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  1. @mustang69: ok, you have a good point... Silly Scary! AVB-AMG
  2. @JackDaWack: I vote for politicians who have a track record and stated beliefs and values that I share, FOR THE MOST PART. There are very few people who have run for political office with whom I agree with on everything, nor do I expect that there ever will be. I am not a one-issue voter and you know that I support all of our 2nd Amendment rights. BTW, there are others here who seem to appreciate the approach that I took on this thread topic and share my sentiments. Also, I do not think that I am alone either in re-discovering just how expensive different 10-round magazines are today. So, you fin that "It's a little insulting personally". You are free to feel indignant if that is your prerogative. if I wanted to insult you personally I would, but what is the point and where does that get us...? AVB-AMG
  3. @JackDaWack: and all the best to you too....... Yeah, it is all MY fault...Right...! AVB-AMG
  4. Well, over the past month, I gathered up all of my 15 round magazines and took them down to our place in North Carolina. I also ordered and have received a number of 10-round magazines for my different hand guns that need them and it turned out to be a rather expensive decision. While I agree with those who say that the chances of any LEO's searching your home for these now illegal gun magazines, either intentionally or due to some other reason, is highly unlikely, I am not comfortable breaking this stupid new law. What specifically concerns me more is that when I am traveling from my home, to and from a gun range with my guns and magazines, if by chance I am involved in some form of automobile accident, then it is conceivable that compliance with this silly new law could become an issue. So I decided not to take any chances and bit the bullet, (sorry, I could not resist.....), and banished my 15 rounders and purchased a bunch of legally compliant 10 rounders for my various handguns. I do think that in the coming years many if not most of NJ's ridiculous gun laws will ultimately be ruled unconstitutional and will be overturned. But until that day arrives and as long as we are residents of NJ, I will abide by the law. While the chances of being caught are extremely slim, if you are caught, then you are screwed. Why take that chance...? AVB-AMG
  5. @Handyman: What.... no party? BTW, I love escargot..... AVB-AMG
  6. @Kevin125 I know you can do better than that.... Budweiser is the absolute symbol of the low quality of American macro beers. The next time you see a television commercial of a Hollywood actor asking for ‘a Bud’, just know that he is just perpetuating the commercialized myth of a masculine American patriot who wants to show his manliness by drinking the piss of all national symbols at once: the American eagle, the mountain lion and the skunk. You have plenty of other much better alternative choices of American craft beers to choose from so go out and enjoy the beverage exploration. Maybe even, (God forbid...), try a foreign brewed beer.... AVB-AMG
  7. et avec cela je vous dis tous au revoir depuis que je suis au lit pour obtenir mon sommeil de beauté... AVB-AMG
  8. Does this make me look fat....??? AVB-AMG
  9. I prefer classic style over fashion.......
  10. Ok, how about: Head Cape or Cerebrum Cloak or Tippet Towel or Noggin Poncho or Hat Wrap
  11. @GRIZ: So there you go.... you have training with French weapons. I'll. provide the wine and cheese... @Zeke will provide the croissants and of course, I am sure that @Handyman will be more than happy to give us a glorious send off party celebration.... We are all set to participate in the next French Revolution, on one side or the other, (T.B.D.) AVB-AMG
  12. @GRIZ: Also, I think the three of us would look rather dashing with a certain je ne sais quoi, wearing the distinctive French Foreign Legion kepi chapeau with the neck drape. AVB-AMG
  13. @GRIZ:Well, that probably makes two of us.... but at least we can sing along.....! AVB-AMG
  14. @GRIZ: As I watched on television yesterday, the remembrance ceremony at Pearl Harbor, it was amazing to see the remaining survivors at their advanced age, who were healthy enough to attend, It was a very moving image.... AVB-AMG
  15. of course, once over there and being exposed to all of the wonderful French food and wine, that is taxed up the wazoo, we just might be convinced and co-opted to join the revolutionary forces and sing our way to victory...... AVB-AMG