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  1. My guess - with a blown motor it's probably worth about $250-$300 max - if the rest of it is in nice shape. If it looks like it's been used as a commercial machine every day of it's life then it's probably only worth scrap value. What motor does/did it have? The problem with trying to sell it is most folks don't have the know-how to replace an engine.
  2. All, More of the stuff I have laying around. This time it's push mowers. Well, self-propelled mowers. I have 2 Honda's and a Snapper. The first Honda is already on Craigslist ...https://cnj.craigslist.org/grd/d/honda-hrr216-self-propelled/6342224244.html The second Honda is a bit older but has the bag. Also has a seperate blade clutch, meaning you can disengage the blade while the mower is running to move something or empty the bag. Also has electric start but the battery is dead. Maybe it just needs a charge but not worth it to me to replace it. The Snapper also has a bag and is self-propelled. All are 21" or 22" and run like they're supposed to. $75 each.
  3. The only thing I have left is the John Deere chainsaw. Nick got dibs on the last weedwacker...
  4. None that are worth anything. The only ones I've seen have been abused to the point of not even being a good parts machine.
  5. Will do.
  6. I HATE autocorrect It's Branchburg, zip 08876
  7. Brandenburg. Zip 08876
  8. I have a couple of FS90's and some other smaller models. They all run great but have been used, so cosmetics vary. No pics, haven't been able to figure out how to post them in a reply. PM me a cell number and I'll text them.
  9. Update MS290 and MS311 spoken for. Repeat customers - Thanks.
  10. I never tried the circular blades so can't comment on them. All of them are 2-stroke.
  11. I have a John Deere weed whacker that can take the Ryobi pole saw attachment (and the other Ryobi attachments) available at Home Depot. THis is a light-duty unit but it will work. I used something similar until I got my Echo pole saw. The Stihl weed whackers I have will take different heads for cutting various brush sizes. They all come with string heads but there are cutting heads available from the dealer and online. Electric is nice and simple but my experience is you need something more powerful for brush. I'm partial to Stihl but Echo and Redmax are good brands too.
  12. Someone asked me about chainsaws a while back and I didn't have anything at the time. Now I have several, all sizes. SOLD Stihl 021 12" bar - $125 - great little saw for trimming SOLD Stihl 025 16" bar - $150 - good all-around saw for yard work SOLD Stihl MS290 20" bar - $200 - most popular saw Stihl makes - great for felling and cutting firewood, yard cleanup, etc PRICE DROP - John Deere CS62 - 16" bar - $80 - good all-around size but I don't have any experience with them. SOLD For Weedwackers I have more than I can count - mostly Stihl straight-shaft. $100 each. A couple curved shaft models $50. All run like they're supposed to. Let me know if you're interested, I haven't advertised them yet on Craigslist, will probably take them to the Raceway Park swap meet at the end of the month.
  13. I'm dreading the next move. The house is easy, it's the garage that will be the nightmare. She wont let me forget it...
  14. If OP hasn't purchased yet I have 2 more suggestions: Look at the Sig P220 and the Beretta 92FS. Both are full-size and proven performers. How much bling you get on either one is a function of how much you want to spend, and the core components remain the same.
  15. Saw a 1945 Russian Nagant revolver at Heritage Guild Easton yesterday. The $295 on it was a bit high IMO but it had a holster with it. Who knows what they would have come down to.