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  1. @fishnut: or at least a graphic news story tomorrow morning of a really bad automobile accident...... AVB-AMG @9X19: Well, it has turned into a.....
  2. @voyager9" I immediately was thinking about that same horrific accident.... you beat me to it! AVB-AMG
  3. @USRifle30Cal: ABV = Alcohol By Volume..... AVB-AMG
  4. @USRifle30Cal: Bravo Sir.....! AVB-AMG
  5. @JHZR2 and @JackDaWack: I do not know where you two are getting your information from, but the current facts are that the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), derive most of their GDP from tourism, trade and rum production. While the government is the single largest employer, approx. 80% of the USVI residents are employed in service industries. The most recent statistics show that approximately 2,400,000 – 2,900,000 tourists visit the USVI annually, primarily from cruise ships. While it has been a number of years since I was in St. Thomas or the British Virgin Islands, I fondly remember the beauty of their white sand beaches and light aqua blue water. The Zica virus, was big news in the second half of 2018 and did negatively affect tourism somewhat, but tourism was rebounding in 2019. Also, the USVI are quite vulnerable to damage from storms, as evidenced by the destruction from two major Category 5 hurricanes, (Irma and Maria), back in Sept. 2017. The heavy winds and flooding rains inflicted severe damage to building structures, roads, the airport, as well as communications and electricity. While the rebuilding and recovery have continued, the estimated cost to fully rebuild is almost $8 billion. How can anyone think that the temporary ceasing of operations by the cruise ship industry will not dramatically hurt, not just the USVI, but other Bahamian and Caribbean islands. That, followed by the natural fear of the general public regarding cruising anywhere, based on recent horror stories of passengers being quarantined on ships, which in turn become incubators for the spread of viruses, will greatly reduce the number of people choosing to go on a cruise for their vacation for quite some time. The main point here is that the COVID-19 virus pandemic is going to have a major negative impact on almost all countries, corporations, large and small businesses, in addition to adversely affecting our daily lives and should not be dismissed in a ignorant and cavalier manner. AVB-AMG
  6. Go ahead and keep sipping your Planter’s Punch on your vacation trip, sounding like an “Ugly American”, speculating like an ignorant pompous ass.... Or you could try feeling and having some empathy and compassion for the very real and valid concerns expressed by both the island residents and other tourists, regarding the fall-our of the COVID-19 virus... The Bahamas and other Caribbean islands all depend on much of there income from the tourists industry, followed by exporting sugar cane and rum. The COVID-19 virus is the second of a nasty one-two punch they have received after the devastation of recent hurricanes. The short term elimination of arriving passengers from cruise ships and spending their tourist dollars, will hit then very hard financially. The residents of these islands know they are screwed for the foreseeable future! AVB-AMG
  7. Back in mid-Feb. I decided to research and educate myself on the differences of the various disposable respirator masks, with the intention on purchasing some for us. I decide upon getting a number of 3M P95 Particulate Respirators, (Model 8577). Compared to N95 respirator masks, the P95 masks have a broader spectrum of protection that surpasses that of N95 masks, to include oily-based particles. Also, the P95 masks have a 40-hour service life, as opposed to only 8-hours for the N95 masks. While I hope we will not need to use them, I can envision us wearing these masks when we have to fly on an airplane or use other mass transportation. Amazon was already sold out, but I was able to find them on eBay. They ordinarily sell for $9.00 for a 2-pack. Of course, the sellers had already started to greedily mark up the price. I ended up paying $24.00/each for two 2-packs. Now, it is almost impossible to find these respirators anywhere for any remotely reasonable price. AVB-AMG
  8. @Sniper and @raz-0: Of course, Trump did not “single handedly create the virus”, but his inaction and decisions regarding it have exacerbated the spread of the virus in our country. No, I do not think that Trump and his administration took the COVID-19 virus seriously when it was first revealed in China and then in subsequent weeks as it was spreading. Yes, I do think that most other politicians would have had a much different and more careful approach towards addressing the COVID-19 virus, than Trump’s initial dismissive approach. Being the self-centered person, he is, Trump did not want to raise concern about an impending health crisis that could most likely cause the stock market to puke, which in turn could put our country’s economy into recession and therefore seriously jeopardize his chances for re-election. He and his administration did not push to have COVID-19 test kits manufactured and distributed in large quantities because, without testing there would be no way to verify how many U.S. citizens have this virus, so he could continue to downplay it. FYI, many U.S. hospitals requested diagnostic tests back in January, or the right to create their own tests. But the Trump administration ignored those requests until late February and that is part of the reason the U.S. is currently behind in testing. Also, had the CDC's office for pandemic response not been de-funded by Trump in 2018, it is reasonable to believe the U.S. response would have been much prompter. Are you aware that Trump's fiscal year 2021 budget proposal included a 16% reduction in CDC funding from the 2020 spending levels? So yes, anyone else would have responded better that Trump did. Trump of course has abandoned his attempt to call the COVID-19 virus a “hoax” and is now forced to admit that it's a serious threat, but his earlier message has already done its damage, along with his devoted propagandists like Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs who even now continue to downplay the dangers. The NIH's Dr Fauci had to correct Hannity on the air last night when Hannity, determined to downplay the danger in order to buff Trump's image, was spinning that the virus was no more dangerous than the flu. Trump himself can certainly be held responsible for his contradictory and self-congratulatory advice to the public, and for his general inability to consult American and world experts who don't bow and scrape before his "very stable genius." Is this what you mean when you say that this pandemic “is not being taken seriously by this administration…”? If so, you and others who agree with your incorrect statements are the blind idiots. Politics should not be an issue when a health crisis arises that affects all of us, but unfortunately, this president and his administration and his enablers at Fox News have made their choices based on pure self-serving political motivations and not on the general welfare of all Americans. Because of the current incompetent occupant of the White House, I will focus on reading and listening to others within our government to obtain factual information about the growing COVID-19 pandemic. So aside from taking care of myself and following all of the now published and promoted safety precautions, the people who I will look to and trust to provide honest, truthful factual information are the educated experts, such as Senior Doctors and Medical Researchers; CDC and NIH spokespersons: State and local public health officials and finally, my Doctor. AVB-AMG
