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  1. Can be complete upper with or without a CH, BCG. I know it's not the right time to try and find ARs and ar parts but ...here I am. Lol. I already have ARs with comps and breaks. Just want one with a plain crowned barrel. No specific reason. Just want one. Lol. I'm in 08053. Let me know what you got. Thanks. Nick
  2. You can hunt deer with bow(recurve, longbow, compound), crossbow, muzzleloader, shotgun ( buckshot and/or slugs).
  3. The evil gun features listed in the assault weapon ban only applies to semi automatic firearms. With your pump gun you're free to do as you please.
  4. High brass 6s. In 20ga it's a 1oz load. In a 12ga it's usually 1 1/4oz.
  5. Bow/crossbow but that's just for dinner. I think the '450 rule applies for All small game hunting. Archery for deer is 150'. Got any deer in your backyard?
  6. I failed to mention the barrel twist rate has a lot to do with which bullet to use. The older traditional sidelock guns have a slower twist in the barrels. Some are 1:48" and some 1:60 or 66". The newer guns and most inlines are 1:35 or even 1:28". Sabots fly better with a faster twist barrel. I have 2 traditional bp guns and they shoot round ball and full size maxi hunters bullets good to 50-75 yards. Iron sights so I'm not shooting far. The twist in those is 1:48". When the weather is crappy/wet I bring out the stainless/synthetic T/C Encore and it likes a 240gr bullet in a sabot. It's barrel twist is 1:28". Rifle like accuracy. Leupold scope on it.
  7. Not necessarily. Every zone is different. I hunt 23 & 19. 23 is tight. No guns in January. Where as 19 is muzzy and shotgun in January. Believe the rifle permit is $10 or 11$ now. And the muzzleloader permits are zone specific. 28$ per permit per zone and another 28$ for a buck tag. As for sabots they don't suck. Once you find the right powder and bullet combo they are deadly.
  8. They left my garden alone for most of the summer but the last 2-3 weeks they ate everything but peppers. Pretty pissed off about it. If I didn't have houses behind mine I'd definitely be sniping some of these bastards.
  9. One of the theories on why they are so busy looking for and burying acorns is it's a sign of a harsh winter coming. We'll see...
  10. Good luck with sales. Hello from a fellow marltoner.
  11. Can someone strap a GoPro to Zeke's forehead? Asking for a friend....
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