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  1. I have the 92FS and I love it, great gun. I did not know about the .22 conversion kit, but based on a quick search it looks pretty good. Quick and easy to swap and I couldn't find a negative review so far. I will consider getting this for cheaper target shooting. And welcome to the forum
  2. Dumbass keeps his Covid-19 mask on the whole time.
  3. Wow, really great study! Thanks
  4. I have a Dark Storm "other" and pretty happy with it. I think Masks had a video posted with DSI showing their products at the range about a year ago.
  5. I just acquired a new AR (Modern Materiel, built up in Keyport, NJ) and noticed the manual stated to use only brass cased ammo, built to SAAMI spec. Is there any reason not to run non-brass (e.g. Steel)? Could it cause damage? What would be their rationale to put that in the manual? Thanks!
  6. Who knows, but until then should you vote for the candidate that is going to do everything possible to infringe on your civil rights, the one who is going to veto such laws and just maybe try and restore your civil rights, or vote for the Libertarian party candidate, who had no chance to win? I don't have an issue with people who just want to take that stand on principle, but I would personally take the pragmatic choice. If you're waiting for the perfect candidate, you will always be waiting.
  7. It does not matter what you or I believe, what matters is what you can prove by repeatable means for the court. That being said, I think we all can agree that is it gets too that point especially in NJ, you are already screwed.
  8. Yeah, Mas is a total dumbass when it comes to firearms. No one is stopping you from using hand loads. Go ahead. But why give the state extra ammo to help in their prosecution? With hand loads they'll be able to throw out any argument based on ballistic testing, because there is no way to reproduce the load you used, other than based on your word.
  9. I have always understood that custom hand loads is a very bad idea for self defense, as it is impossible to carry out ballistic testing if you are but able to use the exact same ammo. "Determining distance using GSR evidence is supposed to be done by firing ammunition identical to what was in your gun at the time of the shooting. If the ammunition is not standard, it will be difficult to obtain accurate results. " https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/why-you-should-avoid-handloads-for-concealed-carry/#:~:text=The use of handloads can,your attacker's body or clothing. Ayoob and others strongly discourage it. Mas talks about problems with " forensic replicability when the shooter is accused, and opposing theories of distance become a factor." Here's what Ayoob says: https://www.backwoodshome.com/blogs/MassadAyoob/the-problem-with-handloads-for-defense/
  10. But even a RINO like Chris Christie still held the line where it was by using his veto power, and granting pardons to otherwise innocent people who accidentally failed to comply with draconian law. Look what has happened since CC left, 10 rounds and people like Shaneen Allen get jacked up for an innocent misunderstanding. I think one side is clearly the lesser of two evils.
  11. Especially if they say you could've safely retreated. Tens of thousands in legal fees, probably lose all your firearms, maybe jail time.
  12. I have made the argument. Not my choice, corporate.
  13. From the pole to the grounding block at my house is about 125', they just ran RG11 without any back talk. I was uploading the iso to send to someone else, it is a special configuration.
  14. One wonders how this would work out in NJ. The fact that resident went outside, opposite of retreating. Even though he was on his own property to investigate. At best it would drain you financially, at worst you could end up in jail.
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