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  1. That’s what my neighbor would have thought, too. God rest his soul. He caught something called “multiple myeloma” out of the blue. No risk factors. I never ate his marinara sauce - it always had this weird chemical aftertaste.
  2. Hey, if Mother Nature wants to blow trees over on my house, she is asking for it. All that oil came out of a hole in the ground somewhere. Send it back home. Now you’ll make me feel bad about all the turpentine I used to dump over the fence into my neighbors raised bed garden.
  3. Every time I feel a tree hugging coming on, I pour some used motor oil down the storm drain out front. Instant cure!
  4. No sense cutting the grass until it is flopping over from its own weight. I always hoped if I let it get tall enough seed heads would develop and it could propagate itself.
  5. This is what I was wondering - companies won't have a policy about moving a non-empty gun safe?
  6. Hey all you fleeing people, how do you handle moving a full gunsafe and a sh!t ton of ammo? Will moving companies handle this stuff? I imagine you transport all the firearms in your personal vehicle?
  7. That implies loyalty to either a company or the customers. Corporations no longer have either. They run a company into the ground, bail out, and make a seven figure salary elsewhere. Rinse and repeat.
  8. Now you are talking! Beef? If it walks or flies they serve it. I think I once had a bald eagle in there.
  9. Any ideas for a good starter .22 for a kid under 10? Cricket? Henry Mini-Bolt?
  10. Don't we all?
  11. Unless I'm seeding an area only the Lord in his providence waters the grass.
  12. You guys all sound like AVB. I like to keep it simple:
  13. The Bayer stuff in the blue bottle is ok. It kills dandelions in a couple days and it doesn't hurt the grass. You just have to pull the flowers off before you spray so they don't turn into seed heads. I killed all my poison ivy with that stuff, too.
  14. Set the mower as high as it will go. Or maybe one click down...
  15. Gangs? You mean like MS-13 that comes in with the illegal aliens? They make the Crips and Bloods look like amateurs.