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  1. I'm one of the ones in marlboro. I applied in end of Sept and called from Nov, Dec, Jan and the VM each month states they are working on June 2020. So in those three months they couldn't get past a months worth of applications?
  2. Just purchased a RPR and for the people that know me know that i can't keep things stock for long. lol. Looking for places that do barrel fluting but they all seem to be out of state. I don't mind sending out my barrel but prefer to stay in state. Anyone know someone in Jersey that does it?
  3. Sorry I got the PM but was out of the country. I was speaking to a couple of people and decided on the MK22. My FFL is working on getting it NJ compliant but I'll report back any issues as a heads up. Thanks though!
  4. thanks for the input, I'd be interested in the gsg 522 with the adjustable stock pinned of course. can you get those?
  5. Anyone have first hand experience on this rifle? Since a NJ compliant one is impossible to find I was thinking of getting a reg version and having my FFL pin the stock from adjusting and folding. The issue I see is that looking at videos of breaking down the rifle, you need to fold the stock to get to a nut to get the stock off. Anyone with this rifle know if the takedown and cleaning is going to be impossible if I fix the folding stock?
  6. thanks! i looked into it prior and it was always sold out.
  7. Picked up P226 X5 Tactical. IMO can't beat the SAO trigger if you're going with a sig. Close to a 1911 trigger pull if you ask me.
  8. wow, i was just there Friday night. Scary
  9. thx! mount is an adm recon-30
  10. thx.. rainier upper spikes punisher lower ubr stock mega tac trigger phase 5 winter guard phase 5 EBR battlearms ambi safety mako fab grip diamondhead irons trijicon tr24g fortis shift grip rainier RAC failzero NiB bolt
  11. Fenix PD35 bright as fugg. Got it here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DR9GWX0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. just curious what mag is that with the window?
  13. thx, thats a rainier arms upper. DG system.
  14. i do but someone has dibs on it already... if you're interested i'll let you know if it falls through
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