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  1. Frank Rizzo

    Anybody want to work at Picatinny?

    PM sent, thanks!
  2. Frank Rizzo

    Anybody want to work at Picatinny?

    Same question here, anything in IT?
  3. New in box Barnett Wildcat C5 crossbow package. Includes, bolts, quiver, Truglo 4x32 illuminated reticle scope, extra box of 3 bolts. Purchased from Cabelas, opened for inspection only, sat on shelf collecting dust since. I'll never use it, $200 takes it, not interested in trades.
  4. Del-Ton 16" dissipator upper & BCG, pinned & welded YHM Phantom comp/brake, Holosun HS403A red dot. Has about 500 rounds through it, everything functions fine. Pickup in Randolph, NJ 07869. $300, not interested in trades.
  5. Frank Rizzo

    RIA 1911 10mm $374

    Sweet deal.
  6. Frank Rizzo

    Who would you like to actually meet

    Fine... Kelly Hu, Li Gong, Ziyi Zhang. Ming-Na Wen, Fan Bingbing, Michelle Yeoh and the two ladies that started this nonsense for me way back when.. Mitsuya Nemoto and Keiko Masuda from the 1980 tv show Pink Lady. Would like to meet the Dalai Lama in this lifetime.
  7. Frank Rizzo

    Member needs our help

  8. Frank Rizzo

    black Friday/Cyber Monday

    Got a wicked bad cold... laid me up all weekend.
  9. Frank Rizzo

    High Point? Any better?

    Had my 995ts for 5 years now, rock solid since day one.
  10. Frank Rizzo

    Question for the motorcycle riders in the forum

    My .02 cents... get the BMW.
  11. Frank Rizzo

    Quit smoking help please

    Both parents were able to quit with hypnosis.
  12. Frank Rizzo

    It's time to talk watches

    Just like fishnut I use my cellphone, rarely wear a watch these days and got lots of 'em. I think I need a G-Shock or Suunto to add to that collection I never wear.
  13. Frank Rizzo

    .22lr CCI Mini-Mag vs Remington Golden

    Just like the mini mags, the golden bullets work in all my 22's. I prefer golden bullet mainly for the price and availability, could care less if its a dirty round.

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