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  1. I originally posted this in another thread and realize that it is relevant to be repeated here. AVB-AMG I have read (listening to the audio book versions) of the following books, both fiction and non-fiction, that chronicle what the effects of an EMP attack would be and how our country would most likely react: - Lights Out: A Cyberattack, a Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath by Ted Kopple - One Second After by William R. Forstchen - One Year After: A Novel by William R. Forstchen My synopsis: Very, very sobering and depressing…. The first is a “what if” scenario of the loss of electric power regionally or even nationally, while the last two are fictionalized novels about the aftermath of an electric magnetic pulse (EMP) caused by multiple nuclear warheads being detonated at a high altitude over the continental United States. All three present a very sobering, logical, feasible and frightening vision of how our fellow Americans would act and react under such circumstances over a period of several days, weeks, months and finally two years later. It is not an encouraging story line and very alarming due to the realization that such an event not only could happen, but may possibly happen in our life time. I know I am not alone here in my frustration with how our American society and culture has devolved over the past 30-40 years. How the choices of our elected leaders have squandered tax payers money and ignored more important and vital issues. As well as how our elected officials may possibly be aware of many of these important issues of vulnerability and exposure, but choose to ignore them and do nothing constructive. or selfishly just pursue avenues for their own self-interest. Looking to our government or commercial private industry to take steps to prevent the adverse effects of an EMP attack, is most likely not realistic. This may sound fatalistic, but I believe that the vast majority of American’s today are clueless about what could happen and may happen and have chosen to be ignorant. They are just satisfied to spend their free time when not working to be entertained and, like sheep, just pursue short term gratification by partaking in our out-of-control consumer society, wasting their money buying all sorts of unnecessary crap and idolizing silly celebrities and professional athletes. That is their choice and because so many citizens are doing that I think we are totally screwed as a superpower and will continue our downward slide. Relating back to the topic of this thread, I continue to want to take what I consider the prudent measures in case of a localized emergency event, to hunker down at home (in place), if possible, as opposed to bugging out, with supplies and equipment to last for between 2 weeks, possibly up to 4 weeks. For most anticipated human caused or Mother Nature caused local or regional disasters, this should suffice. But if we are subjected to an EMP attack, I do not think the outcome will be good, let alone sustainable by most Americans. Basically, I am not confident at all that we will survive in any semblance of our current culture and society. I say this due to these concerns: - Living in suburban NJ, availability of food will become a paramount issue sooner than in other areas. - This will be followed by the issue of the availability or lack thereof of safe drinking water and electricity and other fuels. - The density of NJ, and the close proximity to Newark and New York City, will mean that those people who run out of either food and/or water will panic and become desperate and will seek both and do horrible terrorizing things to others to obtain them. - Even with firearms and ammunition, the number of these desperate people will overwhelm most family’s ability to defend what little they have left for any length of time. - Most suburbs are not realistically defendable from the onslaught of desperate refuges from the more urban cities and ring towns and will be overrun by these people. Desperate former urbanites will become the real zombies attacking others, first in the suburbs and then in the more rural areas.
  2. AVB-AMG


