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  1. Bob's is very local to you but he is VEHEMENTLY anti CCW and therefore anti 2A! It's up to you but I won't spend a penny there on principle!
  2. Sig Sauer "When it Counts"! Just don't drop it!
  3. Microgroove is a Marlin patent. So you should avoid only Marlin!
  4. I forgot to mention.....Do it quickly as this option will no longer be available soon!
  5. Even the thought of Sen Weinberg being on Gun For Hire radio would have had me envision pigs flying! Great job Ant! You showed her the human side of gun owners and opened a door for communication that was previously locked tight. The possibilities of you being chosen to sit on a committee are now there as well as the chance for future dialog. You won't change her core beliefs nor she yours but the possibilities for some small progress now exists. Thank you Mr. Colandro!
  6. Anywhere is okay. I have met sellers in their home, in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot and many other places mutually agreed upon by both buyer and seller. I certainly would never meet on any school property. A range is also a great place to meet.
  7. ^^^^^THIS^^^^^
  8. Hmmmm, I wonder how they will vote!
  9. Isn't that cheating?
  10. WOW! I am jealous capt14k! Don't listen to Ray Ray! The laser would destroy the essence of this beauty! Not to mention the fact that Ray did not really mean it as no laser was ever made for that gun, nor will it ever be!
  11. Due to family obligations it's just not that easy for some of us. Believe me, I would if I could!
  12. True! Same with Florida. The fact that my NJ address is on my FL CCW makes a non resident to other states. PA accepts FL CCW but mine is worth nothing in PA since I don't live in Florida. Your point is well taken but in the end it's just semantics! My FL permit is in fact a non resident permit in PA!
  13. NH HAD that requirement, same as PA does now. Scott Bach sued NH and won. The NH Supreme Court ruled against the NH State Police and started accepting non resident apps from NJ but never bothered to change their forms. There is talk of bringing a suit against PA but we will have to wait and see, For now it just sucks to be us!
  14. PA will issue a non resident CCW ONLY if you have a CCW in your home state. A license is provided for by the laws of NJ and therefore required by PA. It's all a big friggin game and we lose!