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  1. Oakies in surf City have ribeyes that are beyond good. You just have to cook it yourself. Lol.
  2. Can we hunt it? Lol. Can clear some shooting lanes. Lol
  3. Had this on the calendar. Ain't making it. Again. Gggrrr. Kids got a game in the morning and then hopefully will finally be sitting in a tree stand in the afternoon for my first sit of the year. First deer that comes in gets an invitation to my freezer.
  4. DaddyNick


    Damn nice
  5. They definitely do treatments down there.
  6. Termiguard based out of west Berlin. South Jersey. Not sure where you're at. Mike and Jim Allen are good people. Tell them Nick C says hello.
  7. Was there this morning for a couple hours. Guns were being shot. Didn't see any issues with that or with animal control activists. The decoys were great. Really a true work of art.
  8. They're gonna sell a shitload of those. Lol.
  9. Typical hoodrat. Shoots multiple people but once he's cornered he turns into a pussycat and surrenders. That POS should not be breathing. He should be room temperature.
  10. Go hang an American flag and a MAGA banner up on that house. Watch how fast someone responds. Lol. Good luck at the meeting. Hope it's going well.
  11. Upper only. Sabre Defence. 14.5 barrel. Alexandria Arms comp. NJ compliant. Upper has 60 rounds thru it. Could include bcg and or cash if their is a value difference. Looking to trade for another 6.5 Grendel that doesn't have a fixed front site post. Prefer no sights as it'll be wearing an optic. Figure I ask here before I either remove the post or cut it down. Thanks for looking. Nick
  12. Yes! I almost feel bad, had no bourbon last night. Ended up being the driver for my boy and his friends. They had their 8th grade dance. Once that ended they wanted to go to local diner. By the time they were done and got home it was late. Had been up since 430am. Walked in the door, cracked a can of cold beer. The wife sexually assaulted me. #metoo! Passed out shortly thereafter. Guess I'll drink 2 Bourbons tonight. Lol.
  13. Just got me a bottle of Blanton's 2 weeks ago. Have had one glass out of it. Tonight will be the 2nd. Cheers. Drink to all of it!
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