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  1. If that was a black woman climbing through the window of the federal courthouse in Seattle and got shot, what would the media be saying right now?
  2. Have you seen the new Danish children's TV show about the man with a huge prehensile pecker?
  3. I'd make sure you know in detail all the ins and outs of the relationship so you don't become the inspiration for the next round of John Wick movies.
  4. Make sure the current owners aren't paying protection money to the Russian mafia. And when you hire a few slobs to run the pumps, remember NJ's skyrocketing minimum wage.
  5. This'll be news to my doctor. He thinks I'm a fat slob.
  6. Seriously. 90% of the gun violence in NJ is probably localized to a few communities (specially, democrat run urban cesspits). The people committing 99% of gun violence are people with long criminal histories involved in gangs and-or the drug trade. For this, the state chooses to restrict the civil rights of law abiding citizens. Makes you wonder why bother to be law abiding at times.
  7. Sounds like it would be more effective to ban urban shite-holes.
  8. Screw you! Just kidding - Happy New Year, everyone!!!
  9. I never even partied like it was 1999. That's cause the panic then was Y2K was supposed to make all the electricity shut off.
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