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  1. I live next to a school. So if I walk to my car I am violating?
  2. I submitted my papers in Bergen County. Per the police I was able to submit Army Honorable Discharge papers as eligible credentials. They wanted that or class. YMMV.
  3. 2nd the Magpul. They have heat shields and although I liked my original hand guard, was not able to attach a light. The original did not have a heat shield.
  4. I added the Sig to mine as well as an olight. Happy with my purchases
  5. Thanks. I will email them.
  6. Anyone know what the current wait is for NICS? GFH said it would be done in a day. 5 days later, still waiting. Thanks.
  7. The semi auto part of the shotgun with that pistol grip had me wondering.
  8. Is this NJ compliant? The pistol grip issue.
  9. Isn’t she perty? https://www.blackwaterworldwide.com/products-1/sentry-12-tactical-shotgun
  10. This is exactly why I feel that the Fire Stick is the hands down winner. Yes you have to deal with the ridiculous amount of advertisement at times. Some have advertisements on the screen saver. Some only on the home screen. But since HBO Max refuses to work with Roku and Fire Stick owners you're screwed. That is unless you know how to side load on the Fire Stick. I have HBO Max installed on all of my Fire Sticks and Fire TV. We have 2 TV's that use Roku, so we have no HBO. Also with side loading comes Kodi. If you are the least bit techno savvy, I strongly recommend this route.
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