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  1. With a flat head screwdriver and a hammer. The mags I have show 2 round melt marks on one side of the floor plate. It took lots of prying and all I need is a few 10 rounders permanently re-modified for the range. The rest will be either out of the state, sold outside of the state, turned over to the police or destroyed in a huge bonfire in my backyard per direction of the PRNJ!WE MUST COMPLY! I am almost certain they used epoxy so heat wont help. I tried! The good thing about this is if I should move out of state in the next few weeks , all the mags can go back to normal!
  2. I'm not. I have so damn many 15/30s and if I can mod a few to 10/30 for the range it will be way cheaper than buying new mags. Also, if I ever get out of this state or the SCOTUS reverses the mag limits, I can bring all of them back to NORMAL capacity!
  3. Has anyone tried to remove the floor plate from the gen3 15/30 Pmags? I want to install a 10/30 block to make them good for the range. I managed to get two apart so far and found the blocks in the picture below. It was a bitch getting the glue to release and I was curious if anyone else has tried and perhaps has an easier way to get them apart.
  4. No shock collars............WAY too gay!
  5. Gun Sitters is the LAST place I would ever go to for my magazine storage! Most of us have friends or family who would gladly keep a box of mags in their homes in America. If not, rent a small storage space and it's none of their damn business what is in that sealed box! Pay the rent on time and you will ALWAYS have access to your mags regardless of ANY laws!
  6. Great deal........ https://www.armslist.com/posts/8934520/nj-handguns-for-sale--beretta-92-fs-inox-9mm
  7. Gang bangers killing each other in Chicago. What a shame! I do feel sorry for the innocents often caught in the crossfire though!
  8. That was tongue in cheek! Welcome to our forum and do try to be a nicer person in the future if you wish to make a home here!
  9. You have just spoken a truth that most dare not speak. Hats off to you for your honesty and courage! Now off to 1A because your post has violated political correctness on many fronts. Good for you Mrs. Peel!
  10. In this state.......given current electoral base, simple answer......NO WAY! Action by SCOTUS is our ONLY hope!
  11. WOW....If the Senate passes this bill, millions of ghost guns will never be built! Seriously, Has anyone here EVER heard of a ghost gun being used in a shooting! ANY shooting EVER? They continue to try to solve a problem that does not exist!
  12. ALG/ACT is all it took to smooth mine out! It made a HUGE difference!
  13. I use Golden Tiger in mine. I had to get a heavier spring to compensate for the light primer strikes on the harder military primers. Then I put in a good trigger since the heavier spring caused the trigger pull to really suck! All's good now!
  14. The more there are the harder it will be to take them away from us!