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  1. You couldn't pay me to fire that at an indoor range. Lol.
  2. This is the 3rd forum where I'm seeing python discussions in the last 2 weeks. The other 2 sites are for hunting and fishing in NJ. Lol. On a NJ hunting site a guy has a stainless 6" 1983 version for sale. No box. Asking 2k. Tom's River area. I'm Not a revolver guy. Not a collector. BUT if it was 4" barrel I'd consider it. Then go kill a pig with it with Rosey. Lol. No disrespect to anyone who does it but I could not own a gun and not shoot it. If I'm gonna stick something in the safe to let collect dust and take out a couple times a year to fondle.... I'll just do that with a wad of cash. Lol.
  3. Well.... wasn't going to say anything as I don't know a lot of people on this forum but since this is about smoking. I'll give you my wife's life the last 7 days. Christmas morning. About 820am. Our boys (14&11) just finished up opening their presents. Wife's sister in VA calls. Can hear screaming on the phone. Absolute chaos ensues as she's told that her mom (71) is dead. House fire. Will leave out some details other than she died smoking in bed. Cause of death - thermal burns and smoke inhalation. Wife and I don't smoke. This has been our past week. Wife hasn't slept much. Nightmares. Actually driving down there in the morning to meet insurance guy at the house, finalize some things with funeral home , start cleaning the house, etc. So to the original OP of this thread. Quit. Please. Quit. For your health. For your family. Nick
  4. You got bullets to put on top of the powder? Lol
  5. #11 percussion caps. I've never used pellets so can't comment on whether a cap will ignite them. With percussion caps use true black powder or pyrodex. I use pyrodex in my traditional BP guns. In my T/C encore inline I use a 209 primer behind blackhorn loose powder. And yes you do not need full power loads. In my traditional gun I use 80 grains of pyrodex behind a 275 grain maxi Hunter and it's punched thru deer inside of 60 yards. In my inline I use 100gr(volume) of blackhorn behind a 250 gr saboted bullet and it's knocks em flat. Good luck with your gun. It's fun stuff. This morning would have been a great morning to walk a swamp edge holding a boomstick. Nick
  6. I did this hunt this spring. Great time. Highly recommend it. Infact pork chops from my pig are in the oven as I type this. Mmmmm. Shake n bake pork chops, mashed taters and baked beans. I put 2 aside that I'm making tomorrow on the grill.
  7. Oakies in surf City have ribeyes that are beyond good. You just have to cook it yourself. Lol.
  8. Can we hunt it? Lol. Can clear some shooting lanes. Lol
  9. Had this on the calendar. Ain't making it. Again. Gggrrr. Kids got a game in the morning and then hopefully will finally be sitting in a tree stand in the afternoon for my first sit of the year. First deer that comes in gets an invitation to my freezer.
  10. DaddyNick


    Damn nice
  11. They definitely do treatments down there.
  12. Termiguard based out of west Berlin. South Jersey. Not sure where you're at. Mike and Jim Allen are good people. Tell them Nick C says hello.
  13. Was there this morning for a couple hours. Guns were being shot. Didn't see any issues with that or with animal control activists. The decoys were great. Really a true work of art.
  14. They're gonna sell a shitload of those. Lol.
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