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    Conversation. Unfortunately, forum policy dictates I can't speak freely on this forum so posts will be few and far between outside of the 1A Lounge. Even many of the bland, benign ones I post get deleted by someone without the testicular fortitude to communicate with me. Please PM if
    1. you want to discuss anything even remotely controversial and
    2. your feelings are not easily hurt.
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  1. I like being probed. Just the other day I went for a check up and the guy stuck a finger up my butt. I'm pretty loyal to him, but my wife thinks I should find a new dentist.
  2. Since he owes me $200 million, could you send that to me and just send him the other $350 million?
  3. Sore loser. Not to say all the rest aren't losers, too. Even the winner will be a loser.
  4. It's cool. I just sent him my bank account info to help him move $200 million out of Uganda.
  5. Bloody hell, govn'ers. It's Merry Olde England. Who needs a knife? I'd carry around one of these things:
  6. 16 hours of lost love, broken down pickup trucks and dead dogs? I'd need a bottle of whiskey on hand.
  7. Wouldn't surprise me if he was getting Clintonized. Probably with arsenic.
  8. I'd trying smoking some and see if you get a good buzz.
  9. Hill Street Blues was awesome. Still catch it on the oldies channel every once in while. Gotta love Mick Belker.
  10. Interesting. Maybe someone should send a rammer through the Iranian parliament building.
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