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  1. F**K Him.....Just ignore the troll! He will go against everything. The mods need to grow a pair and do some house cleaning!
  2. I have 2 of these. Cost about $100 each and super accurate but I was at around 380 degrees.
  3. Okay....I ran right out to Acme and bought a bunch of Goya stuff! I got boxes of both chicken and the beef empanadas and a box of beef taquitos. I deep fried the taquitos per the instructions and they were pretty good! I deep fried both types of empanadas and quickly realized that was a mistake! They are precooked and require about 45 seconds in the microwave. DO NOT DEEP FRY! The outer shell gets burned right away and the insides are still frozen! Not nearly as much stuffing as the picture shows! That's my review!
  4. I will give some a try this weekend! Deep fried of course.....Everything tastes better deep fried!
  5. @vladtepes If he does not take it, I would much appreciate a shot at it! I have a ton of .40 cal brass but no dies, heads, primers or powder. I do have the stuff for .45, 9mm etc. I just got back into reloading after a 20 year hiatus. I have reloaded tons of .223, .357 magnum and .44 magnum and I have yet to blow up myself or any gun!
  6. I'm keeping my guns, my ammo and my money! They can kiss my ass at $549 for .223!
  7. I most certainly will start buying Goya product from now on!
  8. The left is trying to destroy Goya foods since the CEO of Goya came out for trump and God! I am one who is guilty of walking past the Goya section in my local Acme with my brain saying, Spanish food...Not a fan. Many of the canned goods and other products are not just Spanish. I find that many items that Goya sells, are the same items that Del Monte and others make. We need to stand behind those corporations and there are not many, who have the balls to stand up to the left wing socialists! I will look closely at what Goya offers and I will purchase their products whenever possible! Please join me!
  9. I think I'm gonna get one for my Infinit G37! Might make my miles per gallon go from 19 to 2 but if it saves my butt, it's worth it!
  10. Well.....We know they work for deer!
  11. Yeah but his heart is still in Jersey!
  12. The muzzle is the dangerous part. You Can always use an object to tap the rod....Keeping you safe!
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