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  1. This ^^^ https://faq.weatherby.com/barrel-break-in-procedure
  2. It depends... Depends on the ammo, depends on the gun and how finicky some guns are. I try to avoid issues to have a more pleasant range trip and find cleaning after each trip helps with that especially semi-auto .22s or any other dirty cartridges. I also like to see how things are wearing internally, check for rust and inspect for any issues but I'm sure my process is overkill. I don't really agree with the 'just add oil' crowd. In my mind this is forcing foreign material where it should not be and may lead to excessive wear. I'd rather not have anyone else cleaning my gear. I'd rather fuck it up myself I agree that if a range provides storage lockers they should provide a safe room/cleaning area. Do you take any friends shooting or if they have guns of their own perhaps ask if you can bring them lunch and have a cleaning party at their place?
  3. What about WMAs? If going to rifle, shotgun or archery range can you carry on that property?
  4. SmokenClay


    If the cartridge falls out on its own rules out sticking in the chamber and would suggest an extractor issue of sorts. It could not have enough tension or something blocking the extractor from getting on the rim of the case in battery (if it holds a case on the bolt out of the gun.) With the bolt out of the gun have a good look in the chamber around the extractor relief area and make sure there is no gunk pushing the extractor off the rim. I'm out of ideas after that.
  5. SmokenClay


    Not normal. Something is not allowing the case to be extracted. Likely culprits are weak extractor spring, broken/rounded off extractor, fouled chamber. Aside from that I really can't think of anything else that would cause this. ... I'm scratching my grays and going back rereading the problem description and maybe I'm assuming something here? When you say 'wouldn't eject' is the case stuck in the chamber or just not ejecting (comes out of the chamber but causes a jam)? Perhaps a picture could help explain what's going on. I also found this: https://www.ar15.com/forums/armory/GSG5_weak_ejection_for_anyone___I_had_to_modify_my_extractor/41-277116/
  6. SmokenClay


    OK so an occasional extraction issue? Probably best to give the bolt a review and make sure the chamber is clean. Also try different ammo to confirm the behavior.
  7. SmokenClay


    1. What brand of ammo? And have you tried different with same results? 2. You mention the extractor is in place but I would take the bolt out and inspect the extractor for any damage and see if it will hold a spent case. I've had some extraction issues in multiple 22s all with the same sticky ammo (Aguila) but all work fine with CCI. Hope this helps
  8. "Pollard was charged with third-degree aggravated assault, third-degree criminal restraint, third-degree terroristic threats, seven counts of second-degree possession of an assault weapon, four counts of second-degree possession of a machine gun, seven counts of third-degree possession of a weapon without a serial number, third-degree possession of a short barrel rifle, nine counts of fourth-degree manufacturing a firearm, fourth-degree possession of an extended firearm magazine, fourth-degree possession of a firearm suppressor, second-degree endangering the welfare of a child, and third-degree hindering apprehension of prosecution. Federal charges are also expected to be forthcoming, the prosecutor’s office said." Wow his balls must be HUGE! Chances of this being fought or will just be plead guilty on lesser charges so they can keep the laws on AWB, 'ghost' gun etc? The guy could be a dirtbag, I don't know but still don't agree with all the charges.
  9. I'm curious too. I don't really see the guy would have been holstering for any reason so Sig P320?
  10. Rumor has it the man's favorite NFL player is Plaxico Burress.
  11. I'm curious what were the circumstances? Just out of the blue? What was the response and did you find a new pediatrician?
  12. My kid is 11 and I asked my wife if the subject has ever come up and she says no. The only way I could see them asking about that is if there is a lead concern in testing.
  13. If it is coming through FARS (email) I don't really expect any communication from my local PD other than for payment for handgun permits. When I emailed my updated Use of Force training they replied on email confirming receipt and I'd rather they do that then me guessing if it went to a junk folder or into thin air.
  14. So as not to drill any holes I'm using this mount: https://www.badacetactical.com/products/best-mauser-k98k-scout-mount You will need a long eye relief scope with this setup but the scope is forward enough you can still use stripper clips to load I did have to use a little bit of shim stock to tighten things up but has been holding zero for a couple years now.
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