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    Conversation. Unfortunately, forum policy dictates I can't speak freely on this forum so posts will be few and far between outside of the 1A Lounge. Even many of the bland, benign ones I post get deleted by someone without the testicular fortitude to communicate with me. Please PM if
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  1. Not only do they not pay in, in some circumstances they are able to get money "back." Don't think they don't contribute to society, though. They are promoting business in the building trades by burning down cities.
  2. Nah, he robbed the rich and gave to the poor. Trenton robs the rich and gives to themselves.
  3. Enjoy! I used to use the Ciener conversion kit years ago. Blasted through a ton of .22 with never a hiccup. The "recoil" was like shooting an airsoft gun.
  4. Nah, that's one of them helium copters.
  5. Zeke's trying to figure out home many pineapples you need for a 14 lb brisket.
  6. That works with a neighbor problem, too.
  7. NJ it's something like 60 years. I know because I have designs on a piece of property. Sink a couple bollards, run strong cable between them.
  8. I'm about 10 years ahead of you here. I don't even understand what their obligation is to litigate this. The stuff they are selling is legal from where they are selling it. NJ sues and subpeonas them? They should tell NJ to go crap in their hat. I'd hope a free state would never allow their citizens to be extradited to a scumhole like NJ.
  9. Handyman

    Kt tape

    You can call it "porkroll," but only if you become a Piney, grow a mullet, and drive a pickup.
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