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  1. mustang69


    With the all the craziness going on these days it's been a while since there has been anything cheap on the shelves at my FFL. Seems like as soon as something comes in it goes right back out the door again for some ridiculous money. Seems things are starting to slow, at least until election debates start up again and Beto get's another recommendation from the forgetful one. I was in the store when this got traded in. Anything in .40s&w up here in NH is about as popular as Corona now so I was able to pick it up cheap - $150 out the door, plus another $50 for 4 more mags he had in a bargain bin. While not the best gun out there, these are an interesting mix of S&W and Walther. Walther made the frames, S&W made the slide and barrel. It's a da/sa with a decocker - not many striker-fired ones like that. I'll try it as my winter carry gun for a bit. At the price I paid it could go to a buyback and I'd be ahead. Anyone else have one of these?
  2. I like my RIA models, but pay attention to the sights on some of their model lines. The old GI-style sights I find very difficult to use at the range. Still shoot great though, just harder to hit what I want with my old eyes. Hard to beat a $400 1911 though.
  3. My latest 1911 purchase - Kimber Custom LW in 9mm. FFL had it listed as used, but it's never been fired. Was too cheap to pass up. Yes, I know Kimber has a mixed rep but I've always had good ones. I like the two tone with contrasting controls.
  4. Some people are just so nice!
  5. Almost a 1911, close enough to be included here. Anyone have one of these Colt Ace Conversion Units? Would love to get some history on this if anyone knows how to tell the age. This one has been shot, looks like a lot. Saw it at the FFL and it was cheap enough to take home. Complete kit but no box. Tried it on a couple of Colt frames and seems to work great. Slide locks back on an empty mag like it's supposed to .
  6. Did you walk into the pawn shop wearing a mask, and was anyone chasing you when you left? You stole that...
  7. Applied for the permits on 3/30. Looks like 30 days on the nose. I have three guns waiting. First pick-up is a 6" nickel S&W Model 57 on 5/19. Adios, Pizza Bob Hey! I've seen that gun somewhere before...
  8. mustang69

    Canik fan

    Anyone else see one of these? TP9SFx Whiteout. The pic makes it look brighter than it is. One of 2000 made. These have an amazing trigger IMO, about on par with a nice 1911. For the money I can't think of a better out of the box competition handgun. This was sitting in my FFL for a couple weeks and I decided to low-ball an offer.
  9. I haven't been an ammo buyer for months, until I walked into my local FFL on Saturday. Scored a case of Federal Hydra Shok 9mm 124gr for $200. Afterwards he said he didn't realize it was all JHP self defense...
  10. This is the point where anyonewith storage capacity should be "buying" these oil contracts - if you can call being paid to take it "buying". Trump should be refilling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve with it. The irony of having speculators paying the US govt to take it is fantastic.
  11. In NH it's much easier to purchase than NJ, but the process still took some first-timers by surprise. Most thought they could walk in, drop some cash on the counter and leave. They got a deer-in-the-headlight look when told they had to fill out the paperwork and wait for a b/c. Oh, and if you had a DWI in MA you're now prohibited. Story going around the local FFLs here is a guy walked in wearing a Bernie t-shirt and wanted to buy a case of 5.56 and an AR, saying "desperate times", and he wanted to buy something in part to stop others from getting any. He left the store with nothing except a couple of angry customers threatening to show him the door if he didn't leave on his own. For first-timers that want it, there are several FFLs and ranges offering free safety course online. hopefully they are taking advantage of it...
  12. The biggest challenge in getting COBOL programmers is the lack of available training. There used to be several excellent technical training programs available commercially, plus colleges. Now? Nothing. When I was last in corporate we developed a "farm team" program to bring in entry-level programmers and taught them COBOL. It was a great way into a corporate career path. It died out from lack of interest since internal turnover among COBOL programmers was nil - right up until they started to retire. The company now struggles to maintain legacy COBOL code as the staff ages out. It forced some significant expense to rewrite systems in a newer language but left much of the back-end in place. Like it or not, mainframe COBOL still processes a significant amount of data behind that web front-end. There is really large payroll processing company based in the US - the one that likely pays half the folks on this board - that still processes it using a COBOL mainframe system.
  13. Does anyone else see the irony in asking for "volunteers" to help with the unemployment system? As an ex-programmer who learned COBOL using punch cards, just what does Murphy think can be accomplished by people unfamiliar with the system in a short enough time frame to help the current situation?
  14. I see so many MA license plates in NH now I have to keep checking where I'm at. Lots of MA residents come into the FFL and leave wondering why they can't buy anything...
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