  9. @Malsua: Thank you for your informative descriptive post with very sobering graphic images. It is not very hard to know what is going on if one is proactively paying attention and seeking out by reading/watching a variety of international news sources reporting the facts in their regions and countries. All of us U.S. citizens should be very concerned about this rapidly spreading pandemic and take all of the recommended safety precautions. While the canceling of various large group events is unfortunate, it is prudent to be safe. Over a week and a half ago, I said that from the day Donald Trump was elected, some of us stated how concerned we were(are), on how he and his administration would deal with a real crisis, not of his own making. Remarkably, we have survived 3 years without finding out….until now. Prior to this, every serious problem facing the Trump administration, from trade wars to confrontation with North Korea and Iran, has been self-created. But the coronavirus is looking as if it might be the test we’ve been fearing. Those who perpetuate the coronavirus (COVID-19) denial or dismissive of its lethality, is just the latest battle in a long-term war on truth in this country and the very idea that there exists an inconvenient objective reality. We should be able to trust that some matters, especially public health, are so important that they would transcend political party affiliation. Yet Republican leaders, led by President Trump, are treating coronavirus more like a political controversy than a potentially deadly pathogen. However lethal the illness proves to be in the long run, our nation has been infected by Republican cynicism that is putting Trump’s re-election bid above our well-being. I watched/listened to Trump’s Wed. evening address and was grateful that he finally had the appropriate tone and finally taking the COVID-19 virus seriously. But, alas, I was disappointed by his proposed actions. His main response was to end travel from Europe. But at this point epidemiologists believe we may well have tens of thousands of infected people already in the United States, yet no one has any idea because of the catastrophic failure of testing. So, stopping additional arrivals from Europe is much less significant than the steps we take here in the U.S. to end public events and encourage people to work from home. One thing we learned from the AIDS epidemic is that you can't deal with a health crisis if no one knows who's infected. Yet America still has no idea how many people have the virus. There is a valid argument that one of the most glaring failures our country’s handling of this pandemic is our mishandling of testing. The World Health Organization offered the U.S. diagnostic tests, and our government refused. Meanwhile, the U.S. bungled the development of tests so that we have much less testing than in other countries. I am relieved to learn that Johns Hopkins Medicine, Stanford University and University of Washington are all moving forward in developing their own tests for the COVID-19 virus, but the government has limited them in how and where they can be used. And the government says it is against drive-through testing, (which is critical to avoid contaminating clinics), because it wants to preserve the doctor-patient relationship. I'm not making this up…. This pandemic is a long-overdue, huge slap-in-the-face, wake-up call for ALL of us. The coronavirus has us finally understanding and accepting that we are all in the same boat together and we are taking on water. It is time for everyone to start bailing or start swimming. BTW, our proverbial boat is called planet Earth. Now just a month and a half away from Earth Day 2020, we might look up from our cache of prepper supplies, put down the Purell and think a bit about fixing the leaking boat carrying us all through space. There is no Planet B….. AVB-AMG
  10. @W2MC: and this is your and many other Trump supporters view of the world:
  11. @GRIZ: No I cannot, since I agree with your key point that the building should somehow relate to its function. Where many folks disagree is predicated by their learned visual associations for those building functions, based on historical precedent as well as their willingness/openness to consider new approaches, forms and materials to be used in the design of new buildings. For some of the general public, they are most comfortable with the established image(s) they have for specific building functions, (you, @Mrs. Peel, and some others here on NJGF), while others are not absolutely married to the just basing the design of a new, contemporary building on historical images and preconceptions of what a building "should look like". The advances made in materials, communications, power, interior air temperature and quality control, sustainability and of course, initial construction cost, as well as life-cycle maintenance costs, are all factors that today's architects and design teams have to and do take into consideration when designing both privately and publicly funded buildings. Speaking of motorcycles, back in the summer of 2017, I went on a two-week road trip through 7 U.S. states, east of the Mississippi River, visiting 17 different automobile/motorcycle museums. You, and some others here may find these images interesting, that I took, (except that the first photo is a cut&paste from the Wikipedia site for this museum). For motorcycle enthusiasts, if you have the chance, I highly recommend visiting the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: AVB-AMG
  12. Don't take Zeke's ribbing too seriously....
    I think that Zeke just likes to bust your, (and my) chops, as often as he can....
    FYI, I learned a number of things from you when we met at that range awhile back and then shared beers afterwards.


    1. DirtyDigz


      Heh, no worries AVB - I like rib Zeke right back.  I actually enjoyed talking with you and Griz that evening!

  13. @Handyman: You may be surprised to learn that most of my family, friends and work colleagues in the commercial, large-scale A/E/C industry, are basically politically moderate centrists, ranging from center-left to center-right. They are either Independents, Democrats or (pre-Trump) Republicans. Interestingly, just about all of my friends and professional colleagues who are foreign- born and not U.S. citizens, do not care for our current POTUS. AVB-AMG
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