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  1. Is anyone familiar with the CZ 527 ? I was looking at one in a shop the other day and they look nice but I've heard they have problems with the stock cracking behind the receiver tang thanks
  2. Ok, thanks What if you dont have all the parts - like the floor plate is missing?
  3. Since, we are not allowed to posses anything over 15 rounds. When is a mag considered a mag? If you disassemble it and keep the parts in separate areas...is it still a mag? Or just a bunch plastic and metal?
  4. I don't have a complaint of the Garands I've purchased from the CMP. They are in much better shape than one's I've seen in gun stores or at shows.
  5. Its incredible how our Constitutional protected rights get completely trampled by the left. These "Red Flag" law or ERPOs as they call them are complete bs if you ask me. What happened to the right of Due Process? These idiots better pay close attention to history...
  6. More Commiefornia style Gun Control that will do nothing here in the good ole People's Republic of NJ https://nj.gov/governor/news/news/562018/approved/20180612b_ghost_gun.shtml
  7. It will really have no impact on us here in the People's Republic of NJ. But it still important to have our voices heard regarding the forthcoming Bump Stock Ban the government will attempt to put in place. ATF IS REQUIRED BY LAW TO READ AND REPLY TO EVERY COMMENT YOU SUBMIT Ok, third time is a charm. We are going to repeat our previous success and flood the ATF with comments for their “Proposed Rule-Making Re-Bump Stock Type Devices.” THEY ARE REQUIRED BY LAW TO READ AND REPLY TO EVERY COMMENT YOU SUBMIT. You may remember anons did this previously with other ATF rules changes under Obama, specifically, when they closed the trust “loop-hole” for registering NFA devices in non-NFA friendly states, and attempted to ban Green Tip ammo. We delayed the trust rule by one year, and they actually took some of our advise and removed the LEO signature requirement, and we stopped the Green Tip ammo ban altogether with 80,000 comments. This is proven to work so it is worth our time. Follow this link: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/03/29/2018-06292/bump-stock-type-devices Make a comment regarding why you do not approve of the rules change. Be polite, be specific, and its best if you make it custom, and as long as possible so they have to read the whole thing. I will provide suggestions in the posts below as to what you can say, or what to bring up in your comments. https://blog.princelaw.com/2018/03/29/atf-publishes-notice-of-proposed-rulemaking-re-bump-stock-type-devices/ https://archive.is/9wCnD https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/03/29/2018-06292/bump-stock-type-devices https://archive.is/tDUFa ================== Questions and points to put in your letter to the ATF: -How can the ATF define “Single function of the trigger” to include a finger “bumping” off the trigger repeatedly and therefore functioning the trigger each time? -What will happen to all the current bump stocks in circulation? What about their owners? -How does ATF plan to prevent criminals such as Stephen Paddock from making bump stocks from readily available parts at Home Depot for under $35 dollars, such at a metal bar and two screws with washers connected to a firearms grip and stock? -Will ATF consider a metal bar with two screws and washers to be a machine gun if also present in the same dwelling as a semi automatic firearm, since they may be “readily restored to shoot” as a machine gun in ATF's determination? -Will holes drilled in a pistol grip or stock be considered a machine gun in the same manner ATF considers holes drilled in certain areas of a receiver to be machine guns? -Does ATF plan to regulate an individuals finger which can bump a trigger rapidly without assistance from bump stock type devices? -Will this rule regulate belt loops, which can be “readily restored to shoot,” a semi automatic firearm in the same way a bump stock does. Will a belt loop be on the same level as a shoe string which ATF has classified as a machine gun in the past? -Will wearing pants with belt loops be illegal while operating a semi automatic firearm under this rule? -Does ATF or Congress plan on allowing citizens a legal method to register their previously owned bump stocks on the NFA registry? -Will the act of bump firing a firearm be considered “making a machine gun?' Feel free to add some points of your own. Please spread this far and wide, lets beat the high score of 80,000 comments.
  8. I'd love to have one, just for yucks. But Just like everything else here in the PRNJ when it comes to guns, and gun laws. Everything is ambiguous on purpose so they can manipulate it anyway they wish And you would have to find a range that would let you use it. I know Wicen's in PA has a rule about rapid fire.
  9. I've run into a similar problem with Hex Mags, mine won't seat and lock properly in the magazine well. But if I separate the upper and the lower, the mags seat and lock in with no problem. I have no problems with my PMags or the D&H tactical one that came with the rifle. Fortunately I was able to get a refund and they told me I could just keep them. Here's where it gets weird, my brothers Colt AR has no problem with these mags, just my Ruger AR556 Of course if we didn't have this retarded 15 round magazine restriction here in the People's Republic of NJ it would be easier to find mags
  10. Should be ok I came up with a simpler solution and got rid of the M4 stock in the process. I used this instead https://www.midwayusa.com/product/760499/ace-skeleton-stock-99-overall-length-ar-15-lr-308-aluminum-black
  11. Thanks all It ended being pointless anyway, after I sent the "seller" a possible option of using an escrow service. They just stopped responding which just showed that either they weren't interested in dealing with it or it was a scam. I tend to believe it was just BS. $300 for an unmolested Winchester M1917 seemed to be too good..ah well.
  12. thanks all for your input Just another hazard we have in the People's Republic of NJ is that older and used firearms are not as readily available to us as other states
  13. Has anyone purchased any firearms from out of state off armslist.com ? I have a possible great deal but have never bought anything from armslist.com I know it will have to be shipped to an FFL here in NJ Thanks
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