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  1. yea, i aquired a lot of stuff in the past less than a year of getting started.. Theres plenty more things not even in those pics.. The press is a Lyman T-Mag turret.. Looks a little odd with my MEC 650 right behind it.. Theres some details on another thread i started for my homemade press mount. Duh... Im smarter than that; i should have thought of this on my own right... I'll google up and look over the NFPA guidelines you suggest.. Thanks for the tip @USRifle30Cal and for looking out for us newb's...
  2. too much factory ammo on hand and NO range time! Gonna start rolling soon just for the enjoyment.. But dont want to roll to much until i can shoot some off and make sure im doing things right. Hence the initiative to join CJRPC that has ample hours for me to get there, unlike my membership at Range-14 that never seems allow me get there and shoot.
  3. Yup... im all set to make a round or two... Whenever i start finally rolling my own...
  4. Heck, im a nice guy.. 900$ for Dems, 600$ for Repubs... At least 600$ covers that damn capital improvement fee.. But the voter will have to show me their voter registration papers.. cause we know how badly the Dems will lie to get what they want.
  5. So damn tempting! That shiit is crazy on there! I'll hang on to them or trade them to someone for something i can use.. But Im seriously considering selling a case of federal .45acp to offset the first year capital improvement fee at CJRPC that i just submitted the application to joing......
  6. Lucked out at a LGS and found some Federal Premium Gold Medal Small Magnum Pistol Match primers. PN# GM200M Had a 500 (5 of 100 packs) limit. Out the door for about 33.50$ for the 500.. Didnt need them, but figured in the current atmosphere, i better just grab them.. I dont load match grade ammo, but in a pinch i guess i could use these for some .357 ammo... At this price, think its worth going back and trying to get more?
  7. Definitely not worthless. If the '#' symbol in your list is pounds, it appears theres about 18-20 pounds of various reloadable stuff there.. Maybe not worthy of a sale and outright shipment for any one particular caliber, but you have some fair trading material there. Keep it seperated by caliber in some baggies or containers, it wont go bad... Sooner or later you may reload that caliber or trade/give it to someone who does..
  8. Welcome! And thank you for your service! Maybe we'll cross paths out at Range-14.... Any, becuase i know its coming anyway, Pork Roll or Taylor Ham??? #ZLM
  9. Spot on.. i email them late last night and got a response this morning.. the response started off with thanking me for not creating an account at the reservation page; as you said, it creates a lot more work for them.. So anyone else who has a MEMBERSHIP already at Range-14, just email them with your Name, email, and phone number. They will email you back with your log in infor and password. I also inquired about the membership extension becuase of the covid shutdown. Checking out their facebook page, i read that all extensions had to be done by 9/30! I did not see that posted originally when they first announced the extensions.. I was a bit ticked off about it, but didnt make a stink. They did give me an extension in their system, not the 3 months that i would have gotten, but they did give me some.. My membership card obviously still has my orginal experation date, so not sure how that will play out if i go during my extended time. I guess they can look in their computer system and see that i was extened in there despite my card not showing that....
  10. Yup... I dunno.. shit just keeps falling in my lap.. Honestly, ive taken to this kinda like antique hunting and collecting. I used to collect/part/sell antique garden tractors back in the day, and had quite the knack for finding rare and valuable things.. I have two other less signifacant deals ive picked up before these projectiles.. So look for some more posts when i get the time with those goodies.. And NOPE! Havnt even reloaded a damn round yet... 15+ lbs of powder, 10,000 projectiles, piles and piles of brass, and probably 8-10k various primers all on hand and just no need to reload anything yet! i have plenty of factory ammo still on hand and havnt been to the range since covid shutdowns.. Seriously thinking of selling off some of the factory cases of ammo and start reloading what i want with all this shiit i have on hand..
  11. That was my initial finding from one post i found online. .Upon more research, from much more reliable forums and posters, these are incediary rounds... Not illegal to posess, but illegal to fire off... lol Ding. Ding. Ding. Thats what my quick research revealed too... If only i had the appropriate gun for the ammo! and of course, lived in another state since its illegal to shoot them here in PRNJ...
  12. well dog gone done it again.... 6000+ projectiles.. About half jacketed, half hard lead... Mostly 10mm/40cal, .44, some .45 colt, 2 boxes .30 carbine, etc... Various other stuff too... big handfull of greentip .556. Bigger rounds on stripper clips appear to be 30-06.. Guessing garand ammo with the 43 headstamp date. Oddly, they have painted blue tips. also couple bags of many calibers of brass, some relaoding trays, bunch of die lock rings..
  13. Duh.. Why the hell i didnt think of that in the first place is beyond me.... Guess i was more tired than i realized; right before falling asleep in the computer chair like i routinely do...
  14. what would be the purpose of a .22 rifle issued to soldier in the USMC?
  15. im a nice guy.... pound of powder for a box of primers.. bring your own tuperware bowl for the powder...
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