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  1. http://www.justifiableneed.com/citizens-protection-act/11th-district-caroline-cassagrande/
  2. One by one, we are starting to get responses. As we are gearing up, to start putting the Information Relay Stands into some of the ranges, we should start getting more people sending out their letters. If you have not done so, please go to www.justifiableneed.com/action. it only takes a moment of your time. To see the responses we received so far, go to: Citizens Protection Act
  3. DONT LET THEM OFF THE HOOK If you have mailed out your letters, and have not received a response. Then it is time to mail them again. And keep doing so, until you do get a response. With each day, we are bringing more attention to this campaign. But it is still up to you to do your part. Got to www.JustifiableNeed.com/action.
  4. I added the PDF to this page. you and anyone else who wishes to assist. Please download the flyers and pass them out. http://www.justifiableneed.com/general/citizens-protection-act-flyers/
  5. On the contrary, it is moving as expected. Even though we made it as easy as possible for people to do this. Actually having people stand up for their own rights and taking the time to do so, is like pulling teeth here in New Jersey. probably, because everybody feels so brow-beated. Our campaigns have been more focused on Facebook at the moment, due to manpower. We are looking for volunteers to help everyday, if you feel that you can contribute, by all means please contact me. In the mean time, We plan to place information in every gun shop, range, and hunting club in New Jersey. To accomplish this will take more financial resources than we currently have available. We have set a goal to raise $2,000 dollars to be used to supply display stands and instructional cards to every location. There are thousands of people at these locations daily, people who are not on Facebook, or unfamiliar with one the 2A groups. It is imperative that we extend our message directly to where it can motivate everyone negatively affected by New Jersey gun laws. In addition, we are currently setting up meetings with ranges and clubs around the state to take the message on the road. . We are asking everyone to consider making a donation, in any amount, to the cause. You can make a donation directly from the website,www.justifiableneed.com, or from Paypal to: [email protected]
  6. Bill is sitting dead, like most pro 2A bills. But we are looking to change that. Please take the time to print and mail the letters. Every letter counts and we need to hit every district.
  7. Greetings, I wanted to bring to your attention to a letter writing campaign. The "Justifiable Need" Project has kicked off a a campaign to write to your legislators asking them to support the Citizens Protection Act. Assembly Bill A3931 and Senate bill 1287. Everything is already filled out for you, all you have to do is, find your district, download the letters, sign and physically "Snail Mail" them. The goal is to pressure our elected legislators to support our right to self defense, or to put it in writing, why they will not. Once that data is collected, it will be used in future campaigns. "You may ask, why not just send an email? That is actually a good question. The answer is that even though email is monitored, it is usually monitored by an intern who, after a few emails with the same subject, may not open or log them but just go ahead and bulk archive them for storage…unread. How likely is it that they will be seen by your Assemblyman or Senator? “Snail Mail” (USPS), on the other hand, has to be opened, stamped as received, categorized, and logged in. It must then be physically placed into someone’s inbox to be processed". The page can be found at www.justifiableneed.com/action. Thank you for your consideration. Matthew Andras President Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners www.justifiableneed.com www.facebook.com/cnjfo
  8. If your not Couponing, your giving to much money away...... =)
  9. I have looked at many of their stuff before. Glad to hear there is a happy customer out there.
  10. Having the knowledge to be able to build a simple rocket stove can be incredibly useful, in the event, that you do not have access to propane, gas, or charcoal. Material, is something you can easily get and keep on hand, broken down and stored as a pile of bricks in the corner, outside along the house, behind the shed, etc....
  11. Haven't posted in a while. But this thread caught my eye. It's been a really tough year financially for me, so I have been doing a lot of. couponing. After seeing all the money I save, I will never go back to just walking into the store again without them. I am fortunate enough, to have 4 major supermarkets around me. So my Sunday morning ritual is go get the sunday newspaper. (If you ask, sometimes they have extra circulars). Cut out all the coupons and match them up to the weekly ads. (Get a small accordion organizer).. You would be AMAZED of how much you really do save, if you shop smart. I dont have a lot of freezer space. So when I take advantage of meat sales, I make a lot of my own meals, and then can them. Chili's, stews, soups, etc... It takes work, but I have amassed a real nice selection of foods ready to eat. And what is best about it, I know what went into it. In a SHTF scenario, in most cases, I just need a pot and fire, and I will have good wholesome meals. On a everyday life scenario. Come home, don't feel like cooking, Just open up one of my jars, and instant meal. Dont think of this as your grandmothers canning. To can meats, you need a pressure canner. And take the time to learn the proper methods. But I have to say, I have saved thousands in taking advantage of sales.
  12. I will just throw this out there. If your interested in an Entry level Ar. I have a Complete Palmetto State Armory already NJ Neutered available. Never fired by the way. All ready to go.
  13. Sorry, I miss the old market place. It just seam's there was a lot more action and activity then the new market place... Sorry, Just Ranting...
  14. That's the mistake you made. You went and looked for more... Hit it and get out ...
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