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  1. lol..I JUST got the book of Haiku by Kimi Raikonen
  2. can anyone check these three? 1G5FW2172KL247206 6g2vx12u16l827656 1g4gj1175hp418405
  3. http://ammocanman.com/?utm_source=Big+Commerce+Customers&utm_campaign=acca9ee35b-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_11_26&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7429167790-acca9ee35b-20416133&mc_cid=acca9ee35b&mc_eid=7147997c78 real deal USGI cans and great quality.
  4. lol..buy my new in box 10/22 for 175
  5. if you want the real ones...just buy them from ammocanman.com
  6. yes. I have an SGL21 you could by for 1200 or a new in box mak 90 with correct Chinese stock for 750 polytech would be killed by neutering
  7. be careful in mixing 5.56 and .223...make sure you are using the right guages
  8. lightweights...there are neck beards with 22lr stashes bigger than that
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