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  1. From their FB post... "The rifle/pistol ranges will be closed 6-17 May while work is being performed down range. Good news for skeet shooters skeet fields will be open during this time. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but it is out of our control."
  2. I have the "WingOne" hand thrower (https://www.amazon.com/WingOne-W1-R-Target-Thrower-Ultimate/dp/B00A0WPX82). Which works pretty well, makes for some interesting throws. I also have some standard hand throwers that work ok, little slow to load, and if it's too cold, the plastic is little too stiff.
  3. I believe it's Savage Cerakote at 210 Summerhill Rd Spotswood, NJ 08884 https://www.facebook.com/savagecerakote/
  4. Any room for a new guy? I have my own 870, hand thrower , clays +ammo, eyes & ears!
  5. I've shot clays at Clinton, Stafford Forge, and Makepeace. Throughout all times of the year, never gotten any frowns or any grief. Clinton and Makepeace are pretty popular, can't imagine it being a great hunting location due to the amount of shots going. Not a hunter though, cant speak from that perspective.
  6. Hi guys, Made an account some time ago, decided to stop lurking and properly join the conversation. Checking in from Middlesex County. Firearm owner for little over 3 years. Lots to learn but loving every minute and dollar spent on it. I like to frequent WMA's in the state (Clinton & Makepeace usually). Also like hitting the PA SGL's when I can make the drive. Looking to join EFGA or R14 soon. See some of y'all out there!
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