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  1. I just got the lc9.. pretty much my first time with a handgun.. I didn't get the gun to be pin point accurate. Ive shoot 300 rounds in the gun in 3 days. today i decided to shoot a circle the size of a shotgun clay bird from 10 meters ..below is a picture from today.. half the shots i took with like a 3 second pause but i still aimed it pretty good. My dad first shot hit a clay bird then put 3 shots with a 2 inch group then i had to take it away from him. (keep in mind this is his first gun too ). kinda made me mad.. i think tomorrow i will slow all the shot to see if i can do better.. I also think i have to aim above the circle. my dad said aim right at it..
  2. oooo wow i guessed i turned around by Decker Rd and didn't make that left to continued on fox farms... Thanks.
  3. what road is it on?? I can seem to find it.. I saw a post on here a week ago and i cant find it now but .. I remember someone saying they passed it on fox farm road. After going on that road i couldnt find it.. anyone know about where it is. I would Like to check it outt in person. thanks!
  4. well that's what i was thinking.. cause i am prob going to shoot it like once a week.. It will not be a safe Queen ... on gun broker you can find them for around 900+ the regular is like 650.. I just really like the black and the fact its 1-500 .
  5. is the sr1911 navy seal edition worth it.. ? they are like 1,000.. its hard to tell what one i like better.. what do you guys think?
  6. My big concern is the accuracy of both..I had my eye on the commander, just because its something different.. but seem like the full size is the way to go from this poll..
  7. Cabelas has 00 on sale online. and the 000 is on back order but also on sale..
  8. http://www.freedommunitions.com/45-Auto-230-gr-HP-p/fm45j230r-b0500.htm. the picture of the ammo that's in stock.
  9. http://www.freedommunitions.com/category-s/1844.htm.. so the freedommunition 45 auto. is for revolvers only..ok thanks
  10. also What is the difference between 45 acp and the 45 auto??
  11. that's really cool you can see the price per round! thanks!
  12. Thanks i think i'm getting the 9mm.. that's a good price and that's the same ammo brand i have now.. 500 rounds never had a fail in my beretta cx4 storm..
  13. Anyone know where i can get a case of 9mm or 45. ammo? or does anyone have some for sale?
  14. I'm 19 and i have my gun ID for rifles and shotguns but not pistols. My uncle has a 22. pistol that I shot and it was a lot of fun. I really want to get started in shooting pistols. He offered me to take it home and shoot it all i want. i'm not buying the gun thought. he just keeping it at my house for me to shoot and learn.(I didnt take the gun yet) what would happen if a cop showed up and i'm shooting his gun?. also I shoot my shotgun, .22s, and my 9mm rifle in my backyard range a lot. I've also had friends come over with louder guns like a .45 I never had the cops come.. I told my dad last night to get his pistol id so i could get a ruger sr22. for my birthday.. but until then would it be okay to shoot my uncle pistol with him not around.
  15. Yeah, I wish It was that cheap.. this guy wants 800..
  16. Comes with one 10rd mag. what was the non crazy price for this gun.. not looking to pay top dollar .. Thanks
  17. Does anyone know where I can buy 12 Gauge flash bangs? just for fun shooting at night..
  18. going to zero my red dot tomorrow .. maybe ill try a few rounds with iron sights beforehand.. Thanks
  19. Has anyone noticed that these 15 round mags hold 16 rounds if you try hard enough?
  20. What is a good non-crazy price for buying bulk 9mm form a private seller..? I see a lot of people trying to sell for .50/.45 a shot.. Looking to shoot up a lot of 9mm so I really don't want to pay top Amount to a private seller.. Btw I could also be buying 9mm if anyone has a good amount..
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