    FYI – I thought some of you might be interested in an article in Wednesday’s (2/13/19) New York Times about this forums favorite and enduring, if not polarizing subject. Below is the article that I have cut and pasted for your benefit. AVB-AMG A Jewish Bakery Adopts the Pork Roll*, Egg and Cheese By Pete Wells February 13, 2018 Pete Wells extols a breakfast treat on a bialy at Shelsky’s Brooklyn Bagels. While Shelsky’s Brooklyn Bagels offers the pork roll, egg and cheese on the traditional kaiser roll or bagel, the best iteration just may be on a bialy.CreditCreditMoya McAllister for The New York Times It is a safe guess that the Eastern European Jews who brought the bialy from Bialystok to New York City, piecing back together the recipe for this plain but beguiling dimpled roll in their new world after fleeing their old one, did not do it so that one day it could be sliced open and stuffed with a New Jersey pork sausage that comes in a cloth sack. To be fair, this was not the original plan at Shelsky’s Brooklyn Bagels, either. The idea was to serve pork roll, egg and cheese sandwiches on a kaiser roll or one of the bakery’s palm-size, hand-rolled bagels. Peter Shelsky, the bakery’s owner, grew up in Manhattan, but he knew that some good things come from New Jersey, particularly pork roll, which he wanted to sell in the mornings. *Also known as Taylor ham, (for those who are more enlightened about their processed food products....), pork roll is a cured, smoked and cooked meat product that has the tightly pebbled appearance of engineered stone, like a Corian countertop made of flesh. Pressing sliced pork roll on a hot griddle intensifies its saltiness while giving it a hint of a crust that contrasts attractively with the slightly spongy interior. Griddled pork roll, combined with a cooked egg and a slice of American cheese, is eaten across New Jersey as a breakfast sandwich. Usually it is found on a kaiser roll. Sometimes it is seen on a bagel. But some Shelsky’s customers requested it on a freshly baked bialy, and others followed, and now pork roll sandwiches made on bialys are nearly as popular as the ones made on rolls, with bagels a distant third. The bialy might have been custom-made for the job, particularly the ones at Shelsky’s, which are baked to a darker brown, their thumbprint divots filled with a more robustly caramelized onion confit, than garden-variety bialys. Both traits are intensified if you have the bialy thoroughly toasted, as the person behind the counter will almost certainly recommend. $6.50 at Shelsky’s Brooklyn Bagels, 453 Fourth Avenue (10th Street), Park Slope, Brooklyn; 718-855-8814; shelskys.com.
  3. AVB-AMG

    Walking Dead...things that annoy me

    @remixer We could, but I do not think it is expensive enough for our federal government to truly consider...... AVB-AMG
  4. AVB-AMG

    Walking Dead...things that annoy me

    @remixer We are not the only ones who have observed this simplistic design on TWD and have commented on it. FWIW - Below is a sketch section diagram created by someone who has put more thought into what a preferable, as well as more effective design for a protective wall would entail, that could conceivable be constructed by the survivors in Alexandria: AVB-AMG
  5. AVB-AMG

