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  1. The wrench probably cost more than the bolt.
  2. No hate here. It just leaves the real ones for the rest of us...
  3. I re-bought a gun last week just because it came with ammo. It's a RIA 1911 in .38 Super. I bought it years ago for $400 and sold it through my FFL last year for $450. The buyer needed cash and brought it back to the FFL to sell. I paid $550 for it the second time, but the kicker is it came with 700 rounds of ammo and 2 additional mags. The last thing I needed was another 1911 but for the price I couldn't let it sit there. The ammo was worth more than the gun.
  4. In the free states this is what happens when delays become too long. https://patch.com/new-hampshire/concord-nh/new-hampshire-overhauls-gun-line-face-calls-disband-it Now, the FFL makes a phone call and stays on hold while they check. He gets an answer either way before he hangs up. From what I understand NH pulled 7 troopers off the street to handle the call volume.
  5. Pics, or it didn't happen...
  6. mustang69

    More Berettas

    It's no secret I like the Beretta 92 platform. Found these 2 at my LGS over the last couple of weeks to add to my collection. The first is a Wilson Combat Centurion with the action trigger. This matches up with my WC full size and WC Compact. The second is an early model 92FS from 1989 in the original box and case with all paperwork. Just a basic 92FS with the early model grips, and it was just too nice to leave at the store. Anyone else got some new ones to show?
  7. Sorry to hear. Prayers to you and his family.
  8. Unless you're using it for reciprocity, and I'm not sure where a non-resident permit is good for that anymore, there is no benefit for the NH non-resident permit. NH went constitutional carry a couple years back. Anyone can carry here as long as you're not a prohibited person.
  9. There is the potential for delay at every step in the "process". The NJSP FIU is an easy target, and mostly well-deserved, but local PD's take their direction from the Chief and sometimes the Prosecutor (and them through the NJAG). If any of them are anti they have the ability to slow things down to a crawl. Even in towns that are friendly, some people applying for permits still treat them like crap. I can almost guarantee those folks get slow-walked through the process. The short answer to "Why is it slow?" is "Because they can"... There is no accountability for taking long, and no benefit to them in doing it efficiently. It's government - they aren't here to help.
  10. Ouch... I feel your pain. I remember looking at a hemi 'cuda back in 1980 or so during another one of the gas wars (or at least when gas prices went up for a while) and didn't buy it because I didn't think I could afford the gas if I used it as a daily driver. Plus, I was a poor schlub and would have struggled to put together the $5k it would have cost me. Ugh. Another buddy who shall remain nameless was always a Mustang guy. His first car was a '69 428 he bought new at Morristown Ford, that he wrapped around a tree after 6 months. His second car was a '70 Shelby, evidenced by his name in the Shelby registry. When he got married in 1974 he (wait for it) traded it in on a new Mustang II because his wife couldn't drive a stick. He HATES when I remind him of that. At least he still has the wife...
  11. Should have been an atomic wedgie...
  12. *AND THEN* - Biden realizes he won't get "gun control" through the legislature so he decides to tax ammo at 40% and eliminate online sales - all through EO
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