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  1. I think Trump realizes our 2A rights are currently under the worst premeditated attack in history! He sees and is responding wisely to what the blind among us do not see or simply refuse to recognize!
  2. Thank you for helping make my point as well! I would give your post 100 likes if I could! I feel as you do and was compared to a Fudd for my opinion!
  3. Not a friggin chance! (friggin is not a bad word) Murphy will make enemies on both sides with his extreme liberalism to the point where the next Governor WILL be a Republican! Mark my words!
  4. Well, we all knew this day was coming! I say we push to repeal the NFA and demand open carry in NJ immediately! After all...It is my God given right as a Fudd! To heck with trying to keep what we have now. BUMP STOCKS FOR ALL! Sarc/off!
  5. I never heard of any stories about anyone getting jammed up by a muzzle device. So you would be the first! Relax, please!
  6. DON'T ask lawyers, cops or gunsmiths Any questions on legality for anything gun related! You would probably get better advice from a shoemaker! The pinky test is BS. If it is sold as a compensator or brake and the description says nothing about flash mitigation. You are GTG! PS. The best place to ask questions is right here on this forum. There are more knowledgeable people here than just about anywhere you could find!
  7. I would try a little metal polish like Brasso and a soft cloth. restoring the shine should restore the black! Anyway, that's what I would try first!
  8. Just so you realize.....They are like potato chips, you can't have just one!
  9. No sky is falling my friend! There are those that say buy as many AR s as you can now! There are those who are in a panic looking to sell everything black! I choose to do nothing right now until I know all the facts!
  10. Why replace the whole upper? The barrel is cheaper! With regards to the thread protector, it all depends if it was just pinned or pinned and welded! Just pinned, get your dremmel and grind the pin down to where you can take off the protector!
  11. Fixed my response to match you! I just found that funny!
  12. I would hold off to see what the near future brings before doing ANYTHING!
  13. THAT is why he's doing it! I am in the same boat! Don't go buying a new 16 inch non-threaded replacement barrel just yet since he will not stop there!
  14. I love sweating copper fittings.....I used a Sharkbite once but NOT in my house!