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  1. Looks like ya'll had a great time! Minor health issue for me and major sudden health event for mom kept me from attending this one. But thanks @Scorpio64 for keeping me in the loop once again and organizing this for all the others who atteneded and had a good time. I look forward to making another get together soon....
  2. Borrow a hungry barn cat from a near by farm..........
  3. signed... and i hope the sick mf'r burns in hell....
  4. Check out the Reloading Discord channel. Theres a Redding specific forum, and a antique/obselete press forum. Edit; i just posted in the redding forum there seeing if anyone has a digital copy or a link. Ill let you know if anyone comes up with something
  5. Maybe i misundersatood the OP's question. You are correct; as your filling out the form with name, adddress, etc, you do use what is on your drivers license and other personal documents and mail. I was only refering to the ORI number. The municipality you actually reside in will have a different ORI number than the municipality that you use as your mailing address. Now this may be different if the same P.D. services both towns. I would assume the ORI number would be the same then?.
  6. Not Accurate info!!!!! My town does not have a post office. We use a neighboring towns post office, zip code, and town name on documents. That is whats on my drivers license, and all my mail, documents, etc etc... But it is two entirely seperate towns, seperate government, and seperate police! And both have municipalities have their own unque and different ORI numbers! OP needs to know exactly what town he lives in; not his mailing address listed town.
  7. Bought 3 of them for all 3 of my listed guns (when i finally get the call!) and now wont be able to use em?! Fkn bullchit....
  8. Post em' up... Im a remodeling contractor and have a pretty large circle of contractor and wood working friends i can spread the word too...
  9. Once the PTC lawsuits settle down, there really needs to be an effort (lawsuit!) over this insane NICS delay.. No doubt its fully intentional, and sadly people are slowing becoming accustomed and accepting of a 5-7 wait.. Just plain old wrong...
  10. Nice to see prices to continue falling back to somewhat normal prices.. With the cost of primers, it almost doesnt pay to reload 9mm like in the past... How much was shipping on this case?
  11. Ill betch ya they werent deplorable Trump voters!
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