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  1. http://www.amazon.com/Enemies-Foreign-Domestic-Matthew-Bracken/dp/0972831010/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1405368332&sr=8-2&keywords=bracken+matt http://www.amazon.com/Domestic-Enemies-Reconquista-Matthew-Bracken/dp/0972831029/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1405368332&sr=8-3&keywords=bracken+matt http://www.amazon.com/Foreign-Enemies-Traitors-Matthew-Bracken/dp/0972831037/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1405368332&sr=8-4&keywords=bracken+matt I've read all three,and also Castigo Cay, highly recommend Note: you don't need a kindle device, you can use kindle reader software on any tablet or browser.
  2. to my surprise, no sales tax on Amazon in Florida. (yet)
  3. One, no, two weird facts about buying a new primary home in Florida: Property taxes are billed in November for the previous year in arrears. So in Nov 2014 I will get a bill for 2014 property tax due in April 2015. Since we are the first occupants our property was still taxed as raw land as of 1/1/2014. So our tax bill for 2014 will only be about $500 (we had to refund about $50 to the builder on the HUD-1). Sometime between now and early 2015 we will homestead the property. At that point we get a 50,000 break on the assessed value of the property. Also there is the "3% Cap" Properties are reassessed every year by the tax collector. So during the boom of the late 80's/ early 90's a lot of residents got hurt by property speculation raising their taxes. So Florida passed the Save Our Homes law of Jan 1995. It limits the annual increase in the assessment of the property to 3% or the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) whichever is less, if you own your property subject to the homestead exemption. So they manage to pass a lot of the tax burden onto non-resident property owners. Sales tax is 6%, most supermarket food is exempt, most prepared food is taxed, clothes are taxed.
  4. I made the big move last month (Naples SWFL) My best buddy in NJ and I Ioaded the guns and the dogs in the car for the 18 hour run. It's not the same without him right next door, but I hope to have some quality time when he visits. His mouth just hung open when I took him to Bass Pro Shop at the Alico Rd/RSW airport exit on I-75. I have to find a few more quality attractions for him and other visitors. So far FL meets or exceeds all expectations. Prepared my wife for the worst about the summer weather and winter traffic. Traffic from the snowbirds isn't as bad as I expected. Noon traffic on Pine Ridge Rd or really any county road in Naples is awful, but so is anyplace at the Jersey shore during the summer not to mention any shopping day in Paramus or trying to go into Princeton at 3:00 pm. At night it's another world here. Quiet. Summer will be interesting. No major bug problems yet. But it's been very very dry. Haven't gone out to shoot anywhere yet. Just window shopped at Bass Pro; Walmart sells long guns and ammo. (Shotgun ammo is right on the shelf where (gosh!) a child could pick it up! Boo hoo! Oh the humanity! Call Al Sharpton! Wait, he's here already, protesting in Tallahassee today against Stand Your Ground, never mind). Dicks is now open in the same mall as Bass Pro as well as another location in Ft Myers. There's a new store opening up in Bonita Springs called Rural King (I guess the new Agway) and the newspaper circular had a 10% off any in-stock ammo coupon. Got to love it. But I'm still holding a NJ license so metamorphisis is not yet complete. Here are some of the places I plan to check out when I get some time. Naples Gun Range and Emporium advertises pretty heavily on TV and radio. Only allows non frangible ammo, so it's a little costly but I plan to stop in soon to check it out. Free 5 minutes of simulator time if you mention thier ad on radio or clip it from the newspaper. The Alamo opens in April and will have 2 stories of shooting lanes. It's run by Lotus Gunworks who have 2 other locations, one in FL and one in KY. Gulf Coast Clays is the closest sporting clays location, it's on US 41 near Everglades City (the original county seat of Collier County before Naples). When my shooting buddy and I made the mad 18 hour dash down from NJ to FL with my guns and dogs loaded in the car, I noticed along I-75 there's another place called Sarasota Trap Skeet & Clays which is only about 90 minutes away (I-75 speed limit is 70, and except for rush hour traffic really moves along). The Collier County Sheriff's range is open two Saturday mornings per month to the public for no charge. Pistol only. No qualification needed ,just show up. The Lee County Sheriff's range requires frangible ammo and an app/class/ID but it is said to be very nice, with good ventilation. There is also the Cecil M Webb range in Punta Gorda run by Fish & Wildlife, which people on forums seem to either love or hate.
  5. Money can't buy you love. Look at A-rod. The highlight of Stern's career was when Chrissie Whitman named the rest area on I-295 after him. He has always craved mainstream validation of his importance yet shunted off on pay radio he is mostly a non factor now. The Japanese have a word for these faux celebrities, I forget what it is now.
  6. I think there is a kindle reader for every platform. For the ipad (my preferred platform) you can download to the device if the kindle reader is registered. Also you can use the kindle cloud reader which runs inside the browser.
  7. Castigo Cay The Bracken Anthology You don't need to own a kindle, just download and use the cloud reader.
  8. Foreign Enemies and Traitors Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista Enemies Foreign and Domestic login to your amazon account and click download to your Kindle cloud reader.
  9. This morning they have CCI Bulk .22 LR Stinger and Segmented Hollow Point Ammo with Dry-Storage Box 500 rds 69.99CCI mini mag 100 rd 8.99 Rem .22 LR subsonic or cbee 100 rd 7.49 / 8.49
  10. Mandatory sentences come from politicians trying to get control of unelected judges and prosecutors. Three strikes comes from the public (Initiative & Referendum) trying to get control of politicians. So the I&R laws usually don't work right out of the box and need to be refined later. But the alternative to 3 strikes is vigilantism which nobody wants, though I think it's the 'hood's response via "no snitch" Really the line to throw back at them "If it saves one life".
  11. Here's his phone number 864-323-3521. I'm guessing he's out of minutes by now. LOL
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