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  1. I was looking into an issue with a trackpad today, and when I went to a website, I learned about this bill. I think that there are probably a lot of people here who repair their own things and this sounds like a really good bill. I would encourage people to think about signing it. The only downside that I think that this bill could cause, would be for a manufacture to not sell there product in NJ. Here are the relevant links. NJ Bill A4934 Link to contact your reps. Support Right to Repair in New Jersey Right to Repair legislation would make repair fair again in New Jersey. As consumers, we have the right to the following from the companies that we support: Information: The documentation, software, and legal ability we need to repair our own products and equipment — or choose someone we trust to do it for us. Parts: Access to affordable service parts. Tools: Access to any speciality tools required to complete a repair, including diagnostic tools. Write a letter to your representative in New Jersey's State Legislature now and tell them you support the Fair Repair Act, A4934. Tell them why repair is important to you.
  2. This is way cool... For those of you who aren't familiar with the Prince Rupert's drop, this weird, scientific enigma is a glass object that's created by dripping molten glass into very cold water. http://www.sciencealert.com/watch-what-happens-when-a-bullet-hits-an-unbreakable-prince-rupert-s-drop
  3. PETA is a bunch of scumbags. They would be very happy about this law as they think no one should own a pet.
  4. It is not good to neuter a male dog early. Fishnut is correct that you really need to wait at least 2 years for the dog to fully develop. This law is another beyond stupid law that these a$$hats are trying to get thru. It is actually sponsored by some organization that hates pets (sorry forgot their name).
  5. Sent you a PM
  6. I have found the biggest problems with the Visio's is the color. I had to spend a lot of time to get the color corrected. With the defaults, the skin tone looked horrible on certain scenes in shows. Too much orange for some reason (so you can image how bad Trump looked. ). I've always heard good things about the Samsung and Sonys, so I don't think you can go wrong with either of those.
  7. Note that in the default mode the dot will be very dim unless you have some fairly bright light coming into the solar cell. You can bypass that by holding the + button for more than 5 seconds. Then press the + to make it brighter.
  8. I had that happen a couple times to me. I called them and asked them to send me a copy of the ticket. The issue was that the cop who kept writing these tickets had terrible hand writing and they misread the plate. The good news is that they also write down the make/model and I told them that is not my car. Once they looked that up, they dismissed them.
  9. CF, he knows that. Lol
  10. I did it a long time ago. Back then, they installed the line and meter for free since we were going to use it with a new stove and gas dryer. We only had to pay to get a plumber to come out and run all the gas lines inside the house. Best thing we ever did! Every time the filled the oil tank, they had to come out to change the filter because they kicked up the sediment from years of dirty oil. It is so much cheaper to heat with gas, it's not even funny (in my very old leaky house). At the time, we just had the oil burner changed to a gas burner in the same furnace. We have since replaced the whole furnace with a gas model. If you think you will be in that house for a long time and can afford it, I'd say go for it! Down the road you could even get a nat-gas generator for power failures.
  11. Old Bridge runs an Indoor Action match on the 1st and 3rd Friday's all year round. Be there by 6:30pm. See the obcats.com website.
  12. To steal a slogan "Make NJ Great Again!"
  13. I wonder if we could get everyone from all states to send emails to the Asm and Sen members. Can you imagine what would happen to their email systems if they received millions of emails from across the country every day?