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  1. I think that those of you who have not shot clays before will find it very challenging, as well as much fun, if not addictive. For the next shoot, if I can attend I will bring my Beretta 692 Sporting 30" O/U 12-Gauge shotgun to let those interested see what I am using for Sporting Clays. AVB-AMG
  2. Displaced Texan: We disagree on politics but do agree on enjoying good barbecue and I think you are a good husband to help out your talented wife and her hobby/passion/business.... Maybe we both can attend the next clay-busting gathering.... All the best. AVB-AMG
  3. I also used the ATF Form referenced above as a starting point to create my itemized firearms inventory document using Microsoft Word. I have printed a paper copy and have stored electronic copies on my computer and backup removable hard drives and thumb drives. As part of my firearms inventory document, I also added multiple photographs of each firearm and a short, (yes, can you believe it.....!), description of each firearm to accompany all of the other pertinent facts, including photocopies of the original sales receipts and NJ Pistol Purchase Permits, where applicable. I did this originally to compliment my NRA-sponsored, dedicated firearms insurance policy and to have peace of mind that everything is documented in case something happens to me. In that case, my family needs to know exactly what I have, as well as what modifications have been made and optional accessories have been added, in order to determine the approximate value of each firearm. After completing this exercise, I realized that pursuing this interest in multiple guns has gotten to be quite expensive...... My next step in this organizational process is to prepare a codicil to my Last Will & Testament that clearly states specifically whom in my extended family I want to inherit my guns and which guns may be arranged to be sold by my Executor and who should receive the net proceeds from that sale. AVB-AMG
  4. Ricky_Bobby: No I have not received it back yet. Most likely should get it at the end of May and look forward to feeling the difference. BTW, regarding CZ's, this is the one I have and love it....: AVB-AMG
  5. I have decided that for my CCW I will use one of my full-size 9mm handguns since I am the most comfortable and accurate shooting with them as opposed to smaller handguns that many gun manufacturers are pushing for CCW. Earlier this week I finally received the two custom made holsters, one inside the waist band (IWB) and one outside the waistband (OWB), that I had ordered back in early April from Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather as well as one IWB holster from Alien Gear Holsters. From my research on holster manufacturers, I discovered that most only make holsters for the most common handguns and use dummy molds of those handguns to form their holster leather or other material. While I had originally wanted to get a holster for my HK P30L, nobody had the molds for this specific handgun, where its barrel is one half inch longer than the standard HK P30. I would have to send my P30L to the holster maker for them to use as a guide, something that I am reluctant to do. So I decided to make my Sig Sauer P226 MK25, also in 9mm, my CCW handgun. I find that I am more accurate with a heavier handgun and it is a common model that has been around for awhile and therefore the holster makers all have holsters to accommodate it. My attitude is why just go with one style or approach? Try a number of holsters and change them like one does with summer vs. winter clothing. So with that in mind and from my research I decided to purchase a new, mixed high-tech material, (kydex shell mounted on a steel, nylon, neoprene backer) IWB holster, as well as two more traditional custom leather holsters. One IWB and the other OWB. I even elected to get the matching custom leather belts that have a steel ribbon band sandwiched between the cowhide leather that is strong and sturdy enough to support the gun and holster. Here is what I ordered and have now received: Alien Gear Holsters Railed Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster http://aliengearholsters.com/alien-gear-cloak-tuck-3-0-iwb-holster-inside-the-waistband.html Alien Gear Gun Belt, (Black Leather w/ Flat Black Buckle) http://aliengearholsters.com/alien-gear-gun-belt.html Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather Uncle Sal’s Decision (USD) II (IWB) Holster (Light Brown) http://mitchrosen.com/products/holsters/inside-waistband-holsters/ Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather Premier (PREM) with Full Detailing (On the Belt) (Light Brown) http://mitchrosen.com/products/holsters/belt-holsters/ Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather 1 ½ inch width strapping leather with tapered ends (Light Brown) http://mitchrosen.com/products/belts/ I am wearing all of these holsters (separately), with their respective belts, inside my house to get use to them, and allow them to better form and shape to my body/waist, as well as to see which I consider more comfortable. So far, the Alien Gear holster is the most comfortable and least noticeable. Yet, I love the look, work-of-art craftsmanship, and wonderful leather aroma of the Mitch Rosen holsters. Now all I need to do is find a dedicated CCW training course somewhere in the northeast US that works with my schedule… AVB-AMG
