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    Conversation. Unfortunately, forum policy dictates I can't speak freely on this forum so posts will be few and far between outside of the 1A Lounge. Even many of the bland, benign ones I post get deleted by someone without the testicular fortitude to communicate with me. Please PM if
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  1. I read some crap online that said Saddle Soap is a little too alkaline for long term use. Of course, this was probably written by some boob selling one of the other products.
  2. 10-4 good buddy
  3. Still? I used that on my baseball glove in grade school. I figured we'd have invented something fancier by now.
  4. When you get to be my age, its the stuff you take that keeps you from accidently rolling out of bed at night.
  5. What do you guys like for conditioning old leather? I have a few things I want to spruce up, like my old jacket from the greaser days. Leather Milk? Leather Honey? All this crap sounds like breakfast food to me.
  6. Zeke mixed up his Viagra and his iron pills and now his dork points north.
  7. I thought it looked like the thing I used to use before they invented Viagra. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Leave the car in Newark with the keys in it a month or so before the lease is supposed to end. Problem solved. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. All you need is someone to get scared. Then you get that "disorderly persons offense" rear its ugly head.
  10. Move to Pittsburgh. Private jet to Trenton, helicopter to job site. You're welcome.
  11. White yoda?
  12. Pros will put out poison. It will get rid of the mice, but they will die in your walls and stink for a month till the little carcasses dry out. Search your foundatin and find out where they get in. You need to seal every tiny crack. Jam steel wool in any holes you find.
  13. Far as I recall, the A Team never hit a damn thing. They blasted a lot of ammo in the air, though.
  14. I’d shoot it out. Blast a few rounds of .22 down the pipe so it knows you mean business.
  15. I'm not a concrete guy, but I'm not sure concrete loves being super heater either. Go slow.