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  1. When you sign up I believe you can apply for both to be done in one day. When my kids did it they did the workbook at home for both archery and gun. The workbook is basically your admittance ticket into the class. I would recommend doing the muzzleloader part as well so you can get your rifle permit. Will need rifle permit if you wanna use muzzleloader for deer, rifle for woodchuck, or rifle for fox/coyote.
  2. Still in the package. Black. Paid $54. Will sell for $45 shipped. PayPal. Can mail tomorrow. First post "I'll take it" wins the item. Nick
  3. Heading there in June for a few days. See that there are a few ranges there and they all rent out some fancy shooters. The automatic stuff as well as the 50 caught my eye. Anybody have any recommendations on any range in particular? Positives and negatives? Thanks Nick
  4. Hunt out of a ground blind or from a tree stand. As already said watch your wind. You can fool their eyes and ears you ain't fooling their nose.
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