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  1. Up for sale is my Leupold VX-3i LRP 4.5-14x50 scope with TMR reticle (FFP with mil/mil turrets with .1 mil adjustments). The scope has seen moderate use over a couple of years on a bolt action rifle and is in excellent condition including the glass. Link to product specs: https://www.leupold.com/scopes/rifle-scopes/vx-3i-lrp-4-5-14x50mm-30mm-side-focus-mil-ffp Asking $700 shipped and insured as shown , including the Badger Ordnance rings (1" Med-High 306-21) Without the rings, it would be $600 shipped and insured I no longer have the original packaging, so the scope will ship (very well protected) in a SWFA scope box PM me if you'd like any additional pictures. I'll try to take some pictures of the glass as soon as possible. The scope and mount are cross-posted, so it will go to the first unconditional "I'll take it" followed by a PM PayPal preferred. If using Goods & Services, then please add the appropriate percentage so that I net the prices listed above (I'll take $20 off for an in-person sale - I'm in the Princeton area)
  2. Up for sale is a package optics deal that includes my Primary Arms SLx3.5 4-14 FFP scope that's mounted in an ADM Extended Recon Mount (30mm). The scope and mount are in excellent condition, having only made a few range trips mounted to an AR15 upper and then put back into the safe: Scope specs: First Focal Plane 30mm main tube mil/mil turrets with .1 mil adjustments Illuminated R Grid 2B reticle Bikini cover shown in pictures is included ADM Mount specs: 30mm ADM Recon Extended Recon Mount (MPN: ADRECONX30) $395 shipped & insured for the package deal (I'll take $20 off for a in-person sale - I'm located in the Princeton area) The scope and mount are cross-posted, so it will go to the first unconditional "I'll take it" followed by a PM PayPal preferred (if you select Goods & Services), please add the appropriate percentage so that I net the sales price. Not interested in trades PM me for any additional pictures
  3. The AR10 has sold - the Lantac straight-pull AR15 upper is still available
  4. The AR15 has sold - the AR10 and the straight-pull upper are still available at Howell Gun Works
  5. Up for sale is an unused Lee Loader Kit for .44 magnum. The kit comes as shown and has all of the parts that come with the set. $20 for a face-to-face sale in the Princeton/Hillsborough area
  6. Excellent point - since the upper isn’t semi-auto, you don’t need to pin the muzzle device
  7. The Lantac straight-pull AR15 upper shown below is on consignment with Howell Gun Works, so the sale would be done directly through them (you can find it on their Facebook page); however, I can help answer any questions that you may have here. Lantac Straight Pull AR15 Upper: $500 Lantac 18 inch 1:8 barrel chambered in .223 Wylde: chambering allows you to shoot either .223 or 5.56 specifically designed for manually cycled straight-pull rifles (no gas port) Lantac SPADA-M 15" forend (M-LOK) Lantac side charging upper receiver Lantac Dragon muzzle brake the brake is not pinned since this is not a semi-auto upper Lantac Enhanced straight pull side-charging BCG you manually cycle the action - similar to a bolt action but much faster because there is no vertical movement required - just pull the side charging handle back to extract and rechamber) the BCG is specifically designed for manual cycling - there is not gas key on the carrier Lantac Raptor charging handle provides the option to cycle the action like a "normal" AR if desired (it's much easier and efficient to use the side charger)
  8. The WOTG sling is sold pending funds
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