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  1. As I previously stated, in order to avoid the potential leaching of detrimental chemicals into the water inside typical store-bought bottled water, I prefer to have canned water stored for an emergency use. The canned water that I was referring to in my last post that I have purchased is called Blue Can Water. Here is a link to their web site: https://www.bluecanwater.com/ AVB-AMG
  2. Once again, I have to concur with what @mossburger is advocating in his post above. Most of us do not need to spend a lot of money for so-called "Prepper food supplies". All it takes is a sensible visit to a large scale food super market, such as Walmart and select 6-12 (one case) of canned vegitables, fruit, tunafish, etc. Realistically, you can ignore the printed expiration date on these canned foods since if they are stored in a cool and dry place they will last almost 10 years. The important aspect of many of these canned foods is that they also contain water which can be used to cook the contents, heating them up, as well as providing dependable potable water as part of your meal. I also have purchased some canned water that I intend to keep in case of an emergency. Most of us are aware that water in store bought plastic bottles will over a lengthy period of time, leach some of the chemicals used to create the plastic into the water, possibly making the water potentially hazardous. That is why it is more dependable to store water over a long period of time in either glass or metal containers, with metal less prone to breakage and lighter weight. AVB-AMG
  3. ^^^^^ Smart Husband...! AVB-AMG
  4. @Mrs. Peel: Oops.. that is the 3-band model that is only available and legal outside of NJ.... Shame on my sloppiness... Here is a NJ-legal, one-shot version that she may use under strict supervision and after successfully passing the mandatory training course: AVB-AMG
  5. FYI - I was hoping to take the S&T 1-day class on CCW, that has historically been offered on a Saturday in April. Unfortunately, when I recently called and spoke with Joe to express my interest and enroll, he said he had a conflict for that date and will be rescheduling the CCW 1-day course to a date sometime this fall. Stay tuned.... AVB-AMG
  6. @Gunsrlegal: As the founding and first member of the double-banned club, you will be demoted to only being able to fire this: AVB-AMG
  7. Yes, but it was also very easy to get rather carried away as one thinks of more and more possible situations you may encounter..... That is what happened to me. AVB-AMG
  8. I agree with many of the previous comments in this thread and have revisited and updated a post on this topic that I made several years ago. In northern NJ we have lost electrical power, land-line telephone, most cell phone service and cable tv/telephone, multiple times in the past 20 years, primarily due to strong wind, ice and snow storms. The worst by far was Storm Sandy where our outage lasted 13 days and, like for many here, that was our “wake up call”. Today, while I realize that you cannot plan for every possibility, you can anticipate a number of the most likely emergency situations and the best options on how to respond. This analysis is based on one asking a number of important questions in advance and then considering how that will affect you and your most likely answers are and subsequent actions to take to deal with it: - What exactly happened? (This may not be something that you will find out for a while) - What are the results of the emergency event? (Failure of electrical power, contaminated water, no cellular service, nuclear fallout, martial law imposed, etc.?). - Where are you when “it” happened? (At home, at work, driving your car somewhere, traveling?). - Where did the emergency event occur? (The proximity to the event and where you and/or your family are at that time?) - Did you have any advanced warning and if so, how much? (Most likely for a severe weather storm event or health pandemic) - Do you decide to stay in your home or evacuate to some other place? (Depends on advanced warning, congested traffic conditions, gasoline availability, etc.) Type of disaster: I am concerned that the combination of natural and man-made carbon dioxide and methane gas being released into our atmosphere that is contributing to the acceleration of global climate change and what that may mean for the frequency and severity of our weather systems and events. Also, disaster can occur from not just Mother Nature, but from a terrorist-generated event, either physical or cyber, affecting our power grid, water supply and communications systems. Or it could be a health pandemic that rapidly spreads, forcing people to stay at home. Another worst-case scenario would be attempting to deal with the aftermath of a single or multiple EMP attack on our country that destroys the capability of almost all electronic equipment to function. In addition, a national and/or international economic crisis could also perpetuate a rapid downward spiral of our society, pushing us into another Great Depression with grave consequences for all of us. If the inequality of the classes continues to broaden, it could eventually lead to progressively worse protests, demonstrations, riots and escalating civil disobedience and unrest that may potentially become something much worse for the existence of our country as we know it. Finally, I share the concerns advocated Elon Musk and the late Stephen Hawking about how we all need to become aware of, understand the ramifications and be wary of the potential negative effects of the progress of artificial intelligence (AI) in our society and what that could mean for mankind… Stay / Bug-In: I am assuming that in most emergency events that we would be able to stay in our home and ride it out for approximately two (2) weeks. Our “lesson learned” from Super Strom Sandy was/is that we now have a minimum of 2 weeks’ worth of unrefrigerated canned food and water, along with an alternative food cooking/heating option. When the weather report indicates a possible strong storm approaching our area, I will fill up all of our vehicles gasoline tanks, as well as 5-gallon gas jug. I also fill up a 10-gallon water container and get a sufficient amount of cash from our bank’s ATM. In the worst-case scenario, we also have multiple firearms, sufficient ammunition and the knowledge and practice on how to properly and safely store them and if need be, to use them effectively for self-defense. In this relatively short scenario, we would help our friends and neighbors to the best of our ability, taking a "we