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  1. not to hi-jack the thread, but on a similar topic. Similar scenario... Lets say a husband passes away, pistol not in the will. Deceased husband had the pistol for 50 years and bought out of state back then. Moved into NJ 40 years ago and brought pistol with. The surviving wife automatically/legally inherits the pistol after husbands death; said wife does NOT have a FID or pistol permits, etc. Never owned a gun before, etc. Widowed wife wants to gift said pistol to son who has FID and can get pistol permits. Does the process suggested to the original poster apply to this scenario? Beings widow who inherited pistol does not have a FID or SB#, can she still gift it to son who has FID and pistol permit-and do so without FFL assistance?
  2. Neat piece! I think 150$ is a great deal... I would buy it right now if it wasnt for the idiotic BS here in jersey.. Adding the hassle of a pistol permit, then the costs of the FFL transfer, just not worth the hassle.. Ironically, if we bothed lived across the bridge in PA, we could just make a simple old fashion cash sale..
  3. Well said! I just cut and pasted it into an email to them also! hope you dont mind the plagerism... I think it is better to log into your account, find the 'Contact Us' in the drop down menu, and then let them know through that avenue. I suspect it will be better odds someone will read it than going through the unscubscribe and putting it in the comments there..
  4. The covid BS and online reservation crap is why i finally left R14 and joined CJRPC.. Shoulda joined years ago... No comparison...
  5. Yea, ill have to set up some alerts.. Just seems mid mornings is when everyone restocks online and alerts go out; right when im working and not usually able to stop and mess with the phone... My 45 reloads with cast RN bullets are getting a buldge at the base of the bullet when seated in the brass. My new 1911 clone has a really tight barrel and im having issues fully chambering; even though the rounds pass the plunk test on a midway tester. My research finds its somewhat a common problem and a LFC die sizes down the case and lead bullet just enough to allow it to chamber in the gun.
  6. This shortage on everything firearm related is getting very old! Ive been searching for a Lee .45 FCD for awhile now. Not in stock anywhere?! Anyone have any leads on one? Or one they want to part with? Or maybe someone near by that i could borrow one for a short bit just to experiment a little? Having some chambering issues with my LRN .45's and ive been reading up and finding people use this FCD on .45acp often..
  7. that happens to me when the imagine file is too large.. try reducing the image size qoute a bit if its a higher resolution image.
  8. Sure is! Ive been sitting on a pile of components and a lyman turrret press for over a year, waiting to finally start making up my own ammo. A few weeks ago i dived in and knew 38 special was the easiest, and safest, since i would be shooting it in my S&W 686 .357 revolver.. I would have been hard pressed to screw up enough on 38 special to cuase pressures the 357 wouldnt handle. Everything went fine. I had some random bullets to use up from some box lot auction buys. Loaded up a few dozen full wad cutters, flush with the rim, sitting on 2.8gr of bullseye. Shot wonderfully and very accurate at 20 yards or so. Ive since moved on to 45 acp. A little hickup in my seating and crimp the first try, but looks like i have it worked out now.
  9. Call and check cheyenne moutain in Bordentown.. i saw .22, 9mm, .223., 308, etc yesterday when i was in there. Didnt specifically noticed any 38 special, but might be worth checking.. ps. even had a box of LRP magnum.. and a few bricks of 209 shotty primers... And some anderson stripped lowers...
  10. Trying this now... Is that 'bitmart' or bitsmart? App store has a bitmart
  11. As KC17 posted above; and all spot on great info.. I was also a member of Range-14 and i too let my membership expire this past January.. It just wasnt for me. The odd hours and days never fit my schedule.. And honestly, its really no cheaper in the end, other then the one time 600$ capital contribution fee. I would take my two kids with the range 14 for two hours. Thats 30$.. Do that a handful of times a year, plus the 90$ annual fee, and you'll be at at least 300$ a year.. At this point, you would be lucky to get in CJRPC until July or August.. With the prorated membership dues, you looking somewhere around 725$.. Hell, sell a case of ammo and your in.. Or apply those Biden bucks to it.. Theres plenty of credit oppurtunities at CJRPC. Get involved and be active, and you could damn near be in for free each year.. If you ever want to just take a drive through and check it out, let me know. Im only 15 mins from there..
  12. @rifleman Id love too.. Mind if i PM you right before i know i that i have a free Thursday evening? I would appreciate to meet up with you there so you could show me the ropes over on the skeet/trap side of the club.. I'll admit, my only skeet/trap experience is informal stuff with friends at either the WMA ranges or some farmer friends back field.. No fancy trap gun, just my hunting 12 guages.. And im doing good when i actually hit more than i miss... Ron
  13. Thanks, and it surely is a great range. Just got home from there as we speak.
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