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  1. Maybe that was tongue in cheek, but has anyone ever seen a government-developed IT system that worked even remotely well? Look at Obamacare enrollment or NJMVC. The system you describe would take 12 years to build, cost a few billion$$$ and would still not work correctly. My son could develop it in 1/2 day for a pizza and the cost of GoDaddy website registration, but get gov't involved and there would be too many hands in the cookie jar for it to ever happen.
  2. NJ tax policy is best described using the old "boiling frog" observation. It goes something like this: If you put a frog into a pot of boiling water it will jump right out. If you put that same frog into a pot of cold water and turn on the heat the frog will cook because it won;t recognize the increasing temp until it's too late. I have no idea at what point folks will recognize it but I believe NJ is already past the boiling point. Notice the number of folks jumping out of the pot...
  3. Sorry folks, Stevie Wonder could see this coming. Notice how they structured the gas tax increase last time? They don't need to vote for an increase ever again. Al that has to happen is have the Gov certify that revenue doesn't meet the required level and - poof - the gas tax goes up. Get ready for it - tomorrow they all start claiming they don't support this new increase but it's out of their hands.
  4. Man are my allergies bad at the moment... Maybe your Dad wonders what he did to deserve you, but to anyone who watches that it's clear - he raised you right.
  5. Mine have all been stored at my new home in New Hampshire. NJ can bite my hairy ass before they see another dime from me (or get my 15-round mags). If anyone needs a place to store their mags PM me and I'll be happy to put them on a shelf in my gun room...
  6. I have one I used to train my daughter. She loves the thing, it's her favorite one to take to the range. Me, I couldn't hit water with it if I were standing in a boat. It's reliable on a diet of CCI minimags. Never tried anything else in it.
  7. Sorry, these are long gone.
  8. Am I reading this right? Did the 9th circuit just uphold the lower court injunction that California's large-capacity magazine ban was unconstitutional? Has the temperature in hell hit 31 degrees? http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/07/20/liberal-9th-circuit-surprises-with-pro-2nd-amendment-decision-blocking-california-ammo-ban.html
  9. A+ I'm still laughing at that one...
  10. My advice is get more than 1 permit...
  11. You can change the guide rod - I've used both the solid stainless and fluted - but I haven't had any issues with the plastic one either. I changed mine more for cosmetic reasons. I wanted the stainless version for my Inox. I have the fluted version on my Wilson Combat. My 92a3 has the stock guide rod and I have a 92S with the plastic one too.
  12. For function try the "D" spring. For cosmetics install the skeletonized hammer.
  13. My "beater" is an Explorer. It replaced the beater minivan when my wife totaled it backing into a tree. It's basically the vehicle we use for anything the nice cars don't do. It had nothing to do with gas mileage, we just needed something that would tow my trailer and could be used for things we didn't want to use the nice cars for. I could just as easily have used the Explorer for my everyday vehicle and not have my car, but I really like my car...
  14. I'm also interested in going depending on the date, though I may not be a NJ resident at that point...
  15. I may be the exception here but if you want a nice .22 handgun try finding an older High Standard Supermatic Trophy or Citation. They can be had for about the same price as the others being suggested (maybe a bit more) and are exceptional shooters. there is more accuracy built into the Supermatic Citation than there is in most people that use it.