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  1. Can someone strap a GoPro to Zeke's forehead? Asking for a friend....
  2. Not sure how to check. On the box above the model # it reads "SE-1624-1". I'm assuming it's for Strike Eagle 1-6x maybe the one is for 1st generation.
  3. Glorious!!! Watched 3 times. LOL
  4. DaddyNick


    Guarantee someone is currently hunting it. Guys look for private non posted property. They always check tax maps. Sometimes they even post it themselves to keep guys out. Lol. Saw it in Chatsworth last month (was looking at leasing a piece to hunt). In Jersey 15 acres is plenty to hunt. Definitely for bow hunting. Gun hunting will be decided by property lines/boundaries. Good luck in this journey.
  5. $275. Buyer pays any and all fees. I'll add 50 rounds of 9mm ball ammo.
  6. $325 shipped. Basically getting the Vortex base/mount for free.
  7. As titled Vortex strike eagle. 1-6x AR BDC. New in box. I had bought it for an out of state pig hunt. Paid $300 plus shipping. When I got it I didn't realize it was 30mm tube not 1". Didn't have 30mm rings So I used a different scope. Eventually bought the Vortex one piece base for $99 plus shipping. Thinking I'd put it on one of my toys. Year later it's collecting dust. Again. These are new. Never mounted on a gun. Never outside. Kept in box in my safe. I'll cover shipping (priority/insured). Asking $375. Can do PayPal (family or you pay fees). Might consider trades. Maybe. I do have permits in hand. Thanks for looking. Hhmmm...Won't let me upload pics for some reason. Shoot me a PM can text pics but I promise it's new in box Nick
  8. Agree. Until he shows pics of actual gun and a trade value this post won't go much further. They are nice guns. I'm sure some guys here are chomping at the bit to see it.
  9. I fired a 3 1/2" turkey load once. Once. Lol. I stick with 3" and keep shots inside 40 yards. I do love buckshot for deer just not the magnum loads. 3" 1buck is my preferred medicine.
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