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Winchester's New 22 Lever Action Takedown

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Winchester has caused quite a buzz at Shot Show '24 with the introduction of their new Ranger 22 lever action takedown. 

Winchester Ranger 22LR lever rifle

Over the past few years, lever action rifles have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, probably due to cowboy action shooting blowing up all across the USA.  Both Marlin and Winchester offered lever action 22s up until 2008.  After Winchester's 2007 decision to discontinue the 9422, Remington followed suit and shelved Marlin's popular (but pricey) 39A, leaving only Henry's offerings to fill the void. 

Winchester has stepped up with an affordable handsome "car-bean" made with modern materials and manufacturing methods, most notable, the receiver is made from billet aluminum.  The Ranger sports a 10 deg target crown, three position hammer and adjustable trigger.  They put some thought into this.



I really enjoy shooting my 1972 vintage Marlin 39D, however, its value has increased substantially (like 6x what I paid) since I bought it a decade ago.  Now I'm reluctant to bring the 39 to the range for others to shoot, it has already hit the ground twice letting noobs have a go at it.  

After the dust settles, I just might get a Ranger,  Winchester priced it at $419 MSRP, with an eventual street price expected to be around $375.  Unlike Winchester's other lever guns made in Japan by Miroku, the Ranger is manufactured in Turkey by the same company that makes their Wrangler line.  Time will tell if its worth buying.

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