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  1. I understand malice can be tricky when public figures are the target, but if they can prove actual malice, they could potentially recover monetary damages. Would be funny if CSGV was forced to make $100,000 donation to the Virginia Citizens Defense League.
  2. I've used references from other states with no issues. Don't know about Manalapan though
  3. Sad but true. If we don't see major reversals in the midterm and next presidential election, would be a clear sign that our elections are definitely rigged.
  4. "Justice Department has sought to crack down on illegal firearms, launching a firearms trafficking task force this summer to trace the origins of guns used to commit crimes." Yeah, maybe Garland Justice could do a bunch of straw sales at Arizona gun shows, so they can track the movement of the arms across the border. Fast and Furious?
  5. Yep, say what you will about Cocaine Mitch, but thank God he was in there to stand against Merrick.
  6. Amazon fire stick/Alexa seems to search across different platforms for content (Amazon, YouTube, Netflix, PureFlix, etc.). Not perfect, but okay. Sometimes it returns pay options, where I can find free alternative
  7. I know it probably won't make much difference, but do you think election year might restrain Murphy lockdown?
  8. Is it better in the 26 or so States that have terminated the federal unemployment benefits?
  9. Blackbird! One of the greatest creations to ever emerge from Skunkworks. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_SR-71_Blackbird
  10. So, by "you need F-15s and... Nukes" is Biden saying that he believes F-15s and nukes are covered under 2A?
  11. Sorry that was unclear, the 2018 tweet was from the previous VP (Pence), not a previous tweet from current VP. I doubt she has ever said or thought anything good about our fallen soldiers.
  12. Compare to the previous VP's (Pence) tweets (from 2018) https://mobile.twitter.com/vp45/status/1001102204969897986 "It is Memorial Day in America..the day when we remember those who served and did not come home. Their duty was to serve. Our duty is to remember. God bless our fallen heroes and their families. "
  13. leahcim


    BTC @38k Crash or correction? https://www.marketwatch.com/story/bitcoin-prices-tumble-50-from-peak-and-mark-cuban-calls-the-crypto-crash-the-great-unwind-11621790964 I have thought about buying some BTC, or other crypto, but I'm lazy and also suffer from FOFOMO (fear of FOMO). If I feel a FOMO, it's already too late. I wonder if Elon got out?
  14. My home is a securely locked container. And I use trans-separate ammo-even though it appears to be loaded, the ammo identifies as being in a separate container.
  15. No, I remember DeSotos and Studebaker's too, I just don't have the LE experience, I can only armchair it. And Aitken was by no means perfect, but this imperfect case will set precedent that we are all subject to. And this is why it is important for everyone to, at minimum, read and try to understand the law and think about these "hypotheticals" and how you would like to respond, and think about what you do and what the consequence could be (likely and worst case). If Aitken did this, he wouldn't have had a 15+ mag, he wouldn't make the suicidal comments, and he wouldn't consent to search (which probably would not have happened in the first place)
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