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  1. Nothing ruins a good cut of meat quite like horseradish. Not even horses eat that stuff.
  2. If you need a backdrop, I can supply a picture of me with a rose clenched in my teeth.
  3. In fairness, Almost anything > Polynesian Meatloaf
  4. What's a dealers profit margin on a used vehicle? They give you 14,000 for a trade and price it at what?
  5. Hi Car Guys - So my nephew from the totaled car thread is looking to buy a used "certified" CR-V from a Honda dealer. He's looking at lease turn-ins that have around 30,000 miles on them. I've only bought used cars from civilians, never from a dealer. Anything he should look out for? I know they sometimes have some ridiculous tack on fees for things. Online, it looks like a CR-V with that mileage is priced by the dealers around $17000. What's a good offer to pitch with? If the car was being traded into a dealer, most of the online info says you could expect $13,800 - 14,200 range. How much profit is a dealer looking to make on a used vehicle?
  6. Build the wall!
  7. This pretty much meets the definition of "owned."
  8. Is this thing clothing optional? Can I grab Zeke's boob?
  9. So the town makes money off the car crashes in its jurisdiction? And then they have the gall to charge for a copy of the accident report? Seems like a system expertly designed to allow for kickbacks and bribery.
  10. Money to who? The towing company pays the town to be on the roster? How is that not a kickback scheme...
  11. I don't even know what I just watched. That was surreal. It was like a Salvador Dali painting come to life. The little guy moves pretty quick, I'll grant him that. Good thing he was in Canada. In the US, the Americans with Diasabilites Act would have given him the same right to have his ass kicked as everyone else.
  12. RTSP? I can't even afford the air in there.
  13. Sounds like a scummy business run by scummy people taking advantage of other people in bad circumstances. It's sort of like Congress, only on wheels.
  14. Yep, vehicle not driveable. It's like 10 years old and all pushed in so I think its history. Here's another question: if the cops call Joe Blow Towing, does your car have to go to his impound lot? Can you request/demand that your car be taken to another location? I never would have realized that a tower could potentially hold all your stuff hostage. Makes me want to keep my car a little cleaner. What happens if your effed up and go to the hospital and you have a briefcase/computer in the car? There could be eyeglasses, medications, anything, in there. Every day I lose a little more faith in humanity.
  15. Somewhere up in Essex County. Tow guy was whoever was on contract to the town and called by the cops. Is it somewhat safe to assume the town would hire a shady ahole towing company?