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  1. Nice! Reminds of a Raven I once bought.
  2. ^^^^^THIS^^^^^ Go for it! Don't let them intimidate you into giving up your rights! If need be, hire an attorney and FIGHT!
  3. I agree with @dajonga...It's the best way to go for sure!
  4. Beretta 92FS is tried and true! I have the Inox version and never a hiccup!
  5. Just like the term "assault rifle" has been used to describe any black rifle, M4 is now the term for any AR carbine that looks like an M4! I think that the PRNJ would classify a true machine gun as a "weapon of mass destruction" capable of taking out the entire population!
  6. The COP could have said "Turn around an go back to PA now"! Give the old guy the benefit of doubt!
  7. Weight 4.7 lbs =Illegal/ Cheap parts = cheap gun
  8. May God bless those who died that horrible day and their families! May God also bless those hero's who died and continue to die from exposure to the hazardous debris they encountered during the rescue and cleanup! May God Damn those who planned, perpetrated and celebrated these horrific acts!
  9. They really should post a sign to warn people! The poor guy, Governor Gopher is gonna hang him!
  10. Trump would NEVER sign it! I know, I know I was wrong about trusting the Waltons but I'm right on this one!
  11. Is that the same for USANA's indoor range?
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