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  1. Thanks for all the replies everyone! Defintily a help and appreciate the quick responses. Whats everyone do for chamber flags? Just buy their 6 bright yellow zipties for a buck? Or is there something better out there or something just as easy to make. Anyone go there on a regular occasion? or any NJGF informal meetups there? Ron
  2. Awesome stuff Scorpio64! I really appreciate the response. Im a little apprehensive of that first trip and not knowing what to do or not to do. This is a help for sure... Ron
  3. Just joined today. R14 is only 10 minutes from my house, so it was a no brainer. Ive been a gun owner my whole adult life, but never much of a range shooter. My shooting is mostly hunting scenarios. There is some land behind me that i can shoot whatever i want, when i want, but i havnt really taken advantage of that other than hunting. Prefer not to bother the neighbors with continual shooting. When i was 21 and bought my first handgun, S&W 686 .357, i went to an indoor ran a few times. Havnt been to legitimate range in 25 years since then. Fast forward those 25 years, and ive acquired a lot of firearms; handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc etc. Mostly safe queens but looking to change that with this membership to R14. Any suggestions for a new guy there? Whats your favorite target/type to bring? I would like to shoot .22, 9mm., .357 handgun, and then some rifles. Thinking all during the same trip. Ok to put out multiple targets at once and shoot various guns during the same trip? Would also likely be bringing a guest or two. Teenage son, girlfriend, etc.. Thanks Ron
  4. Great editorial video for the auction newbies thinking of attending... Even if not a buyer, auctions are a fun time to just hang out, social, watch, and learn a few things. Ron
  5. @SJG Sorry, i should have been more clear. All the guns on auction day are auction guns. I was referring to the fact that he is also just a regular old FFL any other day of the week. So for me, hes the closest FFL for transfers and at fair price. I believe he is 15$ NICS and 25$ transfer for $40 out the door.. IIRC Ron The gun i bought at the last auction was 15$ NICS and 5$ transfer. 20$ total for NICS and transfer. Again, that is just an auctioned gun on auction day.
  6. Looking forward to this auction! 10 minutes from home.. I bought a Mossberg 9200 crown grade field/deer combo at last months auction. Good price.. My advice is just keep in mind while bidding, 15% buyers fee, <>7%tax, 20$ nics and transfer (auction guns only at that price). So that 250$ gun is 325$ or so out the door. In the heat of bidding, its easy to lose focus on what the final cost will be.. Spent some time talking with John the auctioneer @sunriseantiques and he seems like a great stand up gun guy. Also has the best transfer fee price in the area, so keep that in mind for your other non-sunrise auction gun buys. Buy online and ship to there or person to person transfers... Ron
  7. Pretty nifty idea, first ive seen that! Dont think its really what im looking for though; ideally just need to find the low comb piece for the current stock. Or a standard and matching stock and fore end.. Ron
  8. i thought about that too; but the frames on gunbroker would still have to ship to ffl and then NICS and transfer fee.. Runs the price up to not worth it. Ron
  9. Someone can correct me if im wrong, but; If the charges were dropped, then you Do Not have a criminal record. You would only have an arrest record, which i do not believe is even looked at or considered. Being arrested, and being convicted are two TOTALLY different things.. Ron
  10. do handguns need a nics or ffl transfer amoungst immediate family members? Specifically, i know someone who's mother inherited a pistol through the death of her husband. The son would be the logical one to inherit the pistol, but with no will specifiying that, the mother became the legal owner. Can the mother (with no FID or paperwork) gift the pistol to a son who has a valid P2P?
  11. Picked up a used Mossberg 500 Field/Deer combo 12ga for my teenage son to use when we go hunting. It only came with the high raised comb that works well for the rifled barrel with a scope, but does NOT work well with the field barrel on the gun and upland hunting. Ideally need to find the low comb as in the attached picture, or change the whole stock to standard non-adjustable comb. Im located in 08562 zip code area; south/central NJ. Ron
  12. Dont consider this accuarate legal advice, but everything i heard about this model (i have one, but pre-threaded barrel) is exacttly what your dealer is telling you. You could always reach out to the State Police via email or a phone call to get a good answer. I would only mentionthat your thinking of buying one, and then your question.. Ron
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