  6. Ricky_Bobby: Check out my thread here on NJGF on my HK P30L . Here is the link: AVB-AMG
  7. Zeke: I have multiple nephews..... no favorites..... Have a good time! AVB-AMG
  8. I would like to attend, but having checked my calendar I realized that one of our nephew's high school graduation ceremony is scheduled for May 21st. So unfortunately I will have to wait for the next outing. AVB-AMG
  9. I agree…. The Carolina Panthers 8th pick in the NFL Draft was Stanford Univ’s. running back Christian McCaffrey. He is an excellent all-around and versatile athlete who can play a number of positions, similar in style to Sean McCoy an d/or Tiki Barber. He will immediately become an added weapon and target for Cam Newton. IMHO, a very good choice by Carolina….! AVB-AMG
  10. Tampa Bay..... Oh well..... AVB-AMG
  11. Patrick: Congratulations..... A very clever and fun idea! You may also want to consider not just a personalized license plate but also a dedicated commemorative plate that is available from the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission that emphasizes your message, (that I share....), such as: AVB-AMG
  12. WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot: Thanks for the heads-up to the Conceal Carry course being taught this coming Saturday, April 22nd at the Steel City Gun Club in Bethlehem, PA by Joe Riedy / Sigtht & Trigger (S&T). Unfortunately, I have another more pressing activity that I need to attend to this Saturday so I will not be able to attend Joe's course on this date. FYI, on Thursday, I called and spoke with Joe and inquired if he would possibly be willing to offer this same course again at some point this year, as opposed to waiting a full year, (April 2018). He told me that if I can find four (4) other people to attend, plus myself, for a total of five (5) people, that he would be willing to hold another CCW course in the not too distant future. I told him I would attempt to muster up some additional people who are also interested in learning about CCW, drawing from various types of holsters, along with his "dos and dont's" for CCW, and would get back to him. He told me that his CCW course is really tailored to the needs and interests of the specific students he is teaching and that he tries to keep the class size very small to allow for more personal attention. His course would be on a Saturday and starts at 9:00 a.m. and lasts 8 hours, finishing up at 5:00 p.m. and costs each student $175.00, paid either via personal check or cash, (no credit cards). If anyone here on NJGF would be interested in taking Joe's CCW course sometime this year on a Saturday, with the exact date T.B.D. sometime in May through October, please let me know either by posting in this thread or sending me a PM. Thanks.... AVB-AMG
  13. Thank you all for your recommendations and suggestions. BTW, some of you may have already seen this article in a recent NRA email: How to Choose a Concealed Carry Pistol Instructor https://www.nrafamily.org/articles/2017/3/22/how-to-choose-a-concealed-carry-pistol-instructor/#.WPild06iz4w.gmail AVB-AMG
  14. I have taken a number of NRA and alternative courses and training classes offered by various gun ranges and clubs for handguns, rifles and shotguns. but am a complete novice, rookie and intrigued/curious student when it comes to the concept of CCW. I am now at a point where I am interested in learning more about concealed carry, the do's and don'ts, ideal CCW handguns, holsters, strategy, etc, even though it is not a legal reality for the vast majority of us NJ residents, (yet.....?) Can anyone in this forum suggest or recommend any organizations, clubs, ranges, etc that offer or host these types of classes/courses in NJ or the Northeast U.S. and/or mid-Atlantic states, such as PA, CT, MD, DE, NY, VA, NC.? Thank you in advance for your suggestions, ideas and recommendations. AVB-AMG
  15. I have not but a friend of mine has. I find that I get too warm and start to perspire when wearing a really warm coat/overcoat. Therefore in the winter months I prefer to dress in lighter insulating layers that I can remove if and when necessary, all under a wind/rain resistant shell. But the quality of Apocalypse Design clothing is top notch from what I have seen with my limited exposure and not as expensive as Canada Goose parkas. AVB-AMG Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk