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  1. I'd rather not take any money from the government but if it comes , the wife and I already discussed just putting it into our kids savings.
  2. My permits expired. I applied for new ones. Usually takes less than 30 days but this virus crap may prolong things. Post pics of what ya got. I may be interested.
  3. Thanks but trying to stay with 45 or possibly a 9mm.
  4. Any dog that goes after a human like that does not deserve to breathe the same air. Kill the dog. Sue the owner. Dogs off leash are an absolute pet peeve of mine. I've had more than a few run ins. Just a matter of time before I get my hands on one. I don't want to but if it comes down to a child(or a loved one) or the dog....dog dies horribly.
  5. Went to my local Walmart. South Jersey. Definitely had that pre snow storm activity. Half the water aisle was empty. Not a single container of Lysol wipes on the shelf. Paper towels and TP were pretty bare. Zero hand sanitizer. Soaps half gone. Crazy considering this was noon on a Tuesday. Assuming they will restock it tonight.
  6. Cash is always good. Always. It's no different than water or ammo. No matter where you are at everyone knows American dollars. During Sandy I know guys who bought fuel, generators, meds, etc. Cash only. It's a simple funny story but lesson learned. That big snow storm we had 4 years ago....my neighbhood is private so we have contractors do the snow removal. Guy was in bulldozer pushing the snow. I had cleaned around my truck/car, when he came by I offered him $50 cash if I could move my cars and could he clean/clear my driveway, front of house etc. He obliged. Looked like a Chinese fire drill moving the vehicles but got it done. Best $50 I ever spent. My neighbors caught on real quick. They all paid. One guy didn't have cash but ended giving the guy a couple restaurant gift cards. Lol. My kids got a lesson in the value of a dollar. Our street is also the first one that guy comes too when it snows. Lol. Last year was funny it snowed a few inches. I hear a big vehicle outside. One of my boys yell hey Dad the snow guy is here. Lol. Cash is King. If you don't have it use the ammo to get it. Lol.
  7. https://www.primaryarms.com/burris-optics-msr-223-tactical-rifle-scope-3-9x40mm Don't have one. No idea on quality. Figure if someone is doing a budget build this won't kill your wallet.
  8. Google. Average return rates on Roth IRA have been 7-10%.
  9. Put 6k in. Do it every year for 11 years. At 7% that 66k will be 110-115k. Tax free. Decent little egg for ya. Enough for a summertime's worth of strippers and Cocaine.
  10. I'm a fan. I DVR'd last night will watch tonight. I discovered it around season 4 or 5. Caught up last year. I like it.
  11. Honestly didn't go into that room/area. Being a good distance from the ocean a lot of stuff was geared towards lake/river fishing. If you Google the show and look at their exhibitor list I'm sure their are some on there. Type in pontoon or inflatable in the search feature and I'm sure you'll get some hits.
  12. Went yesterday. It was nice. No offense to anybody but I don't get the whole freebie/swag thing. It's not my thing. Spoke with some outfitters that I had written down. Some nice guys. Some farkin idiots. The fishing section was nicer than I expected. Got plenty of stuff for river fishing for smallmouth. That was a nice surprise. Had an elk hotdog. Taste like a regular hotdog. Lol Got caught downwind of some Amish people. Always pleasent. Lol. Got back to bass pro and bought a lot of ammo to restock my supply. Traffic was a little squirrelly on the pa turnpike with the rain/fog but overall not bad.
  13. Got one this past weekend. Frame is definitely same size as G19. Will shoot it next week. Nick
  14. I'm off tomorrow. It's gonna rain. Gonna make the 2 hour drive. Gonna talk with a couple outfitters for a hunt this fall.
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