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  1. Iv'e searched and couldn't really find a direct answer to this question. I'm about to travel to Florida to visit my long time friend/range buddy, He wants to go shooting while I'm down there, if I follow all the typical transport laws (gun, ammo locked in separate containers etc.) is there any legal issue with taking my handguns with me to shoot? Not looking to carry or anything down there (don't have a Florida non-res yet) just keeping the guns at his house and taking them to the range when we go.
  2. Hmm didn't think about the possibility of corrosion, but it makes sense. I pulled the bullets from the rounds that were left in this lot and all were pretty much spot on charge wise. The gun is reassembled and will most likely be test fired Tuesday. I just count myself as lucky that this only cost me one magazine and a piece of brass.
  3. The primers on the other cases from this group don't show any signs of over pressure. This is also a load I have shot many times before without issue.
  4. Most of my brass is range pickup, so I don't have an exact count, but personal loading's by me of that brass couldn't have been 2 or 3 times, I have a couple different buckets to try to keep track of such things.
  5. Was at the range yesterday and experienced my first ever case failure (Im fine). Round was fired from a springfield armory GI model 1911. At this point Im trying to figure out exactly what happened. This round was out of a batch of 100 rounds that I loaded with 230gn plated bullets over 5.0 gr of HP38 using winchester LPP primers on a 1.26 OAL. I had gone through roughly 75 rounds of this group before this happened. A guy at the range said it must have been a double charge, but I load on a pro 1000 progressive and while it is possible, I cant see any time while I loaded these that a double charge could have occured. Looking at where the rupture is compared to the barrel, Im thinking it possibly fired without fully returning to battery? Other than blowing the follower and mag spring out of the bottom of the magazine, the gun appears to escaped any obvious damage, after a complete detail strip and inspection. Any ideas as to what might have happened? any specific areas of the gun I should check for damage? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mike.
  6. Thanks! just ordered 2 crates. The $4.99 shipping code did work but they added a $12 "heavy item handling fee" still comes out to ~$175 a crate delivered.
  7. Was in stock when I posted picked up 5k each small pistol/rifle
  8. natchezss has winchester small pistol/rifle and large rifle in stock GO GO GO. http://www.natchezss.com/brand.cfm?brand=WN&outOfStock=0&orderBy=
  9. Natchezss has a decent ammount of alliant powder in stock, not my first powder choice but picked up some bullseye, figured I'd post if anyone else needs some: http://www.natchezss...tock=0&orderBy=
  10. ws6 Mike

    NICS checks

    Mine just got approved today 9 days.
  11. Avoid the wayne dmv at all costs! Tried to register a homade trailer there and was told every time a different piece of paperwork was wrong. Took the same forms to oakland dmv and was in and out in 10 minutes. Just renewed my licence at oakland dmv last month, accepted my laminated fid card no problem.
  12. They also have cci #200 large rifle #300 large pistol and wolf small rifle primers all in 5000 piece bricks.
  13. ws6 Mike


    Had a nics put in for me on monday (3/25), was told 7-10 days.
  14. Has anyone had any luck finding small rifle primers or powder (H335 varget, even imr 4320 or anything else that would work well with .223 55gr btfmj). Been looking high and low and can't find any. Finally finished my AR just need to load some ammo to shoot!
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