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  1. Great news that they upgraded Stafford Forge as well. They look like proper ranges now, instead of just some old tables in the woods like it used to be. I wonder if the switch to allowing centerfire up to .30 caliber prompted them to upgrade all the ranges? That would explain the new overhead baffles.
  2. Thanks, good to know. Luckily I have enough for the short term. Just worried that this will become the new normal given current events. Seems like the perfect storm of low supply and huge demand.
  3. The ammo situation really has me concerned for the long term viability of shooting as a hobby. Since I haven't done many range trips over the past year, I really wasn't paying much attention to ammo prices/availability. I knew there was a shortage but didn't realize how badly prices were affected. I checked today and my jaw dropped...over $1 a round for basic FMJ pistol rounds? Its even worse for rifle rounds. Amazingly, even shotgun shells and oddball calibers seem to be affected...stuff that was typically not affected during previous shortages. Do you guys think things will EVER go back to "normal"? I am not optimistic about it, given the state of current events. At best I'm thinking it might take several years for supply to catch up and prices go back down. Luckily I have a modest supply of ammo to hold me over in the meantime...but I will definitely have to ration it. I fear being priced out of the hobby if things don't get better, since I can't afford to go the range very often if it means $100+ in ammo costs every time. I was thinking of looking at airguns as an option until things (hopefully) blow over. Or even Archery!
  4. Looks nice! I'm glad to see they put in a proper gravel driveway from the parking area to the benches. It used to be annoying having to hike it up and down the old hill dirt carrying all your gear. I used to go all the way down to Makepeace Range, but now Colliers looks just as nice, and way closer to home for me. Thanks for the pics/report.
  5. I need to sight-in a .22 rifle...but with Range 14 still closed, and the WMA ranges now unavailable due to the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife furlough, I am currently out of luck. The only other outdoor rifle range near me is Shooter's in Little Egg Harbor. From what I understand, for a non-member it is $20 per hour, per person. I haven't been able to find much in the way of pictures or reviews of their outdoor range. Can anyone familiar with this range explain what type of amenities this range has? Stuff like...is the firing line covered (or will I need to bring sunsceen)? Will I need to bring some sort of target stand (or do they provide them)? Also...I see that its a 150 yard range, can you setup targets to shoot at shorter distances (25 yards, 50 yards, etc.)? Thanks
  6. thanks for the tip, just printed out my license for the new year.
  7. Thanks for the info. Honestly the centerfire thing makes me want to avoid Colliers as this will probably mean bigger crowds there. Sucks that there's only 2 benches at Stafford Forge. Anyone know if there's any rules against bringing your own table? I have a folding card table in the basement that could probably be pressed into service as a shooting bench. I might just keep going to Makepeace. Its not fun driving over an hour away, but it really is a nice range with plenty of concrete tables, and there are berms at 25 yard intervals which is a nice feature..
  8. Thanks, maybe ill try Stafford on a weekday.
  9. I am in southern Monmouth and either of these ranges are within a reasonable distance from me. I am primarily interested in using the muzzle loader range. Which of these would be a better choice in terms of being less crowded on an average day, and which one is better maintained? The only other WMA range i've been to is Makepeace, and although it was a nice spot, its kind of a long drive form Monmouth county. Thanks
  10. Yeah unfortunately they don't really specify on the website. It does seem like it would be a weird arbitrary rule to not allow birdshot at an outdoor range. I guess I will give them a call when they open back up.
  11. I actually wasn't aware of this place and its right up the road from me. I will keep that in mind, thanks.
  12. I was afraid of that, since I need to pattern some birdshot loads. I guess ill need to go to a WMA range. Thanks
  13. Once everything eventually reopens, I will need to pattern a couple of shotguns. During past visits, I remember seeing some people at Range 14 shooting shotguns on the rifle range, but I don't know if there are any ammo restrictions. Anybody know if its slugs only? Or are buckshot and birdshot allowed as well? Thanks
  14. Since this is a low-key assembly election, turnout is expected to be super low. If enough of us show up to vote, it could make a measurable impact in some races. Go vote!
  15. Thanks for the info! I will try to take a trip down there
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