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  1. While he's at it what about the PA LTCF? no training required...just visit the local sheriff... I get that he's anti gun but I wonder if NH will kill PA carry in retaliation? remember how VA threatened to terminate reciprocity?
  2. No, and I haven't been on here. Did a forum search and found a thread from September...but, still.
  3. I emailed NH Permits/Licensing about the non-resident permit, the old NH application (hasn't been updated) still mentions having to posses a valid CCW from your home state but this isn't the case. Matter of fact, no training/proof of training is even required. I asked if I needed to submit any training docs or anything else with my application and check, this is the response I received (NH Permits/Licensing): "Due to a recent change in the law, you will only need to complete the application and enclose a check made out to State of New Hampshire – Treasurer in the amount of $100.00." I double checked the PA AG website and it shows the non-resident NH as being valid. So, if you have a $100 and 5 minutes to fill out the application you can now carry in PA. Anyone on here have a NH non-resident permit?
  4. Having a gun fall off an ATV or out of a tree stand isn't always preventable, insurance policy's covering firearms exist for a reason. Go to Maine on a hunting trip and chances are you'll see this happen at some point over a weekend. Dangerous? depends, I've never seen one go off from being dropped but that's not to say it hasn't happened. Now if you meant mechanical damage that would result in the weapon being unsafe to fire? unlikely with the exception of barrels and I've known guys who straighten shotgun barrels with a tailgate (not the best idea). I never said "pre-damaged", damage would mean the weapon isn't operational or is unsafe to fire as that is how I interpret "damaged". My firearms (for the most part) are cosmetically well-worn as I previously said but mechanically excellent and fully functional, I've never had a problem selling or trading up cosmetically worn firearms and never lost a cent on them. I'm not trying to argue with you, I'm just pointing out the fact that no matter how well you take care of something if it sees daily use for years and years wear will occur...gunsmiths do a lot of refinishing work for a reason. This might surprise you and many others but a market exists for the "done that" look on firearms. Nodak sold tons of these receivers and before you ask..no, they are not used but brand new and "aged": I actually like this look but that's just me and opinions will vary.
  5. Do you shoot matches? ever shoot in high stress drills where that rifle ends up being scratched? a lot of people do and understand the wear it puts on weapons (cosmetically). Do you hunt? guns fall off ATV's and down out of tree stands when hunting. Seen it before. I've seen people that with years of experience drop weapons, they don't ball their eyes out over a few scratches, nicks or dings. Of course, I have purchased maybe 2-3 "new" firearms in my life and close to 100 used ones (mostly police trade-ins, mil-surplus) so I see it differently. They already have wear and my wear is irrelevant on those firearms. I have a S&W 59 that has a good amount of nicks, dings on the frame and picked it up for under $200. Those nicks/dings touched up and are hard to see, I've shot over 2K rounds in that pistol in the past two months and it has paid for itself by now with a long (Mechanically shootable) life ahead.
  6. I have some firearms that I keep pristine as they were my grandfathers and great-grandfathers and they also kept them pristine. When I first started purchasing firearms I kept them pristine but read on... On the other hand all 9 pistols I have are range guns, most are surplus (actually, all except one) and I do keep them in good cosmetic condition but if they drop or get scrapes it's not the end of the world. They are tools and I bought them as such, not to sit on display and collect dust but to be shot and shot some more. I'm one of the few guys you'll find at a range that will gladly let you handle and shoot my guns (with my ammo, no off brand or reloads) and if you drop it or scratch it that's not a issue. They were built to take abuse and be carried/used on a daily basis and are all under $400 price range, if they were scratched too badly I would strip them down and refinish them as I've done in the past (no hot tank, cold refinishing only). I dropped a real nice VKE-91K (HK G3KA4 clone) last month and almost s*it when that happened. It was on the rest and I was shooting another rifle while standing up and suddenly I hear this noise...scrape and clunk...I turned around and to add insult to injury stepped on the damn thing while it was leaning angled against the bench on the line. I was pissed but not about the cosmetics, I wanted to make sure I didn't damage the cocking tube so I gave it a quick function test and all was well. I had a Colt M16A! clone a few years ago, Colt Target Match lower and original A1 upper (made compliant by ADCO) w/ original stock and furniture. I had a company give the lower the "been there, done that" look where the finish was well worn to match the upper and furniture and I ran that rifle HARD and I mean HARD. I also have a SAR-1 (AK) that looks like it came from the sandbox, the finish is so worn the marking on the receiver are faint and the barrel was never cleaned..actually, I never cleaned it at all. Wood has tons of dings, dents, scrapes. It's a working gun, a tool, never intended to enter it in a gun beauty contest. Guns are tools, if it goes bang and puts a bullet own range to save my life that's all I'm concerned about. If you are concerned about rough handling buy used.
