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  1. May be stating the obvious, but you need the version that comes with 10-round mags. Other than that you're gtg.
  2. I haven't priced out a kidney on the black market in a while, but if it comes to that I'll let you know. Anything worth doing should be done with complete commitment! Shooting is no different...
  3. Close up view of my ODGreen frame version 92FS. I added the Beretta grips and skeletonized hammer (and the G spring). I like the look of the grips but they are a bit "fat" for my hands. What I really need to do is get a set of the Wilson Combat thin grips for it.
  4. I refuse to be constrained by arbitrary limits. If it were just money, well I could always sell a kidney
  5. Here's my 39-2. I don't know if it's ever been worked on but it has an amazing trigger rest.
  6. New code cls40 gets you 40% off and free shipping.
  7. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/0467c4cf-f08b-4969-9716-b60bea4fd7ed
  8. All, The LGS I use in NH has this for sale. Beretta PX4 Storm in .40S&W. includes 2 14-round mags if you can own them. No box or papers. $250 including shipping to your FFL.
  9. Ok, I know there was a thread a while ago on this but figured I'd start a new one. Let's see 'em! I have the 92G Langdon Tactical, M9A3 FDE, Wilson Combat 92G, Wilson Combat Compact, 92FS Inox with Silver controls, another 92FS Inox with black controls, A 92FS with OD Green frame, a 92FS in Sniper Gray, and a 8040 Cougar NRA edition. Not shown is a 92S Surplus Italian police model.
  10. So I mentioned sending another 92fs out for cerakote in OD green - see pics. I like the look with the black slide and controls. I also updated the Sniper Gray with different grips and a threaded barrel. This can get addicting...
  11. The requirement to maintain liability insurance on your auto is mandated on a state-by-state basis. Not all states require you to have liability coverage on your vehicles. Where is it required, the necessary limits vary by state.
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