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  1. Ahh... the good old days. LOL
  2. Fortunately, the wife and I could care less about this wedding.
  3. Right after I cut my lawn yesterday, I watched the video on Youtube, fantastic. I can't wait to get my grimy paws on one of these.
  4. 33/35
  5. I occasionally stop at Zinburger Rt10 in Morris Plains. Last time it was a tall pour of Sweetwater 420 and the Plain & Simple burger.
  6. I got a 6" gp100 you can try out but you're gonna have to head up to RTSP on a weeknight. If you wear any of that lingerie the deals off. Lol!
  7. BBQ is on... sh*tburgers for everyone. Nasty but funny. Hope to see him out in the yard this weekend, will bring it up with him. Also changed the subject of post because until I have a test done, I have dookie for proof and not much else. Everyone, thanks for the feedback and will keep you updated.
  8. Hee hee...
  9. Too funny, that word takes me back to childhood. Fortunately for us, we had water tested by lab , it was clear except for low ph, treatment system covers that. We only drink bottled water here from day one.
  10. 45.. we all have well water, no underground water pipes to my knowledge. Strange, his kids had a big sleepover last weekend, next day the water in my yard got worse. Yeah, still a sh**ty situation.
  11. I am not aware if he even knows, I never complained to anyone and his backyard appears to be bone dry.
  12. Old School... I though about calling town when I dug a hole last year to plant a tree, water filled with a rainbow colored sheen. ? Was out yesterday working near the wet mud, smelled like sh*t, no joke. Just might have to call the town.
  13. Zeke, I thought same thing, his field is shot.
  14. One side of my yard is downhill from my neighbors septic leach field and it super soaks my lawn every spring, its so swamped that I cant even cut it till end of May when it starts to dry out. A real "shi**y" situation. I understand my neighbor isn't flooding my yard on purpose so I am not taking it up with him. We took dirt from an excavation project last fall in attempt to build up the area to prevent the super soak, clearly not high enough, its still lower than his leach field and water is just flowing across the top (pics attached). One neighbor recommended digging channels and putting in some sort of drain pipe that exits near the road, my friend suggested digging channels and filling with rock to create some sort of dry well. Looking for some feedback from the pros here, curious to see what options are out there.
  15. Ant rules... thank you!