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  1. I’m doing it every day too! I would recommend pasting all the legislature email address into the “Bcc” field. That means “Blind Carbon Copy”. Set the “To:” to your own email address and all the legislators in the Bcc. That way each one will get a copy that is only addressed to them and not all the others. Since the email server will spit them out as separate emails, hopefully it help you if you provider doesn’t like the Bulk style emails.
  2. HE, what store in LB?
  3. I was looking at my “Amazon Smile Impact” and saw that I’ve donated about 20% of the total to the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners has received. I find that kinda sad. Here is my wish from all the members of this forum. If you are not already using Amazon Smile, for some other charity, please use it and set CNJFO as your “Charity”. It costs you absolutely nothing and in return you are helping one of the organizations that are fighting for our gun rights in NJ. Secondly, you will be getting the mostly anti-gun Amazon website to give their money to a pro-gun organization. So it’s a double win-win for us. Please make sure to sign up for them and when you order stuff on Amazon, but sure to use the “smile.amazon.com” URL before placing your order, or they will not donate. Thanks!!!
  4. If you have both a 22lr pistol and rifle, do the OBRAM's matches at Old Bridge Riflr & Pistol club. Second Saturday of the month.
  5. NoMoRobo seems to be blocking about 90% of the robo calls to my landline.
  6. If you have a service that can do simlu-ring, sign up for NoMoRobo, as DT said above. It's free for landlines and will block those calls. The telemarketers spoof the phone numbers, but use an incorrect caller id. It has been working great for me. Phone rings once or sometimes twice and hangs up. Very few false calls now.
  7. Peel, is your pistol semi-automatic or bolt action? (I would assume semi). The reason I ask is because semi's almost always need HV ammo, or they won't cycle properly and will not lock back after the last round is fired. Just something to think about.
  8. Lots of us competitive shooters use them. They are excellent and competitively priced. I've been using them for years!. Now it's time for you to buy a case of each . [emoji4] I've found that you can get your goal velocity with less powder, so you'll also save money on that.
  9. Actually I disagree. This is the PERFECT time to pass National Reciprocity! We have just seen that the FBI, Police, etc. cannot protect us! Why aren’t they seizing the moment??? As far as anything “else” passing, we really don’t want anything other to pass, do we? Unless they are giving something, I say no taking.
  10. I've been using "Cheers" as a signature in my emails for over 10 years. No I'm not British. I just like the sound of it. Born and raised in the U.S.
  11. Like others have said, if you are buying decent AR style parts you are usually good to go. I purchased a guage to check my AR's and they were all within spec and didn't have to do anything.
  12. Argh, looks like Moore lost. Not cool. This is certainly not going to help us.
  13. Let's hope! And if they do, this *should* trash the magazine limits issue too. If someone comes into NJ with a 23 round mag for their CCW, that should be Legal. Thus, we should also be able to use "standard" capacity mags in NJ.
  14. Peel, that is correct. If you, a NJ resident, have a CCW in "any" state, you could use it in NJ if Hudson's bill gets thru without alteration. As mentioned before, the House will probably be pretty easy to get this thru, the Senate is a whole other matter. We'd have to hope that either a couple Dem's get onboard, or the can get 52 votes and use the "nuclear" option.