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  1. Military surplus made in 1967. If the bullets are not painted on the tips then it's regular ball ammo. 67 is not corrosive.
  2. Pics would help. Head stamp markings needed as well to determine age and if it's corrosive.
  3. Welcome to the forum @BlownL36! Let me know if you come across a Luger P08 in 9mm. Just looking for a shooter. It's the only gun missing from my collection!
  4. Here is the manual for the pistol https://histandard.info/manuals/hampistols/1265D1200VP.pdf A place to get parts if needed. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/high-standard/auto-pistols-hs/hd-military I hope the above helps!
  5. Why not just buy an original Browning/FN Hi Power?
  6. Can't carry in or on a vehicle??? Probably to protect the innocent carjackers! That permit is worthless! I won't even bother applying in Gloucester County until that Judge gets her shit straight!!!
  7. I have a Florida non resident CCW that is also honored in Delaware and much easier to get.
  8. Anthony Colandro said that Gloucester County is the only county where you must appear in front of the judge! Gloucester County is also restricting carry to the gun you qualified with. I will wait for them to get with the times before I bother applying here.
  9. A very low threat level.....I would leave it in the car.
  10. illegal after 1987 when they banned Sperm Whale harvesting. If you sell it, be careful!
  11. How many were in your group?
  12. you need a drink to wash down that hoagie.....Soda or pop?
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