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    • My take on the outcome of this buying spree:  Essentially, people don't really change. Just the situation.  Group 1. The existing owner who just bought more. They are going to be exactly like they were before. No change, no impact.  Group 2. The person who wasn't anti-gun but never actually got around to be a gun owner. Don't expect a lot of 2a support, but they will probably take it personal when a law is passed and someone informs them that they haven't been paying attention and are now a criminal. At that point they will take it really personally IMO as they will view it as an attack on them. They might be useful being backlash at some point in the future.  Group 3. Guns are evil, but right now a necessary evil. They will engage in cognitive dissonance after the fact just like they are right now to go buy a gun. They will squawk with rage if it ever comes back on them and makes them a felon because how can this happen to someone with all the right think? But they will vote for all the shit that will lead to that problem in the first place.  Outside of those in financial distress because of this trying to get some cash to keep body and soul together, most won't get rid of them. They will be lazy and not pay attention and let it sit in the closet or wherever outside of something intruding into their lives to motivate them otherwise. 
    • Then it becomes incumbent upon us to educate them.
    • …..and most are under lease and still paying the rent.....even then, most public events as I see it, whether it's dining out or going to a show or a ballgame, etc. ……...I don't see it happening too soon......folks are scared.....omo.
    • i don't care what the economy looks like. there are a lot of essential things that require fingerprinting, including a number of volunteer positions which involve children   Adoption (through the Department of Economic Security) Alarm Agent and Controlling Person Certification Appraisal Licensure or Certification Assisted-living-facility managers Board of Dental Examiners (Dentist Licensure, Dental Hygienist Licensure, Dental Therapist Licensure, and Denturist Certification) Board of Fingerprinting members and employees Charter school employment Child care home provider Child day care Child nutrition program Child Protective Services employment Child welfare and adolescent behavioral health treatment Contractors, subcontractors, or vendors (including employees) for public or charter schools Department of Economic Security employment (non-Child Protective Services) Developmental disabilities (work with individuals with developmental disabilities) DES - Employee or Contractor with access to Federal Tax Information Domestic-violence-shelter employment Exceptional student services program Foster home licensure (through the Department of Economic Security) Health-science students and clinical assistants Hemp License Home Inspector Certification Home-health-agency employment Homeless-shelter employment JOBS/WIA programs Nursing-care-institution administrators Pharmacist and Pharmacy Intern Licensure Physical Therapist and Physical Therapy Assistants Licensure Real-estate licensure Residential- or nursing-care-institution employment School Bus Drivers Teacher certification Volunteer foster grandparent program
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