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  1. Beretta accidentally set their discount code "Dad25" to 50% off on everything once you reach 100$(might be 125$)or more total https://www.berettausa.com/en-us/view-all/
  2. Many long guns including AR and AK types were transferred F2F with only the buyer and the seller knowing.
  3. Just a simple question! Given the state we live in and the fact that the elimination of AR15s is both the goal of our state and Federal government and the fact that we are in an open forum.........Is it really wise to discuss what we have?
  4. It's up to you but I sold my only AR15 not long ago, while I still could! I don't know if any forum members have more than one. I wonder why you never tried out your AR15 since I also got mine at the same time and paid over $1,500.00 for the same rifle, USED!. I did shoot it before I sold it though.....At a MUCH lower price than I paid for it! Don't expect to get get near what you paid but something is better than the nothing when they are confiscated! I'm more of a bolt action and shotgun kinda guy anyway.
  5. Wolf Performance 7.62x39mm Ammo 122 Grain FMJ Steel Case 1000 Rounds $299 shipped. Nice to see some ammo at near normal pricing! https://www.targetsportsusa.com/wolf-polyformance-7-62-39mm-ammo-122-grain-bi-metal-fmj-steel-case-762wfmj-p-110076.aspx
  6. I read this headline on Fox News and said to myself, "I wonder what color the cat is"....Then I scrolled down the page and yep! I was right! Cat won't stop stealing items from neighbors, woman's sign warns
  7. Could you ever picture this happening in the PRNJ? Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced on Wednesday that his department is set to expand the number of approved concealed weapons permits as the area experiences a rampant uptick in violent crime. In May, the county experienced a 95% uptick in murder, 7% increase in rape, a 13% jump in aggravated assaults, a 40% rise in grand theft auto, and a 22% uptick in arson incidents, compared to the same time frame in 2020, the law enforcement boss disclosed in a video. Villanueva, who said, "We have less cops on the street, more crooks, less consequences," promised to lower the "good cause" standard to obtain a carry permit.
  8. My wife and I both voted for Singh. The way I see it, Jack, being much more of a moderate, will definitely beat Murphy! That's a good thing!
  9. Enjoy America Steve! I wish I could join you.
  10. So now, if he is elected, people with REAL DANGEROUS JOBS can satisfy justifiable need! He will be better than Murphy....but not by much!
  11. Order Contains Restricted Products Military Surplus Winchester M1 Carbine (Good to Very Good) 30 Carbine Semi-Automatic Rifle 18" Barrel These products cannot be included with your order due to the following: New Jersey prohibits the sale and possession of assault weapons.
  12. I checked and the 2010 F150 had no cabin air filter.
  13. You have to do the NICS where the gun was shipped then go back there to pick it up once approved. The PRNJ does not make it easy to acquire a gun!
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