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  1. Ouch. I just picked up 2 sheets a couple months back to bend up a chimney flashing. I want to say they were around 250-300+ a sheet. 36"x72" .I could be wrong as I just buy and partner pays the bills. Lol.. be cheaper to dig a narrow trench and fill with concrete. a 25' ditch 24"x 8" is less than a yard n half. so about 400-450$ delivered. You could certainly cut the diameter of ditch in half.. still cost about 350$ in concrete because of delivery charges.
  2. HE, are you selling your credits? I am talking to a guy about purchasing panels and he says what I sell my credits for it would ofset the payment on the loan.. he seems to thinks I'll average about 14 a year.. I'm averaging about 1400kw/month. Won't know for sure till I been here a year (July).
  3. I guess what I'm try to say is , let's pretend this sorry isn't about the kid. Could this happen to you or me?
  4. http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/crime/galloway--year-old-allegedly-tried-to-build-an-ar/article_b49f8609-82cf-5093-baa0-60a88289a0c6.html ( Sent from Press of AC ) Why does the media always list hollow points as a bad thing? So what did this kid do wrong? I guess because of his age 16 instead of 18, barrel not pinned, or did they just bust him because of his apparent previous felony.. does that he press realize AR s and HPs are legal here in the right configuration and place of possession.
  5. How do you know the weapon in question isn't 100% compliant to begin with? Maybe had blocked mags as well.. let's say the cops were pissed he was being a jerk off and wasting their time, so they said f it let the courts decide if it's a assault weapon or not..
  6. Very sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my first born shortly after her birth. It's been 8 yrs and it still hurts to this day, to the point it will put me in tears. May I suggest some counseling for you and your wife. Things are gonna change be time. Check out the www.the tears foundation.com they are a not profit that helps family's pay for grave markers and funeral expenses, my wife and I make a donation in my daughter's name every year. They also have a great outreach program. Take care bud.
  7. Anyone else gets a bag of 30 rounders? J/k..all 15's here
  8. You probably won't get one. They don't respond to emails either. But the mags do show up in a timely manner. Just my experience on my last few orders with them.
  9. Palmetto has the xds .45 for 399.00 shipped. They may even have your FFL on file, I know they have mine. http://palmettostatearmory.com/springfield-armory-pistol-xds-45-3-3-black-essentials-xds93345be.html?trk_msg=PS4KNMVP9S143354G7R11MD2CG&trk_contact=22E8S6NPHT2QMFUSRP07F8L830&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=http%3a%2f%2fpalmettostatearmory.com%2fspringfield-armory-pistol-xds-45-3-3-black-essentials-xds93345be.html&utm_campaign=Fourth+of+July+Deals+on+AR-15+Parts%2c+Ammo%2c+%26+Firearms+
  10. At this point one would assume the gas port is correct size. Let's say I went with the rifle gas extension/ buffer setup and the ejection pattern was off, than I would think it was a problem with the gas port?
  11. Yes I understand. Unfortunately this wasn't budget. Aero gen 2 lower Aero m4e1 upper Black rain ordnance nickel boron BCG 300$ Faxon barrel 15" free float SD3g trigger group SI enhanced parts kit. I did cheap out on the extension and buffer as those were left overs from another build. Lol figures.
  12. This was my thought process as well. I figured the light buffer may be an issue but it was a left over and you got to start somewhere.at least I know what to do now and what not to.
  13. Thanks HE. I appreciate your feedback.
  14. Thanks for the reply, I get what you're saying.. but wouldn't it be cheaper to go with an adjustable gas block? Only reason I'm running the light buffer is because I had it in my box. From what research I've done before hand(everything u read on net is gospel BTW) they say as long as u size the buffer correctly you will be OK. I did find a weight for a yhm 9mm buffer. 5.0oz IIRC the t3 are around 5.4oz. So I could but a heavy buffer and be done or an adjustable gas block and be done with it.. Of course there is that pesky pinned brake.. removing is not a problem, just the 80$ replacement
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