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  1. The rifles I was referring to were used by the Vietcong during the Vietnam war and are no longer in stock. I have a brand new SKS, AH47, 2 Mosin Nagants, a Mauser K98 and a Springfield 1903. I like military surplus but what I really want is a shooter Luger P-08!
  2. Yes, cancel. Use the money you save for the stuff below!
  3. This tells me a lot! uz surf (r,t) = 0 ¥ò dw k(w) 2pu(w)cosh(k(w)h) dr0 A(t) ò J 0(k(w) r - r0 ) ´ dt 0u˙ z bot (r0 ,t0)cos[ w(t - t 0)] I'm at 52' above sea level and 50 miles inland so I figure my basement might get wet.
  4. You would think that with all this publicity that Gabby would have found a way to contact her family. The fact that they have not heard from her for this long period of means only one thing! Now it's all about who killed her!
  5. It's obvious that he has caved in to the fear! The issue may be constructive intent. He welds it and you slap it on another lower and suddenly you have an SBR. Either way he is wrong and is reading way too much into the law!
  6. I know Scott and I'm really surprised and disappointed by his response to you!
  7. I don't see any photos.
  8. If you find a Luger P-08 I want it!
  9. Did it come from a LGS that shut down or a hobbyist? A few pics could tell us a lot!
  10. A better description would help.
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