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  1. Mrs. Peel: I certainly respect your desire and request for no pictures of yourself in the future, but even without them, I have to say that you made a very memorable and feminine fashion statement at the shootout…. Your unique playful leopard-print hearing protection were noticed by everyone, which made you even more memorable. When I described them to my wife she said she would like to get a pair of those…. So following up on the related comment quoted above by Displaced Texan, which i definitely agree with, I did some quick online research and have found some items that you may want to consider purchasing, (if you do not already own them….), prior to our next Shotgun Shootout Meet to compliment your shooting fashion ensemble of accessories. They include the following: All the best....... Cheers AVB-AMG And if you feeling like baking, here is an idea for a delicious looking cake that we all will know that you and only you, would have made:
  2. I also thoroughly enjoyed today’s Shotgun Shootout in Clinton and am glad the sun stayed behind the clouds until we were finished. I will echo other attendees who have already said it was good to finally meet and chat with most of you and to now be able to associate a screen name with the real person behind it. Thanks to those who brought and those who operated the clay throwers, as well as Mrs. Peel for the finger food and the all-around camaraderie of our NJGF group. I was impressed with the consistent accuracy demonstrated by quite a number of shooters, especially those who do not shoot shotguns on a regular basis. I am so glad I was finally able to attend this shootout and am looking forward to the next gathering and the upcoming pumpkin shoot. AVB-AMG
  3. fishnut: I just read this thread and really appreciate you taking the time and effort to convey the fascinating story of this very special shotgun and family heirloom. I am really looking forward to seeing it tomorrow... AVB-AMG
  4. fishnut: Since you are a multi-sports man, I can envision you driving a bad-ass / macho truck that you have very methodically customized to efficiently organize and store all of your sporting equipment. So I will not be surprised if you drive up tomorrow in this, with these modifications: AVB-AMG
  5. Krdshrk: I just hope you do not get stopped by a NJ State Police officer. One quick look through the back window of your vehicle and his first impression, seeing the battery, shotgun shells boxs, other boxes and thrower/launcher contraption, may be to speculate that you have one bizarre looking home-made car bomb.... We really do not want you to be late tomorrow because he detained you while he requested back up from the NJSP bomb squad... (heh, heh). Also, let me guess, the child booster seat fastened on the rear passenger seat behind the driver is really your way of strapping in and protecting your extensive and expensive cigar collection when traveling.... Very creative! See you all tomorrow.... AVB-AMG
  6. Zeke (& Mrs. Peel): I was planning on showing my little roadster at a local car show this Sunday, but since I could not attend the last shoot out/get-together, I realize that I did say I would attend the next one.... and my credibility is at stake. So I am bagging the car show and will join you all on Sunday. I will have slathered on my 100 SPF sunscreen beforehand and I will bring 2 boxes of clays along with a case of cold bottle water for folks. I will bring my Beretta 692 Sporting 12 gauge shotgun and a bunch of #8 shells. After a two month hiatus from shotguns, I was able to shoot 100 rounds this morning at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays in Coplay, PA, enjoying this warm summer weather, so I should be ready. Looking forward to meeting you all and aligning faces with NJGF screen names. See you Sunday... AVB-AMG
  7. remixer: Thank you for your concern. I am fine. As you and others are well aware of my political leanings, for the time being, I am avoiding the usually toxic attitudes expressed and tribal echo chamber attitude encouraged and reaffirmed in the 1A Lounge, primarily in the political thread topics. BTW, I highly recommend long summer breaks, vacations, ideally involving a change of scenery, as being very therapeutic and reinvigorating for the mind and soul. All the best....! AVB-AMG
  8. UPDATE – Sept 2017 Well, nine months after giving these Automobile Emergency Bags to my five nieces and nephews as Christmas gifts, I thought it would be interesting to report that four of them have told me that they have used items included in the bags. One nephew had a flat tire back in January and used the work gloves, safety vest, fix-a-flat temporary sealant and tire air pump and gauge, along with the warning triangles and flashing disk lights set behind the parked vehicle on the side of the road. Another nephew used the electric battery jump starter to jump his dead battery in March. A niece used the tow straps to help get a friend’s car out of stuck snow. Finally, another nephew used the quart of motor oil to fill up his engine when the low-oil warning indicator illuminated on his dash this past summer. I have reiterated to all of them to make sure that they do not postpone having the regular professional maintenance performed on each of their cars. But alas, I do not have control over what these younger folks will actually do, so can only preach this good advice. We all know that in the real world, car batteries do die over time if the headlights are left on and tires will run over nails, screws, etc and cause them to lose air pressure that can be fixed relatively easily. If they skid off of an icy or snow-covered roadway, then some of the contents of this bag will be very useful, if not lifesaving. My attitude from the beginning of this exercise in preparing these bags for my nieces and nephews, was that if any of the contents could help any of them, even once in an unanticipated situation with their cars, then it would be money well spent.... AVB-AMG
