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  1. While I realize that you cannot plan for every possibility, you can anticipate a number of the most likely emergency situations and the best options on how to respond. This analysis is based on one asking a number of important questions in advance and then considering how that will affect you and your most likely answers are and subsequent actions to take to deal with it: - What exactly happened? (This may not be something that you will find out for a while) - What are the results of the emergency event? (Failure of electrical power, contaminated water, no cellular service, nuclear fallout, martial law imposed, etc.?). - Where are you when “it” happened? (At home, at work, driving your car somewhere, traveling?). - Where did the emergency event occur? (The proximity to the event and where you and/or your family are at that time?) - Did you have any advanced warning and if so, how much? (Most likely for a severe weather storm event or health pandemic) - Do you decide to stay in your home or evacuate to some other place? (Depends on advanced warning, congested traffic conditions, gasoline availability, etc.) AVB-AMG
  2. @gleninjersey: If you are interested, I have a very detailed, extensive list of what I decided to include in our "GO BAGS". After Super Storm Sandy, I decided to research, select and prepare what ideally and practically should be included in such a bag. Well this project sort of snowballed and got out of control and so we now have more than one GO BAG. Actually, we have five (5) GO BAGS filled with different items, so I just refer to them now as our GO LUGGAGE.... (Send me a PM if really interested in this list). Clearly all of these GO BAGS would go into our all-wheel drive, fully fueled "evacuation" vehicle, since all of the sherpa paid help to carry all of these bags will have abandoned us in an SHTF situation. But, maybe more importantly, they also are a dedicated repository and resource if we most likely determine to BUG IN and stay in our home, depending on what resources and utilities are still available. AVB-AMG
  3. @Sniper22: As I suggested to you once before, if you had taken the time (yes a very long time...), to read most, if no all of my other, non-political posts, you would see that I am being quite consistent with my stated sentiments and beliefs. That is why I consider myself to be more of an independent, moderate and realistic in my views on most things. This thread topic just happens to be rather depressing and most frighteningly, quite possibly could happen.... AVB-AMG
  4. @gleninjersey & @Sniper22: I know I am not alone here in my frustration with how our American society and culture has devolved over the past 30-40 years. How the choices of our elected leaders have squandered tax payer’s money and ignored more important and vital issues such as upgrading and protecting our aging and vulnerable vital infrastructure. As frustrating is knowing that most of our elected officials have been warned and are aware of many of these important issues of vulnerability and exposure, but have chosen to ignore them and do nothing constructive or selfishly, just pursue avenues for their own self-interest and enrichment. Looking to our government or commercial private industry to take steps to prevent the adverse effects of an EMP attack, is most likely not realistic since so many people are clueless and/or are in denial fo this possibility. This may sound fatalistic, but I believe that the vast majority of American’s today are clueless about what could happen and may happen and have chosen to be ignorant. They are just satisfied to spend their free time when not working to be entertained and, like sheep, just pursue short term gratification by partaking in our out-of-control consumer society, wasting their money buying all sorts of unnecessary crap, mindlessly watching TV, playing video games and idolizing TV/Film actors and professional sports athletes. That is their choice and because so many citizens are doing that I think we are totally screwed as a superpower and will continue our downward slide, especially in relation to China. Relating back to the topic of this thread, I continue to want to take what I consider the prudent measures in case of a localized emergency event, to hunker down at home (in place), if possible, as opposed to bugging out, with supplies and equipment to last for between 2 weeks, possibly up to 4 weeks. For most anticipated human caused or Mother Nature caused local or regional disasters, this should suffice. But after that I am not confident at all that we will survive. I say this due to these concerns: - Living in suburban NJ, availability of food will become a paramount issue sooner than in other areas. As we are the most densely populated state in the country, our roads will be clogged with people trying to go north, west and south, with not much success due to the extreme volume of panicked people. - This will be followed by the issue of the availability or lack thereof of safe drinking water and gasoline. - Today, most people have not learned how to fend for themselves and are totally dependent on purchasing what they need. Aside from hyper inflation to buy what is still available, the poor will become desperate first, followed by the more affluent socio-economic groups. But ultimately, money will lose its purchasing power entirely. - The density of NJ will mean that those people who run out of either food and/or water will panic and become desperate and will seek both and do horrible terrorizing things to others to obtain them. The most basic human instinct for survival will become the driving force for people and all traditional social norms and civility will cease to be practiced. Civilization as we know it will quickly devolve into roving violent mobs and gangs. - Even with firearms and ammunition, the number of these desperate people will overwhelm most family’s and collective neighbors ability to defend what little they have left. - Most suburbs are not realistically defendable from the onslaught of desperate refuges from the more urban cities and ring towns and will be overrun by these people. Desperate former urbanites will become the real zombies attacking others, first in the suburbs and then in the more rural areas. Unfortunately, there is no happy ending in this scenario.... AVB-AMG
  5. @gleninjersey: Another good book in the same genre is “Lights Out”, by Ted Koppel, is a well-researched question about an important topic concerning the current vulnerability of the electrical power grid in the US, followed by a number of possible "what if" scenarios. For me, it is a very sobering wakeup call on what we should and can do individually, as a family, as a state/region and maybe most importantly, as a country, to prevent what could become a real catastrophic disaster. AVB-AMG - Lights Out: A Cyberattack, a Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath by Ted Koppel https://www.amazon.com/Lights-Out-Cyberattack-Unprepared-Surviving/dp/0553419986/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1479531630&sr=8-3&keywords=Lights+out
