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  1. Anyone know if there is a more recent document than this that would address the issues of today? Long story, but i could use documentation like this...
  2. PM me. Ill messsage you my cell number... Been hunting NJ for 33 years. Gun, bow, etc etc.. I can answer most of your questions and give you some good guidance...
  3. Same here, i think its the paypal fee's for them sending money not as friends and family.. But i figured its one hell of a pair of bino's for 8 bucks!
  4. Looks like you'll have some beautiful weather over the next 2 days if you do go... Im buried in work, who knows when i'll get to the range again... But now that ive been a CJRPC member, it wont be R14 even if i did...
  5. Same here.. Took a few days for the review to post on amazon, and a couple days for the refund to appear.. So for you guys waiting on the refund; look and make sure your review is posted on the reviews for the bino's, you filled out the form corrrectly, and then you should get a paypal refund within a couple days. The 2020 deal and this one both worked fine for me..
  6. I hear that... Sadly, with the ahole in trenton and his new FFL/NICS for long guns, it put a damper on a lot of these simple nice deals.. Pre 6/2018 i would probably have grabbed this... meet up somewhere, share FID info, exchange cash/gun and go on our happy ways. Now its meet at FFL, pay for gun, pay for NICS/Transfer fee, come back in a week when NICS finally clears, and then go home with the gun pissed off and butt hurt for all the hassle just to get it...
  7. Ahhhhhh..... Lucas, the Prince of Darkness... Now where the hell are those Whitworth wrenches at....
  8. Canada all red?! Do not travel?? huh
  9. I bought in at 8.53…. It went up a little from there and then just down hill since…. Seems it’s bottom and hanging in the 4’s.. S&W scares me.. The buffon and his jackasses in the white house keep throwing out the idea of repealing the law that protects gun manufactures from lawsuits.. that happens and gun makers stocks will plummet im sure…
  10. Whats your thoughts long term? Im seriously thinking of grabbing some more shares... My only fear is when ammo availbility gets back to more normal prices and stock levels, and POWW hasnt turned me profit before then, then it never will... It really should be hitting high marks the past 6 months or more.
  11. Anyone get in on POWW (ammo inc) back when that symbol was tossed around here? I did! lol Its been a downer for me, im currently down 45%.. Cant figure out why.. Sales, profits, statements, etc etc are all out standing. What gives?! Recent letter from CEO to share holders tempts me to buy more shares and at least average down. Thought?
  12. I ended up spraying down the barrel and all around the bolt/receiver area with 'Barricade". Wiped it all down, q-tipped the bolt face, and pulled a bore snake through the barrel a few times.... Think this will suffice??
  13. Thanks fella's! Took it out today and put some holes in paper. Shot geat! definitley got a little kick to 'er! After shooting, i could only sit and try to envision what it was like to fight in war of that era. The amount of body damage calibers like these must have did back then had to be more than gruesome. And the shoulder pain during a long fire fight. 10 rounds through this thing im feeling it a bit. Makes you really appreciate those who serve(d) and so grateful for their sacrificies...
  14. Thanks for the input! A little more info to maybe confirm; Put a magnet to it. Highly magentic projecticle and case, So i assume steel core projectile, and copper washed steel case. Is the silver tip the steel core identifier maybe?
  15. Any have some info or recognize this ammo? I have a mosin-nagant I’ve never shot yet. Some recently gave me this ammo. Almost lacks any kind of headstamp. I can make out what looks like 72 on one edge. Other side is hard to make out 2 letters or numbers. Nothing else. Bullet has a silver tip, and there is some hints of red sealant. Original paper and twine wrapping. safe to shoot? Corrosive? most surely berdan primed? Thanks Ron
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