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  1. Not sure if still looking but saw this. @Topshot56
  2. Probably had a hot doe in the area. If a doe doesn't get pregnant she will go back into estrus again in 28 days. Can have a 2nd and 3rd rut.
  3. That's not a .50! That's a tank!
  4. DaddyNick

    Glock 41

    2 kids still in high school. Need another 10 years or so at my job to get a semi decent pension so I ain't going anywhere...unless I hit the lottery or the wife divorces me. Lol. What part of Texas are ya? Friend of mines dad is in Adkins. It's a little south of San Antonio. Beautiful area.
  5. DaddyNick

    Glock 41

    I don't like you non jersey natives who live in free states. Kidding. Very jealous. If you're are in NJ like me, no can do. Jersey thinks that suppressor's are evil killing machines especially the black ones.
  6. DaddyNick

    Glock 41

    Get the Glock 44. It's .22lr. Exact same size as Glock 19. Much cheaper to shoot! Lol.
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