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  1. Depends on who's with me. Also why I'm shooting .... whether it's getting ready for hunting season or just plinking. Took my kids to range with 2 handguns last week....went thru almost 200 rounds of 22s and 150 of 9mm. If I checking my muzzleloader and shotguns (slug) I fire less than 10-15 shots. Usually less than 10.
  2. Academy has the 40gr round nose cci mini mags for 7.49 for 100 round packs. Free shipping on orders over $25.
  3. Depending on date. Yes. Nick
  4. My condolences.
  5. Always loved the guns my dad and grandpop carried. A Stevens 311 in 12ga and a Sears 16ga pump. They are both gone but I still have those guns. When I got my fid(1992) I bought a Marlin 30-30 , a Remington heavy barreled 308, a couple Taurus handguns. A couple bows. Easy to do when living at home with parents. Haha. Working full time, school part time, chasing girls, paying bar tabs. Shooting and hunting took a back seat. All those guns are gone. No practical use for here in NJ (hunting) so I sold them. Aside from the guns from my dad and grandpop I have a Ruger 10/22 that's probably 30+ years old. And a Sears single shot 22 bolt that my kids love. Those guns will out live me.
  6. I will follow as others have said....watch YouTube. I am not a tinkerer. I had a lower part kit sit in my desk for a year before I finally put it together. And you don't need all the fancy tools. Punches, some electrical tape, small hammer. Take your time. No rush. Yes! Springs will be flying!! Lol.
  7. 30/35.
  8. Anything new? I haven't heard anything Nick
  9. It's this weekend. In Jackson. Thanks to everyone for the info and offers. Unfortunately I'm stuck this weekend. Saturday I have to work and the wife has informed me that Sunday is a family day. I gotta pick and choose my battles carefully. Haha. Good luck to all who attend! Nick
  10. Good Lord. Haha
  11. People that blow their nose at the dinner table while people are eating. Wtf is wrong with you! My grandfather did it when I was a kid. My dad would do it. Totally disgusting to me. If you have blast your snot rocket, hack, cough, whatever.... excuse yourself and leave the table. Have consideration for others. And others have already listed other things I hate. Haha.
  12. Yep. Would love to post pics of my boys but snowflakes would cry about it.
  13. Cool thanks. May take you up on that. I have a G19 gen4.
  14. Thanks guys. I joined gssf a few months back. Got the email about this match. I assume I'll have to get a holster and mag holders. I do not have those. I have 3 10round mags. Is that enough ? Lol Thanks again Nick
  15. Have never done any match. Considering attending this one. What to expect? How long of a day? How much ammo to bring? Thanks for any information Nick