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  1. And what happens if Murphy gets recalled? Doesn't that leave NJ with Sheila Oliver as gov? Better to let Murphy remain as a reminder to liberal incompetence and force him to run against whatever Republican gets the nod. That's about the only chance to grrt a rep gov again.
  2. .45acp. Will update listing. Thanks Nothing at the moment. Thanks.
  3. Never thought I'd say it but I have too many 1911's, so some have to go. First up is a Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced Commander in .45acp. Like new, in original box with 2 mags, lock, tool and manual. Never shot, heck it's probably never even been loaded. I bought this cheap so I'll sell it cheap. $575 shipped to your FFL - transfer fees at your end are on you. https://www.remington.com/handguns/model-1911-r1-enhanced/1911-r1-enhanced-commander
  4. Ok, I found this pretty funny, though I'm easily amused. A bit of a story... Most of you know I moved to New Hampshire. I made the escape last year and have commented a bit on just how different the gun culture is in NH from NJ. I worked my way into a local LGS that now I get a call from him whenever something gets traded in that he thinks I'll like, and his prices are great - I've posted some of my finds. NH is a low-population state. The entire state has about the same population as a combined Essex and Hudson county. Most folks that I've met have guns. They are nothing special up here except for maybe some of the MA transplants since I live close to the MA border. Anyway, the NICS check in NH is interesting - call it NhICS. Basically, the store makes a phone call to the state, someone physically answers, takes the information and does the check. The store gets a call back, usually in about 5 minutes, with the approval. Last time when I bought I got a "pending". That's when I learned I'm forever cursed with a link to NJ. Seems like NhICS makes a phone call to your state of birth. Damn. Anyway, to the original question in the thread. I was in today and bought another "find". He called in NhICS and as soon as he gave the woman my name, her first question was "Him again? What's he buying this time?". I damn near spit my drink on the counter. So, You know you're buying too many guns when the woman doing the NhICS check over the phone knows you by name. My score today was a Kimber Eclipse Target II. For $650. I love this state
  5. mustang69

    P365 Update

    Google-fu shows retail to be $599, available only through that distributor. Doesn't sound like a bad deal since it includes the 12-rounder.
  6. mustang69

    P365 Update

    Just picked up my P365 today as my new EDC. I compared it to the G43 and the Taurus G2C (because they were all next to each other in the gun case). Side by side, the biggest difference between the G43 and the Sig was the sights. Haven't shot it yet but those Sign X-ray sights just work well with my old eyes. I'll admit I'm not a Glock fan. Had a G43 in NJ and sold it since it wasn't practical there. The Sig just seems "right" and the sights made the difference for me. As for the Taurus? While I was a bit surprised at the price I just couldn't get past the potential reliability issues. I've been carrying a Kimber micro9 that will be replaced by the Sig P365.
  7. I realize it's not Essex county, but a drive to Walmart in PA might make sense when NJ bans mailorder...
  8. It was a shop local to me in NH so I’d rather not post it on a NJ forum. I encourage to shop your local dealer. Become a regular and deals like this will show up. Just my $.02.
  9. Thanks. You're right, I knew it was a Trooper but for some reason had Lawman on the brain. Edited...
  10. So here's another great find at the LGS. I was sitting in the store with the owner just chatting and I find one I couldn't live without - Colt Trooper Mk III from the mid '70's. Nice shape, excellent stock and no holster wear, so probably a safe queen. A small spot of rust and a filthy, but everything cleaned up nicely. Not a snake gun but I'm also not worried about shooting it. Has a nice balance to it. I just need to get used to the cylinder rotating backwards. The best part? $300 out the door...
  11. Here's the Springfield GI model. Has some finish wear on the left side, I believe from sliding around in the case, and a really nice short trigger. My plan for this one is to be the base of a custom build.
  12. Ordered my first AR this week. Not because of NZ, more because of the rhetoric being spewed by the dem candidates and my belief that will drive prices up as the election gets closer. I don't trust the Reps to fight off a Dem ban, so figured I'd get one for the safe just in case. Can always get rid of it later if nothing comes to pass, but will have it just in case. Oh yea, and some 30-round mags too.
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