 years, but I guess it helps that I mount and balance my own tires. [emoji57] I raced cars for around 25 years (autocross and road race) and got bored of it so now I do competitive shooting. [emoji4] A few things I will mention and you can take it with a grain of salt if you wish. To me tires are the most important safety issue on any vehicle. You are probably driving 3000 pound plus vehicle and all that is holding it on the road is four patches of rubber about 5 inches wide and 2 inches long. So it is critical that you have the best tire that you can afford. I always buy the best performance tire no matter what the cost and how short they may last. One of the great features of Tire Rack is that you can compare the statistics on all the tires that fit your car. For any normal “daily driver” I would suggest making sure that you get the tire that is good in both the rain and snow as well as normal dry traction. People tend to ignore the wet traction stats on tires. Just as a little story. Back in the mid 90s a friend showed up at an autocross with the Ford Taurus rental car. This car had those 80,000 mile Michelin tires that are hard as rocks. I took it out for a run on the autocross course and at a speed that was at least 15 miles an hour slower then I would go through the turn in my racecar the tires would not grip. The car went straight in the turn and had to slow down about 10 mph before the tires would group again and allow the car to turn. Normally you would only have to slow down about 2 to 4 mph before the tire should grip again. To me that was totally unacceptable. I would always recommend staying away from high mileage tires. It’s not worth the savings if it causes you harm in an accident.
  13. I’m doing it every day too! I would recommend pasting all the legislature email address into the “Bcc” field. That means “Blind Carbon Copy”. Set the “To:” to your own email address and all the legislators in the Bcc. That way each one will get a copy that is only addressed to them and not all the others. Since the email server will spit them out as separate emails, hopefully it help you if you provider doesn’t like the Bulk style emails.
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