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  1. Upper only. Sabre Defence. 14.5 barrel. Alexandria Arms comp. NJ compliant. Upper has 60 rounds thru it. Could include bcg and or cash if their is a value difference. Looking to trade for another 6.5 Grendel that doesn't have a fixed front site post. Prefer no sights as it'll be wearing an optic. Figure I ask here before I either remove the post or cut it down. Thanks for looking. Nick
  2. Yes! I almost feel bad, had no bourbon last night. Ended up being the driver for my boy and his friends. They had their 8th grade dance. Once that ended they wanted to go to local diner. By the time they were done and got home it was late. Had been up since 430am. Walked in the door, cracked a can of cold beer. The wife sexually assaulted me. #metoo! Passed out shortly thereafter. Guess I'll drink 2 Bourbons tonight. Lol.
  3. Just got me a bottle of Blanton's 2 weeks ago. Have had one glass out of it. Tonight will be the 2nd. Cheers. Drink to all of it!
  4. National Bourbon Day! Pick your poison!
  5. I had him do a brake and remove bayonet lug. Charged me $130. That was last summer. Few months back I used Cheyenne in bordentown. They did same work and charged $55.
  6. Never got a grouse. Had a couple shots. Missed. Did have one running down a firetrail but was raised to not shoot birds on the ground (aside from stocked pheasant, haha). This was all when I was a kid in the 80s. Haven't heard them drumming in the pines in 15+ years. Flushed one during buck week about 15 years ago. Scared the shit out of me. Lol. Would love to see them come back.
  7. The comment section is great. You can tell who the snowflakes are. Lol.
  8. Dang it. Unfortunately I have to be a good dude and attend a blood drive and give blood. Can't back out of it. It's in Philly.
  9. If society were to breakdown Sweden would collapse within a month. Would be One of the first places where people would turn feral. It's already happening in some countries in South America. Our media isn't gonna shine a light on that.
  10. I've done this. Comes out great. Family loves em.
  11. Agree. But I'm sure other morons have slid into their place. The ones that weren't old enough to vote in 16'.
  12. Yep. Bernie scares me. I believe he would have beat Trump if Hillary hadn't screwed (paid) over Bernie. Bernie had some serious momentum going into the election.
  13. Previous administration bred that into that generation. Free school, free healthcare, blah blah blah. They will not accept any form of criticism. Do not hold themselves responsible for anything. It's never their fault. And think that "the rich" will pay for it. That article proves it. The author of the article proves it.
  14. The one thing politician's ain't talking about is WHY they are shooting each other. Drugs. I think I'll write some emails to some local politician's. Ask em why do they shoot each other. Is because they are racist? Is it over a car? Over a house? Why are they shooting each other? Drugs are not legal but the areas where these shootings occur are flooded with drugs. Gee....hhmmmm.....I wonder....
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