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  1. At least , in PA, I can get a CCW permit......For now!
  2. TD Bank got rid of the coin machines a while back.
  3. No No No..........Instant pot will do the same thing in an hour!
  4. I have the High Standard "Victor" and I love that pistol! 10 round mags adjustable trigger that all you have to do is breathe on it. It has adjustable sights and super easy one button take down for cleaning. I would actually buy another one if I found a good deal! It's that nice! The company went out of business long ago and mags all seem to look alike but they are different and won't work in the wrong model. My go to for mags for this gun is Ebay and they are not cheap!
  5. These new electronic pressure cookers are much like the microwave when they first came out. My parents swore it was just wrong to cook with radiation....They soon changed their tune and the Instapots will soon be everyone's go to method!
  6. @Maksim You heard what Ken Hackathorn thought about the new Python......Do you disregard his opinion totally?
  7. All things considered.....First new Python I see below 1,200.00 WILL be mine! I don't want to collect a Python, I want to shoot one!
  8. Flights are cheap enough! Can the owner fly up and grab his guns and just fly back to Florida with them? That is 100% legal if he can.
  9. To me, the sticky point is guy #2 does not own the handguns so he can't legally possess them in any form. Not being the owner, what FFL is going to take possession to ship to guy #1. If they were shipped a Florida FFL, Guy #1 would have to prove legal ownership. What FFL in the PRNJ is going to take possession of any gun from a person who is not the owner for any purpose? I would place them in a steel box, packed very securely and label the box "car parts", ship them using HIS name and old address as the sender, requiring a signature for delivery and pray! I am in no way suggesting that is a great option but I can't think of ANY legal way to accomplish this deed! The fact that you posted this a day ago with no response from any of our member FFLs speaks volumes!
  10. I fed the strap though one side of the eye cups thus allowing them to swing out of the way quickly yet they stay attached.
  11. An entire micro economy worth billions of dollars revolves around cancer research. If there was a cure, do you really think they would admit it?
  12. Happy New Year to everyone here!
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