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  1. I agree this guy is screwed, but his case should be advertised everywhere. Everything he had was legal in his state of residence, it was only because it was NJ that he's now jammed up. Yes, I get the whole "better know the laws where you're going", but really? A 69 year old guy facing NJ's version of justice? Force Murphy/Grewel to justify the shitstorm this guy is about to face. Only thing "better" would be a 69-year old woman with a PA CCW and her handgun in her purse. And notice the probable cause for the stop - not signalling a lane change? Cop had nothing better to do? Unless there is something we don't know, like the guy was being watched for some reason, but nothing in the article mentions him being a threat.
  2. If I were still in NJ I'd be all over this...
  3. All, I'm not much of a CZ fan. Nice guns, I've had several and still have a Jericho 941 / Baby Eagle, which is built on the CZ platform. This one, however, made me do a double-take when I saw it. I've always been partial to shiny things. This one screamed "take me home!", so I did. Advertised as a Stainless Glossy finish as opposed to the Matte Stainless I guess.
  4. Useless fact: The weinermobile drivers are called "Hot Doggers". There is an actual job title and job description for them.
  5. When the best place around is Costco you know the local stuff is the dregs. I miss good NJ pizza...
  6. When I went there I would park in the northern remote lot as close to the exit as I could. Leave the lot and get right onto the Parkway north. A bit of a walk to get to the concert from the lot but made it easy to get out.
  7. I use one of the larger ones as a range box. I fit 4 handguns, mags, eyes & ears into the case. Only downside I found is the foam is a bit cheap. Eventually I'll need to find some replacement that holds up better. I also have a smaller one I bought when I was traveling a lot for work when I thought I might take one with me, but I never tried it with TSA. No reason it wouldn't work that I can see though. No experience with how weather tight it is.
  8. Hi everybody, Does anyone have any experience with Canik handguns? I'm looking for any opinions on them. The LGS I use in NH has one he'll sell below cost. It's the Canik TP9 Elite Combat in FDE (http://www.canikusa.com/tp9-elite-combat/). The complete package is pretty interesting and the $600 price he's offered it to me for seems reasonable, but the last thing I need is another striker-fired pistol if it's just going to be a safe queen. It's not so cheap that I can flip it if I don't like it, but then again the cost won't break me either. Dry-firing it in the store, it feels like a fantastic trigger - clean,crisp pull, short and distinct reset - about the nicest striker trigger I've felt. Comes with an 18-round and a 15-round mag, 4 different RDS mounting plates, a paddle holster, tools, additional extended mag release buttons, etc. It seems like a factory-prep competition gun. I know nothing about them. Anyone have one and willing to share their opinion?
  9. Well, you could consider using the next chapter after she's pulled over to describe her ordeal navigating the legal system and trying to stay out of jail. If you try to represent it as it would likely happen your readers would probably stop reading due to the nonsense she goes through being completely absurd.
  10. On the original topic, if you really want to insulate yourself from her driving she needs her own car (in her name alone), her own insurance policy and maybe even her own address - her own address because your insurance policy may require you to list every licensed driver in the house. Some do, some don't. Realistically it may not be practical. For you, as other said, get an umbrella policy and be sure all your vehicles are listed on it. Get a tracking app and use it - show her you're watching and there are consequences to her actions.
  11. Ok, I have an odd one here. Got a Colt thuer 3rd Model derringer, single shot caliber .41 rimfire, s/n 116xx. It came with a display case that I believe is newer, but it was designed around the gun. There is also a single round displayed with it. Is there a collector market for these things? Based on what I see on Gunbroker there were quite a few of these made from 1875 to 1912, and based on the serial number this one was fairly early. Silver/Nickel frame with blued barrel. All frame screws show bright blue, half the trigger retains the blue. Hammer appears case hardened. Frame retains 85-90% of the Nickel and the barrel retains approx. 70% of the bluing. The "- COLT -" rollmark is crisp. The only other visible mark is the caliber designation on the frame that is stamped ".41 CAL". The serial number is under the grips, markings on the grips show they are serialized to the gun. Anyone here collect these? Opinions on what they are worth as described and shown in pics? It's really not what I typically collect but it looked too nice to leave it at the FFL. Thanks.
  12. And what happens if Murphy gets recalled? Doesn't that leave NJ with Sheila Oliver as gov? Better to let Murphy remain as a reminder to liberal incompetence and force him to run against whatever Republican gets the nod. That's about the only chance to grrt a rep gov again.
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