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  1. When I first saw the post title I was thinking Titusville, NJ. How do you think that would have turned out for the good guy?
  2. And I always had the impression that going much being 20 characters does not as value due to limitations of SHA256
  3. I use Keepass, seems to work pretty well and it's free
  4. Yeah, I always check the actual url on a PC. Don't know how to do that on phone, often you can tell by the grammar in the email though. Or just type in the URL rather than follow links if you're not sure. Over one year ago, concerned about my banking and investment accounts, I moved them all to Keepass. And all financial or sensitive docs on my computer moved to a Vera crypt volume. And those (very long) passwords are handwritten in paper. With backups in safe and safe deposit box. It is a little more difficult for me to access stuff, but infinitely more difficult for bad guys. And better peace of mind over ID theft.
  5. How much? Will it effect the spring tension/force and spring useful life? Can it be un-pinned in a free state?
  6. I agree and that was my point too. We all know this, but I sure did not think about it when my wife and I first applied for our FID cards. And I am sure there are others, new to firearms in PRNJ, who would not even think about this. When I was new to the NJ process I did not think about it. And when our permita were held up because a reference said something that was completely harmless, I put the blame on the PD. I thought they were joking, tried to reason with them. They would not move forward without a doctor's note. And they didn't really care what kind of doctor. It was so ridiculous that I had to laugh. But I would not have been laughing if we did not just happen to have an appointment with a doctor who was comletely willing to write the note.
  7. Okay, so that was far fetched, point is that even the most inocuous comment in that reference form will cause many if not most PDs to hold up your application. So make sure your references understand this, and limit responses to one word. As an experiment, next time I request a P2P, I'll ask my references to say "allergic to poison ivy." If the PD requries a Dr.s note, I'll go to my wife's OB/GYN.;-)
  8. They do not have to say you're crazy. A reference could, in response to the medical/disability question, say that you are allergic to poison ivy. Probably the majority of NJ LPDs would want a doctor's note confirming that this "condition" would not make it unsafe for you to handle a firearm.
  9. See, I did not have a problem with what the reference wrote. My problem is with the way the reference questions are written, the reference was just trying to honestly answer the question. It probably asked if the applicant had any medical conditions. I've filled out those forms and I think they are ridiculous. "What kind of person is the pplicant?" Human? "Has the applicant ever been arrested?" Well, how would I know that? You are the police, you should know.
  10. He even offered to write a note for me!
  11. Not true, my wife's OB/GYN was happy to write a note for our local PD. One of her references had made mention of a medical condition and PD wanted a note from an MD. Condition was completely unrelated to OB/GYN and poses absolutely no issue with firearm usage. She happenned to have her OB/GYN appt. that day. He asked her if she she thought the condition posed any issue and if she was competent with the firearm, she said no issue and competent, and he wrote the note. And the PD accepted it. Don't think an OB/GYN could help the OP though ;-)
  12. If they ask for a card number I will say sure. Card number? 7 ummm, it should be 16 digits. Nope, my card number is just 7, I got this card early on. Trust me it's just 7. I have another card if you'd like. Okay, what is that number? e to the j*pi over four (e^(j*pi/4)) ummm, what? It's a complex number, it gives the card better crytographic security. eventually they'll get PO'd hang up.
  13. Me too, but guns would be my least concern. I'd own an island in the South Pacific (or Paul Allen's island in Puget sound) and no one would know I existed :-)
  14. If nothing else, I'd at least expect a class action suit for reimbursement for actually economic damage caused by the legislation. We're there any lawsuits when the 30 been went into effect?