    Walking Dead...things that annoy me

    @AlDente67 As an Architect myself, I wondered the same thing when they first encountered the fortified planned, sustainable suburban town of Alexandria. It really was overkill to have diagonal structural steel beam supports, serving as buttresses, on both the inside and outside of the corrugated metal wall. It clearly presented an obvious potential means for other hostile humans, outside the town, to more easily climb up and over the protective walls. Using the buttressed members just on the inside, spaced closer together and laterally braced together, would have been sufficient structurally to do the job of supporting this wall. Go figure...?? @Danno Ha, ha... That is one of the first things I asked myself as well. They would be able to travel much farther using less energy if they scavenged up any number of available bicycles. Also, if they wanted to they could pull make-shift carts behind their bikes with all of their survival stuff and food. Go figure. @Old Glock guy Yes, it is Hollywood TV entertainment, but I am with you and was questioning the premise of the logical and rational existence of the zombies as well. In TWD, they never did attempt to explain how this sudden and fast spreading pandemic started and whether or not it was confined to the continental U.S. Then, in subsequent episodes, we learn that everyone on earth is now already infected with this virus, so that when they die they will very quickly turn into a zombie. How is this even remotely possible...??? Also, from the beginning of this TV series, I was wondering why do these dead folks, (Zombies), have to eat flesh of a human or animal? After all, they do not have a functioning digestive system....they are dead!!! As we have seen on many occasions, many of the zombies have had their stomachs and/or intestines gorged out or suitably destroyed, so where is the flesh they presumably "eat" going in their bodies and for what purpose....??? It is not as if they need nourishment of food and water, like a living human... If you think through any of this, it does not make much sense! Ok...ok, it is make-believe entertainment. I get it. For those of you who are movie buffs, you may remember the 1968 George Romero film that introduced flesh-eating zombies, called Night of the Living Dead. It is considered the Grand Daddy of the zombie film genre. In addition to TWD series, we have seen subsequent zombie films of various quality including the relatively recent World War Z. At least in the World War Z movie, the writers provided the audience with the premise that zombies do not have conscious thought or any cognitive problem solving ability since they do not actually think. It was further explained that the virus would reactivate the most primitive portions of the brain of a dead person. They included the following: - the motor cortex, so that the zombie could walk, move arms and hands and bite things. - the sensory cortex, so that the zombie can see, hear, and smell its prey. - the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls hunger, which in this case never shuts off so the zombie is always hungry and always will bite humans and animals. I guess that the writers of TWD just assumed that their audience would also be aware of this descriptive understanding of zombies, but it really is a big leap of faith, IMHO. But in the name of entertainment, I do accept, with a leap of intellect-denying faith, that these zombies do exist in this Hollywood film and television dramas fictionalized apocalyptic world. As a number of us have discussed in the "NJ Prepared" forum here on NJGF, I would be much more concerned and afraid of who the real "zombies" would be in a real life SHTF scenario. As a probable consequence of either an EMP attack or a massive, country-wide and prolonged electrical power failure, the real zombies would be humans. Humans from the inner large cities, who after less than two weeks, have become desperate for finding additional food and potable water in order to survive. These urban dwellers would quickly shed our historically accepted and practiced modern norms of civil, law-abiding society in their frantic search for food and water. They would quickly degenerate into like-minded mobs or gangs, intent on looting and scavenging wherever and from whomever they can forcibly obtain both of these basic necessities. Having said all this, I will admit that I am hooked out of continued curiosity, having faithfully watched every episode of TWD from Season 1 / Episode 1 through Season 9 / Episode 8 and will record the remaining episodes of Season 9 and watch them when I have time. FWIW, my favorite characters that I enjoy watching, are Darrell and Carol, who I consider to both be truly independent and self-sufficient mavericks who know how to fight and survive, yet have not completely lost their moral and ethical compass, but will do what they have to in order to protect themselves and other members of their extended survivalist family/tribe. FYI - I read today that TWD series has been renewed for a 10th season, which I find really ludicrous since they should just end it with a final episode in Season 9, IMHO. Time to put this zombie series to bed.....! AVB-AMG
  6. GoFundMe "Trump Wall" campaign to refund all donors after falling short of $1 billion goal Here is an update from January 12, 2019 from CBS News (link at the bottom of the transcript) As you will see, there are some interesting and disturbing aspects to this guy Brian Kolfage: AVB-AMG A GoFundMe campaign to subsidize what it called "the Trump Wall" will refund all money to donors because it did not meet its $1 billion goal, said Bobby Whithorne, director of North America Communications for GoFundMe. Donors will receive their money on April 11, unless they choose to donate their contribution to the campaign creator's new venture, GoFundMe said in an email to the campaign's participants. Brian Kolfage, a triple-amputee Air Force veteran, raised more than $20 million on the crowd-funding platform to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. At the onset of the campaign, Kolfage said he would only collect the funds if the campaign hit its goal of $1 billion — about one-fifth of what President Trump has been demanding from Congress to build it. "However, that did not happen. This means all donors will receive a refund," Whithorne said in an email to CBS News. The refund announcement came a day after BuzzFeed News reported that Kolfage pocketed money in a previous GoFundMe campaign intended to help other wounded soldiers. Kolfage raised $16,246 for a veteran mentorship program, but BuzzFeed News reports that after collecting the funds, he didn't use the money as promised: none of the partners he claimed to have worked with — including Walter Reed, Brooke Army Medical Center and Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany — have any records that Kolfage worked with their patients or donated money, according to representatives at the centers that BuzzFeed News spoke to. In an update to donors Friday, Kolfage did not say missing the goal was the main reason for the refund. Instead, he pointed to government inefficiencies and the fact that the federal government "won't be able to accept our donations anytime soon." Kolfage gave donors the option of giving their GoFundMe contribution to himself and a team he assembled to privately construct the border wall. The group, a 501(c)(4), is called "We Build the Wall, Inc.," according to an email from GoFundMe to contributors. "Our highly experienced team is highly confident that we can complete significant segments of the wall in less time, and for far less money, than the federal government, while meeting or exceeding all required regulatory, engineering, and environmental specifications," Kolfage wrote in his update. According to the Internal Revenue Service, a 501(c)(4) is an non-profit "operated exclusively to promote social welfare." Donors will have to proactively opt to give the money to Kolfage; if they do nothing the money will automatically be returned, according to Whithorne. A spokesperson for Brian Kolfage, Jennifer Lawrence, did not immediately respond to emails seeking comment. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/border-wall-gofundme-gofundme-border-wall-campaign-to-refund-all-donors-after-falling-short-2019-01-11/
  7. AVB-AMG

