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  1. Anyone have any feelings about the accuracy of the IV lite with the shorter thin barrel? I had a bull barrel 15 years ago and I liked it at 25 yards+ and it was spot on, always my shooting that differed. I see this new lite has a shorter 4.5" barrel and its super thin. Now I'm not a great shooter but from the videos, I don't think its as accurate as the bull barrel or fluted 6" hunting barrel. (of course all the other features of the IV are fantastic). So do I got with the cool lite because its cool, or the full heavy barrels to shoot better?
  2. Is it a problem to sell left over ammo in a hand gun sale as part of the package or even mention it in the ad? Thanks, Tom
  3. I've had a S&W 44M SS 6.5in for 20+ years and I didn't realize what an investment it was until I looked up current sale prices. I guess it depends on the gun so I'm glad I got that one. Are they all up in value that much?
  4. Hi Was a member a long time ago. Retired now. Getting some interest back again. Do occassional fun shooting, keeping my hunting license up. A newbie friend is sparking my interest again. May sell one to buy something new. That sort of thing. ​Tom