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  1. Ironically its my sons favorite number and usually his jersey number for sports when he gets too chose... he was happy when we were assigned Lane 16...
  2. Looking for some 10 round Glock 17 mags..
  3. Nice day at the range today! got there at 1:30; most lanes were occupied but was able to get right in. Got my teenage boys started with the .22 rifles, then the .22 handgun. Smooth shooting and no flinching so finished up with them shooting the 9mm’s and even a few rounds with the new Tisa’s 1911 .45.. Good times indeed!
  4. Tomorrows looking like a nice day range! i should be there with the two teenage boys... time for them to step up to some hand gun shootin’... Ron
  5. Welcome Felicia!, First off.. head on down to south jersey and try some pork roll.. Its wayyyyyyy better than taylor's ham.. Once you try it, you'll be hooked! You always eat pork roll over that taylor ham crap from then on... Second off.. Good job ditching the liberal ex! His screen name wouldnt be GreenDay by any chance, would it???
  6. hey @Maksim I believe in the previous binoc's thread, you asked for a screenshot of our amazon review,? Attached mine here... hope its what you need. Thanks again for hooking us up with an awesome deal! Ron
  7. Nice! Good wholesome quality father son bonding time... Im still sitting on a stripped lower i bought 5 months ago with the plan of putting together an AR with my son.. Hopefully one day soon things will settle down enough to find the time to do it! Enjoy
  8. @RUTGERS95 Thanks for the initial post/link! I went ahead and ordered the two pack. I also ordered a Tisa 1911 from a different dealer but had both orders shipped to my FFL. Did the NICS and transfer on the 3 items at one time.. FFL only added 10$ on top of the initial transfer fee for the 1911.. So grand total out the door for the 2 stripped lowers was less than 90$... 45$ a piece.. im happy with that!
  9. yea, kinda my thoughts too.. So i guess its time to get into reloading... lol Anyone know or see any good deals on a basic RCBS setup, let me know! Nice shootin' and sounds like a relatively calm quiet day at the range..
  10. Many people there?? I may try and get my teenage son, my girlfriend, and her teenage son over there sometime this weekend.. Theyve all shot before, but not too much and i want to get them more into it.. Especially my left leaning girlfriend!
  11. if it wasnt for this shitty thing called work..... Though im running to a date with my FFL at lunch time... Picking up my Tisa's 1911 and the two pack of anderson stripped lowers i had shipped in..
  12. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bah- fungoo
  13. Welllllll,,, the GodFather must be getting a little scenile as he forgot to invite me to the range and/or the duaghters wedding... So, Ah, bah-fungoo !!
  14. its all good.. just busting chops... I was busy sunday and couldnt have made it anyways..
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