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  1. How does a recall like this work in NJ? You need a new pistol permit to get the gun back?
  2. It seems that this is not really appropriate/legal... What if someone didn't have a job? Could they not get a FID? What if your boss/company is anti-gun and doesn't do the paperwork or fills it out negatively? Would that result in a FID denial?
  3. The FID application is supposed to just require 2 references, right? The paperwork I picked up from the town is asking for employment contact information also... Is that legal?
  4. I just moved into a different town and have some questions: I changed my address with the MVC but they apparently no longer send any kind of sticker or anything to indicate on the license that there's a new address. So, once I get a FID in the new town, the addresses won't match. Also, the new town says that I need to surrender my current FID. So, the one that has an address that does match I need to give up? How does this work?
  5. I am moving. The closing date on my purchase got moved so now there are a few days between when I sell my house and when I close months new one. How can I legally store my firearms while I am technically homeless? I am going to be living with my in laws for the time in between and also have a storage unit I could put stuff at. Should I contact a range/FFL and see if they have storage space?
  6. I'd be careful with this... Airsoft isn't explicitly named in the law but that just makes it open to interpretation. Like you said, "grey area" but this is NJ so err on the side of caution.
  7. I went over the weekend and basically this is what happened. When I talked to the dude and showed him my current shotgun/archery license he said, no prob just take the rifle written.
  8. I know... that's why I specified that I only really need to do the "Rifle" portion. They do offer it separately but I was wondering if anyone knew if you could just do the rifle part of the overall firearms course instead of signing up for a rifle specific class.
  9. I need to redo the "Firearms" one or take the "Rifle" standalone course. Anyone know if you can walk on to a place doing "Firearms" and they'll just let you take the muzzleloader/rifle test section and be done? Or do you need to redo all of the shotgun stuff also?
  10. If that propels the cork (projectile) by compressing the air behind it, I believe it's a firearm by NJ law. Just like an air gun. Edit, no... probably not """ and ejecting a bullet or missile smaller than three-eighths of an inch in diameter, with sufficient force to injure a person. """
  11. This is NJ legal, right? I was considering doing it but this state makes me think twice.
  12. Its nice dealing with Steve. Nice guy, good deal. I already recommended him to a friend.
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