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  1. Very cool I gotta setup PayPal but I'll jump right on it! Thanks for Makin those!
  2. Lalo emailed me the targets, pm me with your email and I'll send the copy! I havnt been to USANA since last Sunday! I wish I would've saw em!!!!
  3. We don't have a gun registry so how would they know what guns you own?
  4. One of my locals have DPMS stripped lowers for almost 120$ I felt that was way too high. I guess I'll call around tomorrow and try to locate one. I also see a lot of guys milling out 80% lowers, looks like it's a lot of work and ya gotta buy the jigs. Combination of the two it's prob more than those DPMS lowers... Also found some on palmetto that have the stock and trigger assembly installed... About 175$.. It's hard to decide what route to go but you guys are helping me a lot!!
  5. Great info! Thanks for answering my novice questions! Ok so back to reality instead of dreaming of having an ar15 that does everything for 700$ I think I will Def go the route of 2 uppers. It makes a lot of sense what you guys are saying! So next question. Because I'll start with a lower, I see them sold online for around 50ish bucks but if I buy online I'll have to go thru my ffl anyway right. Cus the lower is considered the firearm correct?
  6. Ok well this was definitely a reality check on what I expect to get out of the rifle! So with about 700$ invested I can get a good platform to go out and shoot with. But if I wanted to shoot accurately at 600 yd I would prob look at spending 2x as much. So an AR 15 upper in 223/556 is prob the route I am looking. Does it matter what barrel finish? Chrome lined? The. 22 drop in conversions, are they worth it? Does the. 22 shoot down a. 223 barrel? I don't get how the drop in kits work when it looks like just the bolt being replaced. I talked to some guys at my LGS and they told me it doesn't work that way but isn't the. 22 lr projectile the same as the. 223 diameter? Like I said I'm new to ARs
  7. I guess the question is how can we get liberals on the firearm bandwagon? Clearly there has to be some liberals who don't think guns are bad. Just like there are some Republicans that think pot is ok. How can we get the libs to start siding with us on guns?
  8. Let's keep this thread alive!!! How can I get the cards? Lalo sent me the target to print. Is anyone else printing the target? How about those stickers? When are we planning on giving out the targets and having people post them after they shot em?
  9. Wow it looks nice and all but it's a little more than I wanted to spend on an upper. Let me put it this way. Will any pre-built upper work with any complete lower? I'm sure any stock will work so really what else is there?
  10. So is the scoped one a. 308? It's a sweet piece! I have an AK clone and it's not nearly as accurate as I would prefer at long range, also I'm not putting glass on an AK.... Figured instead of buying a few rifles maybe I could build up an AR 15/m4 type that would reach out farther than the AK clone and possibly toss in a. 22 conversion for plinking and training. Maybe I'm askin too much but I figured I'd ask here to see if my expectations could be reality or just pipe dreams
  11. I see 2 pics 1 on top of the other one has a stainless barrel. Thats on top. Reason I said 5 to 600 yards is I have a rifle that shoots 200 yards pretty well. If I'm gonna build something I'm lookin for 2 to 3 x the distance that was just my logic behind the distance. As I stated, I would like to build it over the course of the next few months. I assume you start with a lower. I'm very new to the idea of building a rifle but I also figure instead of me buying one off the rack and spending a ton to upgrade it how I want, why not build it from scratch and not have a ton of leftover unused parts.
  12. Oh I only clicked one. I like the top one a lot The bottom one is a closer range rifle I assume. What is the range you can get out of the bottom one
  13. Wow that is nice what did that cost ya
  14. Sorry I should have included that I wasn't considering figuring in the optics into the build. I was looking for firearm only
  15. Im thinkin about buying parts over the course of a few months. Would like to try to say around 600 - 700$ if possiable. Was hoping to consistently shoot around 5 to 600 yards. I would like it to look good. Am I asking too much?
  16. Check out the thread in general. There are some great ideas and promotional printouts to give out to people you meet
  17. Thanks for your help! I am taking a class tomorrow with guy from ladylibertyllc out of Atlantic city. His class is fairly priced with free fl packet. Seems like a nice guy, I'll let ya guys know how it goes!
  18. I've done lots of research but sometimes it's too much info! Basically I'm interested in building an AR 15/m4. 223/556 rifle for long range target shooting. I'm not looking to spend a ton of cash if I can avoid it. From what I've gathered I prob want an aluminum lower and the barrel I need is nitrate? I have read chrome has imperfections and can affect the accuracy? I've found a few spread sheets on Google but honestly it's all foreign to me. Anyone have build suggestions? If it matters I would prefer it to be earth tone
  19. 7-11 will kill enough people with the taquitos, nacho cheese and chili from that warming machine that it might put bin Laden a few rungs lower on #1 enemy scale
  20. Really I started this thread to promote ways to aquire new members. Please take the discussion and grievances to the 1st amendment forum. All concerns are valid and shouldn't be dismissed but they need to be addressed in a different thread. This is a brainstorming thread to increase our membership. Please keep your great ideas coming! In the last 2 weeks you guys really made lots of progress.
  21. Please focus on what a great community we have here and not the few who think it isn't....... To get back on topic, promoting the forum is becoming addictive! Every time I talk to someone at the range or LGS I always mention to them to check us out! I met 3 people at USANA on Sunday, hopefully they decide to come by and check us out! I am gonna download a copy of the business card so I have a virtual copy to give out. I also will be taking the NRA pistol course on Sunday and plan on dropping some NJGF solicitations!
  22. Ok I feel ya well. I think this forum is great to find information about firearms and the experiences that us as nj residents have gone thru. The people who belong here are from different age groups, ethnicities, professions, religious and political backgrounds but all find common ground here. Find information on your local range, hunting spots, local laws, competitions, best local firearm distributors and more. Statewide fundraisers that support our 2nd amendment or other personal endeavors to events that encourage just plain fun. If you want honest answers to questions that only local newjersians can answer, this is the place. There is even a section if you need to borrow an item, people will lend it to you. As I said before this is a great community that needs to be shared with those who don't know about us yet.
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