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  1. mustang69

    A couple new 1911's for the collection

    I was told the entire Valor line has been discontinued. Dan Wesson web site lists the entire Valor line as "Limited Production/Discontinued". Supposedly because it is too expensive to produce with all the hand-fitting. I've seen them priced around $1250-$1300 which seems like a hell of a deal given what you get. I've had Kimbers and Springfields that cost more.
  2. mustang69

    A couple new 1911's for the collection

    I havent gotten into reloading. Maybe in retirement. At this point i think getting brass would be tough. I wouldn't reload used because i saw too many split throats on my used brass. You can supposedly make cases from 5.56 brass but that seems like a lot of work.
  3. mustang69

    A couple new 1911's for the collection

    Actually, yes. I bought 300 rounds a couple months ago and have been cycling through that. Went to buy more and it seems to be out of stock everywhere. My distributor said RIA makes it once a year, and when it's gone it's tough luck until the next batch. Prices seem to fluctuate as it gets scarce too. I've seen it advertised from $16 to $25 for a box of 40 grain JHP.
  4. mustang69

    A couple new 1911's for the collection

    The novelty is exactly why I got it. I already have 9mm, 22lr and .45acp 1911's (more than a few of each, actually). Shooting the .22tcm is unique to say the least. When you compare the felt recoil against the barrel blast, the two just don't seem to fit together but here they are. If I were a long-distance handgun shooter the round might make sense in that respect since it's a fast, flat trajectory with 2000fps from a 5" barrel. For me it's a novelty. Something different to take to the range once in a while. The whole reason I got the setup with the 9mm barrel was in case RIA ever discontinues making the ammo. They're the only ones that make the round so far. Yes I could reload but it's not like brass is readily available for it either.
  5. Only problem with evicting Murphy is then NJ is stuck with Oliver. Be careful what you wish for. Might be better to let him stay and keep pointing out his flaws - over and over again. It's not hard... Same argument as the yahoos looking to impeach Trump. Do the really want Pence? It's more likely they're just making noise to cause Trump some trouble rather than really hoping to remove him.
  6. mustang69

    .22 help

    Anoter vote for the GSG 1911. GSG makes the Sig 1911 .22lr version too, so look at both and compare pricing. I'm also a fan of the Sig conversion kits for the P220, P226 and P229 handguns. Yes the .22 is dirty, but that is true no matter what frame you shoot it from. A few years back it was actually cheaper to buy a P229 Classic in .22 and a 9mm conversion kit, than it was to buy just a P229 in 9mm. And I won't get into the Kimber debate. I've had a couple and they were great shooters. My EDC is a micro9.
  7. Living in free America (New Hampshire) has provided me a couple of opportunities to add to the collection while I've also refocused on what I collect. Two new acquisitions since moving here include the following: The first is a Dan Wesson Valor Commander in Stainless. I walked into the FFL I use up here and it was in the display cabinet. Someone bought it a couple months ago from Buds and needed to sell it after never taking it out of the case. Brand new, never shot, still had the tags on it. Listed for $1100, I offered $1000 and they took it. Street price for these have come down since DW is discontinuing the model but I still think I stole this! I can't say enough nice things about this handgun. I have no idea how they machined it out of a single block of steel, but the fit is so close to perfect I can't imagine how they did it any other way. Fantastic shooter at the range. It just felt "right". I especially like that DW doesn't make the slide into a billboard. Nice and clean. At the range my 5-shot groupings were one big hole at 10 yards when I did my part. The second is a Rock Island in .22TCM that also came with a 9mm conversion barrel. I've only shot the .22TCM barrel, and boy is it fun. Think .22lr recoil with .44mag muzzle blast. After the first mag I had all the range officers asking me what the hell I was shooting since they never saw one before. The cartridge is a bottle-nose - think 9mm case necked down to a .22lr bullet. That's not how it's made but that's how it looks. The downside of it though is it needs to go back to RIA - failure to feeds on rounds 4 & 5 on every mag where the slide wouldn't completely strip the next round from the mag and return to battery. The recoil spring feels ridiculously light, almost like the wrong one was installed at the factory. Not the best groupings either at the range. I have other RIA 1911's that are excellent shooters so I'm hoping this one can be sorted out. I love my 1911's...
  8. mustang69

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    The only downside to using a bolt instead of the pin (there are two actually) is 1) the bolt makes it harder to remove the deck and 2), the pin is hardened so won't wear like the bolt. The bolt isn't designed for shear forces, while the pin is. As for the lift mechanism, the handle is probably tweaked a bit (bent toward the operator). That binds up the mechanism inside and prevents the button form moving, which then stops the pawl from catching and holding the deck up. With the deck all the way down, try bending the lift handle away from you a bit at a time until the button pops up. Just push it hard from the seat a bit at a time and you'll feel it tweak a bit. Go slow and you should see the button free up.
  9. mustang69

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    I think this was one of my machines, I remember swapping out a couple rear tires, right? While available, I wouldn't recommend a plow for this tractor. That attachment is about the hardest one on a trans, never mind one that is 25 years old. Snowblowers might have been available but I never saw one in my travels. Great machines and will last forever if taken care of, and most parts still readily available. The Freedom deck is the best deck Deere ever made for mulching. I don't work on these much any more since moving to New Hampshire, but if you send me a pic of the deck bolt it needs I might just have one laying around - be happy to send it to whomever if I do.
  10. mustang69

    cordless impact

    I like my Dewalt 20v, but no idea how it would hold up to commercial use. It does everythig i need it to in the garage - wheels, balancer bolts, suspension bolts, mower blades, etc. I also have the Ryobi that i beat to death but that one I consider disposable. Wouldnt recommend that one for heavy use though.
  11. mustang69

    Spouses & Guns...

    I jokecabout it, but she has no interest in guns. She doesnt ask what i have and doesnt want to even see them. I only buy with cash from some side jobs I take. I have my hobbies, she has hers. As long as it doesnt come from joint funds she is fine with what i spend. Oh, and guns are not the only hobby i have that applies to. Or the most expensive. She has never seen the inside of the safe. My son has the combo if it comes to that.
  12. mustang69

    Range 129

    Old thread - deleted
  13. Where I feel the court erred is accepting the law without grandfathering. Numerous courts have upheld mag limits alone, but establishing a limit without grandfathering existing mags, thereby turning a whole class of citizens into felons overnight, seems like a clear violation of the takings clause regardless of the level of scrutiny applied. That alone should rule the law unconstitutional. The last time something like that occurred it required a constitutional amendment after a pretty brutal, drawn out conflict that shook this country to the core.
  14. No, already swapped. Asked the mods to lock the thread already. Sorry
  15. A couple members here offered to store them for folks free. For the cost of a flat-rate box you could have saved them, or donated them to someone else that could actually use them. For anyone late to the party, I live in NH and would happily store them. If you don't want them stored I'll happily pay for shipping them to me. Easy to find people here that can use them. PM's, obviously.

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