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  1. I bought a Bersa Thunder 380 a few years ago, great gun. But, I was disappointed with the finish on it. I thought it was supposed to be Nickel like my Beretta Cheetah but when I opened the box, it looked like in the pic. Apparently Bersa calls it Cerakote Nickel but it didn't have the look I was looking to get. My question is would it be worth having it Cerakoted in black instead considering the gun itself was only around $400 or would the cost be more than the gun itself. I've had some Cerakoting done on an AR lower by Tier One Defense and he did a great job on that.
  2. This feed may be closed, I found what I was looking to get.
  3. I was considering the Springfield SA-35 but I've been reading about extractor and quality issues with them.
  4. I've heard about the Girsan and other clones. I'd like not to have to go that route but we will see I agree the prices have been a bit high, but considering a new FN High Power lists for around $1400....I would say below that would be acceptable depending on the condition.
  5. I"m looking for a Browning Hi Power for a decent price, I'd like it be in good condition and not all beat as I've seen some of them. And some of the prices I've seen the people have rocks in their heads. I know FN is making a refreshed version of it, but that will be my last resort if need be.
  6. I'm curious as to what you would do about this possible foul-up. About a month ago I put in for 3 pistol permits and a received an email that my application for a NJ Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Permit to Purchase a Handgun(s) has been approved by the issuing authority. And there is a link to download my E-FID (which I did not request). But it also states my electronic permits are available for use and you will not see the permits until a handgun transfer is executed. I know they are using a generic email template for the FIDs and the electronic pistol permits. Is there anyway I can check to see if the permits are there and available? This is not my first time to this rodeo but I just want to be sure. Not that I go to purchase a pistol and then find out the permits aren't there. I emailed my local PD (Bridgewater) but I think they are still having email and phone issues. What would you guys do?
  7. I am looking to obtain some 10 round magazines for a GSG STG44 22lr
  8. I recently bought one of these off gunbroker and my FFL here in NJ is trying to tell me its not legal here in NJ. I think he's talking about the 25 round magazine. Because I can't think of anything else about it that would make it illegal here in NJ considering I've seen them in other gun shops in NJ
  9. I am currently building an AR in 300 AAC Blackout and I am looking for a muzzle break. Since the difference between 5.56 and 300 AAC blackout is the barrel. Do I use a muzzle break for 30 caliber? Since the cartridge is 7.62 x 35
  10. How's that VR80 run? I am considering getting one
  11. So, I have one more permit to use and I am debating between the Bersa Thunder 380 or the Kimber Micro 9? What do you guys think?
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