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  1. I don't have mine yet. Still in jail waiting on NICS.
  2. Mine was $85.30 form SWAT in Hammonton NJ. You were definitely treated fairly!
  3. what did the lower cost you with all fees and tax?
  4. I would drop dead with a heart attack if my wife ever gave me a gun! The closest I ever came to that was a $50 gift card for Cabelas!
  5. JohnnyB

    Beretta M1951

    That gun has history we probably can't imagine. That wear is also called character! Often, such character adds to the value and look of the gun. I would replace the grips and enjoy shooting and owning a piece of history!
  6. JohnnyB

    Beretta M1951

    I think they will look great on that pistol!
  7. That Camo is freaking great! I love it!
  8. No. I didn't have time this trip but it ran flawlessly with the Mini Mags.
  9. My LGS and range is selling Blazer 9mm for $14 a box and always has it in stock! A formal NJ CLEO who refuses to cheat his patrons!
  10. I took my 92FS Inox with the .22 kit to the range today with a friend who just got his first gun (the same gun). He never fired a gun in his life so I used my .22 converted pistol to train him how to shoot. When I was satisfied with his progress, I let him shoot his new 92FS for the first time. He did well once I finally convinced him to stop putting his left thumb behind the slide! I am completely happy with the conversion kit! It ran flawlessly from the first round to the last! Over 200 rounds of CCI Mini Mags.
  11. Thanks but they are price gouging and I refuse to support such behavior!
  12. JohnnyB

    Beretta M1951

    Congratulations! She is a pretty lady @70 years old! The new grips and a nice bath will do wonders for her!
  13. It's what happens when you choose to reside in a state that does not honor the Constitution of the United States of America!
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