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  1. +1 for Rem 700 in .308 I've had a Ruger Precision and I've had a Tikka TAC-A1. They're both great guns but I'm glad that I switched over to the Rem 700 (.308) in the end.
  2. Up for sale is my Vortex Spitfire 1x DRT prism scope. The scope functions fine and the housing and glass are in excellent condition. The only wear that I can find on it is the underside of the mount where it was clamping to the rail on my AR (see picture below). The scope has both red and green reticles and has seen moderate use and has been 100% reliable. The reticles may look a little blurry in the pictures but they are clear in real life (reticle pics are always difficult). $125 for a local pick-up (add $5 if you want it shipped) Located in the Hillsborough/Princeton area Scope is cross-posted so the first unconditional "I'll take it" prevails
  3. TTT - someone must want a new upper. Open to considering reasonable offers
  4. +1 for the ACSS prism scopes. I've used them on several guns in the past and I've never been disappointed.
  5. Yep - they usually come with one Magpul
  6. The 716 uses standard LR308/SR25 pattern magazines. These are the true 10 round ones that I used with the 716 that I've currently got up for sale. They functioned perfectly https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2319925981/magpul-pmag-lr-sr-gen-m3-magazine-lr-308-sr-25-ruger-precision-rifle-308-winchester-polymer
  7. Sunday morning bump. The rifle is still available at HGW
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