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  1. To me, the wooden stock looks out of place! Give it an AR type stock and you have a rifle I want!
  2. This is them when they were kids playing in Newark!
  3. So California has the toughest gun laws in the nation and has the highest number of mass shootings by far. Not working out quite the way they planned! Want to know why their tough gun laws are not working BECAUSE IT'S NOT ABOUT THE GUNS!
  4. I don't understand! Tyrell and Shahid were good boys.....Both had sisters named Shaniquarella. Small world!
  5. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0015337 "Conclusions These data provide new evidence that acts of violence towards others are a genuine and serious adverse drug event that is associated with a relatively small group of drugs. Varenicline, which increases the availability of dopamine, and serotonin reuptake inhibitors were the most strongly and consistently implicated drugs. Prospective studies to evaluate systematically this side effect are needed to establish the incidence, confirm differences among drugs and identify additional common features." Way back in 2010 when the above study was published they knew of the correlation between the drugs and the violence but the pharmaceutical companies and gun grabbers are doing all they can to hide the true facts!
  6. You want more proof it's the drugs? There are MANY studies linking the drugs and the shootings but the left wing gun grabbing media publish articles to disprove that theory so they can just grab the guns! Those lying cold hearted bastards don't care how many children die! https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2019/aug/16/whats-behind-dubious-claim-psychiatric-drugs-fuel-/
  7. @Sniper it's not LSD. Read what I posted just above your last post and see if you agree.
  8. The popularity, prevalence and over prescribing of SSRIs is a sad fact of life! Little billy tells mommy he's sad and depressed sometimes. Mommy takes him to the doctor who 9 times out of 10 will prescribe an SSRI instead of referring him to a Psychologist of Psychiatrist that is trained to handle these matters! I say take away the ability to prescribe SSRIs to those under 25 from family doctors and allow only Psychiatrists to dispense the drugs while closely monitoring their patients and advising the family of the potential effects and to keep weapons out of their hands until we know how they will react to the medication! The simple steps I outlined above would have a much greater effect on reducing these shootings than banning guns! Just think, years ago we did not have all these shootings but the guns were always there. What did change is the invention and widespread usage of many new Selective Serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. The idiots just need to wake up and realize it's not the damn guns that are causing the problem! Adam Lanza was known to be on SSRIs when he killed all those children. So let's just sue Remington!
  9. "The study led by Oxford University scientists and published in PLOS Medicine journal, found that young adults between the ages of 15 and 24 who had prescriptions for the drugs were significantly more likely to be convicted of a homicide, assault, robbery, arson, kidnapping, sexual offense or other violent crime when they were taking the medications than when they weren’t." The problem with SSRI drugs is that any family doctor or PA can prescribe them but DO NOT have the psychiatric training to know that patients under 25 require close supervision since it is impossible to know just how the drugs will effect any given patient! they may not admit it but I guarantee you that 90% of mass shootings by those under 25 involved the use of SSRI drugs! Guns were the easy tool but the cause is the drugs that are prescribed at the drop of a hat by practitioners who know not what they do!
  10. Too young to inherit a gun unless he stole it from the mother. Easy, most likely a prescribed SSRI given to him for depression!
  11. Even if they (God forbid) got their ban on black "assault rifles", it would not have helped here! He used a .45 pistol. I guess they will have to ban all the guns!
  12. I did it for you. Tatsuya Sakai is a Japanese sport shooter who won the 2004 Steel Challenge World Championship in Piru, California.[1] Since handguns cannot be legally obtained by civilians in Japan, he trained at home using an airsoft pistol.[2] A month before the championship he went to California to train with a real gun,[3] and placed first 0.59 seconds before KC Eusebio.
  13. Look up "straw purchase"! If you owned it LEGALLY prior to coming to NJ you should be GTG. I don't think you can inherit a gun from someone living. He would have to transfer it legally to you and you would need a handgun purchase permit. He needs nothing as the seller or person transferring the gun to you. If it was a long arm you could fill out a COE and transfer without an FFL being father and son.
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