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  1. Well,yes the situation will dictate the response.I think it might be useful to create enough diversion to escape.The more choices the better.The unit I was looking at doesn't look like a gun.
  2. The hardest part about collecting commemoratives is wanting to shoot them.I have a Colt Cenntenial that is suppose to be one of the best shooters Colt made. S&W Performance Center didn't make too many of this barrel configuration of Schofield reissue in 2000.I bought it at auction and it appears to have been shot so I won't feel bad about shooting it.The way I see it is I might as well enjoy it,they were meant to go bang.The person who gets them after me can worry about how much they are worth.
  3. I was thinking of one of the pepperball launchers,to carry but most are clunky.Carrying one with you might be good if you encounter one of these peaceful protests.The launcher shoots 5 rounds so you may be able to use it to get you out of bad situation.The problem as I see it is there is a powdery cloud that is created so in the house the distance may be too close.I think the best place for them is probably crowd control.Stay safe!!
  4. To me though,this is like walking into a store and being refused service.Whats the difference,because it is shipped?I don't even think they are a bricks and mortar store, it is all or most all shipped.You may be able to pick up.I don't think this is right, it is legal to ship ammo to NJ.I'd love to here a lawyers opinion on this.Unless there are different sets of rules for online retailers that lets them discriminate who they sell to.
  5. Awhile back I posted about Grab A Gun not shipping ammo to NJ with no real explanation.Today,I tried to order from Bulkammo.com,which I have dealt with before.When I got to the shipping part it said they couldn't ship to my area at this time.I called customer service and they had no explanation except to email corperate.So I emailed and they said "do to everything that is going on in the country right now we have suspended shipping to some areas".What the heck is that suppose to mean.I'm just looking at the big picture here.Is this the sign of things to come?
  6. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/877488026 I think these are still readily available.Unless you can find an older Century Arms,I'm not sure who else makes one.Good Luck!!
  7. PACT digital powder scale.Excellent condition.$55 shipped.
  8. Thanks for the replies.Looks like some people use corn meal instead of a wad,very interesting.Well if you hear a big boom from the range it was just me hahahaha.
  9. Just wondering,do I need to put a wad in or can I just put 35 grains of powder.I only have bullets with smokeless lube,can I still use them?I am going to use Pyrodex.
  10. winmag45

    EVO Micro

    Maybe he has big thumbs.But I agree it looks like it should be forward more.
  11. winmag45

    EVO Micro

    I have Aimpoint T1 and Pro Patrol which run just fine but the TRO seems to give a better sight picture.
  12. winmag45

    EVO Micro

    Thanks,rub it in hahahahhahaha.I just put an MRO on an AR I really like the large field of view.Nice setup good luck!!
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