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  1. Family Jewelers in marlton has treated me well.
  2. Can't take people like this too serious. They are unhinged. If anything I'd mess with em. Lol. I'm only about 15 minutes from there. Maybe next time I get a deer I'll go butcher it over there. Lol. Sorry but I'm done trying to reason with people like that when it comes to gun laws and hunting. Nick
  3. Check out the youth bows by diamond. I think it's called "infinite edge" or something like that.
  4. In the afternoons when most hunters have left, the birds get on their feet. Hunt the edges. Transition areas. Birds will be moving before the sun goes down. They will look for trees to roost in.
  5. Nice. I'll have to grab some.
  6. Pass it often on rt73. My 12 y/o got a kick out of it. Thought it was cool. I voted first thing this morning. Nick
  7. All mentioned is good. Don't think I've seen... Chinese pizza Chinese donuts Mongolian beef Honey chicken Honey shrimp Wash it all down with a Sapporo
  8. Thanks guys. It depends on where the bullet, arrow, bolt hits them. On average if you put a shot thru both lungs they generally will drop within site. 40-75yards after the shot had been the norm for me. This guy spun towards me as I shot so the bolt went straight in traveling the length of his body stopping in his hip. He went about 40 yards and dropped. The damage was catastrophic. Gutting it was a mess. Lol.
  9. @ Primary arms. 24 hours only. Fyi Just got the email. Not sure if their is a limit. I'm sure their is. Probably 3 or 5. Get some before Murphy comes for em.
  10. Anybody have any success? Scored this guy in zone 23. Public land. Between work and kids sports it was only my 2nd time out. Was looking for any adult deer to put in the freezer. Will get a euro mount done with his skull. Hope everyone has some success. Good luck, have fun, and be safe. Nick
  11. I go-to the one at Stafford. If someone is there along side of me. I introduce myself. Make sure we are on the same page as far as safety goes. I've dealt with a couple Yahoo's before and let them know the bullshit wouldn't be tolerated. They left soon after.
  12. Sorry didn't make it. Kids had Karate practice and when we got home the backyard turned into a party of kids, parents, and nice weather. Grills were used and some adult beverages were consumed.
  13. Fridays are good for me. His hours are limited. So be sure to check the business hours. Nick I work evenings. Done by 830ish. I'm off on Fridays.
  14. Yep. Sal's pizza is a 1 minute walk. 7-11 is right there as well. Chinese place right on other side of highway. Lol. I expected that. I'm a fan of ales. The peaches are from a local farmer we know so that's why I chose it. It's not sweet at all (thankfully). Only get a slight peach flavor at the very end.
  15. Golden peach ale. Good stuff. Easy drinking. Said he had a few kegs left. Said it will most likely be gone by the end of next weekend. Nick