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  1. Thank goodness I stocked up well on .22 when it was dirt cheap! I must have a few hundred rounds at least!
  2. This is nuts! 40 cents per round of CCI Mini-Mag! At what level is the price gauging happening? I don't believe the manufacturer is selling above normal price. Someone is getting rich!
  3. Damn! They ripped you off! That needs to be smothered in BBQ sauce......That's what makes it great!
  4. You are correct! Just join our community as a premier member to be able to sell here. $1,300 is ridiculous for all 3!
  5. My first car was a 1969 Buick Riviera 430 4 barrel. I was amazed how when I floored it, I could see the gas gauge move! I paid $500 for that car in 1977. Good thing gas was cheap back then!
  6. More details about the rifle would help. Are you the seller or the buyer?
  7. What name did you go by? You should still be able to keep whatever creds you had when you left.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all here on NJGF!
  9. Us South Jersey guys miss out on everything it seems. I would have loved a box or two.
  10. 30 ALL THE WAY! After all, they are STANDARD capacity in America!
  11. My Model-19 4" Combat Masterpiece was my first and remains my favorite handgun! Purchased new in 1977.
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