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  1. Aside from getting good grades and being a good student...Would LOVE to hear more. Do's and Donts?
  2. Stop shooting cannons and you'll be healed! Lol.
  3. As hunters we strive, hope , and pray that we make a quick, efficient, and humane kill. Reality is it just doesn't happen that often. It's not because someone may have made a "bad" shot it's just that the animal in that moment is tough. The will to live/survive is strong. Whether it's in a hunting scenario or at a slaughter house... pigs, cows, chickens...the extreme majority of them.... have a violent ending.
  4. That was probably the most surprising thing for me....how much lead these pigs took and didn't wanna quit. I was nervous about making my one shot count with my muzzleloader. Was fortunate to make a good shot and break it's neck but still ended up having to put a 357mag in the brainpan for all movement to cease. Looking forward to some Good eats. Nick
  5. He and I were killing pigs yesterday. Otherwise we would have been there.
  6. Quite specific. Hhhhmmmmm. No judgement. LOL
  7. Yeah I'm considering getting a room. My drive is a lil over 2 hours each way. Weapon wise it will either be a .50cal muzzleloader or my crossbow. 150lb draw on it. I've had plenty of dead critters in my rogue. Lol. Just had a 25lb gobbler in there on Saturday. I'm used to the smells. Lol. Tarps, rubber gloves, wet wipes, eye And ear protection. Bug spray. Blaze orange.
  8. Thanks for the response. Yeah I'll have tarps. A few. Lol. 2 hour drive. I'll probably stuff bags of ice in chest cavity for the ride. Yeah I'm thinking either xbow or maybe the muzzleloader.
  9. Who's hunting this Saturday's pig hunt on the 27th? Driving there that morning or staying overnight? What weapon? I'm still undecided. Lol. Has anyone did it before? What was average distance of shot? Considering bringing a bow or xbow. I'm pumped. Looking forward to meeting some people. Getting some fresh pork.
  10. If your somewhere in South Jersey (08053) be glad to let you and your wife shoot mine. Remington 11/87 20ga. 21" barrel. Not for sale as my kids love it. Lol.
  11. Sicario 1 and 2? If so, yes I agree. Good scenes. Nice toys. Some great one liners in both. "Wipe it clean"... Love it.
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