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  1. Probably half or better. I have my Florida non res. permit so at the very least I can still carry in Delaware with it!
  2. You Rock Rosey! You worked incredibly hard on ALL our behalf's.......Time to bite the bullet and take the KUDOS you well deserve!
  3. May God give you the wisdom to do the right thing for your dog and also grant you the serenity that you did just that. May he also heal your heart if you indeed suffer a loss! They are like members of the family. I have always had dogs since I was a young child. I have suffered the pain, heartbreak and tears far too many times in my life! I now choose never to go through that heartbreak again! Call it self preservation, I just don't want another dog right now. I know the love they give us but the pain of their loss is just more than I care to bear again anytime soon! I still cry when I think about losing my Lola months ago. I can't even see a picture of her yet without it setting me off! She was only 5 years old......It's just too hard!
  4. Very fitting that Rosey should win that award! He damn well earned it for all he has done for us and our cause!
  5. We all SUCK cause we live in New Jersey! I'm still keeping my mags!
  6. I can't decide but these 3 will probably always be on my list. The P08 comes first though!
  7. He said he was done buying all the guns he wanted. He did not say he did not like guns or shooting anymore, just finished with his collection. Assuming he wants to sell what he has is a huge leap! I still have a few, well....more than a few guns on my must have list before I slow down.
  8. And they wonder why we need guns! That intersection is a 15 minute drive from my home! I for one am not giving up shit! Molon Labe!
  9. Thank goodness I only have liberal Democrat neighbors!
  10. It's cooler out now but I look up and down my street and nobody is outside!
  11. Too damn hot to go out there tonight!
  12. A stupid as it was, I love that movie!
  13. Like me, no patience for the likes of GD. Trolls should seek life elsewhere!
  14. Thank God you are okay Nick.....I was worried Peel got to you as well!