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  1. Anybody got a 1990s version of a SIG 239 In 9mm. Let Me know. Have permit in hand.
  2. Pretty much every thread I've posted on this site about wanting or looking for a particular weapon etc I have received those same PMs. This is why I've never done any online deals. I don't trust anyone. Sorry to read about your experience. Damn that sucks.
  3. Good luck with sale. I'm a righty. I already have one in 7mm-08. Awesome gun. Probably one of the best value/shooters you will find under $500.
  4. In Virginia. Cars were stuck stranded for 24-38 hours. After action reports I'm reading the #1 thing people didn't have was food and water. Cars were kept running for heat. Once out of gas people abandoned them and left on foot. A bread vendor ended up giving all his bread to people to help with hunger. Haven't heard of any violence, theft, etc Discuss What do you carry? How much water? MREs?
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