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  1. CCW while skiing is absolutely paranoid and incredibly stupid.... What could possibly go wrong...??? Follow fishnuts advice and leave it locked in your vehicle.
  2. siderman: In the summer of 2016 I flew in the “Nine-O-Nine”, B-17 Flying Fortress that was restored and is maintained by the Collins Foundation. AVB-AMG Here is a link to my post about that experience with photographs of that plane and their other WWII bombers and P51 Mustang.
  3. DeerSlayer: You are right. I was being semantically sloppy in my choice of words, even if some lay people use the terms interchangeably and some dictionaries include my definition description for the word “furnace”. But to be truly accurate with M/E/P industry nomenclature, we do in fact have a boiler, not a furnace. I stand corrected.... Thanks for the suggestion to consider Varivent vents. I just replaced what was already on each radiator, matching their opening sizes. I already bought and installed the Maid-O-Mist vents so that project is now finished and the steam system is currently working as intended. AVB-AMG
  4. Home Heating System – Steam Radiators For those of us in older homes, primarily pre-1940’s vintage, we have had to deal with various remodeling projects involving replacing/renovating windows, replacing roofs, adding wall/ceiling/roof insulation and upgrading plumbing, etc. This current snow storm with high winds, followed by the forecasted air temperatures dropping to around 0 deg. F. at the end of this week, is really exposing many weak links, flaws and other issues involved in keeping our homes comfortably warm. For our circa-1930 Tudor-style home we have done most of these projects over the years For our heating system, I have serviced annually the fuel oil burning Weil-McLain boiler that provides steam heat via a one-pipe system, that uses black iron pipes with compression fittings connecting to iron radiators throughout the house. One important aspect to ensure that this type of heating system works as designed is to check each of the steam air valves/vents on every radiator to ensure they are working properly. Due to this current and forecasted severe cold weather period, this past week I decided to check all of the steam air valve/vents on our radiators, which are Maid-O-Mist Jacobus Steam Vents. Sure enough, many of them were clogged. These often-ignored devices are an important aspect of ensuring that the heating system is working properly and efficiently. After about 4-5 winter heating seasons, some of these air vents become clogged and corroded with dirty/rusty sediment and no longer work as intended, causing the radiator to not heat effectively or spew steam constantly, reducing the system’s efficiency. Some of our vents were even much older than that… These air vents are supposed to hiss initially when the steam enters the pipes and radiators, pushing out the cooler ambient air. Once the steam has replaced the cooler air inside the radiator, an internal float in the vent will close trapping the steam inside. As the steam transfers its heat to the cast iron to “radiate” into the room, it cools and transforms back into water and the condensation flows back out the same pipe to the returns leading back to the boiler in a closed loop. For those of you who may have this type of heating system in your home, you should check to make sure they are working properly. A correctly sized and installed steam system will have radiators with vents of differing sizes so that the steam distribution is balanced throughout the system. Generally, you want larger vents (faster venting) on the distant radiators, as well as larger vents on the very large radiators (regardless of location). You want the all radiators to heat up at the same time, except you want the radiator in the room with the thermostat for the furnace to have a smaller vent opening so it will be a little bit slower so you don't satisfy the set temperature on that thermostat before the other rooms throughout the house are warm. An important lesson here is that the longer it takes the air to leave the radiator, the longer it takes for steam to fill it and the longer you burner will use fuel. There is a limit to how fast you can vent, especially on the larger radiators. Beyond a certain rate, too much steam will condense at a rate faster than can drain out of the radiator and it'll spit out the valve. Also, when we renovated our bathrooms, I replaced the iron radiators with a slimmer, more contemporary style of welded steel radiator that is manufactured by STEAMRADIATORS in Ward Hill, MA. (FYI, they are at www.steamradiators.com) They are a subsidiary of RUNTAL, which is a big European low-profile hot water radiator manufacturer. Those of you who have traveled in Europe have probably seen their radiators. They work fine and look really good, taking up much less space and are wall-mounted, as opposed to being floor-mounted. Good luck to everyone on dealing with this nasty cold spell….. AVB-AMG
