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  1. NJSigFan - Thank you for helping me find a new home for some of this gear! Hope to catch up with you to bust some clays once things open back up. Heavyopp - Along with the shot NJSigFan picked up 2000 primers so I discounted everything even further as well as gave him a partial bag and some reclaimed shot. It likely averaged to about $25/bag or box but probably even less. What remains? SigFan cleaned me out of the #7 1/2. I believe I have 3 bags each left of #8, #8.5 and #9. Still got 6k or 7k primers, powder, wads and the machines. Lots of once-fired empties free to anyone.
  2. NJSigFan - It's all still available. I sent you a few messages trying to meet with you after the clay range. I'm kind of tied up with the holiday this weekend but I could probably meet you Sunday or some evening next week. BTW maybe I can talk you into some powder as well 3 sealed containers... 296, GreenDot, Unique. Please call me on (732) 529-4883 to coordinate a time, thanks.
  3. Thanks for the feedback eyeinstine! My initial searches resulted in some varying of prices so I tried my best in pricing all these items. I suppose they included a lot of fees from online sites and I didn't consider local. If you could provide me a link to that price on shot I'll gladly match it. I really didn't think it degraded, went bad or out of style I have edited the asking on the shot. Again these are asking prices but I'm taking offers. Iterested in something make an offer. Worst I could say is no but it's all got to go so I'm not looking to turn down any reasonable/fair offers.
  4. * Pricing Update * - House being sold and no room to move it so all items must go! $2K $1,600 or best offer for the lot Individually: - Wads: $5/bag (5 - 20ga, 4 - 28ga, 6 - 12ga, 1 - 410) $75 for all wads - Primers: Winchester W209 1k ct. - 6.5 boxes available - $30/box (Buy 6 get 1/2 box free) - Shot: $75/bag or buy all 12 bags for $800 $35/bag or all 12 for $375 - Reloading machines: $100 each or $500 for 6 machines plus all the spare parts - Powder: Alliant Unique (1 full 8 lbs + 1 partial container) $150 Alliant Green Dot (1 Full 8 lbs + 1 partial) $150 Winchester 296 (1 Full 8 lbs) $175 $450 takes all the powders - Once Fired Empties: Save the landfills! - Free to a good home! - No Purchase Required! - Takes as many as you like!
  5. Hey Heavyopp - Alrighty I was wondering if I would even be allowed this post without a price on it as being one of the 'rules'... Again please excuse my newbie member mistakes. I'm new to selling anything online or pretty much anywhere outside of a garage sale where almost any offer was accepted as it save me the hassle of throwing it away. Though these items are a bit above garage sale level and I'm not about to toss them in the garbage With my limited abilities of searching Google, Ebay and such $2,750 seems fair (and negotiable) and would take everything shotshell reloading related I've got. I really only accounted for the full bags/boxes/containers and averaged about $150 a machine. Thank you for your interest!
  6. Thanks NJSigfan! I will keep you in mind if I end up doing that. Which #'s shot and how many primers? If others are interested in seperate items please let me know and I will work on individually pricing the items. I had number in my head for the entire lot. If someone came close to that they'd get it all... If you have any questions or want to discuss the entire package feel free to call. I can take more pics if
  7. Howdy folks! I'm a recent subscriber so don't beat me up too bad... I am looking to sell all my shotshell reloading equipment and supplies. Ideally to a single buyer that gets everything (there's alot ) Here's a rough list: (6) Complete multi-stage reloading machines: (1) MEC 600"JR" 20ga (3) Grabber 762R (1) Grabber 8567 (1) Other random multistage reloader + spare parts and bushings (6.5) Boxes of Winchester W209 Primers 1K count (12) 25 lbs bags of shot (1) #7.5 (5) #8 (3) #8.5 (3) #9 (15) Bags of wads (5) 12ga (5) 20ga (4) 28ga (1) 410ga (3) 8 lbs containers of powder (1) Winchester 296 (1) Alliant Green Dot (1) Alliant Unique + partial containers and some various other powders Thousands of once-fired's (2) 50-Gallon containers (24+) plastic bags * Pickup only - no deliveries - no shipping * Items are located in Hampton, NJ 08827. I'll eventually break it up if I get no interest in the entire lot but obviously a lot easier to sell all at once. Taking offers. markleonardo08854@gmail.com 732-529-4883 - ask for Mark
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