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  1. When I get home later I'll see what I got. Think I have an extra.
  2. I'm down in the marlton area. 08053. I get up to Cheyenne in bordentown or out to Monmouth county sometimes. Freehold is definitely closer. Lol.
  3. Yeah trying to work out logistics. I'm more than an hour or so south of ya. Let me sleep on it. I'll let you know tomorrow. Thanks for the quick response. Nick
  4. If hull and trailer tires are good this is a steal. Somebody should really jump on this.
  5. Thanks again for the mags and ammo. Seller is a good guy. Buy with confidence.
  6. Already got a lever gun. Wouldn't mind the big brother to a Ruger 10/22.
  7. How much for the .44 Ruger? Lol
  8. Thanks. I checked. It's a CZ. By the way, CZ makes a great product. Affordable and they are made pretty well. If I was in the market for a new double. It would be a CZ.
  9. From what I've read it's a cross pollination of some heirloom (fancy) tomatoes. My boys got 3 different ones. They got Big Zac, Biltmore, and mountain magic. The big Zac's apparently produce tomatoes that are 4-5lb. Further reading says they average about 2lbs each. Still a big mater! Lol.
  10. Garden is in. Usual assortment of tomatoes, peppers, and cucs. Got a few hybrid tomato plants for entertainment purposes. We'll see how they do. Also picked up some blue Jade corn seed. We put some in a big planter on our deck. Stalks grow to 4-5' and produces these 5-6" blue/purple ears of corn. We'll see how that goes. Lol
  11. Looking for the following.. .. Sig 239. Older model. 9mm only. Had one years ago. One of the few guns I regret selling. Stevens 311 in 20ga and/or 16ga. Already have a 12. 26 or 28" barrels. It's an older double gun I just love. Simple. Sturdy. Double triggers. They ain't worth much I just like em. Thompson Center Hawken silver elite. Muzzleloader. A rare one. It's a long shot but figure I ask. Don't mind other T/C muzzys for the right price but it would be bottom dollar because chances are I already have it. Lol. Got permits, got cash. Got a few other toys I may consider trading. Thanks for looking. Nick
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