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  1. The problem with steel ammo is that it's inaccurate junk. Not a problem in an SKS. Never had a problem with 9mm blazer, but I do prefer brass.
  2. Time off? what time off. still working 40 a week. defense contractor no shutdown. really been enjoying no traffic, cut 15 min off my ride
  3. under the top, the long way between the leg bases. used the leg mounting bolts. just some scrap angle I had. 3/4 ply alone is good enough for shooting, the angle iron makes it stiff enough to sit on with out flex.
  4. I use a home made copy of the Portektor #53 Shooting Bench (google it) . 3/4" plywood 2ft x 4ft with folding legs from a junk table. added a couple angle iron rails to make it stiffer. not to heavy, folds fairly flat , bring a a folding chair for a seat. cost about $15, only had to buy the plywood
  5. Steel is Real, aluminum is for beer cans Still ride my Kona Kilauea (Mt bike of the year in1995) my get in shape for Idaho hunting trip.
  6. City Gardens in trenton , Royal Manor Rt1 new brunswick, , The Shady Lane in locktown, the River View in Raritan. Shady lane was close to the Pa. border, 5 min from the bridge back when NJ was 18 yr old legal and Pa was 21. Always a hopping place with 3 or 4 bands on a Saturday night.
  7. so your eating a rabbit or squirrel, and you chomp down on a #6 lead shot. you gonna swallow it? yea that's what I thought, got be really dumb to eat shot or a lead slug. non hunter B.S.
  8. one of these behind the bedroom door. not hidden, but out of sight for the most part behind the door when the door is open. https://www.amazon.com/Stack-On-IWC-55-Full-Length-In-Wall-Cabinet/dp/B002TOKR6W
  9. Kershaw "Link" nice sturdy blade holds an edge well. reasonable price. made in usa https://www.amazon.com/Kershaw-Blackwash-1776GRYBW-Drop-Point-Reversible/dp/B00TAD2EKM
  10. I feel your pain. Had a deal for a McMillian stock go bad about a year ago. Got lucky and my money was recovered. Paid with USPS money order, seller wanted to do pay pal but I don't pay pal. Money order is sent, with tracking. One day later seller complains checks not here and he has a pay pal buyer. No way I say, we made a deal, MO is on the way. Tracking says M.O. delivered, he says never showed up. I end up waiting 90 days for a refund on an uncashed M.O. local PD was no help, no crime until the M.O. is cashed. USPS saved me in this case.
  11. First, find a place to shoot long range, for me that's a bigger problem then what to shoot. I'm lucky to be able to squeeze 300yds out of the farms where I shoot. Not really long range but fun plinking with center fire.
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