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  1. Believe it or not, that's one of the ones I have waiting at the FFL. No mags with it though - cost me $50.
  2. Well, they USED to make great revolvers. Anything with the Hillary hole doesn't count!
  3. Hi all, I went with my FFL here in NH to look at a collection in MA he was asked to sell on consignment. Turns out the owner's son was taking them and selling them on the street, so the MA police seized them all and revoked the CWP for everyone in the house. It took a few years to get them returned, and then only on the condition they get sold - hence the call to my FFL. I just happened to be there when the call came in and asked to tag along. There were about 40 weapons in total - a combination of long guns and handguns. Half of the handguns were junk and the rest were pretty beat up, probably due to the seizure and the police basically throwing everything in a box without caring what happened to them. For $200 I figured this one was a decent buy. There were several others I also decide to buy, I'll post updates as I get them. Prices I think were cheap, but none have boxes or papers and most are pretty scratched up. The first is a S&W 457s. I don't know why, but I've come to like the S&W semi's every since I inherited a couple. They are built like tanks. Anyone else collect them?
  4. Hi all, I'm not much of a long gun collector but I saw this and figured it would be a nice addition to my Beretta collection. This Beretta CX4 uses 9mm 92FS mags. Anyone else have one and can offer an opinion of them? I went with my FFL to look at a collection someone called him about. As it turns out, there were about 40 firearms that had been seized by the Massachusetts police and returned only on the condition they be sold. Turns out the owners son had been steeling them and selling them on the street, so the police took them all and revoked the CWP for everyone in the house. It still has the evidence tag on it. I bought several, mostly handguns, but this just looked cool. Is it worth the $300 I paid for it?
  5. Also consider looking at the Langdon Tactical version of the Beretta. I have that and the Wilson Combat - for the difference in price the Langdon is the better buy IMO.
  6. That looks great! It would make a great hunting cabin or getaway. For a trailer base, is it worth looking at old travel trailers and stripping them? I usually see a few that people are looking to give away just to get rid of them...
  7. Odd, that list used to be easily available. What possible benefit can there be to hiding it, other than to slow the process down. Plus, it never changes, so once you have it it's the same every time.
  8. mustang69


    Very nice!
  9. Maks, Yes, it does remind me of the '90's S&W now that you mention it - just in 3/4 scale. There are so many things outdated on it's design compared to today's standards, but back when it was made it was probably pretty cool. There wasn't much available in the semi-auto subcompact concealed carry back then, and there is a lot of info on the interwebs about how this was handgun of the year in 1991 from Guns & Ammo. I need to get it to the range to see how it shoots. My bet is recoil is fairly tame considering the low bore axis and heavy weight. Maybe I'll put it into the carry rotation and see how it goes. With the weight I'll certainly know it's there. Dean
  10. Hi all, Was in the LGS yesterday and saw this in the case. Studied it for a bit at the counter then decided I should rescue it and take it home. Star Firestar M43 version (so 9mm) and frankly it looks like a 1911 compact and a CZ got together and produced this offspring. The frame and controls are very 1911-like and the slide and rails are all CZ. I think this one is from 1993, so near the end of production. The finish is in nice shape, no peeling or major scratches. A few handling marks from being carried, but honest wear. Came with a second mag and a IWB holster, the box, papers and cleaning tools. The pic doesn't show the scale, it's about the same size as a Kimber micro-9 but wider, and a lot heavier. I was starting to get away from collecting guns I wouldn't shoot much, but I guess not. It was too cheap to pass up. Anyone have any experience with these? Is there a fan base for these things? Not really valuable, but easily collectible for a couple hundred $$$.
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