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  1. Wow! I don't know if I'm up to another Rocky or Rambo movie just yet!
  2. I have avoided striker fired guns but I like the looks of that one! REALLY NICE! That could very well turn me to the dark side!
  3. They did make him look older! Really older! Here's a June 2019 pic!
  4. Perhaps we should grab a couple right before we nuke them back to the ice age!
  5. I'll go see it anyway! Poor Kelly McGillis did not age well!
  6. I think @njJoniGuy may show up since he's the RSO!
  7. I usually found the Delaware Bay much more choppy. I used Shark River Inlet as my path to the Ocean. Once past the inlet I found the ocean often much more tolerable generally!
  8. On 99% of my boat experiences, it was my boat and I was the Captain. I never drank in the morning but at most a couple beers in the afternoon were always in order! Never more than that as I never wanted to be impaired on the water or on the drive back. My passengers could have as much as they wanted as long as they did not puke on or fall off of my boat! They never got stupid drunk since they knew they would not be invited back!
  9. you lost me at "NO - ALCOHOL"! That condition is totally unacceptable!
  10. I stopped by there today. Glenn, the owner, took me on a full tour of the entire place. This is NOT Hague's! I was shocked by the range! It was huge! I asked him if he widened it. He said no. The range looks very bright, modern and I could not believe I was even in the same building! The shop is open now and the new range will be open on Monday, July 22nd! Having seen it. I will absolutely join this week. Members can bring a guest for $10. You CAN use your own ammo but no green tip ammo. Rifle okay up to .308. I have the membership form if anyone wants a copy. No I don't work there but I am excited to have such a great place within 2 miles of my house! We should definitely have a meetup there. I will talk to Glenn and see what we can do based on turnout interest.
  11. Glenn is the owner and a great guy! I will stop by tomorrow and look around!
  12. I would love to know about his experience in North Korea! Please do tell!
  13. You and I should look so good at 80! She's a keeper for sure!
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