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  1. Finally. A voice of reason. Your other half?....not so much....
  2. Shush! As to the OP....get a G19.
  3. 2 days is a great idea. I'd be game for one day. I'd vote for a Thursday Friday.
  4. GetBackHere! DontEatThat! NoNoNo! SitSitSit! Hold! Whoa!!Whoa!
  5. DaddyNick

    Long range stuff

    Gotcha. Yep. My mind is geared towards the hunting aspect. I'm looking at energy etc. I always forget you don't need energy just enough to punch paper or ping the metal. Good info. And yeah all the ranges by me are short range (which is fine for what I need)... Telco, range 14, south Jersey. All less than 300. All within 30 minutes of my house. I can't justify having a "target" gun in the safe that realistically would only get stretched maybe 2-3 times a year. I do have an AR in 6.5 Grendel but haven't shot beyond 200 yards with it. Lol. Work, kids, wife, kids sports keep getting in my way! Lol
  6. DaddyNick

    Long range stuff

    @Bully I brought up the 300wm. He mentioned out of the box and in my limited amateur opinion it seems the popular choice. Chose that over the 6.5 flavors just based on availability of ammo.
  7. DaddyNick

    Long range stuff

    GrabAGun has a bunch of bolt guns under 600. There is a Remington sps in 300 win mag for less than 550.
  8. DaddyNick

    Long range stuff

    Plenty of bolt guns(under $1k) in 300 win mag that will have the juice. The optics will determine distance.
  9. Thanks for sharing. My wife and I are poa for her grandma and my grandmother. Both 94 & 96. Both in nursing homes. Have good days and bad days. Both have dementia. Real eye opener at how the government milks everything they've worked their whole lives for. It's extremely sad. As for your friend, try and enjoy the time. Don't take for granted (you're not). Even if he does not show it he appreciates it. Who's cutting the onions around here? Gotta go....
  10. Ouch. 4 hours each way. BUT..... Well.....you know...lol Dates and times will be THE deciding factor. Regardless whether it's one or two days I'd probably do the hotel thing the night before.
  11. I still grab sports stuff for my boys there because it's the best by far in the area. It's their choice and I'm not going to punish them for my beliefs. I have NOT bought anything fishing and/or hunting/shooting related in months.
  12. Good deals. Barrels on franchi... they 28 Fixed choke? If so what choke?
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