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  1. I think they were messing around! No way this happened and not a mention of it anywhere.....It's BS!
  2. This will never pass. $10 per firearm per year can easily mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year for a collector to simply keep what you already legally own. That kind of bullshit makes Jersey seem 2A friendly! No freaking way that bill goes anywhere!
  3. Any gun you want can be had anywhere, including Australia if you have the money. The shooter had to have acquired the rifle in New Zealand since there is no way he could have traveled there with it.
  4. No! All transfers must go through an FFL now. No more COEs.
  5. Regardless, you don't need a FPID card to go to and from a range!
  6. Welcome neighbor! I am from Gloucester County but I work in Pennsauken. You are not alone!
  7. You can still find them. Just gotta keep looking on gunbroker, etc.
  8. This is my conversion. Did it a while ago.
  9. Thank you Paul! Mag limits only apply to semi-auto is what I thought as well!
  10. Thanks Brian, The shotgun in question was a magazine fed pump that I was told could be up to 15 rounds and still be legal.
  11. I was at my LGS and the owner stated the limit for a pump shotgun is still 15 rds. Only semi-autos are 6. I may have missed something but I thought there were no mag limits on bolt and lever action guns including pump shotguns. Of course 10 is the limit now on semis but the gun shot owner swears 15 is still the limit for a pump shotgun. WTF?
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