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  1. There are 2 problems with your approach. 1) By refusing to answer a direct question, you are automatically escalating the situation. Your car may match the description of one that was just involved in an armed robbery. You are now a suspect and things could go very wrong quickly! 2) You just blew any chance of getting away with a warning. The officer will enjoy issuing you all the citations he/she can think of!
  2. Why don't you just clean them yourself? It's very easy and I actually enjoy doing it! Just Google the gun model and you will find hundreds of videos you can follow step by step.
  3. I used to go there when the father was there. He was great! His son however, NOT! I went there a few years ago with a new upper and asked him to weld the brake which I had already installed and timed. At first, he refused to do it unless I brought in the lower. He said he could not touch the upper without the lower since he needed it to enter the rifle into his book. After explaining the law to him, he agreed to weld it. He charged me $89.00 and bragged about the great job he did saying "nobody is ever going to be able to remove it again"! His weld was huge and sloppy and I wound up filing 90% of the weld off.
  4. JohnnyB

    Stupid Big Gun

    Magnum Research makes a .47-70 revolver.
  5. Here is the link @RUTGERS95 Posted. It's clean, reliable, brass and still alive! $245 delivered and no BS! https://ammomart.com/zsr-9mm-115gr-fmj-1000-rounds
  6. No guns allowed at Bowlero locations in NJ.
  7. If you do that, won't you then have an overweight NJ illegal AR pistol?
  8. So now it's $400.00 for the permit? What bullshit this is!
  9. WAY too rich for my blood!
  10. At this point, there is no direction! Eventually the dust will settle.
  11. How did the case even make it to SCOTUS unless the lower Circuit Court ruled for NY State? Either way, I hope you're right!
  12. The Supreme Court rejected a bid by New York gun retailers on Wednesday to block a slew of new gun control laws in the state, which they argued violate their Second Amendment rights and hurt their businesses. There were no noted dissents in the order or explanations from the justices for their decision! This is NOT GOOD! Perhaps they did not act in order to force the lower courts to make the decision? https://www.foxnews.com/us/supreme-court-rejects-new-york-gun-retailers-bid-block-new-concealed-carry-laws
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