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  1. No mall crawler horse chit here!!!
  2. Awesome! Glad your heading there today. Its a site taht everyone should see on Memorial Day weekend... And still a place to visit anytime of the year. Not trying to promote it as an amusement park; but the grounds are beautiful to wander, explore, and remember those who are buried there. Ponds with fountains, monuments, plaques ro read, etc etc. You wont regret helping next year! Wish i would have gotten my ass out of bed early this morning. Woulda loved to meet up and say hi, and check out the willys!
  3. I must say i highly doubt Murphy specifically ordered no flags to be placed. Im sure it was just lumped in with the ban on gatherings. When the scouts usually do it, theres ALOT of people. Id say easy 1,000 people attending.. BUT other arrangements im sure could have been made for this year and still offically had it done.. But hey, it got done anyway! Heres some pics from last year when the scouts did it... (i attached a video as the last pic. Not embedding, but looks like its a downloadable .MOV ) IMG_3862.MOV
  4. Ill be riding by there shortly for my morning coffee run.... State land... State cemetery... Beautiful grounds to visit and honor..
  5. It won’t be one of the local cops here doing it! They better send some Staties to do it.. and even that won’t go over so well...
  6. @Golf battery PM me who your BIL is..... this may be a real small world... lol And i cant take credit for this happening... I just learned about it this evening...
  7. Heres another F U... Right here in my town of North Hanover, virtually in my backyard, just through the woods... He'll have a hard time stopping it since its already done.. And a really really hard time 'embargo-ing' 47,000+ flags... Ironically, as he announced in his press conference today, he will be there this holiday weekend...
  8. Thes a pretty cool lady.. She definitely has plenty of common sense.. met her a couple times, but no clue on her 2A stance...
  9. It would have been great if she held on to the money and could have made a donation towards this. Kind of like a traveling fund to help and encourage small business owners to stand up for their rights....
  10. so you were a 'potential felon' with one of these evil assualt weapons for all those years that this moronic state didnt exempt them.... or maybe you had yours stored safely in PA like i did just waiting for NJ to finally come to some sort of senses....
  11. Figured i start a thread that may carry on for awhile.. A place to post up and brag about any recents scores or deals you found. I have had a few good scores as i have been trying to acquiring reloading equipment and supplies for the past few months. Some of my prior scores i posted in previous threads that went off track.. I wont repost those deals, but i will BRAG about todays scores! Check out below and post up your own deal scores! 1st pic.. Full closed box of shotgun primers and a sealed bag of the 1oz wads i was needing! 2nd pic. Various random fired brass.. All sorts. Some odd balls.. I bought for the couple calibers i do plan to load for, and also bought for the brass with original boxes. may come in handy for reloads at certain ranges. ;-) 3rd and 4th pics. Chitload of various bullets.. All sorts of calibers. Overwhelming majority i DONT need or reload for. If you see something real interesting, hit me up. 5th pic. Whole bunch o'primers (and some sort of neck sizing bushings).. over 5,000 various primers.. These were bought as four seperate box lots.. Primers, bullets, brass, shotgun hulls & primers.. i wont tell how much individually 'cause you guys will call me a criminal. Lets just say EVERYTHING was had for about 130$ out the door...
  12. Like a great pair of broken in jeans! Guess you got that scattergun broken in to perfection! sweeeeeet!
  13. Nice gun. Someone should grab this.. I have a long barrel, long tube, last shot hold open. the holy grail of Model 60's. Best shooting .22 ive ever shot. Eats any ammo, never skips a beat, and deadly accurate quite a ways out.. GLWS
  14. ohhhh boy... wait to @Zeke gets here and reads this one.......
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