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  1. Biden will give them to the terrorists in Afghanistan. They need the ammo for the countless rifles we left behind there!
  2. The PRNJ can now shove their "Justifiable Need" up their ass!
  3. We will have our answer tomorrow morning! Keep your fingers crossed!
  4. I just checked and he is very active! Check out his facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Jack4NJ
  5. In other words..........You don't [email protected]#K with the Supreme Court!
  6. Impossible! They can't simply disregard a supreme court ruling!
  7. We may get the ruling tomorrow morning on the 2A case. I don't see the general public caring so much about this case. Roe V. Wade will bring a huge outcry though!
  8. Thanks! I'll take it! Do you need anything that I might have? Do you reload?
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