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  1. For sale, (1) Ernie Hill model 112 outer belt size 38 , 49" total length. (1) Ernie Hill model 112 inner belt size Large 36-40 (1) Safariland model 010 holster for 1911 style pistols (2) Double, single stack mag holders (2) Double, double stack mag haolders Well used rig but in 100% working order. The holster is for a RIGHT handed shooter. Would make a great first rig for someone starting out in IPSC. $125 shipped for the whole rig. First " I'll take it " gets it.
  2. WTS Bog Death Grip carbon fiber shooting tripod. Like new condition. Tension-Adjustment Clamping Head, 50°Tilt and 360° Swivel Control, Retractable Steel Foot Spikes. Can adjust up to 78" tall and can be used lying prone, kneeling, sitting, or standing. $175 I am willing to meet, central/northern NJ .Or will ship at buyers expense. First"I'll take it" gets it.
  3. Does anyone know the number of the contact person at Hudson County courts to see if a permit is in the pile yet?Thanks
  4. FS I have (2) brand new never used Haley Strategic double pistol mag pouches.Can also be used for multi tool or flashlight. Color is Multicam Black. Specs can be found here: https://haleystrategic.com/belts/double-pistol-mag-pouch $100 for both shipped. First "I'll take it,gets it"
  5. Does anybody know if Bayonne has given any ccw?I'm almost at the 90 day mark.I called at 6 weeks to make sure they had everything they needed which they said they did.Called the other day and got a recording saying they can't give any permit status because they were backed up.So now they won't even answer the phone.
  6. My P30L did the same thing.I was using 115gn but HK said the gun needed to be shot with 124gn to break it in first.I just ran a whole box of 124 today with no issues.I switched back to 115 and got the FTE.You might want to reach out to James at https://www.teufelshundtactical.com/.He is one of if not thee best HK armorer and great guy, and should be able to get you straight.Good luck.
  7. Thanks for all the info gents.Geez it gets confusing.When you said tax stamp I was thinking a can or SBR which we can't have in PRNJ.I think I'll try and get through my CCW before I attempt this hahahah.Stay safe all.
  8. So these are NJ ok as long as I put a VFG on it? Even with the short tri lug barrel?Isn't it a pistol?
  9. I just cancelled my Dvor/Optics Planet correspondence because I went to order ammo and they won't sell to us.I wrote a couple of emails through customer service explaining that if they won't support us by selling us ammo we shouldn't support them by buying their othr items.I really feel we should start a list on the Forum of companies who won't sell us ammo.Maybe if they see enough drop off in sales from NJ they will rethink their position.
  10. I know Steve is super busy,I've been telling him to get a secretary hahahha. I have a really crazy work schedule and he's always made time to take care of all my smoke wagon needs.That is why I use him exclusively.
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