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  1. Absolutely! Somehow, I feel DeSantis was used!
  2. To unwittingly help give Gavin Newsome a stage to replace Biden in 24! Newsome was dominating DeSantis with lies which for the most part, DeSantis just laughed and said "that's a lie" but he did not counter the lies with truth! I lost all respect for DeSantis and solidified my support for Trump, regrettably is the only answer for us now! I say regrettably because although I am sure he will get the job done, he gets on my nerves with his ego and big mouth! In the end, he is still a businessman where all the rest are just politicians! We need the businessman to turn this country around and the politicians can take over four years later.
  3. Imagine if it was Trump standing there with Newsome! Do you think Trump would have let Newsome get away with the lies?
  4. DeSantis just keeps saying "That's a lie!"
  5. Thanks for the heads up! Great deal for sure except in this stupid state where you will most likely pay $50.00 or more for the transfer and NICS making it at least $79.99! Might just be cheaper to pay normal price at a LGS and just pay the NICS!
  6. True but still a cool gun! So.....What are your dream guns Griz?
  7. Death Wish 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wu7unpJy-k8 A short clip showing the Wildey.
  8. I got the tracking # and called PSA. They ordered a return to shipper to UPS. The LAST thing I need in my life is another AR platform rifle! Or pistol!
  9. The Wildey was made famous by Charles Bronson as it was gun of choice in his movie "Death Wish"! He killed lots of bad guys with that gun!
  10. Thanks, those are the .22s not the real version! I had a chance to buy the Wildey. It was 40 years ago and a LGS had a pair of Wildey's. He wanted $1,200 for each. I wanted them badly and told my wife they would be a GREAT investment. She, of course said NO WAY! At that time, $2,400 was 3 months pay for me! I still think I should have grabbed them. The serial #s of the pistols were TEST-1 and TEST-2. They were given to the US Army by Wildey for consideration. They were both unfired!
  11. @GRIZ What are your dream guns? Mine are a Luger P08 9mm, AMT Automag and a Wildey!
  12. I just got off the phone with PSA customer service. The order for the kit has been sent to the shipping department and they said they can't cancel it! He said PSA has no restrictions on any kits to NJ. My only choice is to refuse the order when I get tracking.
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