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  1. Gotta be magnum? I have winchester # 9 1/2's
  2. ironically, i was scanning youtube on my Roku Tv and watched that video a few hours before you posted it! Cool story for sure!
  3. Pointy little buggers there! Bet they would hurt a little....
  4. Yup, i applied about 2 months ago.. Still havnt heard anything. At the 1 month mark, i emailed just to make sure they received my application. I got a response that they did.. So its just a waiting game now i guess.. At this point im in no rush anyway. Its winter, and ammo is still crazy. Probably wouldnt want to go blasting through my stash right now.. The initial costs is a major decision in anyone joining. Its less than 15 minutes from my house and ive considered joining for the last 20 years and never did. Kinda wish i did back then when it was cheaper! The current 600$ initial fee (in addition to annual dues) is a big nut.. Im considering selling off a case of .45acp just to cover it to make it an easier mental pill to swallow...
  5. All those bases were covered in my circle of gear head buddies.. of course i was the slowest, but also was the most luxurious and class.... The GN and 442 G-bodies were very similar other than the motors. They were the only G-bodies to come with the 8.5 rear diffs.. 3.73 posi in the 442, 3.42's in the GN.. Surprisingly the Monte SS only had the 7.5 rear diff..
  6. definitley not muscle car era material, but i still have my 1986 Olds 442 that i bought at 21 years old in the spring of 93'... Fully loaded car, T-Tops and all... Thought it was fast and i was cool shit.. Quickly learned it was a dog in the performace department, but sure got a lot of compliments on it anyways... Ran atco tune and test nights a few times with it.. Never faster than a 16.3.. lol By todays standards, thats slower than most new economy cruisers..
  7. no issues with my .45 hi-point carbine.. probably only put a few hundred rounds through it, but never a hickup..
  8. #MeToo Bought my first handgun at age 21 in 1993. Bought a 6" stainless 686.. After all these years, i bet i havnt put more than 300-400 rounds through it. Its my babied safe queen.. Always a special place in the heart for your first love; i mean gun....
  9. sorry, i should have been more thorough in my post.. Ive been acquiring presses and components for the past year and am VERY well stocked in everything i need to make my own ammo.. well, everything except time it seems.. I think its just more about the first time jitters. Hopefully within the next week and take my first crack it at.. Once i stock myself up on home brew ammo for most of my calibers, ill start unloading some of the factory stuff im sitting on...
  10. geez... im seriously considering selling this whole case of federal M1911 .45acp... i can make my own now, so why hold on the factory stuff any longer at these prices?!
  11. location? i may have some bartering items your looking for...
  12. Wow! Amazing site!!!!! I had googled in the past hoping to find pictures of various powders and came up empty. This site is crazy useful for someone dumb enough to break the golden rule of not using someone elses open container of powder.... but theres those times when the source is just rock steady reliable; and then this site gives you a picture of the container and 10x pic of the powder with dimensions and colors...
  13. Anyone have a good source for MEC shotgun reloader bottles? Ebay seems overpriced for them.. Also heard of just using small soda bottles, but maybe someone has a better suggestion for a non-MEC bottle that works well and doesnt look to ghetto? Also, good source for small parts like the rubber grommets under the bottle, brass washer, charge bar mount screw, etc etc. I just scored another buyout of someone getting out.. Got two MEC 600's. one for 12ga, one for 20ga. Look complete, spare bars, lotsa bushings. Need bottles and thats about it. Probably gonna sell off the 12 ga one since i have a 650 progressive for 12ga.
  14. A few interesting ones; Left to right; 50 cal blank 257 Roberts 225 Winchester 9mm court (French) unknown, measures .305 ID 25 auto
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