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  1. If you have a lawfully issued CCW, it does not matter if it's original, on paper or on plastic! It does not matter is it's a copy! There is an SBI# and a permit# on that card that can be verified by the issuing authority and that is all that matters!
  2. But it's called Pork Roll! Can we finally agree based on this evidence, that it's called Pork Roll and NOT Taylor Ham?
  3. I think 99.9% on this forum got their FPID cards LONG before last year and they in fact do not expire! We are good for life or at least until the commies take over and take our FPID cards and guns away from us.
  4. I use the kitchen table because it pisses my wife off!
  5. JohnnyB


    I'm interested! I'm in South Jersey.
  6. Dino was asking the question and I would assume that he and most everyone here got their initial FPID card before 10/25/2022! These cards do NOT expire after 10 years. I got my card in 1983 and it still works just fine!
  7. They are not hollow points or dum dums so legal IMHO!
  8. JohnnyB


    This is about all they are good for. A local, short distance walkie talkie when cell phones are out.
  9. But only one is an actual horse toothed jackass!
  10. I appreciate your trying to help others but you answered a question posted 13 years ago!
  11. Pike Co. Sheriff Ignore that statement! If you keep going it tells you if applying from another state, they need a copy of your DL and CCW card.
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