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  1. My fireworks days are behind me but I drive by there a lot. I might stop in and buy some sparklers and ask them to put them in the biggest branded bag they have, then ride back into the Dirty Jerz with it in plain sight. Give the fuzz something to do.
  2. I'd get a used hearse. Classy looking, lots of cargo space.
  3. I always wondered who buys stuff like this when I see it on the shelf:
  4. I got a free one from a gun store last time I needed one...
  5. So because you weren't legally allowed to drive, you also weren't illegally allowed to buy beer? What are all the illegal immigrants doing for cerveza?
  6. I used to put random dots on mine with a Sharpie marker just for fun, but never had occasion to see it used.
  7. I'd get a fake ID and use it just for fun.
  8. The irrational fear about hollow points mystifies me. They should market them as "safety rounds" - they hit something and then stop. It seems like the gun grabber prefer rounds that go through something - sheetrock, glass, bad guy - and them potentially hit something (or someone) else.
  9. Is the Coast Guard really that bad? I always thought it was just the alternative for heterosexuals who liked being on military-type boats. Because, well, you know...
  10. Keep it that way dude. Eating that stuff is the culinary equivalent of smoking. It makes bacon look healthy. Make sure to stay away from the guy who puts fruit in his meatloaf, too.
  11. You are a patriot and and gentleman. Now the important question: Taylor ham or Pork Roll?
  12. Welcome to the forum. We are hoping that your username signals handedness and not that you are a progressive commie jackass.
  13. 100% with you brother. If I lived in a place with an HOA again, stop #2 for me would probably be the electric chair.
  14. I've heard of people setting up some kind of trust to hold guns until minors come of age. Don't know the particulars, though. When I kick my kids know where to find the good stuff. No paper trail needed.
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