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  1. @W2MC: Duh.... most of the geographic area of our country indicated in red on that map is either very sparsely inhabited rural communities or uninhabited and undeveloped land covered by wide open plains, large agriculture farms, forests mountain ranges and/or state or national parks. But go ahead and keep deluding yourself..... if it makes you feel good. AVB-AMG
  2. @MichaelDiggs: Having enjoyed my Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade 1911 in .45 ACP, I am a proponent of the quality and accuracy of WC's handguns. Are you familiar with the Wilson Combat EDX X9 in 9mm? It has a base MSRP of $2,895 which may still be more than what you want to spend, but less than the $4,000 - $5,000 of the top-of-the-line, Wilson Combat's full size 1911's. Here is a link: AVB-AMG https://www.wilsoncombat.com/edc-x9/
  3. @Downtownv & @raz-0: In case you did not hear, read or see this news, Harley Davidson announced in mid-October that they were "temporarily" suspending production and delivery of new LiveWire Motorcycles due to problems with their 120-volt charging systems. Since this is a completely new type of motorcycle and the first generation is clearly experiencing some bugs that need to be worked out, you may want to consider holding off a bit until this issue and undoubtedly other issues are ferreted out, diagnosed and corrected before you decide to purchase one. Yet, it is a very intriguing bike that reportedly goes from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds... AVB-AMG https://www.forbes.com/sites/billroberson/2019/10/15/harley-davidsons-livewire-snafu-wasnt-a-death-knell-it-was-good-qc/#59621a7925b2
  4. @Torkk: Are you right handed or left handed...? FYI - I was taught that if I was consistently shooting my handguns that resulted in a target grouping that was low and to the left that the problem most likely was that I was "milking the gun". That means that if one allows your entire hand to over wrap the firearm there may be a tendency to twist the firearm with each shot. The solution is to attempt to exert equal finger pressure to the rear of the firearm with your three fingers while applying the same pressure from the rear with the heel of your hand. I also began to use a GRIPMASTER PROHANDS PRO to exercise and strengthen the fingers in each hand to allow me to have a steadier grip with less jitters over time. All of that worked for me.... Good luck! AVB-AMG
  5. @W2MC: I find it very amusing how so many of you on the political right keep posting red vs. blue maps of individual States or the continental United States, in continued gullible and naive thinking that the vastly larger surface area in red means that more Americans are on the right and not the left or are moderates. Anyone who thinks about it for a minute and does some homework realizes that most urban metropolitan regions, along with many suburban communities, both with significantly larger populations than rural areas, are primarily left or left-leaning, with many moderates and independents living there as well. We know from studying demographics over the past 30-40 years that many Americans are continuing to migrate to these urban areas in every State, seeking not just employment, but better paying jobs than where they are coming from. This is due to continued diminishing of our historical manufacturing economy of our country and its continued transformation into a more of a service and gig economy. I am not saying that is right, just a fact. Many of these people also just want to live, interact with and be around other people, not isolated in declining rural communities, another factor in their choice of where to live and work. Humans are social animals and all of this should not come as a surprise. So granted that on the surface it looks like more of the country is politically siding on the right, but that is a false impression that is easily debunked with any educated research and analysis. AVB-AMG
  6. @Zeke: Taking the admonishment and advice from @Mrs. Peel, lets try to keep our posts in this thread on topic.... But your "red flag" help really seems to be more like this type of "red flag" provocation.... AVB-AMG
  7. @njJoniGuy: Upon first review, I can see how many folks would think that NJ's Red Flag law could possibly be a good idea and is well intentioned, in an attempt to prevent someone who has demonstrated some seriously concerning mental issues and who has access to firearms. Yet upon further consideration, including most importantly that it negates the affected's constitutional rights for due process, as written and enacted, it is a very flawed law. It should be repealed and if a better version could be conceived and agreed to, where the accused at the very least, is given a change to present their side of the story/argument/situation, prior to and possibly preventing any of their firearms being confiscated, then it could plausibly be acceptable. Of course, that will have to be all worked out in the details. AVB-AMG
  8. @Sniper: It is posts like what you said above that clearly indicates that you either are just acting like an insecure asshole or you are in fact one! If it continues, we will know that it is the later.... Why must you act that way and say things like that? What is your problem? Are you so tribal that you cannot separate someone's moral, ethical and/or political views from the person and their other qualities and interests that may parallel yours? As far as you know, @Zeke may be worth far more than you or me, or more importantly, leads a more satisfying, content, enjoyable, and relaxing life than either you or me. So I wonder just what sort of insidious satisfaction it is that you derive from your condescending and rude comments towards him? As a poster here on NJGF who gets a fair amount of grief, I know how it feels to get continued criticism and it does tend to get wearing and old. Maybe you should consider just taking a time out and upon further reflection, giving it a rest..... AVB-AMG P.S. - I would suggest that you do the same towards @Sniper
  9. @Mrs. Peel: I dare say that while I have never had lobster mac & cheese, it sounds so deliciously rich as to be a main course / entree dish all by its self.... While creamed spinach and baked potato with sour cream are my two favorite sides with steak, to each there own.... FYI - I recently purchased a big porterhouse steak. Once cooking was completed I cut off the filet from the bone for my wife to enjoy and I ate the sirloin, a win-win sharing solution. But usually I prefer to buy either NY Strips or Rib Eyes for us. AVB-AMG
  10. AVB-AMG

