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  1. Free shipping until Sunday on select cases of ammo. https://firearmsdepot.com/shop/?tag=friday-deals&link=header&utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=3-1-24 - Free Shipping Caseageddon [AM]&utm_id=01HQX6R470PDHDFNA0RGJT87NK&_kx=gaPjik5QBTPWM4ULuYIQlxe3w8IOBQYc_do_s4TywVI.SVp6VP
  2. They emailed me yesterday, looks like deal is back, ordered again yesterday and received shipping confirmation today. Provided copy of FID both times, apparently in this "case" persistence beats resistance. https://firearmsdepot.com/aguila-standard-22lr-high-velocity-40gr-solid-point-2000-rounds-40-boxes-of-50/?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=3-1-24 - Free Shipping Caseageddon [AM]&utm_id=01HQX6R470PDHDFNA0RGJT87NK&_kx=gaPjik5QBTPWM4ULuYIQlxe3w8IOBQYc_do_s4TywVI.SVp6VP
  3. They turn ya down fast too Thank you for your order! Unfortunately, the warehouse that is shipping your items will not ship to New Jersey due to state restrictions. Our fulfillment team has been working diligently to locate another option at another location, but was unable to source the item. Your order has been canceled and a refund issued. Thank you — Andrew C. Customer Service [email protected] 888-211-5066
  4. Deal is back up, free shipping until midnight $109 + tax. https://firearmsdepot.com/aguila-standard-velocity-22-lr-40gr-lrn-2000-rounds-40-boxes-of-50-mpn-1b220332/
  5. My buddy just texted me saying he got 1k rnds 9mm off GunBroker for $399 + $50 ship. WTF??
  6. Cant wait to get back to the range, this blows.
  7. Did tactical training at GFH, overall a very good experience.
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