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  1. What is she looking to do with it?
  2. They have good precedent. If a state can suddently decide it is a "sanctuary" and not follow federal law, there's no reason for a town not to do the same and not follow state law.
  3. Ti rings are a great idea until you bust your finger. Turns out the hospital doesn’t usually own anything that can cut titanium.
  4. You guys, along with Korea vets, saved the world. Both wars were terribly costly, and perhaps neither one was “won.” But both demonstrated that America had the resolve and was willing to pay the price to stop the advance of communism. Deep thanks and respect for all you sacrificed. In some respects, many of those who did not make it home may have had it easier than those who did.
  5. Unfortunately, what Scorpio said. Guns are just the tip of the iceberg. Pollution, overcrowding, traffic, drugs, liberals, taxes. I full on admit I’m an idiot for subjecting myself to this. First chance I get I’m popping smoke.
  6. Anyone that thinks they can make a signifianct dent in this state's financial problems through "sin taxes" on things like reefer and gambling is a natural born idiot.
  7. Anyone have a link to the obit? RIP Mipa
  8. The peaceful, democratic days will soon be behind us. Antifa has enjoyed success and they have been anything but peaceful. If the cops just want to stand around while the lefties riot and arson, I hope they are prepared to do the same when heavily armed conservatives do likewise.
  9. There’s only one good point in all this: the dems own everything that happens now. Everything. They are in total control. When this state is overrun with illegal aliens on the public tit, when the reefer revenue falls way too short, when unemployment rises because no one wants to pay $15/hour, when the pension shortfall continues, the dems own it all. Let them preside over the train wreck. It is all on them. Blank check.
  10. They own every branch of government and they are out for revenge over Hillary. The legislators will write it, the dickhead will sign it, and the courts will rubber stamp it.
  11. Hope is dead unless the feds impose some constitutional force here. There has to come a point where you know the cancer is terminal. There is no saving this state. You can;t save fools from their own stupidity. We must eventually all flee, leave NJ to the liberals, and look sadly on as it becomes North Venezuela.
  12. We need to get this thread to 1A so we can speak freely