    Traffic ticket- Failure to signal

    @GRIZ: Driving your Austin Healey must have been fun but I bet your back and body were a wreck at the end of each day of driving such a long distance. Ok, other than driving at or close to the posted speed limit, what is your strategy? AVB-AMG
  8. AVB-AMG

    Traffic ticket- Failure to signal

    @voyager9: While what you suggest may be possible and could work fine, it is way beyond my electronics expertise and something that I would not go to the trouble, let alone expense on modifying on my car, especially since it is a leased vehicle. Also, if what you suggest is done to the vehicle and their are any subsequent issues affecting any of the other electronics in the car, that modification may invalidate the manufacturer's warranty, an expensive roll of the dice on these higher end vehicles. AVB-AMG
  9. AVB-AMG

    Traffic ticket- Failure to signal

    @voyager9 At this point, I figured why lie about it. I was guilty of forgetting to turn them off before entering VA. The stupid irony was that I was not speeding, something that I told the Trooper. BTW, the Trooper does not have to be all that smart to look closely at the front grill of the car to eventually spot the location of each recessed laser jammer. Unlike remote radar detectors, (that I had in my previous AMG), that can be mounted behind the car's front grill, in order to be fully effective the laser jammers must not have any obstructions in front of them. The further recessed they are the narrower their "cone" of jamming the laser becomes.... AVB-AMG
  10. AVB-AMG

    Traffic ticket- Failure to signal

    @Fred2: You should be aware that some State Troopers are now using so-called Radar Detector Detectors made by Spectre ELITE to see which drivers are using radar detectors. Running your Radar Detector in VA is taking a big risk.... Also, in some cases, it has been reported that the LEO's may confiscate your windshield mounted radar detector as evidence. You are taking a big risk with your radar detector active while driving in VA. AVB-AMG
  11. AVB-AMG

    Traffic ticket- Failure to signal

    @Malsua: I have also been using WAZE while driving through VA, but probably due to the same brain fart on this last trip, did not open up that App on my iPhone. Shame on me.... BTW, if your vehicle has Apple CarPlay, you can run WAZE on it and it will show its screen information on your car's built in computer screen. AVB-AMG
  12. AVB-AMG