are all in this together" attitude. Leave / Bug Out: If we chose not to stay in our home and/or a mandatory evacuation is required, we have a Plan A and a Plan B on where we would go, or at least try to go. This begins with having one vehicle, fully fueled with all-wheel drive and good tires with room for us and key items. We have prepared key survival items in “Go Bags”, (that actually turned into multiple bags and now is our “Go Luggage”), along with a list of items to take in case we need to evacuate our home. The degree of the emergency will be predicated on the extent and severity of the power outage or unexpected situation. Is it limited to being local in our neighborhood or town, or just in our county, or is it broader, i.e. state-wide or say the northeast U.S. or the entire country…? That reality will certainly influence one’s “bugging out” options and whether realistically it makes sense to even leave your home to attempt to go someplace else. Keep in mind that we are living in NJ, the most densely populated state in the country. So it is best to assume that all roads will be experiencing very heavy traffic that will be crawling along or clogged with many others in their vehicles with the same idea. What happens when you run out of gas? Will you possibly be worse off in that situation, if you have yet to reach your desired destination? Where is your destination? A second home, rural cabin, friend’s home, hotel/motel, campground? A rational weighing of the options, accepting the realistic chances for success and all of the various possibilities of what could go wrong, will be necessary to make the best possible choice of what to do. After 2 weeks: Ultimately, I think most of us should be fine for up to two weeks without electricity. During that second week, let alone beyond, the main concern will be for obtaining all forms of food and potable drinking water. Many people, primarily city-dwellers, who do not have the space to stock up and store an adequate supply of both will be the first to panic. They will run out sooner and when they become desperate they will start by looting local stores and then things will rapidly deteriorate and general respect for civil order and law-abiding society will crumble. This will result in gang rampages through apartment buildings, targeting the elderly and defenseless first to rob whatever food and supplies they can get. While we in suburbia think we are far enough away from this mob scene, we may be kidding ourselves. Most suburbs are not realistically defendable from the onslaught of desperate refuges from the more urban cities and ring towns and will be overrun by these people seeking safe food and water and will do horrible terrorizing things to others to obtain them. Desperate former urbanites will become the real zombies attacking others, first in the suburbs and then in the more rural areas. Even with firearms and ammunition, the number of these desperate people will overwhelm most family’s ability to defend what little they have left. Keep in mind that not everyone is predisposed to preparing in advance for a long-term crisis without electrical power. Not everyone has the physical and financial resources to prepare for these “what if” scenarios and they will become equally desperate, just as fast as their urban brethren and may be knocking on your door, or worse, sooner than you think. Bigger Questions: As far as the extreme “preppers” seen in these silly television programs and YouTube videos, I always ask myself what are they going to do once they eventually run out of their incredible stock of supplies in 6,9, 12 or 18 months? If our society breaks down to such a degree that our population is in a mass panic, with chaotic disorder being the norm, where rule of law has disappeared and civilization as we have come to know it no longer exists, who would want to live in that type of world? What’s the point? Survival for what purpose? At that point, let’s all enjoy each other’s companionship, both intimate, social and intellectual, augmented by some of the finer man-made luxuries, such as some fine liquor, non-spoiled food, cigars and other selected pharmaceuticals and make what little time left in this world as pleasant as possible. As others have stated, I also believe it is prudent that we all prepare for surviving and protecting our respective families for a reasonable amount of time after some form of disaster. There are plenty of real and possible man-made and natural threats to our families, state and country, some within our control and others beyond it and future generations will have a bigger challenge. I strongly believe that it is important that we not live our lives in a state of perpetual paranoia, fear, dread or depression, due to thinking about "what bad things could possibly happen". I realize that the odds of them happening anytime soon are quite small. So, I just try to remind myself to be most thankful for what we have, including our health, family and what we have all worked hard to achieve and obtain. I appreciate waking up every day realizing that it is another opportunity to learn and enjoy ourselves and others while we are alive and, if possible, contribute something that in some way is or will be beneficial to our society that will last once we are gone. AVB-AMG
  9. If anyone is interested, I have a very detailed, extensive list of what I decided to include in our "GO BAGS". That project sort of snowballed and we now have more than one GO BAG. Actually, we have five (5) GO BAGS filled with different items, so I just refer to them now as our GO LUGGAGE.... (Send me a PM if really interested in this list). Clearly all of these GO BAGS would go into our all-wheel drive, fully gassed "evacuation" vehicle, since all of the sherpa paid help will have abandoned us in an SHTF situation. But they also are a dedicated resource if we most likely determine to BUG IN and stay in our home, depending on what resources and utilities are still available. AVB-AMG
  10. @Mrs. Peel: You knew exactly what you were doing... Therefore, it is not the fault of @Krdshrk, since he just beat the rest of us to it.... A provocative photograph of a young tanned, attractive woman with sexy tight abbs and a handgun tucked in her waistband..... What's not to like...? You know that as much as we attempt to be civilized, mature, erudite, gentlemen, all of us guys have a portion of our brains that have not really evolved over 100's of years and at times we act just like dogs..... (We just do not express it out loud, like you know who did on the bus with B.B....) AVB-AMG
