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  1. You know those rolls of flypaper, put strips of that at the top of the fence. They will quickly learn it's not fun to land there. When done, just peel it off and wipe down with Isopropyl Alcohol.
  2. To my knowledge, an interview is not required to get a CCW in NJ. I have never heard of anyone having to do that! What town is doing this?
  3. I need to renew and went through Hell trying to get a PD to ink print me! Are you sure non-resident renewals can be electronic? TO RENEW YOUR CW LICENSE, THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS MUST BE MET: All qualifications specified in Section 790.06(2) & (3), Florida Statutes, for a Concealed Weapon or Firearm license. Section 790.06(2) & (3), Florida Statutes (opens new window) If you have an out-of-state residence address, fingerprints must be taken at a law enforcement office. Your "Renewal Notice for Concealed Weapon or Firearm License" that you received in the mail. I did not get a renewal notice and am a month away from expiration! It seems they also want paper cards again!
  4. Damn that's expensive considering it's rudimentary design.
  5. After a shooting in a Walmart store a while ago with a guy open carrying an AR15, , they made it corporate policy for concealed carry only in all of their stores. I don't hold that against them as they still allow and welcome concealed carry in their stores!
  6. Estrella Ordinance in Arizona. A great guy and FFL that used to be in Jersey. http://www.colddeadhands.com/
  7. Thanks, ordered one of each color for myself! Now get some shirts! Free shipping and no tax!
  8. Not a very smart scammer for sure! Lots of scammers live in South Africa!
  9. I just ordered a Colt AR15 for $600 and a Glock and the order went through and when I send them my electronic payment, the order is ready to ship to my house in NJ, no FFL required!
  10. bob, See here for the law. It's not NJ it's ATF. https://www.atf.gov/file/97256/download I hear that adding a forward grip makes the pistol fully semi-automatic!
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