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  1. Hopefully one day before I croaked things will change here. In NewJerseystan they make all FFLs process through NJSP (you know so they can keep track of who has things - FNJ!) Theoretically if there is no backlog you could be cleared and take home same day. You would also have to purchase early in the day to make that happen. I bought a rifle last year and was told to hang out as they had approvals same day in the AM. I wasn't so lucky but got it the next day.
  2. You can get an idea here: https://www.njportal.com/njsp/nicsverification It lists the current submissions and what day they are working on. They seem to be working on a 3 day backlog currently.
  3. Where were you guys this morning? I literally just got home from the range not but an hour ago. I will certainly try different mags next week and see how that works out. Thanks!
  4. Been there done that no joy. The finicky firearm in question is a Springfield Ronin EMP 3". It just seems to be a combination of things being a geometry problem with the steep climb, pressure of a full mag and the bullet shape. It doesn't hang up every time and only when using the slide release on a full mag, sometimes. Enough to make me worry about a mag change. I guess I could down-load the spare mag to see if that works any better but haven't tried that yet.
  5. I mainly carry Critical Defense but I have 1 handgun that does not feed them reliably so ball for that one. Be sure to test the ammo actually works 100% in your particular handgun.
  6. Here's the latest I could find: Civil Action 3:18-cv-10507 https://casetext.com/case/assn-of-nj-rifle-pistol-clubs-v-platkin seems like they are punting as long as they can
  7. Wife and I had our appointment to submit our applications at the local PD (Piscataway) on 10/28/22. Fingerprints were scheduled within 2 weeks after. I received a letter from the court dated 12/16/22 acknowledging my application. Wife picked hers up at the local PD on 2/15/23, mine at the court 2/17/23. Of course she had to bust my nuts about it for a couple days Hers does say "Employee of armored car company' on the back, mine does not. Neither have any restrictions or any accompanying order.
  8. I stopped by RTSP (Union) for some range time last night and seen some caution tape across their selection of Others. Asked about it on the way out and was told they have 'suspended' sale and transfer of Others for the time being.
  9. My theory is they are happy to sell them to anyone willing to buy them until the FFL officially can't sell them any longer. The rule is apparently to go into effect/posted to Fed register on January 31st and the 120 days starts ticking to become compliant and I'd suspect they'd try to sell off any inventory during that time as well.
  10. There is already a thread 10 down from this new one: there is also separate about weapons: These seem to be on topic/not a law discussion. Or maybe I'm missing something about your post?
  11. I'll agree to this. Working with a single stack you'll have more grip options to fit your hand.
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