    Traffic ticket- Failure to signal

    Laser Jammer Ticket I received a traffic violation ticket just before Christmas. It was from a Virginia State Trooper in Accomac, VA and was for using my laser jammers to jam his vehicle speed detection laser gun. The irony was that I was not speeding and was only traveling two (2) mph over the posted speed limit of 55 mph. Several days before Christmas, my wife and I were both driving our respective cars from NJ down to NC to our vacation house where we were planning on hosting the extended family for Christmas. We had too much stuff, luggage, Christmas presents, food, etc., to all fit in one car, hence the need to take two cars. We take the route through DE, to Route 13 that goes north-south along the eastern shore of MD and VA, to the Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel to Norfolk, VA, then down to the Outer Banks of NC. Having done this trip countless times over the past 25 years, I am very aware of the locations of the usual speed traps and slow down accordingly. I know that radar detectors are illegal in the state of Virginia. I always stop at a location, either in MD or NC, prior to entering VA, to remove my windshield-mounted ESCORT MAX 360c radar/laser detector and connected ESCORT M1 dash cam combo. When I have that radar/laser detector mounted and activated, I also usually also have opened the Escort Live app on my iPhone to coordinate the GPS features and communicate with other users to get alerts of LEO locations ahead. As required by VA law, I store it in the far back of my SUV, unconnected to any power source and inaccessible to me the driver. I did that routine this time as well. At the same time, I usually also turn off the laser jammers. This time though, stupid me, I forgot to flip the on/off switch concealed under the dashboard of my separate, stealth, laser jammers, recessed mounted in the front grill of the SUV. My enjoyable drive on a bright sunny day, not speeding at all, listening to an audio book playing through the vehicle’s audio system, was interrupted by the repeated chirping sound, accompanied by a digitized audio voice warning of “laser detected”. At that moment, I realized that I had forgotten to turn off the laser jammers and instinctively reached down to flip the switch off. I did this and a moment later passed the gray colored Ford Crown Vic VA State Trooper parked on the right side of the road. I glanced at my speed and realized with much relief that I was not speeding at that moment. I had two vehicles behind me, including my wife in her car. I could see in my rear-view mirror that the VA State Trooper was pulling out onto the roadway in pursuit of “someone”, hoping it was not me. I, along with the two other cars behind me were in the right lane of this one-way, two-lane highway, (Rt. 13). The Trooper sped up and was tailing me in the left lane at my 7:00 o’clock position. He then pulled in behind me and turned on his flashing blue lights and we both pulled over to the side of the road in a safe spot. (FYI, on this trip, I had none of my firearms in my vehicle so that was not going to be an issue….). My wife pulled over in her car as well and parked behind him. He got out of his car and went over to my wife, who introduced herself as such. The Trooper barked at her to not park behind him and to pull up in front of me, which she did, which rattled her a bit. The Trooper came up to me, as I was following the proper procedure of having both hands on the steering wheel where he could see them, having already lowered my driver’s side window. He asked for the usual “License and registration please….”, which I gave him. He then followed by saying: “I have good news and bad news for you…. The good news is that your laser jammers are working as designed. The bad news is that they are illegal to us in Virginia….” I responded that I new from the posted signs at the state line that radar detectors were illegal in VA, but was unaware that laser jammers were also illegal in VA. (I know, I know… ignorance of the law is no defense….. but I was just being honest with him.) I told him that I was not speeding and he unsurprisingly responded: “How would I know, you were jamming my laser gun…..). At this point, another VA State Trooper with his blue lights flashing, pulled up behind the first Troopers car and joined him at my window. I asked the Trooper how he knew that it was me and not the other cars jamming his laser, since we were all close together. He said he just guessed that it was me since I had the “nicest” car with the widest tires. The other Trooper went up to the front of my SUV, bent down and located the two recessed laser jammers and then retrieved his digital SLR camera and started to photograph them for evidence. The first Trooper went back to his car and wrote a VA Uniform Summons for me “operate vehicle w/ laser jammers”, a violation of VA Law Section 46.2-1079. I asked what the monetary fine was for that offense and he, nor his partner said that they knew. I subsequently called the appropriate General District Court in Accomac, VA and learned that the fine is $101, but that no points are issued to your driving record. Once I was back in NJ, I wrote a check and mailed it to the Accomac courthouse, along with a copy of my signed/dated summons. I also contacted the NJ Commission of Motor Vehicles and was told that since laser detection and/or jamming is NOT illegal in New Jersey, that no points would be added to my driving record. Of course, I could not help myself and commented to both Troopers that VA should revise and update their road signage at the state line, to be clearer by saying something along the lines of “Use of any electronic devices to discover or impede LEO speed detection is illegal”. They both laughed said that VA is too cheap to invest in updated signs. They asked me what the little camera is for in the front center of my SUV’s grill. I explained that is to read roadside speed limit signs and immediately show that speed on the BMW head-up display on the lower inside of my windshield. They then asked why my wife was driving a separate car and not with me. I looked at them and grinned and said that “after many years, we both have learned that part of the success of a marriage includes separate bathrooms and separate cars….” They chuckled and said that in the future to make sure that I turn off my laser jammers before I enter VA, since some LEO’s may even try to remove them from my vehicle and confiscate them. I ensured they that I would do so, and off we went. Well, after the fact, I researched the current law on laser jamming in the U.S. I knew before that jamming radar has been outlawed federally in the U.S. but that jamming laser had not been specifically addressed and was, for the most part legal, except for states that had begun to enact laws and regulate against it. I learned that now, those states outlawing laser jamming include Virginia, as well as AL, CA, IL, MN, OK, NE, SC, TN, TX, UT and the District of Columbia. Also, most of the eastern provinces of Canada also ban laser jamming. I kicked myself for being so ignorant for not staying current on state laws, like I am on CCW in states that I travel through. My laser jammers, Blinder HP-905 Compacts, were the state-of-the-art devices when I purchased them and had them installed in my vehicle in 2016. But like any electronic technology, it is always a tit-for-tat, incremental advancement by a number of manufacturers, for both speed detection laser guns and corresponding laser jammers. There are now speed detection laser guns, made by Dragon Eye Technology, using next generation software, that render most current laser jammers useless. So this counter measure may become less desirable, as well as effective, especially considering the cost and changing state traffic laws. So my lesson from this experience is to keep abreast of the traffic laws of the states where you drive and drive through. Also, only spend the money and use these “counter measures” at your discretion and risk, but do not relay on them as an end-all panacea. They are just additional tools, where legal, to help alert you of probably LEO’s around you that are monitoring traffic speed and to remind you to drive within a reasonable speed range, taking into account a number of variable factors, including the posted speed limit, traffic volume, type of neighborhood, environment, time of day / light level, and weather / road conditions. AVB-AMG
  13. AVB-AMG


