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  1. I see so many MA license plates in NH now I have to keep checking where I'm at. Lots of MA residents come into the FFL and leave wondering why they can't buy anything...
  2. Some people are just so nice!
  3. I bought a couple 30 and 40 rounders last week, though I live in free America . No shortage here!
  4. Jesus Bob, leave some for the rest of us!
  5. All the big stores stores up here are out of the common stuff. I know it's getting tough - my ffl just asked if I could "loan" him a case or two. He can't keep it on the shelves snd can't get new shipments fast enough. I was hanging out in the store today and was amazed at how busy it was. Nuts...
  6. Added this Sig MAX to the collection. Was owned by a Sig employee and had trigger work done at the custom shop.
  7. I've seen plenty of flexplates crack, but usually at much higher mileages. That's where all the stress is concentrated when the transmission shifts and when the torque converter locks and unlocks. Plus, if the trans input is not exactly in line with the engine crank (tolerances there are in the .00x range) then it happens.
  8. If you want a 1911, try a 9mm version. It has a lighter mainspring.
  9. Received, and feedback left. "These are a great buy for the money. As good as or better than some of the more expensive bino's. The camera mount is a nice addition. Is there anything more I need to do for the refund? Thanks
  10. I got it in .45 acp. Haven't shot it yet. Dan Wesson Razorback
  11. I work in HR and Payroll. I can promise you there is no correlation between the economy and personal financial management. Poor personal finance skills cross all economic boundaries, from minimum wage earners to corporate big wigs. I've seen things that would make you cringe - corporate CFOs with multiple bankruptcies, employees with 13 - yes 13 - separate garnishment orders, people at all income levels taking 401k loans for revolving debts, employees using "bonus season" to spend 10x of their bonus amount on a car and then getting upset the following year because bonuses aren't as good. No matter how much you make, spending more than that is a recipe for personal disaster. A downturn in the economy is just a point where personal finance decisions really make or break you. An unexpected large expense or loss of income when you're living paycheck to paycheck is a financial breaking point for many folks. When that happens many people lash out, blaming everyone and anyone except themselves. All through the banking crisis, I never heard of a bank that forced someone to take that large mortgage, or to buy that $75,000 pickup truck or $100,000 BMW. There was plenty of fraud, yes, but usually by mortgage brokers getting questionable loans approved. There is no such thing as foreclosure or repossession if your payments are current. Yes, bad things happen to good people, but many good people also cause themselves major problems by constantly living in the moment. The issue IMO with student loan debt is the easy access to money with no linkage between the amount borrowed and the future potential to pay it back. What could possibly go wrong by giving an 18 year old a blank check and encouraging them to study whatever it is they "want to do" as opposed to what will support them in the lifestyle they want to live in - whatever that may be.
  12. OK, I can type freely now - she left the room
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