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  1. I did notice how expensive the nylon buffers are.
  2. I wondered about this and if polishing those areas could adversely affect it. The first time I pulled it apart I noticed how rough everything is in there. I also wondered if they ever made 'a better model'? Anyone know if the 10/22 Stainless is any more refined than the standard model? Thanks.
  3. I tried the new pin and all went well. Couldn't say where it was quieter or not. Couple of bullet misleads but that could be perfectly normal. I'll watch the wear and likely try the synthetic buffer pin when I get around to ordering one. Thanks for the comments!
  4. The bolt buffer pin on my Ruger 10/22, the large one, broke recently. I assume it happened at the range that day. I was trying some high velocity ammo ( stinger, segmented). Never thought this thick pin would have cracked in half midway. So in looking for a replacement on ebay I saw these (2 Recoil Shock Bolt Buffer Pin for Ruger 10/22 Viton + Stainless) and ordered them. They even state noise reducing. Basically a smaller thinner SS pin wrapped in a silicone cover (looks like a heavy gauge electrical wire. I installed it wondering if it would be loose but it was snug enough to stay in place. Now just waiting for a chance to try it out. I did get a warning about trying these in my SW Victory, but you know I had to try a few out. No adverse effects seen.
  5. I just left my AR P-223 Nikon scope on the 22 as I use it more now than on the AR. Its been fun and so is shooting out to 100 yards with CCI LRHP 1260fps. I didn't adjust the scope just compensated when shooting a 6" steel. I got some stingers to try next. And since I can see some of the shots traveling I want to try it with subsonic to see them even better.
  6. I was at the now closed WMA range on Piney hollow road, shooting at the far right of the range. I took a shot and saw someone walking out on the left side. I wouldn't shoot anymore, almost crapped my pants and left. They didn't care less. But you guys are right, say something. And the road/trail running along side the range seemed a little strange as well as I used to hike to blue hole past there until I realized they were shooting. I was truly sorry it closed. I used to joke that arrows would come over the trees from the archery range in back of this. Until I saw an arrow on the ground in the parking lot. I'm glad they are improving them.
  7. I like both responses. Good points. Boy have I made my share of mistakes, esp when younger. I really am happy about promoting using bore flags, although still too many that don't. I wonder if officers ever come by. Are there even such people for WMAs? Going to try it one day ( was hoping today) during the week. They already told me don't bother on weekends.
  8. How safe are the WMA gun ranges that allow 22 rifles? Specifically, I found the Make Peace range recently. Pretty nice as they go. 2 folks shooting but were just finishing up so I didn't get to see what goes on. They seemed to be very reasonable and safe. My concern is walking down range to set up targets, and do folks follow or even know of the right safety protocol. Don't touch....
  9. The Invicta watch cases make a nice pistol case. I was using the lager 12watch case but just got this 3-watch case size and my Victory just fits. They are deep so you can put extras in the slots like ear plugs, bore guard, tools, cleaning stuff. I like that they have two locking holes for small locks. (sorry about the rotated pic)
  10. Main issue solved. Crappy ammo for my particular gun. S&W victory. Ejector problem solved... I always start with a very clean gun so I know that wasn't the problem. I tossed the rest of the Winchester Super X 1300 fps 40grains. They were dirty and waxy right out of the box. Perhaps this speed ammo was older, or they just put a tad more power in it or even didn't size it right??, but it was bad functionally and the powder was poor. Hope other people didn't have that problem. So at the range today I tested with a clean gun and mags. 400 rounds. 25 yards with bench rest and free hand. 2 boxes CCI 26g, One box Federal 40gr LRN. One box of 100 Super X Winchester 1230 36gr php 1 Oh, before I tossed it, I loaded a mag with the Winchester 1300fps, and the mag would not seat tight until I pushed it in very firmly, nor would the first round load with out a push of the slide. Wow, like the 10 bullets were oversized or over waxed and dirty. I shot it twice and tossed the 20 of them out. 2 Then I tested the Super X Winchester 1230 36gr php. These looked cleaner, and the full mag seated much better. First jam as the bullet didn't go bore well. The shots were smokey but not as bad as the 1300fps Winchesters above. Power seemed ok, but couldn't get through most mags without jams. Made sure I was holding the gun tight. Shot up the 100, and not nearly as dirty as the above. Better, but just not good for my gun. I'll avoid even on sale for my gun. Now maybe they would be better in my 10/22 but I'll never know now. Oh and last time the 10th bullet would jam, here it was the first bullet. Mag seating issue. Go figure. 3 Now testing the 100 of Federal 40gr LRN. Much cleaner looking. Shiny brass. I first thought that my gun would not be happy with 40gr, but guess what. All went well, Slide racked and closed when I release the lock. Bullets loaded. Less smoke. Couple minor jams or misfeeds. Mags seated easily. Shot them up fast. Not bad, but if I ever buy again, it would be the 36gr. Been doing minor wipes of the bore front and bolt head and this was cleaner. 4: 2 boxes of CCI 36gr (200 rds). Clean and working well. Bullets feed much better, no pushing of the slider. Out of 200, only a minor misfeed or two. I shot from the bench stand, sitting and holding, to standing and holding. Firm grip and wiggly grip. All went well and I zoomed through the rounds. Adj the sights down 2 turns as my natural hold seems to have the tendency to lay higher, but I have to work on that. So, the ejector is fine after I reinstalled it. Could be I moved it or something while cleaning but I'm sure it blew off from the exploding round that may not have seated well. Who knows but after 400 rds its ok. I'll sell off for half price, my unopened 100 Super X and my 525 of Golden bullets and stick with the 100 boxws of CCI which I get from Cabelas for $8.99. It will be nice to stay sighted in for one specific bullet too.
