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  1. Handyman

    NYC Cops Friendly fire

    Ay carrumba. So my take home message is that I can rob pretty much whatever the fuck I want, as long as I have a change of clothes with me I'm good to go. Got it! What a country we live in.
  2. Handyman

    NYC Cops Friendly fire

    Is this true? That would be utterly moronic.
  3. From the article: Power cablesEdit An electrical power cable may be connected to a ground-based supply, such as an electric generator. At low altitudes this can avoid carrying heavy batteries and was used by the experimental Petróczy-Kármán-Žurovec PKZ-1 observation helicopter of 1917. However such a craft must remain tethered to a ground facility, and the higher it flies, the heavier the weight of cable it must lift with it. That's one big cable you'll need to get from EWR to Orlando.
  4. Handyman

    Any boat trailer experts here?

    It's a little scratched up on the bottom from the long drag.
  5. Electric car engines don't roar, they whine. Just like their owners.
  6. What's the point - that a Tesla is a status symbol? I'm not sure anyone would disagree.
  7. Handyman

    NYC Cops Friendly fire

    I think once the adrenaline is pumping and someone starts shooting, the NYC coppers have a tendency to all line up and do a mag dump. That's how Amadou Diallo got lit up.
  8. I wouldn't worry about the range. You just need to pull a trailer with a Harbor Freight genny and keep the sonumabatch plugged in.
  9. Handyman

    NYC Cops Friendly fire

    Could be. I thought it was because you had really big jimmies.
  10. Handyman

    NYC Cops Friendly fire

    I dunno, Griz seems to handle things without getting his jimmies rustled.
  11. Handyman

    NYC Cops Friendly fire

    Better yet, why did you even come in the first place?
  12. I'm hoping we have a plan to blow the bridges and tunnels.
  13. They are always testing to see what they can get away with. They’ll try again in two years.
  14. Greenie's wife built a Faraday cage around her Sybian.

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