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  1. My last 3 purchases have been 1911's. Dan Wesson Specialist, Wilson Combat ACP and a S&W Pro Series 3.5bbl for CCW. The Dan Wesson and WC were the last 2 I bought from my favorite FFL before he closed shop - got them at what I consider clearance prices. The S&W I bought because I didn't have one that size and I've since found it's a comfortable CCW when I have heavy clothing. It trakes the place of my Kimber Micro9.
  2. mustang69


    The difference between the lottery value and the one-time payment is due to the annuity payout of 20 years vs. the purchase value of that annuity. It doesn't go to the gov't. Still, almost half of the payout goes to the gov't...
  3. I understand the waste oil heater in your situation since fuel would be basically free if you do enough oil changes for folks. I thought about the same thing for my home workshop but ended up with ceiling-mounted forced air propane unit. It does a great job heating the space (26x36 with 15' ceiling). Propane is much cheaper by me than heating oil or electric. Just fyi.
  4. Good on the retailer for taking it back, but their "excuse" is BS. They saw the blem tag and thought it was a mistake? Yea, not believing that for a second. They got it from the manufacturer at a discount because of that tag, they just thought they could get away with selling it that way and wouldn't get called out on it.
  5. Damn, somebody owes me a keyboard after a spit my soda out watching this! My biggest fear in the afterlife is my wife sells all my guns, tools and cars for what she "thinks" I paid for them...
  6. He's learned nothing in DC except a complete sense of entitlement. All he had to do was give his wife a brush and canvass, and tell her to start "selling" paintings...
  7. The 22 Jet is an interesting round that didn't really prove out. Great in concept but in a revolver it caused problems. Note the taper in the cartridge - when fired the brass would expand slightly like every other round and when it did it would back out of the cylinder a bit and jam the cylinder. I had one briefly when I was collecting S&W revolvers, but sold it when I got a decent offer for it. You don't see them come up very often.
  8. This is great news. Living in southern NH, you have to realize the logical driving route to get many places means I'm crossing the NH/MA border quite a bit. Shopping in a major area (Nashua) is right over the border, and in fact a large mall there straddles the border itself, so driving around the parking lot means you've crossed in MA. Leave Costco to go north and you need to drive through MA, however briefly, to get to the highway. This is one of those times where MA overreach bit them in the ass. Here's hoping it doesn't get overturned on appeal.
  9. I'll support mandatory firearms training when there is a literacy requirement to vote. Don't misunderstand, I think training is important. I just don't think it should be required. The requirements leave too much room for gov't interference in the right itself.
  10. I have 3 safes - one for my long guns, one for handguns and a quick-access one for my night-stand gun. As others mentioned, buy bigger than you need, it's amazing how they multiply when they're in the safe. I started with a small safe from Harbor Freight (I know, don't laugh) when I inherited a couple handguns, thinking I'd never need anything bigger. It was about a square foot in size and I fit 8 handguns in it. After that I went to a 10-gun safe from Tractor Supply - that lasted a year and I sold it on FB. I now have 2 24-gun safes for secure storage and am out of room in them, plus the quick-access one. Safes are like garage space - no matter how big you start with you'll outgrow it.
  11. I have a Colt 1911 in 10mm and I had a Dan Wesson in 10mm. The 1911 is a great platform for that round.
  12. If the numbers supported their narrative you can bet they'd be published weekly...
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