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  1. winmag45

    Vaultek LifePod

    You might wanna watch this. https://youtu.be/T5YsZLJ5FjY That being said,it depends what your using it for.Just keeping the kids out,hide away etc.It does look like a nice box.Just about any of those safes can be hacked.Its just a matter of how fast.If the whole box gets stolen it doesn't matter if it can be hacked. Good Luck
  2. There is always something to clean
  3. If we are talking lube I've been using 10W-30 or 5W-30 since it was recommended by a gunsmith many years ago.1 quart lasts a lifetime.Lately though I was turned on to adding Lucas oil stabilizer to the regular oil.With the stabilizer you can make the oil thicker and it doesnt burn off as fast.It works great with ARs.You can adjust it to whatever thickness you like.Good Luck
  4. Thats the one,thanks a bunch!!
  5. I went to put a stock adapter on my 590 and it didn't line up perfectly and I crossed the first thread.Does anyone know the thread size so I can get the right size threader and clean up the edge.?Thanks
  6. Just to be clear,this was back in Feb.Not because of the virus.This is the company policy everyday.Thats why I posted.I don't think we should be supporting companies who will only sell us certain items.Stay safe people.
  7. I tried to order 2 boxes of ammo and a couple of 10 round magazines from GrabAGun.com.When I went to complete the order it said can not ship to your state.I figured it was a misunderstanding with the mags so I removed them.It was the ammo they wouldn’t ship.I emailed them and the reply was that it is “simply a company policy we must follow”.I hope our forum members reading this will not support these guys by buying their other goods.Stay well all.
  8. Thanks guys.Just wanted to make sure things havent changed.I have my Pelican case and locked inner case so that will be ok.Im going to Texas so I don't expect any surprises on the way home.
  9. Just wondering if anyone has flown out of Newark with their guns latley and what to expect.I've never been hassled but I havent flown for some time.
  10. Just picked up a used G21 gen 3 on Gunbroker.Seems used but not abused.I haven’t shot it yet but noticed when cycling the action the trigger didn’t reset every time and occasionally the slide would lock back with no mag.I figured I was gonna have it tuned up anyway so I’m not upset and the price wasn’t bad.Any good Glock mechanics in NJ?My gunsmith passed away some years ago and since then I’ve had nothing but problems with people calling themselves gunsmith when all they are is parts changer.
  11. winmag45

    Mouse Guns

    The Sig P290 has been my carry gun for a few years.I'm really pleased with it.I find it really acurate and easy to carry in an IWB or pocket holster.I also have a NAA .22/.22mag and I get small caliber issue,but I really like that gun.
  12. I have one.Not too bad but there are better.If you are looking on Ebay,look at Frontline holster,and Badger concealment.Those had a better clip an a little better fit and finish.
  13. Thanks,thats great to know.
  14. I agree there.One of the biggest surprises for me was no light,low light situations.Most classes don't address that because there aren't too many ranges that let you do that sort of thing.No video is a replacement for that situation.The bad thing I find now is that many of the popular instructors are only doing 2 day classes.Having been to 2,3,and 5 day classes I found that it takes a day or day and a half just to get the new skill sets worked out.That being said 2 days is still better then no days.
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