  9. I have had a LaRue Tactical OBR 16 inch AR-15 (5.56) rifle for a couple of years and added an Aimpoint Comp M4s & Aimpoint 3x Magnifier. The M4s has a LaRue Tactical QD mount and the Magnifier has the LaRue swivel mount. That setup gives me the flexibility for ranges between 50-300 yards which is what I am interested in. Not cheap, but excellent optics quality and durability. AVB-AMG Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I wish this custom John Deere Garden Tractor were actually for sale. I would be able to cut the yard grass, let alone small trees, in no time..... AVB-AMG
  11. Thank you capt14k..... She is not too keen on the idea of me CCW'g. If she was traveling with me on this trip it would have provoked much discussions and headaches. So I am taking it very slowly with her and if she strongly objects then I will not CCW if she is joining me "riding shotgun" (sorry, could not resist.....) You of all people know from all my prior posts that I am anything but normal........ I just think it is all around better and more acceptable to conceal carry than open carry for obvious reasons. You are most welcome. I, along with some others here, would be very interested to hear your thoughts and experiences carrying for the first time as well. For us newbies, I acknowledge I have much to learn from others who have been doing this for some time and to make some choices based on their trial and error experience. I have had this "European Men's Carryall" shoulder bag for just under 20 years. It has served me well when we have toured around Europe, but definitely look like a tourist when I am using it. If I did not want to have all of that stuff in it and with me when I am traveling, there would be room in it for my holstered handgun. To your point, my wife initially kidded me about my, as she referred to it: "fag-goot bag". But then when we are traveling, many times she will ask me if I have room in it for her phone.... AVB-AMG
  12. In the states where I was carrying, nobody on this road trip said anything to me about observing me carrying or asking me if I was because they possibly suspected that I was... Maybe this was a combination of my semi-paranoid precautions, along with most people not being observant as well as not really caring.... AVB-AMG
  13. Last weekend I returned to NJ from a 2-week road trip to visit and tour various antique, classic and special interest automobile museums in six (6) different states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin, (not including New Jersey, of course). I thought this trip would be an ideal test run for me to CCW, where allowed. As you may recall from earlier posts, I had applied for and had received my non-resident CCW permits from Utah, Florida and New Hampshire. So I could legally CCW in PA, OH, IN, WI, but not in MI or IL. FWIW, here is my travel log of that road trip and some of my experiences and thoughts. For this trip for CCW, I decided to use my Sig Sauer P226 MK-25 9mm handgun, holstered in an inside-the-waistband Mitch Rosen custom finished cowhide leather holster, attached to a matching color and finish strapping cowhide leather Mitch Rosen 1 ½” gun belt. The belt has tapered ends and is harness-stitched around the perimeter and finished like a fine dress belt which contributes to a more normal belt look in front, therefore not really looking like a gun belt. The daytime weather was warm (high 70’s) to hot and humid (high 80’s/low 90’s). I wore shorts and UA/Nike colored tee shirts made from a wicking type of fabric, tucked into my pants along with a cotton sport shirt over it, buttoned, but not tucked in. This approach covered my handgug and minimized any “printing”. I also used a well-traveled, small black cowhide Coach leather satchel with shoulder strap that provided convenient accessible storage for my wallet, reading & sun glasses, cash, iPhone, car keys, flashlight and pocket knife, keeping my pants pockets free and flat. I positioned the holster at the 4 o’clock position on my belt, which was the most comfortable and practical for me from my experimenting with various positions. The self-defense ammo I chose for my handgun was Speer Gold Dot hollow point rounds, which I have been practicing with at the range, along with the Speer Lawman ball ammo for most paper target shooting. Carrying this satchel on the same side as my handgun contributed to further concealing the fact that I had a handgun inside my waistband. I also continued to CCW while driving. Since this was my first time CCW’g I decided that I would have a fully loaded magazine in my gun, but not have a round chambered. I decided that for this trip that I would not have any additional loaded magazines on me while I was CCW’g, to keep it simple. This worked for me allowing me to slowly build up my confidence and comfort with carrying a handgun. Before I embarked on this road trip and based on our back-and-forth discussion in this CCW section, I purchased, read and updated regularly a number of concealed carry iPhone apps, including: CCW, CCA, Posted and