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  1. Never had a problem. Buy in bulk if you can. At least a case for free shipping.
  2. Thanks guys. I did take the online hunting course. At some point a pop up appeared offering -$5 off the course. I finished it all but Im not going to pay for it if it only skips the field walk through. It makes sense that they will make me take a test and then the shooting proficiency. I'll get there early to be first in line and get this done. Thanks again everyone HNDCNN
  3. Krdshrk. Once again, thanks for the tips. Will post on this for after my course. THANKS HNDCNN
  4. Thanks Krdshrk: I printed & read the Hunter Ed Study Guide, filled out the Hime Study Workbook & signed up for this Sat Education Course @ Cherry Ridge. So, if I pay for the online test, I can just skip everything and go shoot my 3/5 arrows qualification? Do you have the website for this? Thanks HNDCNN
  5. Hi, quick question: Im taking my bow hunting field walk, range time & written exam. What can I expect? Is it 4 hours? 6 hours? Realistically does this take that long? any advice on this?
  6. Your first build serves a few reasons: 1. You gain knowledge on ARs from parts to terminology 2. How it works, how to fix it (if something happens) 3. Familiarize with prices & manufacturers 4. At the end no one knows you new "friend" like you do bc you brought it to existence. Next time around, you can buy a fully made one or partially made and know if the price(s) and parts are worth it.
  7. This would suck! He does claim to be a Constitutional Scholar. Who do you all think he would nominate now? Holder? Warren? The current advisor? Kerry? Damn.
  8. Can a Pres. Nominate himself? What are the rules?
  9. POTUS will say, see, the other side always wants to block me when I want to make decision. I hope the media brings this point up in the debates on both sides. How will they pick on a new justice.
  10. What does his "vacuum" mean now to our Nation? Future rulings?
  11. HNDCNN. Yes, a hand cannon.
  12. Where or how can I get the Muzzle pinned & welded here in our great state? Recommendations in northern NJ?
  13. Thank you guys for the answers. Much appreciated.
  14. 15 round capacity or can it be higher
  15. Building a NJ AR15. Whats not allowed in NJ besides a collapsible stock, flash hinder & a barrel shorter than 16 inches?