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  1. The 4/27 is one of my kids actual birthday dates. Lol I better start kissing my wife's ass now.... Or....start building a bigger dog house. Lol
  2. Thank you to all who do, have , and will protect our freedoms. Nick
  3. All good. Yeah it's tough sometimes trying to get them interested, keeping them interested at the same time not pushing them. My boys (13&10) were off Thursday and so was I. With the rut going on I tried to convince them that we needed to sit in a blind for deer. They wanted no part of it. BUT they had no problem checking trail cams with me. They just didn't want to sit still. Lol. Frustrating but I just look at it as time spent with my boys. My older son will be with me on youth day , my younger son has already said he doesn't feel like it. Lol. Drive me crazy. I'll have to bait 2 double ladders and one ground blind in case plans change. Lol. Good luck this season. Nick
  4. Where you located? I've got a hang on and climbing sticks on my back deck. Can borrow or I'll sell both for 50. Hang on is ameristep as well as the sticks. Used one season. I'm in 08053 Nick
  5. Have bow(and slug gun and muzzleloader)....will travel. Nick
  6. Best if luck. What part of the TN? Friends live in Murfreesboro (south of Nashville). Love TN. Different friends years ago lived in dandridge(East TN)...God's country. Backwoods but nice. Lol.
  7. 28" barrels on a SxS or O/U is like a pump or semi auto with a 25-26" barrel. I also think a 20ga framed/action would be lighter and quicker then a heavier beefier 12ga frame. Acquired an Ithaca 20ga SxS. Has 28" barrels choked M//F. Gonna have the chokes opened up. Probably go with Skeet/IC. Will be used for pheasant, rabbit and woodcock.
  8. Congrats on the harvest. Use to hear grouse in the south Jersey pines years ago. All the time. Haven't heard them in 20 years. Had 2 shots at them 15+ years ago. Missed both times. Haven't targeted them but definitely on bucket list to try for them one day. Probably head to upstate pa or NY for them. Just don't have the numbers down here. What guns/loads you using? Generally I use high brass #6 for everything. Probably go with 7 1/2s or possibly even 8s if specifically chasing grouse/woodcock. Nick
  9. I have a couple pmags and have had zero issues.
  10. I hear ya man. Based on last pages I get your frustration. I'm just a big believer in eye for an eye. Even if it was me, you scoped out/stalked my house. My loved ones are in it. I've had a couple situations where law enforcement couldn't or wouldn't get involved or pursue things. I made it known (to bad guy) what would happen if certain behaviors/actions continued. Police knew. Lol. It ceased. Lol.
  11. Eff that noise. Stalking my wife..... You're a better man then me. Steal from her. Followed her. Stalked her. Not saying do this ( my disclaimer). Lol....I'd go back. Speak to tech. Take his pic. When he went crying I'd take pic of service manager. When he cried I'd take pic of gm. Get a GoPro. Don't make threats. That part is hard NOT to do. I would then scope out where they park. Find out what he drives. Isn't hard to do. I'd follow him home but that's me. Lol. Let him call the police. Don't speak to him. Just blow him some kisses. Again... stalking my family?.....eff you. Extreme prejudice is applied.
  12. agree with trying a youth 20ga. I have a single shot 410 And kicks as much as the 20 because it's so light. Not sure of your location but more than welcome to try the mentioned 410 or my boys Mossberg 500 bantam 20ga. I'm in marlton. Usually head down to Stafford on 539. Looking to join Telco in the near future as it's closest to me but they do not have a guest policy. Nick
  13. Unfortunately I agree.