  7. I understand but I refuse to volunteer additional information unless it's requested. I've never heard of anyone being asked to provide proof they are a collector. I can see if you are applying and it's for "competition" that might require supporting documentation. Not everyone who collects firearms is part of a organization and can show "membership" as proof. I believe NJSP knows this and that's why they continue to approve me and others who are just "collectors" and the type of handguns purchased and purchase patterns can be a good indicator if you are really a collector. I'm fairly young and self-employed so I thought that would send a red flag and almost expected a denial and having to appeal but that wasn't the case. Still, if I was contacted by NJSP and they wanted proof I could send them my Eastern Insurance Co. policy copy showing what I own and it's pretty clear I am a lawful collector.
  8. See below, you are a collector of new and vintage handguns...write that and submit the application. No documentation is required, next thing you know the approval will come back. I wrote "I collect new and vintage firearms". Nothing more and I was approved for 6 handguns. I'm sure if I had the money I could have ordered a dozen of each and had 72 pistols approved without any issues. I did not submit any documentation. My local PD did ask me about the guns, I explained what they were (Capt Lt. wanted to know what "Cugir" was and if it was indeed "Luger", for example). That was it, the only other contact was when he called my FFL dealer and asked what I was purchasing and that these were not assault weapons (not every cop is familiar with firearms). No reason to do so and I would advise against it. This is real simple...you collect new and vintage handguns. That's it, nothing more.
  9. I asked Ira at Legend Firearms about this when I had mine done, he told me purchasing a mix of new (modern) and vintage handguns was fine and sure enough the Unit Head at NJSP Firearms Unit signed off on it. Actually, my permits took weeks and the exemption took under a week if I remember correctly. I wrote: "I collect new and vintage handguns". That's all I wrote, no issues and yes I do collect. The only issue was the Somers Point Police Department calling Ira and asking if the pistols were "assault weapons" or something along those lines and he had to reassure whoever handles the permits in my town that were just handguns and nothing more. I purchased: 2 x P64 9x18 Mak pistols 2 x Tokarev TTC pistols 1 x S&W 59 9x19 1 x Glock 22 NICS was fine, no knock on the door from the men in black even though dealers have to submit a multiple purchase report to ATF.
  10. Johnny, that's what I'm wondering...if I had my NH CCW right now and drove over the bridge to Philly with a concealed handgun and (for some reason) it's discovered on my body would I be locked up in Philly? And Mipa, I can't search this thread for some reason so since you are well versed in PA law...can I carry on my body IN a vehicle while in Chester or Philly? any difference (regardless) if I leave the handgun in my glove box? or would the weapon have to be on me?
  11. That's it, I'm going to next class scheduled for late July. Occasionally I need to go to Chester and I have all the reason in the world to want a handgun on me for protection. Thanks, I'm putting this in motion... Edit: And I should be all set to CCW in a vehicle in PA to? you know, when I go to the range and take a side trip to see family, friends or for business dealings I'll just keep copies of range membership cards for a PA range and NJ range with me and carry unloaded/locked on my way into/out of NJ.
  12. So, what is needed to obtain the NH non-resident permit? since they haven't updated the forms... Do I need a Florida CCW as it would show completion of a training course? how about Utah? NH Dept. Public Safety isn't giving me a clear answer...seems the two people I spoke to aren't sure...
  13. I spoke to NH Dept. Public Safety about a month ago and was told I needed a copy (front and back) of my CCW license from NJ to apply as I reside in NJ, Did something change within the last 30 days? I downloaded the PDF application and it still says I need to submit a copy of my CCW issued by the state I reside in or if my state has no CCW license requirement (doesn't apply to NJ) to have my local PD draft a letter.
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