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    Conversation. Unfortunately, forum policy dictates I can't speak freely on this forum so posts will be few and far between outside of the 1A Lounge. Even many of the bland, benign ones I post get deleted by someone without the testicular fortitude to communicate with me. Please PM if
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  1. That's approaching the Chicago shooting rate. That's the best time to try out Zeke's crockpot pineapple ribs.
  2. Liberals are all worried about overpopulation and carbon credits and all that. They' probably be happy if a few hundred million people died. You know, for mother earth.
  3. We're just trying to elevate people and expand consciousness and all that.
  4. All this talk of Taylor Ham reminds me - did anyone used to eat that "chicken roll" stuff they used to have in the deli like 40 years ago? It was like all the beaks, feet and anuses ground up and glued together. Good stuff.
  5. They are just trying to set a precedent for when they come for your food and ammo.
  6. Means a bunch of leftist hypocrites are getting a dose of reality.
  7. Solid plan. Let's disregard people's rights while simultaneously potentially exposing LEOs to covid. The tip is the scary part - that's what gives you AIDS and syphillis and the like.
  8. Now you tell me. They looked like an auger to me...
  9. That is true, but I don't let it stop me.
  10. Cutting takes too long. Just chain it to your bumper and drive away (3rd gear recommended).
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