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  1. My 16 y/o son has a few drawstring bags he can wear on his shoulders. In his highschool they weren't using lockers for the longest time because of covid. He kept everything in the bag. He walks to work so he carries his gear in it. He carries a bottle of water. Snacks. Masks. Ear buds to listen to music. His case for his Invisalign (braces). Not sure if his wallet is in his pocket or in his bag.
  2. Lightfields Remington accutips, buck hammers, copper solids, Barnes expander. Winchester, federal. No foster type slugs needed I have plenty of those.
  3. IF it's him on camera. IF. His parents house is southern Florida. The picture is in baker Florida. That's north west Florida. That's some serious country to hide in He is heading into no man's land. If he's trying to run and hide he's heading for the right area. I don't know anything about this person. If he's a survivorlist. A camper. Not sure if he has the proper supplies. If not. Someone is helping him.
  4. He's on the run. Someone's trail camera in the woods got a pic of him. Hundreds of miles from his parents house. EDIT: no official answer if it was him on the camera. Awaiting ID. As of this moment. We'll see...
  5. I've never seen the matrix. I'm not a sci-fi guy. Any movie, book, story that has a sci Fi , futuristic, fantasy story to it. People lose their minds when I tell them. Lol. Also never watched any star Trek, stars wars, lord of the rings, etc. I do like the John wick series although some parts are definite not realistic. Lol.
  6. Fid card has nothing to do with the free wma ranges. Fid card and or the hunter education cert card are not valid for wma range use. Must have a valid hunting license (gun or bow). Once you pass your NJ hunting education you then need to purchase your annual NJ firearm hunting license. Whether you take 1 or 10 people, as long as you have that current (year) license on your person you are legal. Also make sure the rifles are legally allowed based on NJ wma rules. Their are restrictions.
  7. Their is also a donkey's in Medford but no where near as interesting as the one in Camden. Lol. When we take the kids to the aquarium we always stop at donkey's. You're okay as long as the sun is up. Lol.
  8. Wow. That penna guy needs to have his teeth knocked out. Why do that to ANY woman let alone someone you know you're going to deal with in the future. Attacking family? Thats a no go zone. Wow
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