  11. @High Exposure & @fishnut: Damn....! That was fast.... I have no idea if you guys are correct but will trust both of your keen eyes and identification ability and believe you guys are correct, unless someone else can prove you wrong... Thanks... AVB-AMG
  12. Of course, I assume the Trump shirt..... Ok, so to all of you handgun experts, what is the make and model of the handgun tucked into the waist of her white jeans? AVB-AMG
  13. @Zeke: Since you asked, I have never had, nor do I think that I ever will subscribe to purely social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or others that are like them. I have never felt the need to use those services to communicate with my friends and relatives, since email and texting with them has proven to be perfectly sufficient for me. I have never understood the willingness of so many people who do subscribe to these services to either unwittingly or naively share their very personal information and data on a platform that has long been known to mine that information and sell it for a profit. Now, having said that, I do use LinkedIn professionally as a network of business associates. I have found that it is a good way to maintain less frequent contacts, as well as to scope out potential customers work and education history, prior to meeting with them. Finally, of course, I also frequent NJGF, which in one way, is an alternative to Facebook, with a narrower, more special interest focused audience and forum for what at times may possibly be more enlightened public discourse, (or not). Facebook is operated as an anti-competitive monopoly. It relies on software and practices that disallow theoretical competitors from directly interacting with it, thereby locking out other personal social media businesses from partaking with members of that lucrative market. The truth is that Facebook has been getting away with murder for quite some time. It's a lot easier when there are hardly any regulations over them and their management does not care whether they are damaging the fabric of our society, as long as the money keeps rolling in, which it certainly has over the past 14 years. One could argue that this is the price that we pay as a society for having greed the prime motivation in our economic system. We saw that greed in action with the mortgage/housing collapse and financial industry meltdown in 2008. I agree with the opinions on this topic expressed in this thread by @Howard, that there needs to be accountability for truth telling and that means imposing some appropriate level of federal regulation. To that end I would also suggest that content needs to be designated as either "fact" and/or "opinion". Providers violating those designations would be booted off the platform and/or fined in ways that would impose a legitimate deterrent. We know that Facebook’s management either ignored or was oblivious to how foreign entities manipulated the service in the 2016 Presidential election. According to Roger McNamee, an early Facebook investor and Board member, both Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg were well aware of the use of the Facebook platform by foreigners to influence that election, and they deliberately failed to take any actions that would adversely affect their revenue streams. Over a period of 3 months in mid-2016, Mr. McNamee tried to convince both of them to report the facts to Federal officials, and they refused to do so. It is shameful that the actions of Facebook's top executives have consistently shown their unwillingness to take user privacy as seriously as is warranted. Here is a recent interview with McNamee where he states his actions and concerns: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/03/22/roger-mcnamee-self-inflicted-wounds-are-killing-facebook.html IMHO, the current business model of Facebook will never align with users' interests. I also agree with what @mossburger said in his post regarding Facebook: “you are not the customer, you are the product”. Facebook's actual customers are the companies/entities that pay them to place advertisements on Facebook. Their company culture has evolved and is now centered on data harvesting with minimal restrictions and has only ever been modified very reluctantly when forced by public pressure. Mark Zuckerberg’s current Mea culpa tour of Capitol Hill and testimony before the Congressional Committees is pure theatrical damage control. Cynically, I would not be surprised if both Zuckerberg and Sandberg fully expected and have planned for some form of regulation over Facebook, which they could deal with, that would also establish one more hurdle for any would be social media competitor. At this point, I think that Facebook needs to replace its business model since as it currently is, it cannot be "fixed". The current model pits the interests of the company’s executives and shareholders against its users. Any major modifications that alter the collection and management of user data will lower their revenues. Therefore, I think the solution may be two-fold: First, Congress should pass legislation to regulate these type of social media platforms, placing stringent boundaries and penalties for breaking them, on their harvesting and sharing their users private information. Secondly, since it is quite apparent that so many subscribers are by now, sufficiently addicted to Facebook, that realistically, they should and would pay to use that service. This major revision of their business model would greatly diminish their reliance on selling the private information of subscribers to advertisers, while still harvesting solid profits. AVB-AMG
  14. @TheShootist: Damn...! Look who reappeared with his "ball" and wants to play again in the NJGF playground. Interesting post....and I am accused of being verbose....? Now if you had any semblance of irony, you would have posted your response one week ago today, which was Good Friday. That way at least we could celebrate your good timing to celebrate the "raising of the dead"!. I have already made all of the points that I intend to make regarding my beliefs and interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, as well as the SCOTUS, so I will let others discuss your points, if they so desire. @Mrs. Peel: Better sharpen your keyboard fingers..... Let the games begin! AVB-AMG
  15. @High Exposure: I dare say that if someone were to walk into the Summit Diner and ask for a pork roll, egg & cheese on a roll, that the waitress or the guys behind the counter would just stop in their tracks, give you a dumbfounded look and shake their heads..... While all of the other patrons sigh and chuckle at the clueless person.... AVB-AMG