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  1. I Know somebody with 1930, 40's & 50's rimfire ammo in collectable box's. No guarantee it will fire as well as new, or at all.
  2. Gen 2 glocks are common as f-150's. shoot it, enjoy doing it.most glocks look new after thousands of rounds if maintained and not carried
  3. NJ legal long guns can be purchased at an out of state shop. Online sales need to be shipped to a FFL. All handguns go through an NJ FFL.
  4. July 2020, stripped lower, 13 day wait for "instant" background check.
  5. Clinton wma range, off rt-78
  6. Remington ran a batch of 30-40 last year, first time in about 10 years. Target Sport has it in stock. Grafs has new Privi made brass, bought a 100, looks good but I have not loaded any of it yet as I have enough loaded ammo.
  7. Don't do it, run, run away as fast as you can. Airguns are an addiction. Once you start there's no going back. You may think you can quit but many before you have failed. Oh you say you just want back yard plinker and pest rifle. Suddenly your back yard will taken over by tin cans and spinner targets. Then you need several air pistols, one won't do because shooting with a buddy is better. What ever you buy first, you'll end up wanting something better as you learn more about airguns. Special tools, spring compressors, tune kits, 200 bar air compressors, bullet molds, there's no end to it. Slowly you'll turn to the dark side, PCP yes PCP as seductive as the drug. Once you shoot one you never want to pump a crappy crosman again. Carbon fiber air tanks will be coveted like Gollum and his presious. The quest for power will take hold. You will seek larger calibers, .25, .308, .458 and .50 cal. Your friends will shake their heads in disbelief and point to their temple as tell them about lunching 400gr slugs with air, not gun powder. No one will believe what you paid for them. You will get the " you could have bought real guns" line and you won't care. You'll seek larger quarry, make hunting trips to states that allow air gun to be used for deer and hogs. Anybody can shoot a deer with a shotgun, boring. You may get drawn to competitve airgun shooting or collecting antiques from the past, airguns have been around since the 1600's. Your powder burners will be evicted from the safe because the airguns are more valuable. You'll be penny less because there's always a shiny new or old and crusty one to buy. It never ends. : )
  8. The problem with steel ammo is that it's inaccurate junk. Not a problem in an SKS. Never had a problem with 9mm blazer, but I do prefer brass.
  9. Time off? what time off. still working 40 a week. defense contractor no shutdown. really been enjoying no traffic, cut 15 min off my ride
  10. under the top, the long way between the leg bases. used the leg mounting bolts. just some scrap angle I had. 3/4 ply alone is good enough for shooting, the angle iron makes it stiff enough to sit on with out flex.
  11. I use a home made copy of the Portektor #53 Shooting Bench (google it) . 3/4" plywood 2ft x 4ft with folding legs from a junk table. added a couple angle iron rails to make it stiffer. not to heavy, folds fairly flat , bring a a folding chair for a seat. cost about $15, only had to buy the plywood
  12. Steel is Real, aluminum is for beer cans Still ride my Kona Kilauea (Mt bike of the year in1995) my get in shape for Idaho hunting trip.
  13. City Gardens in trenton , Royal Manor Rt1 new brunswick, , The Shady Lane in locktown, the River View in Raritan. Shady lane was close to the Pa. border, 5 min from the bridge back when NJ was 18 yr old legal and Pa was 21. Always a hopping place with 3 or 4 bands on a Saturday night.
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