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  1. Is it considered a hand gun where I need a permit or is it considered a rifle or shotgun?
  2. Thanks, like to buy one. Do you know if any shops have them in stock?
  3. Is the MOSSBERG 590 Shockwave legal in NJ? https://www.mossberg.com/category/series/590-shockwave/
  4. Looking for 9MM with a slender grip. Some say the Clock 19 Gen 4 Are there any you recommend to look at? This is for my wife who has a small hand.
  5. Thank you all for the help, and suggestions. Just came back from range with shooting 200 rounds with no issues. I changed the spring out, and lubed again with using the same ammo plus another brand, and the same 5 magazines I have. I think the back sight guide needs to be adjusted some tho. Peace out, Happy New Year!
  6. Thanks a million, I will try these tips, and try the lighter spring. Happy New Year Thank you, Happy New Year
  7. Using Remington 115 gr, but will try your suggestion. Thanks
  8. Thank you for the info, and yes pretty new too owning my own gun.
  9. Before shooting my P320 Legion the first time I cleaned the internals. During my 200 rounds of shooting on a few occasions the empty shell would get jammed in the retractor, and on some last empty magazine rounds the slide did not open. Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.
  10. Well if your around when I go to the range, then sure you can try mine out.
  11. I know my buddy always takes his shot guns, and rifles with him to NY from NJ which might be a different NY law then taking hand guns? Anyone know if this is legal to do?
  12. My question is, can I travel with my hand gun, and ammo from NJ to Upstate NY where I want to shoot on my cousins 30 acres of private land?
  13. Now 2 days later from picking up my permits I went out tonight, and bought a Sig P320 X FIVE LEGION
  14. I now have my FID card, and two permits from Manalapan Township which the whole process from finger printing to picking up took 4 weeks.
  15. The email I received was from the State with telling me Manalapan PD will be in contact when ready for pick up. Status Update: Approved. DO NOT APPEAR AT THE APPROVING POLICE DEPARTMENT UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY IT'S PERSONNEL TO RETRIEVE YOUR DOCUMENTS. Issuing Police Department: MANALAPAN TWP PD [NJ0132600] Thank you for the info.
  16. Received a email saying I was approved for my ID card, and permits on Thanksgiving day 11-28-19 Your application for a New Jersey Firearm Purchaser Identification Card and/or Permit to Purchase a Handgun(s) has been approved by the issuing authority. The physical card/permit must be obtained at your issuing police department (as indicated on your application). Please be aware that to obtain this card/permit you must bring proof of identity (Picture ID with Name and Date of Birth) to the issuing police department. Now how long should it take for the Manalapan PD to contact me for picking up the ID, and permits? Manalapan PD only has 3 or 4 days per month on specific dates, and times you can pick them up once they contact you, which is kind of strange to me. Nov 4th 10am to 2pm Nov 11th 3pm to 7pm Nov 18th 10am to 2pm Nov 25th 3pm to 7pm Dec 2nd 10am to 2pm Dec 9th 3pm to 7pm Dec 16th 10am to 2pm
  17. Thank you I was looking at the H&K VP9 in a gun shop, and will rent one soon to check out at the range.
  18. Thank you for your welcome. Yes I know the 19 is the most popular one sold, but a lot buy it for concealment reasons over the 17 which is bigger. I will be using my guns for target practice, and home defence only. Maybe one day I will make the move into a state not so Nanny that I can have a carry firearm, lol
  19. Hey All, Newbie to this forum from Manalapan. Been shooting a few months with different guns at the range by renting. I am waiting for the Manalapan PD to let me know when I can pick up my ID, and permits which I have been approved for. I am thinking of buying 2 guns, one will be a glock 17 or 19, not sure of the other one I should buy. Plus I would need ammo, targets, etc Any suggestions on a decent 9mm gun, and what other accessories I need, and where to buy, online or at local shop would be appreciated.
  20. Hey all, Glad I found this forum. I am a Manalapan resident who has been shooting a few months with renting different guns to try. I have been approved for my ID card, and 2 permits with just waiting for the Manalapan PD to get in touch too pick up. Any info on gun preferences, ammo, targets, shops, online shops where to buy would be much appreciated.
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