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  1. That's true of almost anywhere. Like NJ, folks fleeing Mass taxes aren't all dems. In NH the Massholes tend to stay close to the border and have limited affect (so far) on state-wide politics. NH State gun laws pre-empt any local attempts.
  2. I moved from 50 to 17 - and I'm surprised NH is only #17, but I guess that's because I came from #50. Permitless carry, Shall-issue permits for reciprocity and a gun shop within spitting distance from anywhere. Most of the people I've met since moving here are all gun-friendly even if they don't own any. People see you carry and you know what they do? - Yup, Nothing!
  3. I can appreciate the Goldwing but its not what im looking for. The St1300 is more my style. The only one I found for sale locally that was reasonable has 77,000 miles on it. Not acdeal breaker by itself but tge bike was hard to start until it warmed up. With the fuel injection system it should have been easy. Common problem wigh the ST1300 but many causes - some simple and others expensive.
  4. They style isn't for me, and I'm not into any type of trail riding. Thanks I looked at the Multistrada but I'm not really interested in a chain drive. I can appreciate what the Multistrada is but not a huge fan of the naked bike look.
  5. I picked one up about 6 months ago from SouthernOhioGuns with a little help from my FFL. It's in nice shape and came with a second mag. Be aware the mag release is on the grip heel so not all later mags may fit. I shot it once at the range, it felt just like an old stock Beretta but with lousy sights. For the money it's a decent buy IMO. A bit of honest wear on the slide and frame but functions 100%. I grabbed it without really researching the model, with the intention of mounting a RDS on it with a dovetail mounting plate. Come to find out the early model have a different dovetail that won't work for what I wanted. For the money it's not worth selling but I probably won't shoot it either. I'd consider selling it but I'm in NH and it's probably not worth the shipping cost and transfer fee to get it to you.
  6. I looked at an '09 Concours (ZG1400) today. An amazing bike. Need to sleep on it. Was tempted to buy it on the spot but I told myself I wouldn't do that. Was cheap since it needs a left saddle bag and a front TPMS sensor. Both are easy fixes. Other than that the bike was immaculate with 33,000 miles. What a beast! Any trouble areas that you know of?
  7. Had what felt like multiple herds of deer at our NJ home - so many we were calling them lawn rats. Haven't seen a single one since moving to NH - up here we have moose...
  8. All I can say is someone was clairvoyant when they named the store...
  9. I ruled out the FJR for 2 reasons - the whole idea of the automatic clutch just turns me off. That and the widespread reports of excessive heat on the rider from the fairing meant it got crossed off the list. And, I haven't been able to find one within a reasonable drive to look at and test the seating position.
  10. Both our cars are BMW's, so it gets a consideration just to stay in the family. No test required at the dealer - I got lifetime membership at birth. Whatever bike I get next will have fuel injection - both the ST1300 and R1200RT have it. I get the simplicity of a carb but with the fuels today and with how much I'll realistically ride I'd probably be rebuilding them every year. And the carbs on a harley are much simpler than the carbs on a Honda in-line 4 or v4. I also like the idea of ABS - not demanding technology but won't turn my nose up at it either.
  11. Thanks - I've only ever had Honda bikes before - CB750 K1, CB750 Nighthawk and VF750S Sabre. All ran great and lasted forever. Some good deals on the ST1300's up here and they seem to have mileage all over the place - some over 100k. the only complaint I've read about them is some heat hitting the rider in the crotch and legs. It seems to affect some bikes and not others. Other than that they seem to be pretty bulletproof. The v4 is smooth - like 100 year old scotch smooth. A torque "curve" that looks like the Kansas landscape (meaning, flat as hell). The BMW has about the same riding position but is about 100 pounds lighter and more technically advanced - ABS, Electronic Suspension, paralever suspension, etc - but also $1500-$2000 more for comparable year and mileage. A buddy has several similar BMWs and loves them. The boxer twin has that unique sound. I'm looking at both bikes this weekend.
  12. OK all, With my move to NH i'm looking to get back into riding. I've been doing a ridiculous amount of research into what I might like to get and think I've narrowed it down to two bikes: BMW R1200RT or a Honda ST1300. I looked at the Yamaha FJR and Ducati Multistrada too and ruled them out for various reasons. I like the upright sport-touring riding position. The bike will get used on weekends for casual trips for me, with my wife on the back half the time. I don't expect to be canyon-carving or racing, and my back would revolt if I bought a sport bike anyway. Anyone have any experience or opinions on these bikes? Anything else you can suggest I look at? Thanks, Dean
  13. You're right, they DON'T care. Someone bought your house or moved into your old apartment. Taxes will be paid regardless. NJ IMO is in for a world of hurt financially, but the politicians are about the most protected class during a recession. Taxes don't stop. The only thing these politicians care about is your vote. Until NJ starts voting new pols into office nothing will change, and I believe that will need to come from the Dem suburbs. When those suburbs start voting their own interests - likely related to school funding changes - then maybe NJ will change. That, or bankruptcy. I was sad to leave - maybe disappointed is a better word for it. Do the politicians miss me? Hardly. I wasn't any use to them except when I filed my income tax return. NJ is past the tipping point. Too many entrenched special interest groups fighting over the same pot of money, and pols happy to keep refilling the pot because the special interest groups keep them in office.
  14. NJSUX001 - go sequential from there...
  15. Welcome to free America. We moved to New Hampshire a few months back to escape the "value" that Murphy keep saying NJ offers. It wasn't because of NJ gun laws - that's just a bonus - but most everything else. I just got tired of NJ telling me I need to pay for the cities and myself at the same time, all while making it seem I should feel guilty for having a decent income. We'll save enough in taxes the first year to pay for the move, and I'll retire by the end of this year.