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  1. Makes me glad I don’t own any firearms anymore.
  2. There's already at a least a couple of out of business companies on that list. I guess they already felt the dicklash...
  3. Make sure you take lots of pictures in the ER after you nail your wang to your thigh.
  4. That's what you get when all the "men" in a country are socialist pricks and poofters.
  5. Bon voyage, mes amis. Don't forget to bring a bucket of snails for lunch.
  6. It is much better straight from the tap.
  7. Easy solution: I'm toxic to pretty much everyone. No discrimination involved.
  8. We should just send @AVB-AMG over with some some frog legs and fancy booze to calm things down.
  9. What kind of s***hole is Tulsa? "This is the second time I've shot someone, and I've escorted at gunpoint at least half a dozen people off the property," he said.
  10. Wonder when we will see this one reported in CNN. Yuk yuk yuk.
  11. Everything strange happens in Florida. I think this guy was partying with Zeke: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/23/gregory-matthew-bruni-naked-poop-masturbate-florida_n_2533967.html
  12. Sure. If you ever need a vasectomy, give me a call. And bring a bottle of iodine.