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  1. There is new Sportsmans Warhouse store opened in PA, I went there since good discount on ammo while store opening period. Got tons of targets there as well. Hate to say, this state could only open hestapo prison for unvaccinated
  2. Hi, simple question - where do I buy clay targets in NJ? It use to be in Dicks and now Dicks is out of this gun's business. I don't like to drive PA for this as well. Thanks!
  3. Who would doubt about? Discussion is build other is safer than buy factory made. Thinking that you are safe in this state because of your are building firearm is as you said 10-fecta or 100-fecta.
  4. I think you are jumping ahead a lot, police could check your car while you are driving to the range or back as well. Per what I heard from my FFL who is former police officer and having connections there - no changes or builds for others is allowed. Yes you could install red dot, sling or scope. That is all I know.
  5. Again it is just an assumption, I think they will find all of us if they need. Per what I heard NJ police already said no to the builders of others in NJ, they don"t like modifications to the Troy and etc others we got as well.
  6. According to the latest ATF developments - they do care about builders the most unfortunately. They don't like "ghost guns" etc the most. I think assumption they will forget about you just because you went to the FFL and got lower is wrong.
  7. Correct, I think even worse - they will care about builders first place. They do even now considering latest noise from there.
  8. Why do you think that they will not send the same to the receiver owners? No purpose?
  9. Ahh, you are safe!!! because if it is just lower in this form, lets dream about...
  10. So, if it is lower is untraceable? Do you think they care on what you have as long as they know your address?
  11. correct, but that is same form you your using while buying lower for other build
  12. What this form means? When you are getting lower to build or you are getting factory made firearm you are using exactly the same forms while you are at your FFL facility.
  13. Correct, either lower or whole firearm is pretty much no difference to me.
  14. So they could trace factory other and they can't trace your lower you got from FFL? What the difference?
  15. Agree, there is no record besides NICS on these firearms, how would they know you build it or got factory made? I am thinking of getting another upper to my other same size and I am scared but logically upper just a part, same as BCG or whatever.
  16. Not really, this is just an explanation on why thre is no more Troys for him to sell and he sold a lot.
  17. Talk to my FFL and he said - I wouldn't do it, he said his connections to police saying we shouldn't touch or modify anything. I am sure he is wrong but this is what he said.
  18. Pretty much all .30 M1 or Mosin or any other old gun owners are the same in opinions. Thanks, but real line of events might be not as good to M1 owners as well. They are not going to stop on AR ....
  19. Sell? What about thousands been sold in NJ last couple of years? Who will buy them? What they will ban, they can't ban AR that will become national disaster, they could only brace but I could take it off.
  20. Talk to my FFL and he said - I wouldn't do it, he said his connections to police saying we shouldn't touch or modify anything. I am sure he is wrong but this is what he said.
  21. Talked to my FFL and asked why there is no more Troy's or other "others" at this moment and he said - I wouldn't buy it since they might be ban soon. So, it is weird situation, tons of them year ago every store and place in NJ and nothing now. Ban soon means what? Are they going to prohibit them to shot at the ranges, what we will do with what we have now?
  22. You are in hestapo type of state, possibly next to NY and CA for any guns restrictions. Most people here will say - yes!!! NICS should be 6 month long or more. Same people still celebrating Trump loss and lefties are rulling in this country. That is why shrinking it even a bit is a progress towards something.
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