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  1. Being the skeptic I normally am, in this case I have to believe in the old saying that goes something like "Perfect is the enemy of Good". This bill is a big step forward IMO and I don't understand why anyone who supports CCW would oppose it. Is it perfect? Of course not - name one thing in gov't that is. Is it a step in the right direction? Absolutely. Any potential problem hidden in the fix-NICS pieces can be addressed, but to not recognize the benefits nationally with this bill seems short-sighted. And to vote "No" because the bill isn't perfect seems to be DC-speak for "I didn't really support it but need to find an excuse so I don't piss of the voters". Will this help NJ? Depends on the final bill if it ever gets that far. Maybe, maybe not. About the only way it can hurt is if states stop issuing non-resident licenses since they might be unnecessary (in most cases). Face it - NJ will need to be beaten into submission before we can carry here. IMO the only chance we have will come at the federal level, either the courts or through legislation like this (but will still get dragged through the courts). NJ has long known the state's justifiable need laws are a problem, no surprise, but no Dem politician is going to vote to change that - too much down side with the voters. Change will only come from the feds or courts. The pols know it. Why else do they do everything possible to prevent a 2A case from being ruled on by the NJSC?
  2. If you looked up "Cool" on Wikipedia it would have a pic of that car...
  3. No porch grinch, but I really wish UPS and USPS would stop delivering my packages to the neighbors...
  4. Congrats!
  5. My Beretta wheel: Wilson Combat 92G Wilson Combat 92G Compact M9A3 Italian 92S 92FS Inox US 92FS Inox Italian https://imgur.com/ZCeaqzy
  6. Yes I know it's 70 degrees out, but it's also almost November and I've been bored, so I started working on Snowblowers. SOLD - First one available is a Husqvarna 10530SBE. 10.5hp, 30" auger. See Craigslist ad here - https://cnj.craigslist.org/grd/6364869622.html If you're interested send me a msg or call my cell- 908-500-5780. Mention NJGF and it's $450. I have 8 or 10 others, some the same size, some smaller. The Husqvarna is one of the nicer ones. I have 1 or 2 about the same size but older I can let go for less. Will consider trades for ammo or ??? Will post when I have more available.
  7. We're looking in the Hollis area. Already have family in the Boston area but no way would I consider living in MA. Hollis is right over the border so best of both worlds. And the company I work for is in Portsmouth. Not exactly close, but at least it's in the same state...
  8. I've already started looking for property in New Hampshire. The wife is retired already and I work remotely, so as long as I can get to an airport I'm good. My daughter gets married in NJ May 2018, so after that we're gone. Only concern I have is selling my house and investment properties. This state is quickly becoming ungovernable. I don't see it getting any better.
  9. My guess - with a blown motor it's probably worth about $250-$300 max - if the rest of it is in nice shape. If it looks like it's been used as a commercial machine every day of it's life then it's probably only worth scrap value. What motor does/did it have? The problem with trying to sell it is most folks don't have the know-how to replace an engine.
  10. All, More of the stuff I have laying around. This time it's push mowers. Well, self-propelled mowers. I have 2 Honda's and a Snapper. The first Honda is already on Craigslist ...https://cnj.craigslist.org/grd/d/honda-hrr216-self-propelled/6342224244.html The second Honda is a bit older but has the bag. Also has a seperate blade clutch, meaning you can disengage the blade while the mower is running to move something or empty the bag. Also has electric start but the battery is dead. Maybe it just needs a charge but not worth it to me to replace it. The Snapper also has a bag and is self-propelled. All are 21" or 22" and run like they're supposed to. $75 each.
  11. The only thing I have left is the John Deere chainsaw. Nick got dibs on the last weedwacker...
  12. None that are worth anything. The only ones I've seen have been abused to the point of not even being a good parts machine.
  13. Will do.
  14. I HATE autocorrect It's Branchburg, zip 08876
  15. Brandenburg. Zip 08876