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  1. As KC17 posted above; and all spot on great info.. I was also a member of Range-14 and i too let my membership expire this past January.. It just wasnt for me. The odd hours and days never fit my schedule.. And honestly, its really no cheaper in the end, other then the one time 600$ capital contribution fee. I would take my two kids with the range 14 for two hours. Thats 30$.. Do that a handful of times a year, plus the 90$ annual fee, and you'll be at at least 300$ a year.. At this point, you would be lucky to get in CJRPC until July or August.. With the prorated membership dues, you looking somewhere around 725$.. Hell, sell a case of ammo and your in.. Or apply those Biden bucks to it.. Theres plenty of credit oppurtunities at CJRPC. Get involved and be active, and you could damn near be in for free each year.. If you ever want to just take a drive through and check it out, let me know. Im only 15 mins from there..
  2. @rifleman Id love too.. Mind if i PM you right before i know i that i have a free Thursday evening? I would appreciate to meet up with you there so you could show me the ropes over on the skeet/trap side of the club.. I'll admit, my only skeet/trap experience is informal stuff with friends at either the WMA ranges or some farmer friends back field.. No fancy trap gun, just my hunting 12 guages.. And im doing good when i actually hit more than i miss... Ron
  3. Thanks, and it surely is a great range. Just got home from there as we speak.
  4. well I did hint that it never goes as far as you think..
  5. @10X Somehow i missed this reply last year! Anyway, i would definitely be interested, but i rarely find my way up that way.. If i do, i'll reach out and see if its still available. Thx
  6. Stone never seems to go as far as you think.. formula is 1 ton of stone will do a 100 sq. foot area (think 10'x10') at 2" deep. I would suggest 3/4" blend stone. Also known as DGA. It has 3/4" and smaller in it, and it packs much tighter than 3/4" clean. Firmer driveway, and people not spinning tires and flinging stone all over. 3/4" blend is the typical, commonly used driveway stone. Cost seems a little high. Call around. Or even check with a owner/operator. Any neighbors in the neighborhood that drive their own dump truck? They will usually stop and grab a load right from the quarry at the end of the day. Easy money for them, since they are driving home anyway. My last full load was done that way. $550 for 25 tons delivered. Granted, that was 15 years ago since i last needed a full load. Things have surely gone up since then. getting the driver to spread as he goes will depend on the individual driver.. Nice friendly driver; he can short chain the tailgate so it only opens a foot or so, and slowly drive ahead. Only if the overhead is clear of any obstructions... Miserable old fck of a driver; he'll just grunt at you and dump it in a pile and leave.. Good driver and does a nice spread; def throw him a 20.. As the others have said, GAF Timberline shingles. Pretty much the standard go to now a days.. Barely save anything going with old 3 tab shingles. Def get the vent put up through before the roof is done; or a the same time. If you have attic access, then talk to the roofer. He could drill the hole and attach the roof jack (vent) while he is shingling. You could go in the attic at a later date and make the vent pipe connection at your leasure. HTH
  7. I agree... I dont see what the WIN is about??? Its only a win, if the E-FID is valid and available the instant the online FARS is complete. As in, not waiting on the local PD to do their thing, and the chief to sign/approve it like the paper version.. If this is what they mean by a victory, then great. People would have their FID in a matter of days, not months.. But i highly doubt this to be the case. The E-pistol permits still need the local PD to sign off and issue, so im sure its the same thing with E-FID....
  8. being this one is nearly a 1/4 mile long itself, i would speculate this needs a lot more than a mile to make a u-turn under its own power..
  9. either way i think its a bad deal for Discord users.. if Microsoft buys, you can kiss you guns and ammo discussion/sales goodbye.. Same if they go public.. the investors, directors, etc will all be woke just like every other popular tech or media outlet. Discord has been a little bit off the beaten path of the typical mainstream online user.. that wont be the case in the future
  10. Im a remodeling contractor and i just demo'd a customers kitchen. The cabinets were only about 10-12 years old. A couple of the bases i had to break down and toss just to get them out. But theres a few good base cabinets including a corner lazy susan. I have 6 of the upper cabinets. 21"w X 42"h These have glass front doors so you can see whats in them without opening. These are standard depth and height kitchen cabinets. Put a strong top on and you have a great work bench with lots of storage. FREE - Before i smash em up and dumpster them.. PM me if your interested, i can send some pics if need be.. Located in 08562 zip code.
  11. Hope to see you there and shoot together sometime soon Dave! Say when! I need some shooting partners to show me around there and keep my encouragement up to get there often!
  12. Yea, i changed the home range in my profile same night after orientation. I did feel a little guilty doing that and leaving Range-14. But i rarely ever went while a member of range14. The restricted hours, and the time limits, etc, just didnt work for me. Range-14 is always touted as being cheap and affordable. But honestly, that really doesnt work out to be very true.. Its 90$ a year now. and 5$ an hour per person. When i would take myself and the two teenage boys for 2 hours, thats 30$. So just joining and going once, your at 120$. If i was two go 7 times a year with my boys, that would be 300$ total for the year. Same price as the annual dues at CJRPC.. You cant compare the two facilities, CJRPC is in a league of its own. There are work hour oppurtunities and other ways to reduce your 300$ a year membership. Get involved enough and you could probably get yourself in for free each year. The 600$ one time capital fee is the big one. Get through that and its pretty easy sailing after that.. I considered selling a case of my factory ammo just to offset this initial cost. Looks like i dont have too and can absorb the fee this month.. Range 14 was 5 minutes from my house, and CJRPC is about 15 minutes. Definitely not right down the road like Range14, but well worth the little further drive. Guess im lucky to be located so conveniently to either of them..
  13. Thanks! Looking forward to shooting more in the near future.. Was a member at Range14 but could never find the time in their limited open hours. This should work with my busy schedule much better.... if now only ammo would come back to fiscal reality.. I ended up going Glock boy.. Took the model 22 (.40 s&w).. the little Springfield XDs is a little tough for me to efficiently and quickly manipulate with the thick hands i got.. The full size Glock is just simple and second nature..
  14. Im in! An official CJRPC member now... Time to get this press churning out some ammo so i can actually shoot and not feel too guilty for using ammo durin gthe high price/high demand times were in...
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