LegalHeat. As was recommended to me by other posters here, studying the gun laws of each of the states I planned to visit was somewhat tedious and laborious, but a necessary task, that was made much easier by using these Apps. Thank you all again for that recommendation. Using the advice from HBecwithFn7, and as a cheat-sheet reminder, I wrote on an index card for each of these states, Y or N for if one is required to inform a LEO that I am conceal carrying, as well as which of my non-resident CCW permits is recognized and honored in that state. I was consciously aware of what the law was/is, relative to each state, as to whether or not, if stopped, one must voluntarily inform a LEO that you are carrying. Specifically, the individual state law that dictates that if stopped by a LEO, you are required to immediately and voluntarily notify the LEO that you are carrying, and display not just the usual Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration and Auto Insurance ID Card, but the applicable CCW Permit card. As one poster noted previously, in some states, you are not required to notify immediately, but only "if asked by" or "upon demand of" the LEO, (i.e. "Are you carrying any weapons?" or, "Are there any weapons in the car?"). Thankfully, I was not stopped by any LEO for any reason on this trip so did not have to deal with that situation. Initially, once I crossed into PA from NJ, I stopped at the first rest stop and parked in a far corner of the parking lot. With the back of my SUV facing away from all the other cars I was able to discreetly retrieve and put on my holster, then load and holster my handgun under my sport shirt. Once back in the vehicle, I was pleasantly surprised that the handgun did not gouge and indent into my abdomen, even with the seatbelt fastened. But I did find that towards the end of each day, especially when walking around museums and other places for several hours on end, that the feel of the holstered gun became more noticeable and at times a bit uncomfortable due to chaffing. Part of that may be attributed to the heat and humidity and part that I chose a full-size, all-metal handgun that is heavier than a polymer framed gun. That was a conscious choice since I am a much more accurate shooter using a full-size handgun and that was/is a very important choice factor for me. Also, my other polymer handguns have longer than standard barrels and holsters for them are hard to find. I am fully aware of and was abiding by the current FOPA laws governing interstate transportation of firearms. So, before I entered either Michigan or Illinois, I would stop at an appropriate location in the neighboring state to remove my handgun, removing the loaded magazine, along with the holster and store them in separate pouches that were in turn, placed inside a locked hard sided attaché case, located in the far back of my SUV, inaccessible to anyone inside. In the evening, in the states where I was legal to CCW, I would bring my handgun and case into my motel room for the night. When in MI and IL, I decided to just leave the cased gun and ammo stored in the locked hard-sided attaché case, locked in the back of my SUV, to avoid any potential hassle. I have to admit that for the first couple of days in PA and OH, I was rather nervous of the fact that I was carrying a firearm, even if it was concealed. Did I feel safer by doing so…? Yes, but, I also felt very self-conscious and that I needed to quite frequently and discreetly, ensure that my gun was not clearly visible or even printing. I learned how to deal with a number of new situations. For example, in a public restroom when inside a stall doing #2, to make sure that the holstered handgun on the belt does not fall down to my ankles where it may possibly become visible to someone in an adjacent stall. If it happened, it would not have been the end of the world, but I was trying to be discreet and not shock some folks who could have misunderstand the situation. The fact that I was doing this road trip by myself was a good way to determine what CCW’g was like, without the added stated or implied, verbal and non-verbal comments and/or body language concerns expressed by my wife, or anyone else. By the end of this trip I appreciated the freedom I enjoyed to CCW in the states where I legally could do so. It was a vacation that served as a real test and learning experience for me to see what it was like to CCW where I could and everything required and involved to do so. I was erring on the side of caution and attempting to abide by the letter of the law of each state, even when it was a PITA. Until (and if), our Congress passes a national uniform CCW law and then the SCOTUS upholds it, these types of precautions will continue to befuddle those who are interested in CCW and do not want to run afoul of different states gun laws. None of us want to suffer the severe consequences of possibly unknowingly breaking one of them, due to ignorance or misunderstanding. AVB-AMG
  14. I have a Com Tac drop offset that I use for production and a Safariland GLS for IDPA. Howard: Which specific holster from each manufacturer do you use that fits the 5" version of the Walther PPQ? AVB-AMG
  15. Like Howard, I also installed Dawson fiber optic sights on my 9mm Walther PPQ M2 5" and also agree that it has the best OEM trigger that I have experienced for and handgun in this price range. In my experience, it is a consistently accurate light polymer handgun. Too bad it is so hard to find a nice holster for it, due to the 5" barrel length.... AVB-AMG