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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  3. I too liked Susan Dey but my real crush was Shirley Jones! Time flies and getting old really sucks!
  4. Question is.......Was that guy a lucky bastard, or the one that drew the short straw? OUCH!
  5. I had a bitch of a time getting a LE agency to do my prints for Florida CCW! Seems most PDs now use electronic prints. I called the NJSP and they said they only print applicants to join the NJSP. Good luck!
  6. The time for squabbling between the 2A groups in our state is over! I for one, as a member of both NJCFO and NJ2AS I call on Alexader Roubian to apologize for any past discrepancies and unite with our 2A community for the common goal we all share! Alex, I was there with you on Sweeney's sidewalk, Carol deserved our support. The time has come for us to work TOGETHER with ANJRPC, NJCFO, NRA, SAW and all the other groups for our common goal. If you choose to act as a lone wolf in this cause, NJ2AS will be no more. Come together as one now or fade into obscurity! The choice is yours! As a member from the start with Frank, I vote we come together no matter the cost in pride! Otherwise, NJ2AS will become a Memory of a great cause gone bad!
  7. I can't speak about Vue since I did not have or know of it. My wife (the cheapskate) complained to my Son-in Law about the Comcast bill. He filled her head with how he could take the bill to almost nothing. We wound up with an over complicated pile of boxes and a computer (to act as the DVR and Plex media server that we could never figure out) that cost me $500+! Sure, my Comcast bill went down to a little over $100 but my live channels went down to about 25, my phone service sucked and my wife, the cheapskate, begged me to get Comcast back again! I happily complied since life off the grid sucked! Now I can watch any channel I want, DVR anything and watch it anywhere, phones do not suck and internet speed is double or better. All this for less than a days pay. I am one happy camper! It's great to save money but at what cost?
  8. My Comcast bill was almost $300 a month for the triple play with an extra phone line. I shut all down except internet access about a year ago. I went free with 2 phone lines ported over to Google Voice. used Roku boxes on the TVs and HD Homerun. I lived like this for almost a year then gladly welcomed Comcast back into my life with the X1 Dvr Triple Play with all the premium channels. The bill sucks but it's only money and my sanity is now back!
  9. I would hope that anyone who loses their job because of this would bring suit against the agency that sent it!
  10. I got my last round of P2Ps about 8 months ago and my employer was never contacted! I know since I am the boss! My wife applied for her own FPID and a P2P a couple months ago and her employer WAS contacted! I thought it strange as my PD has always been VERY 2A friendly! Makes me wonder if the AG or NJSP added this crap. Either way, the real bad shit is yet to come! Which is why I made my wife get her permit now while it's still relatively easy!
  11. I don't watch the chats. How do all the FFLs in the free states stay in business and yet they have zero compliance work because they have zero restrictions? Know your enemy! His name is MURPHY! He is where our attention must be directed, not our local gun shops!
  12. Whoa! First of all, do NOT put all NJ FFLs in the same basket as Viden! Most NJ FFls are PRO CCW, pro gun and hate the NICS system! Viden is a rogue and in no way reflects the beliefs of the other FFLs in this state! Why is Viden representing us? AsK Sweeney, NJRPC and the NRA! Let me know when you get an answer!
  13. It's been a while since I was there. Here he is!
  14. Paul, I never knew Bob Sr. by your post he must have been a good guy, unlike Bob Jr.?