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  1. I have a Springfield 1903 that I inherited long ago. It was my grandfather's, my father's and finally mine but I know little about it! I also have the original bayonet that it came with. It's made by Springfield and the serial # is 249839. I have been told it's unsafe to shoot at that #. I have found that this 1903 was actually made in 1903 and has a casehardened receiver. I know that myself and my descendants have never fired it. The rifling looks brand new for a 119 year old rifle! I know nothing about it's value, how to judge it's condition, etc. I put a few quick pics below and would appreciate any guidance you could give me.
  2. https://news.yahoo.com/safer-gun-smart-pistols-headed-012334425.html This could cause a serious problem for us in the PRNJ!
  3. I use my FoodSaver every day. I buy bulk rolls on Amazon to save money. Ammo to food, it works great! I have the model below and having owned others through the years, this one has been the best by far!
  5. If you bought this handgun while a NJ resident on a P2P. If you ship it directly to an out of state FFL the gun will still be registered to you with NJSP. The only sure way I know the gun will be "unregistered" to you is if you have a NJ FFL ship the gun for you.
  6. Strange! Last post seemed normal on Jan 5, 2021. NOT a good sign.
  7. I feel the same way! Why be sober just because the shit hits the fan!
  8. JohnnyB

    How much cash

    My cash is in a small safe that is both water and fire resistant. That small safe lives in a very large safe that is also fire and water resistant! The humidity and temperatures are controlled. The entire property is monitored by an alarm company with surveillance cameras 24/7. I feel more secure than if my money was in a bank. Plus, I work mostly from home as of late, so I would have the pleasure of being the armed guard that they would have to get past first!
  9. JohnnyB

    How much cash

    To be perfectly honest, I would keep a minimum of $10,000.00 in cash on hand. I had an old friend who carried $5,000.00 in his front pocket at all times just in case he came across a great deal on something! He was a hoarder and a Medical Doctor. They actually made a TV episode about his unfortunate cockroach collection! I like to keep $1,000.00 in my wallet and a bunch more at home in case of something crazy! For storage space reasons, I keep all $100 bills. I will endeavor to get a few thousand in smaller bills since smaller purchases where no change is available are most likely probable. Everyday, I trust the government less and less! I pay tax on every dollar I earn and I don't appreciate being questioned about what I do with it! My wife chose to keep our savings in the bank so, in revolt, I keep a small amount of extra cash at home that I call my "gun money", she hates that term as much as she hates when I buy another gun! If she knew how big my gun fund was, she would divorce me and demand half.....I can think of worse things!
  10. I would tend to agree but there are a couple issues. In cold or cool weather, just about any jacket or coat would negate the usefulness of the kinetic rounds and in hot weather, concealment is an issue. I'm not so sure your average LEO would not give you shit. I would not choose to be a test case! Show it to a COP and tell him "But officer, it's not a gun...It's a launcher". I bet he will show you his launcher pretty quickly!
  11. .223 head in a plastic sabot. Shoots flat, longer range. About 3,400FPS. I would grab these if I was closer!
  12. No PD is going to ask for a Doctor's letter to attest that an applicant is safe to possess a gun unless there is a past mental issue that either came up during the background check or was volunteered on the application form. It's not going to be easy to find an MD who doesn't know you to give out such a letter. I would seek a consultation with a Lawyer that handles 2A cases on a regular basis and go from there. Sometimes there is no cheap and easy way out!
  13. JohnnyB

    check this out!

    At 38 ounces and no barrel shroud, should be legal here.
  14. It's sold as a pistol so no go in the PRNJ. It's 46 ounces over the 50 allowed.
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