    Congratulations Zeke on 10,000 posts....! Don’t mind those others who can't understand you. I remember when you first started out working in the German Coast Guard a number of years ago..... You have come a long way! AVB-AMG
  14. Unfortunately, I will have to miss this one. We are leaving Saturday morning to drive down south to NC to celebrate Christmas with the extended family. I hope that you all have good weather.... AVB-AMG
  15. @Scorpio64 & @Sniper: Yeah, I watched the short segment of the interview of Brian Kolfage on Laura Ingraham's show on Fox News last night. Even Ingraham was surprised and took to task and corrected Kolfage when he made the absurd statement that "this wall is in our Constitution..." I had to chuckle and just shake my head as I watched as he was flustered and taken back by her asking where in our Constitution does it say that, and he started to bumble and fumble a response. She really helped him save face and recover by saying that she felt he meant "our sovereignty". I think he is well-meaning, but is also being very naive and simplistic in achieving his goal, even if it does turn out to just be a momentary publicity stunt. I would not be surprised if the initial notoriety and momentum of this GoFundMe campaign peaks in Jan. or early Feb., or when the government shut down ends and then will rapidly lose steam and fizzle out. I think that all of those contributing to Kolfage's GoFundMe campaign should do some more research before they give money, motivated by their knee-jerk, feel good inspiration and shared feelings. It is now being reported by main stream news sources that according to the U.S. Treasury Department, general donations to the Federal Government are directed to a “Gifts to the United States” fund, that is set aside for “general use” by the federal government for “budget needs.” Specific federal agencies cannot access this funding without a congressional appropriation. Some agencies can accept gifts directly for earmarked purposes, but it is not clear if the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees our country’s borders, is among them. AVB-AMG

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