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  1. winmag45

    New Pythons

    They ruined the 4"blued, looks like they added a 3rd hole in the vent rib. I wanted it to look like the original. Why do they do that.
  2. LIke new condition, Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2 with Bluetooth. Only had it out twice, works perfect. $175, willing to meet at one of the clubs or a mutual location in NJ. Buyer would pay shipping if you prefer. First I'll take it gets it. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1016955798?pid=169483
  3. The problem I see with laying it in the center console is if someone rear ends you in a car jack attempt and the pistol goes flying. Perhaps you can try adjusting your seat and the way your sitting. Or maybe, if it is a longer trip a shoulder holster might work. Good luck.
  4. Is there a way to break down the rifle into something more discreet? Then I would think you can just put it in a closet as B&Bs are usually pretty safe and accomadating. My worry is more when I am traveling and we have to stop. I have a Tahoe and what I did was find a point where I looped a piece of aircraft cable, then put a bike type cable lock through the loops, then through the cases and luggage. My alarm system alerts me when it goes off so I feel I would be able to shut down a smash and grab pretty quick. Perhaps you can find a place to anchor a cable lock in the trunk. Best of luck.
  5. I've been using motor oil for over 20 years with great results and no issues. I just started adding Lucas oil additive to my straight motor oil, it adds thickness so it holds better. You can try different combinations and make your own custom formula. I will also use a light grease now and then.
  6. For sale, (1) Ernie Hill model 112 outer belt size 38 , 49" total length. (1) Ernie Hill model 112 inner belt size Large 36-40 (1) Safariland model 010 holster for 1911 style pistols (2) Double, single stack mag holders (2) Double, double stack mag haolders Well used rig but in 100% working order. The holster is for a RIGHT handed shooter. Would make a great first rig for someone starting out in IPSC. $125 shipped for the whole rig. First " I'll take it " gets it.
  7. WTS Bog Death Grip carbon fiber shooting tripod. Like new condition. Tension-Adjustment Clamping Head, 50°Tilt and 360° Swivel Control, Retractable Steel Foot Spikes. Can adjust up to 78" tall and can be used lying prone, kneeling, sitting, or standing. $175 I am willing to meet, central/northern NJ .Or will ship at buyers expense. First"I'll take it" gets it.
  8. Does anyone know the number of the contact person at Hudson County courts to see if a permit is in the pile yet?Thanks
  9. FS I have (2) brand new never used Haley Strategic double pistol mag pouches.Can also be used for multi tool or flashlight. Color is Multicam Black. Specs can be found here: https://haleystrategic.com/belts/double-pistol-mag-pouch $100 for both shipped. First "I'll take it,gets it"
  10. Does anybody know if Bayonne has given any ccw?I'm almost at the 90 day mark.I called at 6 weeks to make sure they had everything they needed which they said they did.Called the other day and got a recording saying they can't give any permit status because they were backed up.So now they won't even answer the phone.
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