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  1. If the numbers supported their narrative you can bet they'd be published weekly...
  2. Here in free America (New Hampshire) it really is instant. Once you fill out the paperwork the FFL calls it in. He stays on hold on the phone until he/she gets an answer. It's only takes so long in NJ because "they" want it to. Isn't the NICS fee supposed to cover the cost of the check? Sounds like another profit center for the NJSP.
  3. With the age and round count you mentioned, I'd certainly try new mags since they're so cheap. As others have said, Glock 10-rounders can be troublesome. Since all failures were the last round in the mag that points to weak springs. Good luck.
  4. They will appeal, basically because there is no down-side to them doing so. It's not like the care about attorney fees, it's not their money. This case will go as high as it needs to before a court say "no more", regardless of which way it goes. I'm optimistic the entire law will be struck down, but not 100% sure. And they'll try another one until they figure out what will work, all so they can say "See, we did something". This issue is the new windmill for Dem politicians to tilt at. It's easy for them to say they're trying something, since anything they try that doesn't work will be blamed on someone else. It's not like the NJ voters will hold the Dems accountable for it.
  5. The legislature/Scutari/Platkin can talk about the process all they want. In legal terms the judge's ruling was as big a bitch-slap against them as you're likely to see. And they all know it...
  6. It depends what you want the NH license for. Now that NJ is shall issue (meaning, whenever they get around to it), all the out of state licenses for reciprocity seem a bit overkill. If you want to carry in NH, it's now a constitutional-carry state, no license required.
  7. NJ is simply playing games, deliberately taking longer than needed. I live in NH. When I buy a handgun, the shop calls it into the state and stays on hold until they provide an answer. It's rarely more than a couple minutes. NH uses the same process as NJ, where you call into the state and the state then uses the Fed database along with checking whatever they do at the state level. It used to take a day or so but the NH legislature told the NHSP to get their act together or they'd be taken out of the process entirely.
  8. I have 15 different Beretta 92 variants. The LTT is on par with the best of them. Equal or better than the out-of-the-box Wilson Combat version.
  9. I loved my grand caravan, so much so I went through 3 of them. That thing hauled everything i threw at it. I routinely had lawn tractors and snowblowers in the back, full sheets of plywood, appliances and more. If i could have found a decent awd version I'd probably still have one. With my f150 i still cant carry as much as i stuffed into those vans. Towing a trailer was a different thing though...
  10. I've had a dozen F150s, all 2006 & newer. When prices were reasonable I had a hobby of buying/fixing/flipping them but prices got crazy. Every brand has their + & -, for me the Fords worked out great since the F150 is the most popular vehicle in the country. Parts are available everywhere and the weaknesses are well known. I'd suggest sticking with 2011 & newer with the 5.0. None of the problems of the 5.4, though the earlier 4.6 engines are extremely reliable. Just watch for rust. That said, with used truck prices now I'd be on the lookout for something new at the dealer that checks all your boxes. You'd pay sticker, but have a warranty and a new truck. Yes, $45-50k (or more depending on trim), but to me that makes more sense that spending $20k+ for something with 150k miles on it.
  11. Good luck finding .22tcm ammo at this point. I love shooting the round but haven't been able to find any in almost 2 years.
  12. You realize you only need to spend 6 months plus 1 day there to claim Fla residency, right? Then you can tell Murphy to go pound sand for his invome tax...
  13. It took 10 months for my whole-house generator to come in and another 2 months to get it installed. Replacement windows are 5-6 months out. In-ground pools are sold out through 2022 at least. And the worst one - I sent door panels in for restoration for a car project almost 2 YEARS ago and they still haven't been worked on due to staffing shortages.
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