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  1. That's one I had that got away. I had a 68 XR7 with factory 4 speed. I sold it when I couldn't afford to rebuild the front end back in 1981. I've missed that car every day since...
  2. Needs to be restored, but it's been in the family since 1958. It hadn't been out of the garage for 40 years when I was able to tow it up to NH. Until then I'd never seen the right side of the car. Second pic is what it looked like in my mother-in-laws garage - yes, it's in there somewhere...
  3. The article is right - I never knew that car existed. I loved the big block 4-speed Impalas, the Buick would have been perfect for me at the time.. My first car was a '71 Chevelle that I basically beat on until the automatic trans locked up on my going around the Netcong circle one evening. Since then I've had more cars than I can count. Fast forward and I've had my '69 Mustang Sportsroof for 25 years and inherited my wife's parents college car last year - a '56 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible that I'm restoring. I'm at a point in my life I can enjoy them. The pic is them in my workshop.
  4. If you think ammo is expensive now, wait until he taxes it...
  5. Unfortunately, I agree that NJ is on the forefront of the "screw the gunowner" curve. What happens in NJ is a precursor to what the dems will try in the rest of the country. That said, it will take a packing of the USSC to make drastic changes in national gun policy. States like NJ know they are 1 USSC case away from shall issue at any given point. What I see happening is what Biden can try to do by executive order - banning internet sales of guns and ammo, an ammo tax, mag limits etc. The problem we face nationally is the dems are limited on what they can accomplish for the rest of their agenda, so they focus on things they can do that make it appear they're doing something, all the while everything they do actually accomplishes nothing. Gun control is exactly that. It's just like what happens in NJ. State debt, taxes, cost of living all out of control, but a mag limit? Easy to do and they can scream about the accomplishment. There isn't a thing being proposed that would affect what they consider to be gun violence, but everything they do is a talking point about making us safer, and a distraction from what they should really be doing. The only thing a politician really cares about at the end of the day is staying in office. If they think they'll lose re-election by supporting something, watch how fast they back-peddle. It's those dems from gun-friendly states that need to be shown the light. Face it, Biden is an idiot. He's a useful idiot to them but an idiot regardless. Kamala is in charge and I don't see her being able to hold the dems to single issues. If Pelosi survives she'll be catering to the progressives. Schumer already does.
  6. Could be a 36 Pontiac. Certainly a custom.
  7. https://coppercustom.com/tippmann-armory-9mm-gatling-gun-gatling-gun
  8. Guys were lined up at the range with their own ammo. If I'd been there I would have spent a couple hundred rounds to try it...
  9. I walked into my local FFL yesterday to find a crowd gathered around this thing. Is too cool! Wheels are a bit cheesy but the rest of it seems pretty high quality. Takes Glock mags. They took it to the range later in the day and went through about 2600 rounds in 20 minutes.
  10. Has the LGS put a price on it?
  11. You never know, when I was in NJ I used to get 5 at a time, every time, for 5 years. When I moved to NH the 3 I had left made great targets at the range...
  12. Ok, got another unique Beretta - I call it the "Papi Greco" gun. If you've seen the move "Two Guns", this is what I think Papi would have used. Found this at my local FFL's months ago and finally talked him into selling it. Yes, I know it's a bbq gun but I like my Berettas and this is just too cool. Gold and silver plated throughout with obvious carry wear, and it's filthy inside from being shot. It's a Centurian. The back story is this came out of a police impound in Arizona after being recovered during a drug raid when it was found in a field, supposedly after being dropped during a chase. Seems (so I'm told) the police are required to sell recovered guns unless it can be proven they were used in a crime. My FFL regularly buys from impounds and this showed up. Story could be completely made up but that's what I got.
  13. Aguila bulk pack - four 300 round boxes.
  14. I'm sure it was "buddy" pricing. Pretty sure it was his cost. No idea. I walked into the shop, he handed me the case and told me I owed him $450. Easy peasy.
  15. My FFL just sold me 1200 rounds of 55grn 5.56 for $450. I realize it's not a great price when compared to the past, but for the current situation I think it's a steal! I don't usually keep much 5.56 on hand since I don't shoot it much but I think with the election and fallout after November it will only get more expensive. Yes I know, late to the party but at $.38 a round with today's craziness I figured it was worth it.
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