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  1. This guy seems to run the department though! About The Department The Police Department is broken up into two divisions and then into various bureaus, platoons, and units. The two divisions within the agency are the Operations Division and the Administrative Division. The Operations Division, which includes Patrol and Investigations, is commanded by Deputy Chief Leonard Maltese. Deputy Chief Leonard Maltese can be contacted directly by phone at 732-446-3879 or by email at lmaltese@manalapanpolice.org. The Administrative Division is commanded by Captain Leonard Maltese. This division of the organization is responsible for the numerous duties that are not directly associated with the Patrol or Investigative functions of the agency. Captain Maltese can be contacted directly by phone at 732-446-8393 or by email at lmaltese@manalapanpolice.org.
  2. Deputy Chief Leonard Maltese can be contacted directly by phone at 732-446-3879 or by email at lmaltese@manalapanpolice.org I got it by looking at their web page........Really easy!
  3. I don't believe in having to kiss ass to enjoy your rights! I do have to agree with @Sniper in extreme cases like this. Email the CPD very politely asking for help. Do not put down the guy you spoke with! You don't know his relationship with the Chief!
  4. I am sure someone here is familiar with Manalapan an will chime in.
  5. What was the question that offended him and what town is this?
  6. Cats have an instinctive fear of snakes and the shape of the cucumber is close enough to a snake to generate a fear reaction. It may be funny to us but the cat victims of this prank would not agree.
  7. Bravo to @marlintag for selling ammo at very fair prices in a VERY unfair time! Many of you here who are going crazy to buy ammo should really consider getting into reloading! Not a great time for some of the components, but still cheaper and just as good or better than factory ammo!
  8. I don't see anyway to invite. Just use the above link I posted and sign up. Send me your username and I will friend you. Like gleninjersey#0001
  9. I have the .22 kit for my 92fs Inox. It works freaking fantastic! Beretta has sales every now and then and you can save $100 on the kit if you have patience. It's well worth it at any price though!
  10. I vote to leave it alone. It looks staked to me.
  11. Get an Ar-15, mount a good light and get the proper ammo for HD and you will never regret it!
  12. Yep! That's Discord! For it to work for you, you need to be if front of your computer all the time. Unfortunately, I have not found anything better yet.
  13. I want to thank everyone who chimed in with advice. I reloaded .223/5.56 for a while about 20 years ago but never handgun calibers since they were plentiful and cheap for a long time. The summer before Covid hit, I found a guy here selling off all his reloading stuff since he had downsized and no longer had the room to reload. I picked up a Lee 1000 progressive press with extras plus dies for 9mm and .45acp. There was also a great scale, over 100 lbs of 9mm, .40 and .45acp fired brass. Included were some primers, 5 lbs of Hodgedon Clays powder that I did a couple hundred .45s with, tons of empty ammo boxes, a nice vibratory tumbler with media and a bunch of other stuff I am forgetting. I said what the heck, I may never use the stuff but for $125 for everything, I could not turn it down! The moral of the story is I now see that reloading handgun ammo makes sense for me. I am definitely a noob at this so please forgive me for any stupid questions I might ask. I got a Lyman's 50th book and there is little to no data for the CFE-Pistol powder with 9mm, so worthless to me! Any other more helpful books or websites I missed? I have to buy a chrono if my indoor range will allow me to use it! I think reloads are a no no so I thought it might cause suspicion if I asked. Thanks again!
  14. Here is a brake that will pair with the Warden above. https://www.opticsplanet.com/surefire-muzzle-brake-suppressor-adapter-5-56mm-m16-ar-1-2-28-threads-sfmb-556-1.html
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