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  1. leahcim


    As long as they have the right ESG bonafides (or woke, or whatever bandwagon currently in vogue). Hoping this will be a black eye against ESG movement. https://www.wsj.com/articles/sam-bankman-fried-esg-truth-teller-ftx-cryptocurrency-crash-11668723808?st=nts3qunzv1chmi9&reflink=share_mobilewebshare
  2. Yeah I like that 74gear guy. Also like Dan grider's probable cause: https://youtube.com/user/UGOT2CTHIS And this mid air is really crazy, especially seeing the damage to the metro liner: https://youtu.be/_Ph7OR6C90w
  3. Nice, pilot sounded very calm, I think that's the most important factor for safety-don't panic
  4. Biden will probably blame the gas station owners and oil companies for profiting. And why hasn't everyone bought electric cars already???
  5. And keep in mind, you're replacing existing so much of the heavy lifting has already been done in terms of electric circuit, disconnect box, wall penetration, outdoor platform. You just have to remove the old unit and place the new indoor mounting bracket to line up with the existing wall penetration. And get it level of course.
  6. The mini split units are cheap ($1-3k for 18,000 btu). Seville, Mr. Cool, Fujitsu, Gree. Requires no special tools except for hooking up the refrigerant pipes, and doing pressure test and evac. You can hire an HVAC guy to do that (be prepared to call a lot of companies, I've found about half won't touch it and half of those that will are expensive... Keep calling, they are out there) Or you can go with one of the Mr Cool true DIY, which comes with charged and pressurized line set and other components. Cost a bit more, but an HVAC contractor is going to cost too.
  7. Pop, soda, or coke? Tennis shoes or sneakers?
  8. I dunno, plenty of deer around here. How long will one deer last? I think it's would take months, maybe more to go through all the deer in our area of the pine barrens. And those fawns look pretty tasty. And once they're gone I might be able to grow a decent vegetable garden.
  9. Just finished first part one of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, great read, but long and somewhat prolix. Written in 1950s, always amazes me how relevant today. Took a break from that now to read Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan. Great book too, but gotta get used to Shakespearean old English.
  10. I haven't watched one minute so far. But here are some highlights: https://babylonbee.com/news/15-fun-communist-themed-olympic-games-at-beijing-this-year
  11. Perhaps, but I've seen the same stores after weather forecasts of big snowstorms, and they can be slim pickens. Maybe they're more afraid of the COVID.
  12. I made my weekly trip to Stop and Shop yesterday. Early morning to avoid crowds (I know I'm getting Omicron at some point, but I think it's wise to try and minimize the initial inoculation to give the immune system more time to mount a defense). The only thing I noticed missing was almost all the bagged lettuce, but that is related to a contamination issue. Also, no organic carrots, and no organic golden potatoes. Other than that, shelves seemed well stocked. Plenty of organic frozen sweet corn! But Also completely out of vegan eggs (that just don't sound right), my oh my. Nothing like those pictures from zero hedge, unless you were looking for vegan eggs.
  13. Anyone ever remember being tested for a common cold in.... Ever?
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