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  1. Even if it would not help us with this case, I still want her to choke! Don't discourage her!
  2. I'll take sloppy 2nds Tex if you don't grab it! I swore I would never own a Glock but figured I might dive in on this one since I have a permit and it's local.
  3. Note to self............Don't even think about going to Ray's house without an invitation!
  4. I just ordered this one!
  5. I signed at Legacy Gun Range (Yet to open) but they are a gun dealer with $40 transfers including NICS. They are at 101 Route 130 South in Cinnaminson NJ. Nice people!
  6. Of course it was an illegal transfer. I was trying to give the OP the benefit of doubt for doing what he felt was right at the time! That however does not make it legal. He can't do anything with the guns since he does not legally own them!
  7. Were you the closest relative? Did he have any children or a wife, sister or brother. It's going to come down to that if there is no will. IMHO, you may be in a sticky situation if someone says it was an illegal transfer, which it most likely was if you are not his legal heir. Call a lawyer and don't get into possible legal trouble. If he/she says Give them to "X", I would do so immediately! Just sayin!
  8. If a new gun it's pretty easy if you know exactly what you are looking for. Used gun a little more tricky but either way, ALWAYS look at the feedback! Never buy from anyone with no, very little or poor feedback! Good luck!
  9. Mine too! I would not survive it today! Old age does that to us all. NOT FAIR!
  10. That place was left to rot by the old owners! Glenn wants to do this the right way which takes time and lots of money!
  11. I feel sorry for you! NJSP said "NJ does not define what flash suppressor is." NJSP also said, "No restriction from maintaining loaded magazines as long as they are not in the firearm!" You heard it from the horses mouth yet you still wish to believe a lie! The PRNJ wants more people like you!
  12. I just used one with my middle initial with no problem. I don't think it really matters!
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