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  1. I go-to the one at Stafford. If someone is there along side of me. I introduce myself. Make sure we are on the same page as far as safety goes. I've dealt with a couple Yahoo's before and let them know the bullshit wouldn't be tolerated. They left soon after.
  2. Sorry didn't make it. Kids had Karate practice and when we got home the backyard turned into a party of kids, parents, and nice weather. Grills were used and some adult beverages were consumed.
  3. Fridays are good for me. His hours are limited. So be sure to check the business hours. Nick I work evenings. Done by 830ish. I'm off on Fridays.
  4. Yep. Sal's pizza is a 1 minute walk. 7-11 is right there as well. Chinese place right on other side of highway. Lol. I expected that. I'm a fan of ales. The peaches are from a local farmer we know so that's why I chose it. It's not sweet at all (thankfully). Only get a slight peach flavor at the very end.
  5. Golden peach ale. Good stuff. Easy drinking. Said he had a few kegs left. Said it will most likely be gone by the end of next weekend. Nick
  6. Live about 5 minutes from there. Maybe will check it out tomorrow.
  7. If Obama had a son....
  8. If your close to me and have enough land I can get rid of the deer.
  9. Wow. Just seeing this. Way cool and thanks for sharing. Nick
  10. It works fine in all modern guns. If your having feeding issues blame the gun not the ammo. If a pump or semi auto can't feed/eject a 2 3/4" shell don't depend on it for self defense.
  11. With regard to your wife. Racking a pump may be easier than pulling the slide back on a semi auto. Have her try both if possible. I have both in 20ga. I have a youth Mossberg 20ga and a Remington 11-87 in 20ga with 21" barrel. Not sure of location but welcome to handle/try both. I'm in 08053. Nick
  12. Yea I'm right off of rt73. Not far from the old 70/73 circle.
  13. I'm in marlton. Haven't applied for permits in a long time. So not sure about that. Range 14 is 30-40 Minutes away. Telco in Atco is 20-25 minutes. Sportsmen center and Cheyenne are 30-35 minutes north.
  14. Hat is off to all first responders. No way I could be a police officer. I do find it comical when people get a ticket or a summons and they bitch about how the officer wasn't all happy and go lucky. You broke a law you dipshit. Own it! Co-worker of mine was bitching about something similar. I said to him this isn't Chili's restaurant where they have to be nice to you. YOU are making this officer do his/her job. You created this situation. Own it.
  15. The international