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  1. Their is also a donkey's in Medford but no where near as interesting as the one in Camden. Lol. When we take the kids to the aquarium we always stop at donkey's. You're okay as long as the sun is up. Lol.
  2. Wow. That penna guy needs to have his teeth knocked out. Why do that to ANY woman let alone someone you know you're going to deal with in the future. Attacking family? Thats a no go zone. Wow
  3. Not sure I didn't get that far in the process. My son turns 17 in January so I've been browsing the sites. Lol.
  4. On njwoodsandwater dot com in the classified section someone is selling a Ford f150. Think was less then your budget. It looked nice.
  5. Make the change. I've done shift work. Was on nights(2-10) for 4 years straight. Missed a lot of time with my kids. Was tough only having dinner twice a week with wife and kids. Tough on my wife being the only parent in the house with 2 small children. Make the change. May be stressful now but better for you long term. You can only control so much.
  6. Agree. Even though us legal gun owners are treated like criminals I'm trying to remain optimistic. Lol
  7. I would think (hope) that existing owners would be allowed to retain their possession. Be grandfathered in so to speak.
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