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  1. That is a good vintage. Boone's Farm also pair well.
  2. For spam, I recommend the Night Train. It's a one way ticket to nowhere.
  3. I'm disappointed. Any respectable oenophile would surely know that won't pair with Swansons. I generally find my delicate palate drawn in another direction.
  4. They are hapless morons, good at perhaps nothing except the fancy pants wine that folks like AVG drink.
  5. After what happened at Notre Dame I would put down steel plating instead of plywood. It'll be like a frickin tinderbox up there.
  6. This is why I never try to do nice things for people.
  7. They used the "surround and drown" technique to save the foundation.
  8. I'll double down and continue to contend they are abject morons. I know the preventive costs would not have been trivial but doing something would have been frick-all trivial compared to what they have to do now, right? Water supply? The cathedral sits (or perhaps sat) on a fricken island. We put a man on the moon a half century ago. Some genius could have figured this out. Don't like water? For one of the world's greatest cultural treasures, invest in some halon. So say you allow that the place was a fricken tinderbox and that could not possibly be remediated. Failing all of the above, if you have some fricken Pierre on the roof with a torch, you'd better have 10 more Pierres with fire extinguishers above, below and around him watching what was going on. Some big shot over there was already quoted as saying they ruled out foul play. I don't see how they could possibly have done that so quickly, unless some frog admitted he tossed a cigarette butt in the attic after he finished his dinner snails. France is rantingly, proudly and stupidly secular. Part of me wonders if this is God's way of saying, "Enough is enough. If you ever want me back drop me a line, but until then I am out of here."
  9. I don’t suppose it ever occurred to them to do anything proactive to help prevent just such a scenario? I swear the French are a bunch of morons. They suck at everything. They are like life’s JV team. They don’t deserve to have nice things.
  10. Looks like French firefighters are about as effective as the French military.
  11. There wasn't a single beheading? I want my money back!
  12. If you are worried about the ceiling collapsing, just put all the stuff over the guest room where your mother in law sleeps.
  13. You're clearly a scruffy nerf-herder.
  14. Very true. If it was me, I'd put Trex decking down. Then if the roof ever leaks it wouldn't get damaged.
  15. No way, that's where I keep my surplus ammo, weed and booze. Only problem is the floor started sagging under the bottle jacks, so I had to put more bottle jacks and 4x4s under them in the basement. I bet they didn't teach you stuff like this in your fancy construction school!
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