    Cz 1012

    @gleninjersey: I agree..... CZ does make some very accurate and reliable firearms that spans the price range from reasonable to expensive. Around four years ago I purchased the 2014 version of the CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Custom (9mm in black) with a competition rear sight and fiber optic front sight. From constant practice and building experience, I consider it to be my most accurate 9 mm semi-automatic hand gun. AVB-AMG
  11. AVB-AMG

    Cz 1012

    @Zeke: I was not familiar with the CZ 1012 semi-automatic shotgun so I checked it out. The gas-less inertia operating system is intriguing and if it is consistently reliable, would be an added benefit of one less issue of the necessary periodic gun cleaning. It looks like a very nice, practical and affordable field gun, especially with a shorter barrel. But since I am not a hunter, it really would be wasted on me.... Oh well. AVB-AMG
  12. @Handyman: Yes, almost all of the really good steakhouses and a fair amount of the mediocre ones are all very expensive. While I have heard about the sous vide method of cooking, I have never tried it. We use our outdoor gas grill to cook most of our meats and every once in awhile I will splurge and spend the extra money for Certified Angus USDA Prime grade beef and/or dry aged. Our gas grill can get very hot and by using an accurate meat thermometer and I can get our desired level of "doneness" which is medium rare. But I think there is a difference and as much as I have tried, and while I may have come close, I have not outdone them. I am an amateur and they are professionals. Maybe it is just my imagination or just psychological, but when I get a nicely prepared steak at one of the steakhouses on my "best of" list, they always seem to have a richer flavor, are more juicy and just taste better. I assume it is a combination of top quality beef, their dry rub preparation and expert skill in cooking beef on a regular basis to ensure consistency. I have a feeling that I am not alone in this sentiment..... AVB-AMG P.S. - Enjoy your "jelly"...... and "pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?"
  13. @Handyman: As the corollary to this thread topic, the worst dining experiences that I have had in my adult life at a steakhouse and therefore try to avoid if at all possible, include most chain restaurants, including Ponderosa Steakhouse, and: - Peter Luger's, (see earlier posts on how this place has gone down hill) - Ruby Tuesday, (as they continue to close many restaurants it may just be a matter of time before they go out of business) - Ruth Chris Steak House, (are people truly excited to hear the sizzling sound of boiling butter under a steak being served?) - Texas de Brazil in NYC (Brazilian-style churrascaria steakhouses, where servers come to your table with skewers of beef for you to choose.) AVB-AMG
  14. @greatgunstatenj: As far as I am concerned, when it comes to "Favorite Steak House(s)", not only does the all of the food and ingredients, especially the steak, have to consistently be of top notch quality and properly prepared to your specific order request, but the restaurant's atmosphere must also be to your liking, whatever aesthetic you prefer. With that in mind, having dined multiple times at Malonely & Porcelli's on 6th Avenue adjacent to Rockefeller Center. I will agree with you on the undependable consistency of the proper preparation of the food, but as importantly, have to point out that the restaurant's atmosphere is not what I would call enjoyable. Granted, the 7-8 times I have dined there over the past 20+ years, it has always been for a business lunch with 3-5 other business associates, so I cannot say what dinner might be like, even though the menu is quite similar. FYI, the ground-level restaurant underwent a major interior renovation back in 2012 and the result is a two-level space that, while providing some nice views to the north and east, also has many hard surfaces that reflect and reverberate sound. The result is a very noisy restaurant that at peak capacity, produces an audible cacophony din that makes clearly hearing normal conversation with your dining companions quite challenging. For a total enjoyable dining experience, especially when one is paying "New York prices", that is a deal breaker for me. I really only would go there due to its convenient location in Midtown Manhattan and because my clients or associates enjoyed it AND I had an expense account so I was not really paying the bill out of my pocket. Therefore, for those reasons, I omitted this restaurant from my list.... AVB-AMG
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