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  1. mustang69

    Beretta 92X

    As a diehard 92 fan, there are things about it I like and others I don't. The sights, rounded trigger guard and steel frame are interesting. I'm less enamored by the vertec grip, and I'll need to get used to the frame safety and how that might affect the trigger. Considering I just bought the LTT to add to the collection I'll wait until I can hold this one before I decide.
  2. Further demonstration of just how clairvoyant they were when they named the company. Karma's a bitch...
  3. ... and every manufacturer named should immediately refuse to do business with NJ. For the major manufactures, NJ is a drop in the bucket. But let the NJSP and locals all be forced to use non-major manufacturers and see how fast the state goes quiet again. Can you imagine the NJSP carrying no-name firearms?
  4. And NJ honors what? Not a single non-resident permit from another state.
  5. Thanks. I have the receipt from when he purchased it from the MSP for $65 and the original box. I think I also have has last qualifying paperwork after he retired for his CCW. I also have his IWB and OWB leather S&W holsters for the 38. The gun shows honest holster wear but not much mechanical wear. I suppose that's true of most LEO handguns that get used to qualify and then (hopefully) never shot again until the next qualifying session.
  6. I wouldn't waste your time. The grammar in the ad is a potential warning of a scam.
  7. I think this year is even more ominous for 2a than we see so far. Look at it from the pols perspective. The state is broke and highly taxed. Murphy is about to make his 2019 budget proposal that either ratchets up taxes, reneges on his campaign proposals for new programs, or both. The dems will desperately neddd something to distract the faithful. What do they have but guns? It a safe go-to in NJ, and if they overreach and get smacked down by SCOTUS it will be Trump's fault. They'll say they tried... Good luck. NJ is screwed for many reasons. The 2a is just ond of them.
  8. All, Long story short, my mother's husband passed away just before new years day. Totally unexpected, was recovering from prostate surgery and had a blood clot hit his lungs during physical therapy. I didn't know him that well but we got together a couple times to go shooting when he and my mother would visit NJ from Florida. When he passed my mother told me he wanted me to have his guns. I'm touched he thought enough to give them to me and now I'm trying to learn more about them. He was a retired Michigan State PD Detective on the vice squad from Detroit in the '80's and 90's. The stories he could tell... These appear to have been his duty firearms from the force. S&W 39 S&W 5906 (two of them) - mags are scribed with what appear to be LEO badge numbers S&W model 38 two tone - black frame with chrome/nickel cylinder. I have the receipt from when he bought this from the Michigan State PD. Not sure this was ever made as a two tone, so likely the cylinder was changed at some point. S&W 3000 Shotgun with 18" barrel I also got a Marlin 336W in 30-30 with scope and sling that doesn't appear to have ever been fired, and a Stevens/Savage model 62 semi-auto 22lr rifle. Other than the provenance, is there anything special to any of these? Thanks
  9. I just picked up a new Dan Wesson Valor for $1,000. Someone bought it and never took it out of the box before needing the cash, so it was a consignment gun at my local dealer. There are deals out there if you look. Also, if you'd consider used there are lots of good ones in your price range. Smith & Wesson E series, Kimber and Sig all come to mind. Don't knock the Rock Island. They are great shooters.
  10. As an answer to the OP, I'm more of a Beretta fan than I am of CZ. I've owned 3 CZ's (75b full size, 75b compact and P07) and sold them all. I still have an IWI/Jericho Baby Eagle that is a clone. There was nothing wrong with them but didn't do it for me when I chose what would go to the range with me. As for Beretta, here's what in the safe today, and I'm still adding, with the Elite Langdon LTT on the way. There is no wrong answer - kinda like the blonde/brunette/redhead decision...
  11. All we need is a poll headline that says something like "Immigrant families voting Republican..." and the wall would be funded within hours.
  12. Thanks all. Put the order in at my local shop. Prices in NH seem a bit better than in NJ. Will do a side-by-side when I get it against the Wilson Combat 92G and a standard 92FS with D spring.
  13. All, I love my Beretta's and am looking to add to the collection. Does anyone have any experience with the 92G Elite LTT model? Does anyone have one? How do they compare to the 92G Wilson Combat? https://www.langdontactical.com/92-elite-ltt/ Thanks
  14. So NJ is concerned about all the runoff from parking lots polluting the ground? Has Murphy looked at state roads lately? There is so much salt & brine on them I need to take my blood pressure meds just to go for a drive... When I looked at some commercial construction, the requirement for drywells was all about controlling runoff and preventing flooding. It has nothing to do with pollution. This "rain tax" is just another money grab by Trenton. They're getting more and more creative in how they disguise taxes. Murphy's got to pay for all that free shit he's promised.
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