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  1. can you just take a picture of your fid card?
  2. Hi everyone- currently tracking some options on GB, but if anyone has a 20 gauge compact or youth size pump shotgun available, I'd be interested. Located in mercer county. Going to be used by 12 year old and wife (5' tall) for clay and target shooting. Thanks in advance.
  3. no idea, no idea and let's say July 2019 for s&g. If you have a holster that exposes a little bit of the metal, could that burn your hand?
  4. Legitimate newbie question. Let's say you wear that thing in a holster out in the sun all day. You go to draw it. Does all that metal get really hot?
  5. I received a gauge from PK90, who sent it to me graciously. I checked mine out and good to go. If anyone needs a gauge, please pm me and I will mail this one to you to check out.
  6. I spoke with S&W customer service on May 16. I was told they had to change suppliers due to material shortages. They had me reorder another gauge then and I was told to expect it between 10-14 days from new supplier. Still haven't received it. Anyone have one they can mail to me? I'll cover shipping costs via paypal or zelle pay if interested. Thanks.
  7. 2-3 days max in Amsterdam with kids is plenty. Take the high speed train to Brussels for a day, Bruges for a day and then you can head into Paris or London on the same high speed train. If going the other way towards Germany, lots of cool little towns along the Rhine you can see with a rental car.
  8. Ordered mine on 3/28, still haven't received it. S&W customer service said the following- I am sorry but we don’t have visibility of these orders so there is no way for us to check status of them. Please allow 15-20 business days for delivery of the bolt gauge. Thank You for choosing Smith & Wesson / Thompson Center products. Have a great day. Smith&Wesson values its customers and we are happy to have served you today. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.
  9. Great info on this thread about regen medicine and options. I would caution that you research a regen specialist who focuses on your body part or your activity style. Some of these regen clinics are generalists and/or jack of all trades and may not be the best option. I met with some of the names mentioned on this list, and for me only, I thought I could get someone more targeted and focused on hips. There are doctors at major research hospitals in NYC/N.B./Penn that do this kind of work and have extensive protocols in place for treatment and recovery. Again, not saying any of the doctors mentioned are bad or not knowledgeable.
  10. Having PRP and Stem cell performed on my right hip starting next week. Supposed to get a hip replacement, after consulting with a hip preservation specialist at H.S.S and a sports med dr at Penn, decided this makes more sense at my age. They are confident that I'll have vast improvement in cartilage repair and pain management. PRP first then stem cell from cord/placenta stem cells we banked with both kids. Sounds a hell of a lot better than hip replacement and limited activity protocol. If anyone wants a recommendation in NYC or Philly area, let me know.
  11. I recently signed up with Chubb and well worth the money for the additional coverages.
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