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  1. If that cylinder wasn't fluted it may be the perfect look....for me. Lol Awesome looking piece. Best of luck with sale.
  2. DaddyNick

    looking to buy my first rifle

    Do you have your fid card? As for Hunting in NJ you won't be using a 458 socom for anything. Not legal. The only rifle hunting allowed in NJ is groundhogs and coyote/fox. And with those you are limited in caliber /bullet weight. Get a 22. They are fun, cheap to shoot, not much recoil. Get a pump shotgun. Join a range. Learn those guns. If still interested. Then get an AR and learn that gun.
  3. DaddyNick

    6.5 grendel in 16 inch barell

    Does anyone make an AR in 6.5 creedmore? Would it need a standard (5.56) lower or the AR 10 lower?
  4. DaddyNick

    6.5 grendel in 16 inch barell

    Bolt gun
  5. DaddyNick

    6.5 grendel in 16 inch barell

    @70gto GrabagunDOTcom has the Ruger American in 6.5CM in their clearance section. It has the green stock. $369.
  6. DaddyNick

    6.5 grendel in 16 inch barell

    I'm still a noob with the AR platform. Still learning. Have used shotguns my whole life (hunting) so rifles are still kinda of new to me. Been to range 14 with it a few times. This summer gonna have to find a place to stretch it.
  7. DaddyNick

    6.5 grendel in 16 inch barell

    Alexandria arms. Wci brake. Pepper pot style.
  8. Got an email earlier saying there was one spot open for the 1/20 hunt. I'm already set for a hunt in April. Someone should jump in this spot.
  9. DaddyNick

    6.5 grendel in 16 inch barell

    I have an AR in 6.5. Unfortunately haven't shot it past 200 meters. Friggin loud. Lol. Impulse buy. It's fun but I don't reload. Undecided if I'm gonna keep it. If I were buying a creedmore I'd just grab one of the Savage or Ruger bolt guns. Shooters out of the box. Get good glass on them.
  10. DaddyNick

    12 ga "bear" loads

    Well that isn't enough for us to come up there and hunt them. Lol.
  11. DaddyNick

    12 ga "bear" loads

    How many acres you have? Lol.
  12. Call Cheyenne and or shooters in the morning. They have a few. Ask make/model and price before hitting the road.
  13. DaddyNick

    What did you get for Christmas/Holiday ?

    Usual amount of gift cards Breckenridge bourbon Clothes
  14. DaddyNick

    WTB: 12-gauge shotgun on a budget

    Look at the Maverick 88.

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