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  1. Beach break waves, shallow water, if you loose it, you're driving into a couple feet of water. Might leave a mark.
  2. 2nd on palmettoarms.com just bought a Holosun 403 from them
  3. per email received today: "Due to a new bill in California, CMP cannot send out email communications to our subscribers without having your full address and birthday in our email database". So why does cali need MY address? don't live there. Not aware that the CMP is based in california, and why does cal need access to names and address in the CMP data base? How about the CMP just doesn't do business in california and deal with people in the free world. canceled my subscription
  4. i have both Timney and Rise, Timney wins. but my brothers SSA/E just a bit better, but expensive
  5. DPMS makes very good rifles. Still annoyed with myself for not buying a 24" LR I had my hands on a couple of years ago.
  6. Flemington 11+ inches, Ringoes 9 inches. My buddy down stream in Neshanic Station, on the Raritan river, 4 feet of water in the first floor. Neighbors foundation collapsed after they pumped out the basement. Both houses survived Floyd, this was worse.
  7. Marlin had quality problems long before Remington. Lots of hand fitting required due to loose manufacturing tolerance.
  8. been there, woke up to that
  9. Tanner's in Jaminson, Pa. A bit south of of 78 but they have it. Also check out their Facebook page, they post specials https://www.tannerssportcenter.com/
  10. Yes I hunt, since 1968, grew up on a farm started (hunting solo) when I was 14, with my dad before that, and a little competition shooting years ago . Also have relatives that are L.E.O. Now I've done the same things that you said in the above post, but things change, and Murphy changed a lot of things we took for granted back then. Used to be all you needed was a hunting licence to transport, not any more. A coworker, older then me was pulled over in the late 1990's during hunting season, no FID in his possession, guns taken, issued a summons (in Hightstown,NJ) now that's 25 years ago. I still have friends that think all you need is a hunting licence. The LEO may not care or look the other way, but the law is what it is. Used to be game wardens were friendly, now their want a be state troopers looking to issue a many tickets as they can. NJ is NOT hunting or gun friendly anymore. "directly to or from" means just that. I don't like any more then you do, I can remember being able to mail order guns (pre 1967) and local hardware stores selling them, no papers needed. Not any more
  11. "directly to or from" the places listed which are places like shooting range, hunting, gunsmith, gun store, gun show etc... this is NJ law as I understand it, if you have a firearm you cannot stop for gas, coffee or pick up a buddy to hunt with as the law is written, and FID required to transport. Welcome to New Jersey. So the idea of a truck gun just don't fly in NJ. Oh we all may have gone to the 7-11 for a sandwich on a hunting day, but you run the risk of prosecution and loss of property. What you thought the constitution applied? No, not here, remember the law says you cannot defend yourself in nj if the means of escape is available. you don't want to know what the cost in legal fees would be be you did
  12. still own and use a 260 on the job, and have a back up 260 at home. Analog just better for some things, like hi voltage probes . The radar in F-4Js the the marines flew had 17,000 Vdc on the tubes, yep 17Kv USMC 1973-1977
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