  5. Lones Wigger Jr., age 80, died last week at his home in Colorado Springs, CO. Years ago I had read about Lones Wigger Jr. and his incredible accomplishments in competitive shooting, including: Was the most decorated rifle shooter in the world, having won the most medals ever. Four-time USA Olympian and two-time Olympic champion. Longest period in dominating his sport. Anointed by his competitor peers with the label “best rifle marksman ever”. Held the most national and world records. AVB-AMG FYI – here is a link to his obituary: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/18/obituaries/lone-wigger-jr-dead-champion-rifle-shooter.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Fobituaries&action=click&contentCollection=obituaries®ion=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=2&pgtype=sectionfront
  6. FYI, the Corvettes I like the most from a purely styling aesthetic are the relatively early models from the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. My favorite is the 1960 Corvette model year with the quad headlights and swooping rounded rear tail lights that create IMHO, a very attractive and stylish composition, before they began the more knife-like design approach in the subsequent years. In case you are interested, the approx. current value for a 1960 Corvette that is in a freshly restored, number 1 Concours condition, is around $103,000. AVB-AMG Now if you want to stay in the current model year, for my money I would much prefer a new 2019 front-engine, rear-wheel drive Ferrari 812 Superfast over the 2019 Corvette ZR1. This Ferrari’s 6.5 liter V-12 generates 789 hp with a top speed of 221 mph vs. the Corvette’s 6.2 liter supercharged V-8 that generates 755 hp and a top speed of 212 mph. Of course, as I said earlier, the expected $120,000 MSRP for the Corvette is an excellent deal, compared to the $315,000 MSRP for the Ferrari. But in comparing the exterior design of the Ferrari to the Corvette, I think the Ferrari has won hands down… AVB-AMG
  7. Displaced Texan: I agree... The photos of the 2019 Corvette ZR1 preproduction model in the link provided by the OP are interesting, showing a more aggressive design approach. I see an influence from German and Italian sport coupes in the front end air takes. This new Corvette has 4 additional radiators for a total of 13 heat exchangers. That is why the front-end air intakes have been increased in size for added cooling air flow. I agree that the high wing on the rear deck that is part of the ZTK Performance Package, while probably very effective, detracts from the overall aesthetics of the car and looks way over the top, with a ricer/after-market appearance to it. This rendition is a continuation of the design direction and a logical next step from the most recent model. But IMHO, while it may be "attractive", it does not have a graceful style and beauty that is immediately noticeable, that makes a car really stand out from others. To be fair, that is something that can be said about many current supercars from different manufacturers. But at an anticipated initial MSRP of $120,000 for the coupe and $124,000 for the convertible, it remains the best bang for the buck for any truly high-performance car. AVB-AMG
  8. For me it will be a classic rye Old Fashion.
  9. Back in early 2015 in order to save money, I opted for the Comcast / xfinity triple play combination bundling package of TV, Telephone and Broadband. To save even more money I bought my own (Comcast-approved) cable modem dedicated for the telephone function and a second cable modem that also has a built-in WiFi router, for our wired and wireless broadband and cable TV. I had a Comcast service technician set it all up to make sure it all worked well together. It does and has for over two years. The cost of my purchasing the two modems at Best Buy have now equaled what the monthly rental cost would have been if I had gone that route. BTW, I have a combination of TiVo and Comcast X1 set top cable TV boxes, just to make things even more complicated. Good luck with your new set up. AVB-AMG
  10. My wife and I are down at our beach house on the OBX of NC. This year it is just the two of us since the family is scattered all over the U.S. right now. Last night for dinner I made our traditional fresh crab imperial with bits of salty Virginia ham, along with my hot and spicy chili, all washed down with several local craft beers. For Thanksgiving dinner my wife is cooking a turkey breast along with the key fixings. My dish is the family recipe for creamed onions. Cocktails will include rye Old Fashions during the football games, followed by a nice Australian Shiraz with the turkey. Wherever you are and whom ever you are with, I wish all of of you a very happy Thanksgiving, sharing a delicious meal and enjoyable conversations with family and friends. AVB-AMG P.S. - Last night I should have made Displaced Texan’s delicious sounding jalapeño corn bread to accompany my chili. Oh well, next time... Sorry for the double post....
  11. Deleted. (Double Post)
  12. Congratulations Troy: It is very rewarding to be able to share with so many others the results of your extensive repair and upkeep efforts for what has been a labor of love for you for so many years with your beautiful GTO. I bet I can guess what you may be getting as Christmas presents for some of your family members...Heh, heh. All the best... AVB-AMG
  13. Ok.... you had me concerned there for a moment...
  14. We know that NJ gun laws suck and are about to get worse. But from your statement, it sounds as if your gun collection is more important to you than your wife and family...???? I hope you are not serious!