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  1. Looking at one of these on gunbroker. Is this NJ compliant?
  2. Last I checked there is one Dick’s that still sells firearms. But it is not worth it for me to go there.
  3. Ramsey Outdoors, Ramsey $65 plus $15 NIC
  4. Thanks Johnny. I know there are horror stories of people being on antidepressants who have gone off the wall. When I was on Cymbalta, it made me super chill. Nothing pissed me off.
  5. I replied yes to 26 in 2017, for anxiety and depression, without issue. Have my card. Was approved through NICS in 2 days of purchase. Answered yes again recently for handgun permit. Hopefully it goes through.
  6. 6 years ago I stopped going to my shrink. I was on Cymbalta and it was a wonder drug for me. Now I feel as if I need to go back. But I also do not want my guns taken away. Anyone know the law in NJ regarding this? For the record, it was used for severe anxiety and bipolar depression, which never got in the way of me being a productive member of society. Thanks.
  7. Thanks guys. I will keep one loaded with 4 rounds and the others unloaded.
  8. Thanks DirtyDigz. Have a lot of experience with other weapons, but none with a shotgun. I never thought of that. Should I change out the ammo every other week?
  9. This country can be so damn confusing. The Ninth Circuit ruled California’s high capacity ban Unconstitutional and if you are in their jurisdiction you can again own them. Now the Third Circuit upholds the ban.....This really needs to be settled by the SCOTUS.
  10. Thanks to these 2 asses, I am having a hell of a time getting 10 round AR12 magazines for my legal pump action.
  11. Ha! Never been a good time here in Jersey. But meant the good times being pre 2020 world has gone stupid era.
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