  11. Thxs. I'll keep an eye on it and test it again with CCI. Been working fine on 1500++ rounds until that box of ammo.
  12. I was able to replace the ejector parts the correct way thanks to the videos of Kerensky7 on youtube. And just like him, I also ejected the parts across the room. Luckily found them.
  13. Was out at the range this morning with my S&W Victory 22LR pistol, hoping to go through 300 rounds. Started off with CCI 36LR ammo and all was relatively fine. Only issue was the 10th round in the mag would jam, and in both mags too. Just shook them in better seemed to cut most of that out, from 100 shots. Then I took out the 100 box of Winchester Super X at 1300fps PRN. Good price, expected something like CCI. Surprise! Ha Ha. Immediately notice the dirty rounds. Like the wax all over them collected dirt. Loaded, shot, coughed. Holy Smokes. Litterally. Didn't expect that. Made the gun dirty pretty quickly and more jamming. I could feel the power of the rounds, but then not, then I did, but the smoke was consistent and so were more jams. Ah, I think my pistol likes to top out at 36grains I guess. The spent casings were really dirty. About at my 50th shot (to use them up), bamm! A harder round and a jam, smoke all over, even coming out from alongside the bottom of the mag. So I let it sit, then cycled everything out. The 22 shell had Split along the firing lip edge and exhaust gasses must have backed up into the bolt and mag area. I tilted the gun and the ejector and spring fell out. Luckily I saw them both on the bench. Wiped down and cleaned up the mag, gun and disassembled (and made sure the barrel was clear). Put the spring in and placed the ejector, but it fell right out again. I knew something else was missing, which I couldn't find, but someone else's eyes spotted the base for the spring in front of the bench. Was it the gun, was it the ammo, was it the split seam on the casing? I don't know, but I'm off to youtube to find out how to reinstall the ejector parts, and will most likely just replace them all with after market items if I can get all three parts. Just a story, and ammo I won't buy again. I have two other boxes of that stuff in 36 grain hollow point to use up and I'll let you know.
  14. The Ammo was some cheaper Remington and a blue box of PPU. Both basic ammo and not the best. I've seen slight ammo differences when I try to find the sweet spot for my gun, but nothing this bad. If it were me I would have stayed and tested it more and really examined the barrel placement in the slide more, but my friend wanted to move on. He'll have to try new ammo as he is almost out so will recommend better ammo for the test. Was just wondering if the spring could be bad or the barrel doesn't seat evenly, etc. And if anyone has heard of such issues. But that again would mean a broken gun. I'll have to check his sites more closely too. Thanks.
  15. Hi. Friend bought this gun (XD Mod 2 4" 9mm) just a few weeks ago. Semi newbie shooter as well. First couple of outings at the 10yd target and he is learning how to shoot it, breath, trigger pull, etc. We even tried at the 25 yards. He was learning but could get some rounds close. I could hit the black most of the time using normal alignment of the sights. So all is well and he is learning. So we go today and he is missing the entire 12in square target at the 15yds, so we move it up to the 10yds. I can see he is jerking a bit and tell him to keep trying but doesn't hit the paper. So I try it and what the heck, not even on the paper. I shoot down and nothing, then I go up and score. After several tries I realize its shooting 6 inches low. I basically had to aim at the top of the paper to get near the center. He tries it shooting high and now he is on the paper. What. I'm getting confused? So I take it apart, which is an interesting task of keeping the grip safety in and pulling the trigger to release the slide. The Spring was in place, barrel seemed to sit ok. Took them out and wiped off, wiped of the carbon from the lower and put it back together then let him fire several times. No luck. I tried again and had to shoot 6in higher to hit the center at 10 yards. He tried it high and at least hit the paper now. We stopped for now. Obviously something is not right. What in the would made the gun shoot so far off all of sudden. Was it us, or mechanical? I mean you can't move the sites up and down. We used different ammo brands but the same results. The barrel looked like it came up into proper alignment when the slide closed? I would have played more but he needed to go.
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