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  1. Be better in a 20ga platform.
  2. Try to find an IMI timberwolf. Comes in 44 and 357.
  3. Agree. Got my pops Stevens 311. 12ga. M/F barrels. Shoots birdshot for shit. Years ago fartin around at the range with buckshot in the gun. This thing shoots lightening bolts with 2 3/4" Winchester plated #1 buckshot. I've rolled more than a few deer with it. May take that gun for a walk this deer season. Nick
  4. As already said just get the barrel threaded for chokes. It's cheaper than a new barrel from Beretta. Much cheaper. Start with a IC choke and go from there. Nick
  5. If hunting behind a pointing dog the 7 1/2s should be okay. If just walking and flushing or pass(tower) shooting then I'd go for high brass 6s. I'd even bring high brass 5s. Hitting pheasant isn't hard. Hitting them hard enough that they drop and don't run is another thing. Good luck. Nick
  6. I agree. Just curious. I personally would not even use them for self defense. I want as much power/energy as I can shoot.
  7. Interesting. Has anybody used these for hunting? A Definite neat factor but wonder how practical they are. Nick
  8. Increase your budget or go with a used pump gun. I'd be Leary of buying a semi auto for $300. Start with a pump gun. See if you like skeet and or trap. If your gonna stick with it then get yourself a dedicated gun for it. Good luck in your search. Have fun with it. Nick
  9. LE has been in Evesham schools as long as my kids have been in school(middle and elementary). Almost 10 years. Always see a police vehicle parked outside. Evesham now has a job listing on their Facebook page looking for retired LE to work in the schools. $35 an hour.
  10. Correct. In one of the shootings as soon as LE showed up and confronted him he went and hid then put a bullet in his own head.
  11. Hmm. I've got a #5. Was my father's. His father before that. I know it's Colt 38. I'll dig it out tomorrow to see which one.
  12. Evesham Unsure of exact dates but submitted paperwork for some P2P last month and they called today that they are ready for pickup. Didn't expect them this quickly. Lol Nick
  13. All my guns identify as a Sears & Roebuck 1941 16ga single shot.
  14. Any updates?
  15. Hell yeah. Awesome. Never been there but if we im adding that to the list!