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  1. Still waiting on my pistol permit, got notice the background check was complete last week.
  2. Not sure how you would go about resolving that. Someone posted a couple advocacy groups a couple posts up that you could maybe contact but with the pandemic going on not sure if thats going to help. Honestly I was surprised because gloucester township always used to give people a hard time. When my brother got his about 10 years ago he had to wait at least 6-7 months and it was a 50 page packet that needed to be filled out fingerprinting was done on site at their convenience. When I went a few years ago to apply I never even bothered to finish the application because of the hassle they would put people through. However our police chief retired last year and we have a new chief running the show over there so they seem to be on point with this stuff.
  3. Yep, just picked it up this morning. They setup a drive through line out front of the municipal building for document pickup. Not accepting cash, only check or money order.
  4. Just got a call from the GTPD that the FID is ready! 1 month to the day exactly from when I did my fingerprinting.
  5. Just ignore him. He's grasping at anything he can to turn this into an argument that he shouldn't have to wear a mask. The fact of the matter is mask's work and they will help to slow the spread of this and get us back to normal. Right now I am trying to build a sterilization chamber for our masks here at home but I can't find the appropriate materials for a decent price. https://www.frolicstudio.com/covid-19-decontamination-toolkit
  6. This is a good video if anyone is questioning whether masks are effective.
  7. Yeh mods really need to give him a break from the internet.
  8. The concern is the democrats. Partisan politics and party line voting are problematic in this country. If its introduced by a dem, all dems will usually fall right in line and vote yes.
  9. Everyone is stuck in the house with nothing but their thoughts. lol
  10. One can only hope. They have done a fairly good job of trampling the 2nd amendment in this state.
  11. I wish you luck my friend, three years I was on dialysis before I received a transplant, going on 15 years since that time. Stay safe out there. I think its entirely possible that this was around 2-3 months prior then when they think it started just from the sheer lack of testing and no one really knowing what it was or what to look for.
  12. lol I think I saw a shirt with that exact phrase recently. Edit: I did!! lol Buying it! https://teepublicity.com/product/official-dont-cough-on-me-coronavirus-shirt/
  13. FFS I'm done arguing. Continue to be pissed in your basement while you grumble about how you can't go to the bar and have to wear an additional article of clothing like a frigin child.
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