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  1. Now how would that help to further the agenda of repealing the 2A and confiscating all guns from the citizens?
  2. I live in a town that borders Lacey, think I'll be calling LTHS to express my concern over this
  3. Or maybe he just didn't really understand the bill, and he got schooled. People do make errors, change positions, or sometimes something sounds reasonable until you really understand it. Maybe he is really an antifa liberal though ;-)
  4. At least he had listened to the feedback, reconsidered and modified how position, and had the character to admit he was wrong. We all make errors
  5. Sounds like Nazi Germany. Turn in your neighbor for the good of the Fatherland
  6. Said like a true Texan!
  7. No beans, right? I found Ro-tel years ago and I use them for just about anything that calls for canned tomatoes.
  8. But at least he doesn't take himself too seriously (see quote below) and tries to figure out both sides. "*I endorsed Clinton for president for my personal safety. I write about Trump’s powers of persuasion and it is not safe to live in California if people think you support Trump in any way. Also, I’m rich, so I don’t want anything to change in this country. The rest of you might have a different risk profile."
  9. Yeah, but it is COMMON SENSE Confiscation. Are you against COMMON SENSE????
  10. And be born with both?
  11. I have checked it a few times, post Sandy Hook when ammo was scarce and dear. I was in Yuma and I picked up a few boxes at reasonable price. Kept it under 11 lbs per regulation, but I don't think I had to declare it or anything IIRC. At any rate they did not weigh it separately. I don't know what happens if you are over the limit.
  12. I keep a lot of canned beans, dry beans, several sealed bags of Trader Joe's quick-cook organic brown rice. Plus dry pasta, quinoa, and some flour and olive oils, and canned/packaged fish (mostly sardines, mackeral, anchovy, and salmon). I generally just buy a lot of stuff when I find it on sale, and I am eating from the stock also, so nothing gets too old. I think a good supply of Bourbon is a good thing to keep on hand as well. I believe it will keep for years, and could be very handy for medical use, pleasure, and for trade during a crisis.
  13. I never said it changed. I said that Christie had it in the plan in 2016--to change that agreement and tax PA residents, but then he found an extra $200 Million and decided NJ did not need to rescind the agreement. My original point was the new NJ Governor may decide differently.
  14. If you look at the links, they say Christie was going to not renew the agreement. Said he had no choice due to budget. Then he magically came up with an extra $200 million and changed that provision. Pretty sure it was part of the same gas tax increase because my co workers from PA were complaining about both at the same time
  15. Just watched it. Good job at addressing the MSM propaganda and the honestly erroneous preconceptions that many non gun owners have.