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  1. Hmmm.. guess the burden is on them then; if its one of the counters where you hand them the item and then they package it up and ship it for you.?
  2. I hear ya!! I am well stocked with sealed cases of factory ammo in almost all of my calibers; figured id save that for the unlikely SHTF scenario. I started acquiring reloading components to just make plinking ammo.. but at those crazy prices of primers, im seriously tempted to start selling off my supplies and turn a huge profit and sit back and wait until the dust settles next year and restock up... crazy times indeed i wonder how many non-dealer folks just stuff the boxes of primers in a flat rate box with some crumpled news paper and call it a day... i assume the P.O. has no way of knowing what the contents are.. And im not advocating doing that; just figuring it must happen..
  3. WTF! https://www.gunbroker.com/All/search?Keywords=small pistol primers
  4. i just wear them becuase i chafe when i sweat.. these keep me aired out and dry... i dont excercise in them like zeke intends to do.. they are also useful when nature calls while hiking at Sandy Hook beach....
  5. You should be in prison you thief!! Holy shiit thats a crazy insane package deal you got there!! Sharing, maybe.. trading, surely! I grab up any and all super good deals i may find, even if its for calibers i dont have.. Im bulding an inventory of trade fodder....
  6. Hey @Zeke i think they have these stylish and comfortable yoga pants in your size..... https://www.amazon.com/YiZYiF-Crotchless-Underwear-Bottom-Underpants/dp/B016Z8B7MU/ref=cts_ap_3_vtp
  7. Nice little score today from a friend.. about 99% of it is .223/556 brass. Some 6.5 creedmore and .308 mixed in. A few random pistol brass's too.. Probably 20 pounds or so... Free, just have to give him the bucket back..
  8. .223 in stock. I ordered friday night at it was 50.00$ per 500.. now 55.00$. Went up 5 bucks within the last day or two. But still very fair pricing and in stock.. https://www.rmrbullets.com/shop/bullets/rifle/224-5-56mm/224-55-gr-full-metal-jacket-boat-tail-bullets-new/ 9mm 124gr.. in stock, good price, and free shipping for first time buyer.. https://www.xtremebullets.com/9mm-124-RN-p/xc9mm-124rn-b0500.htm
  9. @kc17 What are you short on or missing to reload?? Ive been successful finding components.. Cheyenne in bordentown had powders in stock a week or so ago.. i didnt ask about primers though; im well stocked up on primers.. Brass is still easy and everywhere. I just orderer 9mm 124gr plated and 38/357 158gr plated from Xtreme bullets. And ordered .224 55 Gr. Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Bullets from rmrbullets... All at pre-covid riots prices and free shipping at xtreme.. That sounds very high to me.. Right before the covid/riot price increases, i got wolf/tula steel case 9mm delivered to my front door for 136$ per 1000 round case from sgammo.com
  10. I feel im a decent writer, but obviosuly your a great writer Rosie.. Your post carried the entire message i struggled to convey.. Reading the daily CNJFO articles and postings, along with all the others from other outlets, is what gave me the idea to reach out to other like minded people here.. Guess im a bit surprised at how negatively FB and other online media is viewed by the masses here. But i get it; its more about personality traits. I believe that conservatives and 2A types tend to be more reclusive, reserved, and 'quiet'. Just wanting to be left alone and out of the limelight. I used to be much more like that... With the state of affairs going on now around us; i feel we need to start stepping up and fighting back.. The day will come where you wont be able to lay low and avoid the decaying society around you..
  11. Exactly! Correct! Most social media outlets are the enemy.. And i choose to take the fight to the enemy .. not the other way around.
  12. Yup, i get it and agree for certain individuals.. My boss is an ahole; did i mention im self employeed?? I keep my FB page clean.. Nothing vulgar, overly offensive, racist, or threathening. Viewing my FB, it is obvoius that im a conservative republican, very pro 2A, and an honest family man; and im proud of it.. Im also heavily involved in my community so my posts definitly get scrutinized more than most. But again, im proud of who i am and the principles i stand on... But i can definitly see the concern someone may have about snooping bosses or potential employeers.. But then again, all the whacko leftist, anti-capitalism, antifa loving posts i see on a daily basis dont seem to be concerned or lose their jobs over it..
  13. I felt the same exact way for a long time.. But recently ive decided to make a stand; not hide or cower.. I have leftist friends and family.. And i jump right in almost daily; calling out their bullshiit, posting links to factual data, and sometimes, just for fun, throw a little bait out there for them. Many times im out numbered 10 to 1.. We need to fight back on ALL fronts.. I believe we are already in a civil war; others say we are heading there.. This wont be a civil war where everyone fires bullets across a field at one another. Its a civil war between right and left, good and bad, lawful and lawlessness; its currently being fought NOW on a different kind of battlefield...
  14. I dunno @Mrs. Peel, doesnt appear a single positive response from this 'vision' i had! You are correct about all the 2A orgs and the constant facebook postings and updates.. Our own @Smokin .50 shares many great write-ups and op-ed's of his own, great pieces from Theresa Inacker, and many others. I have my news feed taylored to my liking; full of conservative and pro 2A news.. It is a great way to stay current and up to date on those matters.. Its one of the fastest ways to hear of news and updates. Many of the gun stores and ranges update their FB page instantly, where the webpage may take days or weeks to show updates. I know with the reopening of particular ranges, most got the reopening dates, times, and guidemlines up on their social media pages long before their web pages got update.. All these thoughts and other were my thoughts for this starting this post.. But i get it, its definitely not for everyone.. Ive had my finger on the delete account button a time or too; but then i stick around for the fight.. The anti's and leftist own the news media, and they virtually own the social media platforms.. And unfortunetly they are winning by a long shot in those arenas. It WILL have an effect come Novembers election...
  15. I get it; not for everyone! But good for keeping the conservative narrative alive with like minded individuals... But hey,,, if theres no real interest, im good with mods deleting teh thread.. was just an thought...
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