  6. @gleninjersey: Now that you have finished reading “One Second After”, if you have not already started it, you may want to continue with Forstchen’s next two books that are follow ups to his first one, on the same topic with the same characters. As with his first book, the next two are also fictionalized novels about the aftermath of an electric magnetic pulse (EMP) caused by multiple nuclear warheads being detonated at a high altitude over the continental United States. All three present a very sobering, logical, feasible and frightening vision of how our fellow Americans would act and react under such circumstances over a period of several days, weeks, months and finally two years later. It is not an encouraging story line and very alarming due to the realization that such an event not only could happen, but may possibly happen in our life time. You can read other reviews for both of these books on the Amazon.com links below: AVB-AMG - One Year After: A Novel by William R. Forstchen https://www.amazon.com/One-Year-After-Matherson-Novel/dp/0765376717/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1479531671&sr=8-2&keywords=One+Second+After - The Final Day by William R. Forstchen https://www.amazon.com/Final-Day-John-Matherson-Novel/dp/076537675X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1539828437&sr=8-2&keywords=The+Final+Day&dpID=51TGM-2T4CL&preST=_SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch
  7. @Displaced Texan: I am sorry that I missed this clay shoot that was also catered by all of you excellent chefs... I am especially disappointed that I was not able to sample the meatloaf and your brisket. From what I have read here, they both were deemed excellent. But I had probably best not sample any of your and others, culinary masterpieces, prior the the mid-term election since it might really do a number on my mindset.... AVB-AMG
  8. Here is another driving pet-peeve of mine. IMHO, automobile automatic daytime running lights need to be revised to start requiring that the car’s taillights also come on with them! When I am driving at night I see many vehicles that have no taillights on but the drivers “believe” they are lit up because they have dash lights and their front daytime running lights are providing just enough light that they think they're fine. It's especially scary in the rain when I don't see them until I practically run them over. What has proven to make sense in the front of the car ALSO makes just as much sense at the rear of the car, when driving! FYI, I try notifying these drivers, signalling with my lights, honking, rolling my window down and yelling, but nothing seems to work; in fact the opposite tends to happen. I've (unintentionally) scared the wits out of several moms and grandmas thinking I'm some sort of road-raging nutcase because I'm trying to make it safer for all of us and my honking and pointing has the opposite effect. Of course, even worse are the knuckleheads who are so dim witted that they do not realize that they should turn in their car’s lights in the early evening, when most of the other cars on the road have their lights on. They are either totally aloof or dangerously stubborn, but in both cases are a safety hazard to other drivers, as well as themselves. AVB-AMG
  9. @sota: That looks like a very practical and efficient accessory for future outdoor shotgun shoots. Especially, for those locations that may not have large tables for shooters use. Nice addition....! AVB-AMG
  10. @Pizza Bob & @SgtToadette: I would enjoy finally meeting both of you, as well as some others who have stated their intention to attend next Wed. evening. Unfortunately, I am just over one hour driving each way from my home and I have to get up at 5:00 a.m. Thursday morning to then go the Newark Airport to catch a flight. Therefore, realistically, I will have to take a raincheck and try to join you all at the next get-together. Have fun and I hope the weather is good. FYI, I am watching the Weather Channel now, tracking Hurricane Florence as it is approaching landfall in the Carolina's. It now looks like its remnants may hit NJ by next Tues. into Wed.... AVB-AMG
  11. @babagan00sh: FYI - RTSP in Randolph, NJ has two ranges, one is 25-yards and the other is 15-yards, with ten (10) shooting bays in each. They are separated by an acoustical door. The 25-yard range is where rifles are used exclusively. Both ranges have electronic target retrieval systems. That might be one option for you and your wife to consider, in order to avoid the louder acoustical and physical concussion felt when shooting next to or near someone shooting a rifle. AVB-AMG
  12. I agree with the statements by earlier posters in that you usually get what you pay for. Several years ago, I "test drove" several red dot scopes for my AR rifle and ultimately chose an Aimpoint comp M4s, along with an Aimpoint 3x Magnifier, both using LaRue Tactical QD mounts, (a swivel mount for the magnifier). They have worked well and proved to be quite accurate for me on the range, up to around 200 yards. For longer distances I would prefer a stronger riflescope, such as a Leupold 4-12x40mm VX-R, but am not yet willing to part with $690 to buy one. AVB-AMG
  13. @Sniper22: And with that, I am going to bed..... BTW, my wife and I are leaving tomorrow for a 10-day vacation way up in New York State's Adirondack State Park, so I will be off line for that period. I hope you all enjoy your short time of echo chamber agreement without my counter balancing voice of truth, honesty, citing facts and opinions based on reality. (You all can hold your applause.... thank you) AVB-AMG P.S. - i really hope that Trump does not do anything even more screwed up while we are away.....
  14. @Sniper22: I think we ALL here can agree that NJ's Democrat controlled state legislature are a bunch of political hacks and loony toons....., regardless of their Party affiliation. The consistent demonstration of their lack of common sense, ineptitude, self-interest, bordering on corruption, is legion and very disheartening, yet that most likely will not really change for the foreseeable future. AVB-AMG
  15. Ok, let’s hypothesize for a moment with a rather extreme example. Say you drive your car, minivan, SUV, or pickup truck 500 miles per week. For sake of argument, assume your average gas mileage is a poor 13 miles per gallon. So in this scenario, your going to have to purchase 38.46 gallons, (call it 39 gallons), of gasoline each week to travel that distance. So, with a 4.3 cents (or $0.043) per gallon gas tax increase on Oct. 1st, you will have to pay an additional $1.65 per week for gasoline. Is that really going to break your budget? You would spend that much on average, for one (1) Starbucks tall freshly brewed coffee AVB-AMG (EDIT - I corrected a silly late-night math error...)